Why - my iPhone App portfolio will not charge my debit card?

When I present my debit card to the wallet App he responds by saying that it only accepts American Express credit cards.  I did not, and American Express Credit Card so I thought I could use my debit card.


A little more information is necessary to assist us.  Please explain how you "introduced" the debit card to the portfolio App. Have what measures you taken.   Please give the exact message that the portfolio App gives you.  Note, note that all cards are accepted by Wallet.  The card-issuing bank must have concluded the agreement with Apple to have their card included in the application.

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  • badge iPhone app notification will not clear

    badge iPhone app notification will not clear. The version of the software 6 using iphone 9.3.5. The phone application will not erase the last badge referring to a message I've ever listened to and deleted. The problem started after updating iOS version 9.3.4 and continues with 9.3.5. Research on possible solutions, apparently this has been a recurring problem with the iPhone over the past years.  Possible solutions included notification of closure when it pops up, restart the iphone, update to the latest version of iOS, activating / disabling the group by App.  I had to disable notifications from app badge hoping that Apple will provide a solution. In the meantime his is going to be a pain not having not not available visual notification.

    Tap Settings > general > reset > reset all settings

  • iPhone 5 c will not charge via USB on the laptop?

    Hi all.

    I have an iPhone 5 c and as about a week ago, does not charge via the USB port on my laptop. He sees very well in my wall sockets and Sockets USB as well, but not in my laptop. I have an Acer laptop running Windows 7. Windows is up to date, iTunes has the latest version installed. Whenever I plug in my phone, one of the following conditions occurs:

    (1) does not have

    (2) noise "plugged" USB lights, the window on the lower right, tell that a USB device has malfunctioned

    (3) (rarely) of phone calls after I tried several things

    What happened is I would plug my phone, she would charge via USB, iTunes opens automatically, and "trust to this computer" popup would come on my phone if I had unlocked it. None of this is happening now. I did the following to try to remedy:

    (1) power cord iPhone replaced (it was time for a new anyway)

    (2) uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes

    (3) restart computer and phone probably 29856 times

    (4) device Manager... nothing comes up at all, not even the unknown device. RARELY the unknown device comes up, then I get a "Code 10: this device cannot start" error, but it is * in a handbasket just trying to get to THIS point! and IF I do what they say to do to correct a code 10 (uninstall all USB and restart the computer, then USB devices hook to the top one at a time), so I'm now at my problem of a communication that don't meet pluse between my phone and PC

    5) tried to the registry editor, but not "upper filters" option rises

    (6) virtually every other option on this thread of 5 pages iphone not recognized by Windows 7

    Help, please?

    The USB port of your laptop does not provide sufficient power to recharge the phone. It is a hardware problem with your laptop, not the phone.

  • Adobe will not charge my credit card and my cloud stops today


    I updated my payment information several times this week, because my Cloud apps give me warnings that I have not paid and my subscription will expire. The map info is there, the card account has sufficient funds to process the transaction, even today, in the middle of an important project, Adobe stops my creative cloud even if I have to pay my subscription.

    Several people reported this issue on the forums of creative cloud. No response until now. And the sad thing is that it is the only way to contact Adobe about this. No contact form. No cat no line, although there is a page for it. Nothing. No Adobe answer to solve my urgent problem.

    I've been a strong supporter of the creative cloud from the first day. First of all the credit card and filtered modules, now this issue with payments - you killed completely the experience for me. Shame on you, Adobe.

    I know small companies which caused fewer problems for their customers, and what they did is that they offerd every months free subscription.

    You can make excuses in an email, but this time the apology will not be accepted. It went off.

    Kind regards
    Michal Janowski

    Last updated: I'm just old fashioned. It seems that, today, solve you problems like that via social media. I just got a Tweet from a representative of Adobe, and they offered something for the trouble that is 100% accurate and satisfactory.

    Thanks Adobe, my problem is finally solved.

    But please, understand my anger and frustration and less complicated contact support. With a good support, none of this would be a problem, and there is no reason for me to post messages on a public forum angry. I'm sorry for all this, but there is nothing worse when in the middle of an important project of all your tools just stopped.

    Michal Janowski

    Loyal Adobe customer since 2005

  • My pencil to the iPad will not charge.  What should I do?

    My pencil iPad suddenly stopped charging.  The connector of the lightning and the wall adapter successfully charge my iPad and my iPhone 6 but will not charge my pencil.  The green light on the pencil map is no longer lights up.  The pencil is about 7-8 months.


