Why Firefox is my game preferences?

The settings ignored: save files on the desktop

                               Firefox will never remember History

Good evening!

Please enter the following 'https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-to-fix-preferences-wont-save' and is bond fixed the issue.

Thank you

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  • Why firefox free version 29.0.1. It's terrible! I had to find a plugin to change the back legs. Bad decision. Why this was done?

    Why firefox free version 29.0.1. It's terrible! I had to find a plugin to change the back legs. Bad decision. Why this was done?
    Not happy with the version 29.0.1 - are there plans for this move?

    Hi RickAce

    Could you please start a new thread for your question?

    You can provide more information such as your operating system and installed extensions and plugins installed.

    In case of accidents also please add a few recent crash ID that you can find on the subject: page hangs and which begin with a prefix 'bp '.

    You can check for problems with the files that store the preferences.

    Delete a possible user.js file and files numbered prefs-# .js and rename (or delete) the file prefs.js to reset all the prefs by default, including the prefs set via user.js and pref which is no longer supported in the current version of Firefox.

  • Why Firefox change of a search engine by default when I got small previews before where I just click on, now I have a here serach engine I want

    When I click on a new tab, I had small screenshots of my last visits. now, I have a power of search engine Bing, which I don't want. Why FIREFOX change that and force the shit out of me that I don't like or want.

    Here is the link that is display:
    http://search.conduit.com/?q= & ctid = CT3324775 & gd = & SearchSource = 69 & Searchtypes = SearchWeb & UP = SP6D16A319 - 2A 35 - 4B7D - 92D0 - CE51D47CADB4 & isid = ME0675196-326 - 40 1-9EE1-540D6679382F & UM = 5

    Now I would like to be the one to choice what I want and how to configure it, I don't need a browser to make that choice for me, if it continues I'll go to safari or opera. Thank you

    Firefox didn't do. At some point, you may have added an add-on or installed
    a program and the installer has changed things on you. Mouse in the search window.
    On the left, click the icon. Look for and click on Manage search engines. Put everything
    upward as you wish.

    If something prevents you from working on it;
    Download the Mozilla search reset

    This module is very simple: installation, it backs up and then resets
    your search and homepage to their default values, preferences
    and then to uninstall. This affects the search bar, the URL bar
    research and the homepage.

    Look through your list of modules and make sure you know what each of them is
    and so. In addition,
    Windows > start > Control Panel > uninstall programs.
    Go through the list and a web search to check that you have not
    know what they are.

  • Why Firefox is not saving my log in info after that I used the option "Remember Me"?

    Why Firefox is not saving my log in info after that I used the option "Remember Me"?
    Whenever I get on a frequently used site where I have already indicated on the Firefox browser to save my log in info, I still need to manually connect. The latest versions of Firefox are not like that. I am running Firefox on both my Imac (OS 10.5.8) and on my Mac Book Pro (Snow Leopard), and on each machine, the latest version of Firefox does the same thing. I don't have this problem with Safari, but I prefer to use Firefox then please let me know if there is anything I can do to solve this problem.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is two months ago

    If you register your name, and your password in the password manager and then having no other effect that Firefox can fill these name if necessary.
    Firefox is not automatically a session you.
    Many Web sites may use a cookie to remember you, you do not need to open a session.

    Websites to remember you and automatically log you are stored in a cookie that you must allow: Firefox > Preferences > privacy > Cookies: "Exceptions."
    Also make sure that you do not use the delete, search and download Firefox browsing history to erase "Cookies" and the "Site preferences" "browser history".

  • Why firefox built-in PDF Viewer makes windows 10 crashes

    I have a computer with Windows 10. For about two to three months from now, from time to time, my computer/windows crashes when I open or save a PDF in Firefox, which is extremely upsetting.
    I just found out a few days ago that Firefox no longer uses the adobe reader plugin, but uses rather its own PDF Viewer built-in. When I changed the setting to use the external adobe reader software to open / download the pdf files, it seems that my computer no longer crashes.
    So my questions are: why the bult - in the PDF Viewer gives windows crash 10? Will be corrected this problem and when? and finally, why Firefox forces to use its own built-in PDF Viewer when it cannot work properly with windows 10?
    This was the most overwhelming problem that I had with my computer for a long time!

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • Why Firefox always tells me that Adobe plug-ins must be updated, when I've just updated beyond the versions them says Firefox update?

