Why is-C code so much faster? (Image processing)


I'm working on a larger application but I reduced to show you a problem I encounter at the beginning. I join all the files needed to run.

It is simple rgb2monochrome that I implemented in C code algorithm and code LabVIEW. I have not now why the C code is 4 times faster.

In the code C transfer tables with pointers so I'm working on a given memory area. I thought that LabVIEW can be slower, because it creates unnecessary copies of berries. I tried to solve this problem with Structure elements instead and value reference data but no effect.

I also tried to change the tunnels in the shift registers in some places (read in optimizing LabVIEW Embedded Applications). I changed options in the execution of the subVIs properties and I created EXE application to see if it will be faster. Unfortunately I can not yet reduce the difference time of execution.

I know that my algorithm can be better optimized, but this isn't the main problem. Now the two algorithm are implemented in the same way (you can check in cpp file) when it should have a similar execution times. I think I made a mistake in the LabVIEW code, maybe something with memory management?

And I know more... Maybe nothing wrong with LabVIEW code but something too good in C code ? It is 64 b library, implementation of usual way without forcing the parallelism. Moreover I brand performance in the thread of UI in COLD LAKE. But perhaps nevertheless CPU manages this function with multi hearts? I have 4 cores then the difference in execution time would be good . But it's impossible, right?

I know that the notice that LabVIEW is sometimes slow, but approximately 15%, not 4 times. So I had to make a mistake... Anyone know what kind of ?

Kind regards


Well, here are a few things that make faster LabVIEW code, there are other improvements that could be made, but I would need to do several tests to see if they are better based on your input data.  First of all, I would like to enforce the VI Inline, not subroutine.  Also, I'd work with arrays of data instead of scalar values.  Also, you know the number of rows and columns because it is the size of the array, why keep this information?  Oh and if you are working with curls you can try parallel for loops to work on more than one processor at a time.

And also, I'm not sure that all this work is in any way necessary.  If you have a double and turn it into a U8, it will be 255 If the value was greater than that to start with.  Attached is an updated release with several possible options to try.

Oh and another improvement, why are you even unbundling the data in Unbundle_imageCPU1.vi?  Why not work with this table 2D-Red Green Blue?  I realize that even VI is called in LabVIEW code options both C but with LabVIEW just deal with other data could make faster together.  In particular, in view of the fact that regroup you after you're done anyway.

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