    Check the ports on the adapter load load pencil Apple for debris.

    Also try to load your Apple pencil by plugging in the connector of the lightning on your iPad Pro. If the battery is exhausted, a second charge of 15 should provide 30 minutes of use.

    If the problem persists, contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation in order to your Apple pencil and accessories checked power warranty:

  • My iPhone will not charge with another cable or adapter. iPhone 5. I mean this as bluntly as this can be explained. NO OTHER POWER CORD OR ADAPTER.

    my iPhone 5 will not charge with any other combination than the exact cord and adapter, I received with the phone. I tried all other options.


    I do not understand, not the cable no longer works? Why you want to change the current mix?

  • My Apple Watch will not charge on the charger.  I cleaned the back of the watch and the charger.  Any ideas?

    My Apple Watch will not charge on the charger.  I tried to clean the back of the watch and the charger more used several points of sale, but in vain.  Any ideas?


    When you reload your watch, check that:

    • All the plastic film was removed from both ends and both sides of the cable support (consult closely on the head of the charger).

    • On the back of your watch and the head of the charge cable are clean and dry (clean with an abrasive, lint cloth).
    • The head of the load is properly aligned with the back of the watch, with the concave side / curve touch fully:
      • Some docks of watch, brackets, cases or protectors might hinder it.
    • You use a real Apple magnetic Charging Cable or a certified Apple module magnetic charge.
    • If you reload your watch by plugging into a power outlet:
      • Check that the magnetic charge cable Apple USB connector is fully engaged in the USB power adapter.
      • Try to use different maps of the following:
        • The real Apple USB Power Adapter that came with the watch, or;
        • A true 5W Apple (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) USB power adapter, or;
        • A third-party certified 5W (MFi) Apple USB power adapter.
      • Try to charge via a USB port (see following).
    • If loading via a USB port on a computer, make sure that you use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, the computer remains turned on and awake, and the cable is plugged directly into the computer (not on, for example, an external keyboard).
    • If your battery is very low, you may need to wait a few minutes for the green lightning appear (confirming that the charge has started).

    Once the load has started, you can tap on the screen at any time to check the progress (leave a few minutes at the beginning, where the watch is in charge of a very low battery level). A green lightning bolt symbol indicates that your watch is being loaded. It is normal the screen back to sleep while continuous load.

    More information:

    Check your battery and load your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • My Calendars ipad2 entries synchronize with my iphone 6, but the 6 s iphone calendar entries will not sync at ipad2?

    My Calendars iPad2 entries synchronize with my iPhone 6, but iPhone calendar entries will not sync to my iPad2?

    If you use iCloud for you calendar, then they must synchronize.  Is enabled on both devices under settings-> iCloud calendar?

  • Satellite battery click on Mini L9W - B keyboard will not charge

    My keyboard battery will not charge, I left it loads for more than 24 hours after the battery 1 reached 100%.

    I checked the version of the bios that is 1.70. I read the other posts on this particular issue but unfortunately nothing works for me.

    It shows the symbol of charge on battery 2, but it did not go above 0%. If I turn on the battery runs immediately battery 1.

    Please advise me on this point because otherwise I will have to return my satellite click mini. Thanks in advance

    You completely turned the device off?

    Do... Press and hold the power button / stop until the device turns off.
    In addition, you can stop the unit pressing and holding the key SHIFT and then choose SHUT OFF

    Then check the connection between the keyboard and Tablet docker... possibly disconnect and connect again.
    Once the unit turns on again and check the battery State of charge connection adapter to the device.

  • Satellite A100 - will not charge the battery


    I have ned to help. My Satellite A100 will not charge the battery. He works the power adaptor for the led indicates charging status, battery shows 1% of loading tatus information, but none does change - no loading any time. When disconnected everything just stops off like normal desktop.

    I've already put battery in and out, made upgrades to the antivir software, makes Toshiba controls, tests, but what ever he did did not any change. If there is no way for restoration of battery how to check what the problem is I have no second battery or AC I can always buy new batttery but I don't know if the old one is broken and weather new would work properly?

    Best regards

    Hi pawelg,

    I agree with the user above. The battery can be charged only up to 500 times, and after that, it must be replaced. I think it's the case now, I mean that everything works correctly on the AC adapter so I think that the battery must be the reason for this.