    On the status of the plug-in page, Firefox said I have potentially vulnerable Adobe Flash player c. and should be updated. I have already taken this opinion but Adobe confirms that my version is I ran the update at least twice (and of course I restarted Firefox several times and refreshed the page for good measure). Why Firefox think I always c.

    Essentially the same story with Adobe Reader plug-in 15.9.20069.28170. Firefox said I have this outdated version and should be updated. I ran the update at least twice (but unlike with Flash Player I don't know how to confirm that the update is installed). The version that Firefox says I have and advice to update, has not changed.

    I've updated two plug-ins yesterday. Immediately after the update, when I refreshed the page status of the plugin, these plug-ins have disappeared from lists "vulnerable" or "outdated". It's only the Adobe Flash Player and Reader plug-in updates (which I did yesterday) that Firefox seems to blind. I waited a day to see if Firefox would recognize the edits today, but it still does not work. On this page of presentation of the question, "Assumptions" of Firefox on my current browser list older versions of Adobe Flash Player and Reader that I've already updated since.

    Plugins are installed on the system and not in Firefox. So he can tell you were the same when you installed know that it is usually because you have two system installed an older version of Flash Player.


    Maybe try to uninstall all versions of Flash Player (basic plugin) and install the current https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html (basic plugin), while Firefox is closed.

  • Why Firefox brings up to Settings page in windows 10 at startup?

    Use Firefox with Windows 10, why Firefox brings to the top of the settings page in Windows 10. She does whenever I start Firefox.

    I solved the problem. On the settings page, I went to Default Apps, selected and then select Firefox Web browser.

    Thank you all

  • Why firefox has become bloated and lazy like IE?

    I tried like hell to stick with firefox, but it became useless.

    Installation of costs, on a new installation of operating system on a PC with 8 [email protected] and 32 GB of ram, and firefox is STILL SLOW!

    More than 10 tabs == random crash for a few seconds / minutes
    Have more than 5 tabs and close one that it blocks a few seconds to a minute.
    Have more than 10 tabs open, select "Close other tabs" after the tabs, FF hangs for 30-90 seconds.

    After the closure of the tabs, CPU utilization pulls up to this core... I say for this kernel, because the limit of mozilla firefox for one heart, which wouldn't be so bad, except EVERYTHING ON THE SYSTEM HANGS waiting for THAT ONE CORE to CATCH THE FUCK UP!

    Add on top of that firefox looking more and more like the chrome... I mean.. Firefox is essentially like having the version slow, delayed, shit smell of chrome...


    A light and fast browser.


    Here's an idea, before avant d' ajouter to add more code buggy nonsense that serves nothing real other than to make you look more like a bastardised version of chrome, why don't you actually fix crap buggy, slow garbage code have already set you up?


    If the next version of Firefox is nothing else than to fix the many problems causing slow performance and high CPU usage, I'll be moving to chrome and leave Firefox and Mozilla to continue its business of a slow and painful death walk down.

    @the-edmeister thanks for the typical canned answer, I am pleased to see that copy - paste works always.

    Canned responses do not work, because the situation is based on a new installation of the operating system and a new installation of firefox.
    All the drivers on the system is new and up-to-date.

    I ALWAYS run through the basic troubleshooting list. If I had found a solution for poor performance and hogging CPU memory/crappy, I him have not posted here.

    Thanks for the link, but I had already tried it, work with no joy.

    As for the rest of the answer, I have a few comments and questions:

    Statement: "Mozilla's mission is to drive the web forward, which is to introduce new technologies constantly in Firefox."

    Comment: Change the GUI to work and look like Chrome is not new and innovative. It is simply duplicating someone else's ideas.

    Statement: "at the same time, developers constantly working to improve the efficiency of memory."

    Comment: since when? Over the years, whenever FF has "updated" the memory usage has increased. On rare occasions, it has also introduced memory leaks, or attempted to hide or split to its own use of memory in the secondary threads... plugin-container for a good idea, is an example that has been poorly implemented.

    Statement: "because the browser code is open source, others have used it to create products that look more like older versions of Firefox, or gathered for 64-bit systems, etc..". You can check those and decide if they are more productive for you than the official version. »

    Question: Where might these alternatives. Simply Googling turns a myriad of other browsers, Chrome for most of the results. Versions of firefox based very little I could find are the pale Moon and waterfox.
    Others are based on the FF are for most * nix flavors or specialized for users of niche such as cat and iceweasle for gnu and debian ice respectively, and wyzo based on niche media downloads.

