Why not the msoe.dll install when I reinstalled from the cd

Why MSOE file. DLL not install when I reinstalled my windows vista, thanks

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It is not Compatible with Vista... it was built for XP computers and will not install on later versions of Windows.

the integrated web of replacement mail reader is Windows Mail, which is already installed.

Start > Windows Mail (type in the search field)

See the response given by Rick at this link


for instructions on importing your data from mail from XP to Vista.

Kind regards.

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  • Why not the customer answer my questions

    I sent support of services and the client twice today.  The first time last Thursday, but no response despite their promise of a response within hours.

    My organization will not open port 80, so I need to know where Captivate 4 reviews before loading when on the network.  If Captivate 4 is not on a network by default to download from the internet at the beginning upward.  However if you are on a network there a good 5 min delay why Captivate 4 trying to access a site through port 80.  I asked a technical support and service to the customer but no response.  When I know where Captivate tries to go to that my business will allow me to filter on port 80.

    Why not the customer answer my questions


    I am at a total loss to explain why the customer is not answering your question.

    Have you tried to ask your IT people perhaps judicial investigations? I think that if Captivate attempts to communicate on port 80 that is sort of "calling home" to an Adobe web address any.

    I hope that get you it sorted! Rick

  • Why not the new iPhone 6 connect to iTunes? It says I need to download the latest version of iTunes, but my version is the latest. 12.2.2

    Why not the new iPhone 6 connect to iTunes? It says I need to download the latest version of iTunes, but my version is the latest. 12.2.2

    What is the eversion of Mac OS X on your Mac? The latest version of iTunes is 12.3.2. You need to update your OS X to download the latest version of iTunes.

  • 2015 CC Dreamweaver shows why not the border of the table. In the prevoios version Dreamweaver CS6 see the border of the table.

    2015 CC Dreamweaver shows why not the border of the table. In the previous version of Dreamweaver CC see the border of the table.

    See the difference

    Dreamweaver CC 2015

    Dreamweaver CS6

    The first image shows 'Live' display, as the second watch design mode. That's what I think "Design" shows in the latest version of DW.

  • Why not the password works

    whenever I put the Correct password, it says that it is a mistake and I need to try again once how can I solve this problem

    When you install programs on a mac, you are prompted for your mac, adobe not the password.

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    Update of Adobe Reader, Shockwave Flash and Java used to be so easy... until a year ago. Now, I hate when I run the Plugin Firefox check, only to see the UPDATE. I seem to be able to download ("initialization") the app, but when I go to INSTALL (I hope I have the right words), it indicates that the CONNECTION FAILED. Try again. THE CONNECTION HAS FAILED. CLICK FINISH TO RESTART THE INSTALLATION PROCESS. It became a cycle without end I contacted my internet provider (and going through their process of reboot) I'm connected to the Internet. I disabled my anti-virus prgm and my firewall; nothing seems to help. Last time I could actually INSTALL one of the programs/applications above, I did it with the help of ' solving problems when you use Firefox "... and who let me download,... but I can't find a selection like this now... it's why I write for Firefox/Mozilla.
    I have been using Firefox for about 5-6 years now, and I love it! Except for these issues. I'm not a dummie, but not a geek either... I just need help.

    You have a version 17 for what is very recent and are perhaps the most recent and up to date. The latest version is currently 17.0 v. 0.188

    There may be some small problem with the auditor to update Firefox rather than with your updates.

  • Why not the serial number is not recognized when I got Adobe?

    Why the serial number is not recognized when I got Adobe? I have an upgrade of CS5.5 Design and Web Pre3mium worm. CS6. I use the CS5.5 serial number.

    using cs5.5 serial number when you are prompted for the serial number of the 5.5 version or when you are prompted for the serial number of the version 6.0?

    If cs5.5 is already installed, you will be invited to the series of 5.5.

    If you are sure you entered the correct serial number at the OK prompt and always having a problem, contact adobe support: www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html

  • When I try to do, why not the funds start Adobe Creative Cloud?

    I'm trying to download the trial version of Photoshop CC, but after installing the Adobe Creative Cloud Office, this application does not start.

    Who can help?

    I'm glad to hear that.

    You are welcome.

    Rename the sniffer is error ignoring temporarily. , However, you can continue to use the application for time being.

    But it is recommended to update graphics card once and then rename the old - Sniffer to sniff.

    Then launch Photoshop cc app and check.

    Same issue was discussed below post:

    I just buy the creative cloud and photoshop continues to close. Everything I'm doing wrong... Lightroom works fine.

  • Why not "allow Adobe to install...". "actually work?  [OSX]

    This computer running OSX 10.9.5 and currently has version of the NPAPI plugin installed Flash version.