    By the way: you can buy a new battery to an authorized service provider. ;)

  • Satellite A100 - 166 PSAA9E will not charge the battery


    My laptop will not charge the battery.
    Although Windows Xp recognize the battery and says loading, the battery does not charge.
    I tried with a spare battery that I thought that the battery was faulty, with the same results.

    Strange thing is, when I turn off the laptop the power led remains lit and the blue, even without the power supply attached therefore discharge the battery.
    The battery led is still orange but not load!

    What is the problem with the laptop?
    Thank you


    Generally, there are three possibilities;
    (1) the adapter is faulty
    (2) the battery is faulty
    (3) the logbooks electronic malfunctions (ESF)

    So now he of needed to check all these steps to find the fault.
    You said you've tried different batteries and AC adapter works too.
    So it is possible that there is something wrong with the electronic power supply

    In this case there is not much to do to contact the ASP in your country. Technicians should check the portable and should run diagnostics tests

    I recommend contacting the guys and ask for more details and manipulation still good luck and happy new year.

  • My P50-A-10U Satellite will not charge or turn on

    The laptop will not charge or turn on, it's like its completely dead.
    No lights or any sign of life. It worked yesterday and now when I try and turn on, it doesn't.

    The charger also mysteriously broke today, I confirmed this by plugging in my other laptop Toshiba (C855 series) and it would not load. I tried this portable charger in my p50t, but not fires.

    I think that the motherboard may be dead, but I can't be sure.

    I also did the tour of the reset button but still no luck. Any tips?
    I don't have a multimeter and I have not guaranteed that I got on ebay.

    > I think that the motherboard may be dead, but I can't be sure.
    > I also did the tour of the reset button but still no luck. Any tips?

    Which is a shame. I guess you don t have a lot of options.
    From my point of view of a few it's necessary to know what part is faulty: part built in Notepad (motherboard, etc.) or external part (adapter).

    But even if the power adapter for laptop s would be defective, the unit should light up in case the battery is charged. In case the battery is empty, the unit will not supply.
    I think that this need to be clarified in the first step before you start checking the other parts.

    The next step should contain the check RAM and motherboard and in my opinion, only a cell phone technician would be able to perform the audit of the detailed hardware diagnostics.

  • iPod will not charge with new computers

    I just got a new laptop (Windows 7).  I also have a desktop computer (Windows 8).

    My old iPod used to load with my previous laptop (also Windows 7).

    But it will not charge the new laptop with me.  I downloaded the latest version of iTunes on my new laptop.

    He still will not load.

    I tried with my desktop computer (Windows 8) but that does not charge the iPod either.

    I tried with my old laptop (windows 7) and it loads DID.  I can't keep my old laptop.

    An ideas?

    Are you just having a problem with the "load"?  If the iPod appears in iTunes when connected, try the following as a test.  Go to the screen of the iPod settings in iTunes.  Look for the setting (a check box) to allow the use of the disk.  If currently, this option is NOT checked, check it and click apply.  With disk use enabled, does make a difference to the number of cost?

    What type of iPod shuffle you have?  There are four models of shuffle.  This web page presents all the iPod models


  • Why the 66 java update will not install on my iMac with el capitan?

    Why the 66 java update will not install on my iMac with el capitan?

    I recommend that you work with Oracle to see if they are aware of any problems with El Capitan, Java is their product and they would know better. But I was able to find this, it might help you:


    BTW, is there a reason you need Java?

  • LC - E6 quickly shows the flashing orange light. Will not charge the battery.

    The charger that comes with my new 5 d Mk III LC - E6 battery could not operate right out of the box. Would not load my new battery, nor any of my other Cannon batteries. Amber led flashes quickly.
    The old LC - E6 charger supplied with my EOS 7 d charging these batteries normally.
    I updated the scrapped charger delivered with my 5 d Mk III, and bought a new LC - E6 B & h. This unit has the same question. Sometimes it will load some of my batteries of Cannon, but more often the clear amber, after 20 seconds of just flashes quickly and will not charge the battery. My old charger LC - E6 Bill still all these batteries in normal mode.
    I use brand Canon LP - E6 batteries in these cameras.

    I followed the instructions found in the owner and guide online the site of Canon USA to charge the battery. The batteries are relatively new and show the good working condition on the information panel of the menu camera camera battery. These units (LC - E6) never worked properly.


    AC power removed normal home. All high-tech devices are functioning normally.

    As for replacement by Canon, I don't have the original invoices for this item, so I'm just going to buy another.

    Thanks again for your contribution.

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