    I understand that Firefox is open source, and if I had the time team, Fund and development to devote to creating a browser standard, basic, no frills, using their source, I would have already.

    My problem is not with Firefox itself, but the struggle continues Mozilla comply Firefox for chrome UI, while gradually adding bloat, instability and some "features" unnecessary which are not needed or requested by users.

    I get that Mozilla tries to innovate. But adding bloat and tracking features of data or features that cannot be used unless the tracking data is enabled is a huge slap in the face of almost all those who have started using firefox because it objected to these measures implemented in other browsers at the time.

    The entire reason why firefox became so popular was because it worked, was quick and did not use all of the system cpu and ram. Why? because at that time, it had all the bells, whistles, gadgets, door knockers, the banana seat, ape-hanger handlebars and a chrome-plated stand... Remove all trash, and the browser would be more likely to cut its use of CPU and memory in two, if not more.

    And Yes... This has turned into a feedback session.
    No, I didn't intend to let him be.
    No, I will not create a survey of 'feedback '... I've done done several times over the years, and as is typical of mozilla, they simply ignore it and do the opposite.

  • Why firefox, send emails to my contacts from my e-mail invite them to learn more about Firefox Hello?

    Why firefox, send emails to my contacts from my e-mail invite them to learn more about Firefox Hello?

    Thanks for the clarification on the h which is exactly the test/email that gets sent when you or someone on your pc is to create a conversation of Hello firefox and click the "link email" to invite another person to this conversation. This is something that happens and gets sent after manual steps by the user, so there should not be a reason to worry about this.

    Alternatively, you can try it yourself as described in:
    Hello Firefox - video and voice chat conversations

  • Why firefox makes several profiles

    My name is Mike from the Support of YER section.
    We have over and over again a user with the same problem.
    Our employees have a roaming profile with multiple browsers, but it uses Firefox that causes a problem.

    There's a datalimit on our user profiles. The problem is that Firefox uses all the space in the user profile.
    This causes an error of storage space, every two days.
    To solve it, I open the Firefox profile manager, multiple profiles are visible. So I delete unused profiles. But it is temporary, because in a few days, the user communicates with us with the same problem.
    I also tried to move the profile of its documents with the Profile Manager to free up space, also this does not solve the problem because Firefox new profiles over and over again.

    This user is the only one with this problem, and we cannot find a solution.
    We thought that maybe it has something to do with the synchronization between multiple devices, but it uses the Firefox profile on his work computer.

    I hope you can help me solve this problem. Maybe you can explain why Firefox creates several profiles, or maybe we can change the path of the Firefox profile, for all profiles including new ones that are created.

    Thank you!

    What is the content of the file profiles.ini?

    Sounds that the profile path stored in the file is not recognized.

  • Why Firefox 31 change all icons PDF and open in browser, require a fix by using REGEDIT to set for all USERS on a computer?

    The solution to use REGEDIT in the question linked below almost fixed my problem with PDF files on more than 30 computers with multiple users on each computer:

    But I need to fix for all users on a computer without logging on each account on each computer. My challenge was to log on as an administrator and change the following key of the overall system instead:


    Name: by default
    Type: Reg_SZ
    Data: FirefoxHtm

    Changed FirefoxHtm to AcroExch.Document.11 data

    I use Adobe Reader XI on Win7 Pro 64-bit machines.
    The problem started when I ran a file downloaded to install the new version of Firefox on computers.

    Why Firefox would require me to use REGEDIT in this way to solve the problem?

    This only happens when you set Firefox as the default browser and Firefox thinks that there is currently no application PDF file handles.

  • Why Firefox spell-check using non-English and American spelling.

    Everytime I type something and use a word that can be spelled differently in English and American, Firefox always pointed out my spelling English red, which means that the spelling is incorrect when it is not incorrect, it highlights the fact that I should use the spelling American. for example '

    When I type COLOR which is the English spelling, it is highlighted in red.

    If I type COLOR it is pointed out that he said is correct but it's the American spelling and I don't want to use the American spelling.

    That's why Firefox uses the American spelling and I DON'T WANT my emails to companies wishing to be entered in the American language, if I lived in America, so be it, but I live in England and to use English thank you very much.