    The setting labeled "Allow Adobe install updates (recommended)" is selected.

    Rather than maintain the update of the Flash plugin, it seems to do is inform me to download the new version and install it myself.
    This problem occurs on all versions of Mac OS x that I tested.

    What I can't understand, is what is happening within Adobe that you can not do the job of correctly...  I thought about this a bit and I can think of a respectable rational explanation for this.

    If the current version of Flash is such a risk of security (that I know to be true), why would not have chosen to ensure that those who use your products are safer?  Google does for those who use Chrome.

    It is possible that Google's software engineers are simply better, but Adobe could simply use the Sparkle Framework (Sparkle: a framework for update of free software for Mac), which has existed for many years and is used by a large number of free and commercial OSX applications.

    Personally, I am currently working on the problem of fixing on OSX with a shell script and on Windows, I use Chocolatey.  The obvious problem is that it helps the users to which I adhere personally and I (I work in it).

    I thought it was time to ask Adobe...  Is there a logical reason, you are not automatically updated your software, especially when it was one of the most compromised pieces of software on the planet?

    Hi K12ITGuy,

    Corrects the past few releases were major safety and to inform all of our users for changing, this one went as a rejection hard. In a statement hard even if you have opted for the automatic update you will always receive a notification from Adobe to upgrade to a newer version of Flash Player.

    Thank you, we will try to look into your suggestions



  • Why not the new iPhone 6 connect to iTunes? It says I need to download the latest version of iTunes, but my version is the latest.

    I've updated iPhone 9.3.3 and iTunes for; both the latest versions

    But iTunes does not recognize my iPhone, why?

    Where you say that you need to download the latest version of iTunes? What is a ToolTip that appears in iTunes when you connect iPhone to your computer? Because if this is the case, iTunes detects your iPhone. So where is the problem? It won't let you not sync to iTunes? It won't let you save with iTunes?

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    My stepson 5 c IPhone was stolen yesterday (reported to the police and Verizon) and I was horrified to discover he couldn't get my iPhone installed. Is there a reason that it comes NOT pre-installed on phones? It seems obvious to me that it should be part of the standard operating system... it's a little more important than things like Apple health, Game Center, etc.. I'm really just wondering, because there is nothing we can do about it now but hope he gets picked up.

    Installation of the application has nothing to do with the activation of the service. This part is built in and is linked to the iCloud account. If he did not worth establishing iCloud on the phone, or if there refused AGFI activation over the phone when he put upward (the default is to turn it on), then there is no one to blame but himself for this.

  • Why not full screen after installing windows 8 (on windows 7) is there a solution?

    I used Windows 7 with VMware Fusion and had no problem with the screen, when I decide to choose for full screen, I got a full screen.

    After you have installed windows 8.1 on windows 7 I have a problem with the mode full-screen, of course, I can choose full screen, but then I don't get the max screen. The view of windows 8 is only 33% of the screen I think or maybe 50, but this isn't what I want. How is it possible to change this, or is it not possible? When I choose full screen of course I want to see windows 8 on the full screen, not for part

    Hello trebor66,

    Welcome to the VMware communities forum.

    First thing to try is to completely uninstall VMware Tools (if installed), reboot, then install VMware Tools (and reboot again).

    Who help me?



  • Why not the widget exported open in iBooks?

    I'm testing the road to publication iBooks. I can successfully publishes an animation to the iBooks widget format that will install and run as a Mac widget. It will also import in iBooks author and display the page in the Preview on the iPad. However when she is committed to open, the rectangle of widget expands and disappears immediately.

    To reproduce, take one of the animations state final lesson (lesson of re-use, for example), publish on iBooks widget, import as html Widget in iBooks author and preview on the iPad. It's apparently successfully, but the widget immediately blanks out at the opening.

    Any ideas?


    OK - some progress...

    The problem seems to lie with preview author iBooks, since we have the same problem when previewing a widget of the Hype.

    If you post a file .iBook and copy manually in books ipad with iTunes, then the problem of removal of weft disappears.

    The animations that play seem ok (like the lesson of reuse).

    However, the Animations that use javascript (like the lesson Extend) interaction does not work correctly.


  • Why not the left float within the div Spry menu bar is? (CS4)


    The Spry menu bar is flush left within the div it is in Design mode. But on the Net in Safari or Chrome, it is not.

    When I click the Spry menu bar > CSS files > current > summary of the selection > he says Float = left

    Also below in the properties of "ul. MenuBarHorizontal' he also said Foat left =

    Someone asked this exact same question a few days ago. I don't know why this is happening or what is the purpose, but remove the 'w' before @charset (see below) in your file sections will correct the positioning.

    w@charset "UTF-8";

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