    Right-click in a text entry box and go to 'Language', then 'Add Dictionaries' (if you don't see this option, make sure that you have "Check spelling" checked). You will be redirected to a page containing a list of dictionaries. Add your favorite like any normal module language. Once installed, right click in an area of new text entry & select 'Language', then the newly installed dictionary.

  • Why Firefox is not a way to uninstall Snap.do and all the malware it puts into the computer of the person?

    I've updated to java and ended up with snap.do as my homepage and search engine. I did some research and found nothing good in this regard, a program typical malware that is not captured by CCleaner for some reason any. It is easily uninstalled chrome and IE, but for some reason Firefox resists efforts to uninstall. It does not appear in the programs to uninstall, how can it be uninstalled with all it's components and why Firefox help in its destructive methods by making its withdrawal so difficult?

    address: "subject: config.
    Search: 'keyword '.
    RightClick keyword. URL and reset

  • Why FireFox 13 works differently on my desktop and laptops? On my desk, I have the old menu system that I prefer, but on my laptop, it's the new version.

    13 Firefox is the browser by default on my desktop and laptop, however, they have different menu systems. Why?

    On my desk, I have the old menu system that I prefer no doubt because everything is in English and easy to see and search. For example, on the menu desktop there a Tools option where I can quickly erase my history and cache.

    But on my laptop, it's the new paradigm where several menu commands are hidden and difficult to find, therefore, I do not like this new design. I don't understand why Firefox made this change, when the old system was much better and more effective.

    Is there a way I can get the old system menu back on my laptop?

    Thank you

    1. I'm not running XP, I use Win 7 on both systems.

    2. nothing happened when I pressed the ALT key, the menu bar does not show upward and I'm frustrated. However, I kept trying, hold the ALT key and finally he appeared. I then checked the menu bar, and it seems as if it worked.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Why Firefox has disabled the only version of Flash ( my computer can use? (Mac PowerPC G5) Help!

    Why Firefox has disabled the only version of Flash ( my computer can use? (Mac PowerPC G5) Help!

    Your computer hardware has arrived at the stage where most of the software needs resources your machine cannot provide because it's too old. You have a few choices.

    1. Get new hardware that can handle the latest software
    2. Use a different operating system, like Linux (which is free)

    I rehabilitated an old G5 recently and it runs very well in the latest Firefox. I put Lubuntu on the machine instead the MacOS. Lubuntu (pronounced Loo-boon-two) is sort of a Ubuntu lite - a user-friendly version of Linux. There are many applications of your choice, and everything is free.

    You can also use the Ubuntu greediest in resources and a little more user-friendly, also free, but you can be more pleased with the performance of Lubuntu instead.

    The PowerPC, I did this on was one of the old blue Bondi ones. Firefox 8 had no problem to start on it at all and has all necessary plug-ins for video, audio, etc... I gave him a church and it works well for them.

    You can download older versions of Firefox, but you'll just open to security problems if you do.

    FYI: The Mac operating system is based on Linux.

Maybe you are looking for


    I want more FF updates. (With the help of 3.6.20) Nothing improves performance. Sites don't download not entirely. The buttons are invisible. I can't even see not the boxes for my question. Please tell me how to disable update notices. Why is it so c

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    I installed this printer (HP OfficeJet 4650) with my new HP All In One desktop PC. When you scan documents and pictures, I get the entire screen printing. How can I change the settings to not analyze that what is on the screen, without having to go b

  • How can I tell if my iMac has SSD or not?

    I want to know if the iMac DDI or HARD drive... I don't see DDD anywhere under STORAGE and SATA/SATA EXPRESS in the system information screen... Please check the screenshots... How to identify the SDS? Using iMac early 2009 with the latest version of

  • Not selectable in LabVIEW DAQ card

    I installed a PXI-6122 card. The device is listed as "Device is working properly" Max: Now, I want to select the device to a constant of the device in LabVIEW 2010, but is not listed there: I guess it has to do with how MAX recognizes the PXI card, s

  • Windows 7 do not remember the program updates after roll back to windows 10

    Hi, my computer auto installed Windows 10 earlier, where I lived with for a while, but it caused problems running so I uninstalled and returned to my previous installation of Windows 7. Since then, I get several updates for very programs that I insta