Why the letter spacing is ignored when running in dynamic text fields?

I use dynamic text fields using the font Arial embeded in Flash 8 on Windows XP and when I set the letter spacing of 5, then run it film the spacing is lost. Tried with several other fonts and they always lose their spacing during execution.

Why is this?


it solved!

You must reset the value linespacing in code after you put text, as follows:

var my_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat() / used to change the color of the text
Label.Text = "" Hello World ""
my_fmt.letterSpacing = 1
label.setTextFormat (my_fmt)

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  • Scrip to set the letter spacing and word spacing

    Is it possible in a script to set the letter spacing and the wee to the file for all paragraphs? I have a built script that can do it through to reapply the paragraph styles, but that doesn't really work for the project I'm on. I defined the word and spacing on a preset for the entire document, but keep the current styles that are applied to all. There are about 2000 files and they were all created on a 15 year + period so tried to make sure I have the correct styles names to reapply them in the script that I have I do not think is an option.

    Thank you

    I found what I was looking for in a replica of Jongware in another post on the wee change. The only thing that has been mising letter spaincg lines was easy enough to add. Here's what I ended up with.

    app.findTextPreferences = null;

    app.findTextPreferences.appliedFont = "Times New Roman";

    foundItems = app.activeDocument.findText ();

    for (i = 0; i


    foundItems [i] .minimumWordSpacing = 100;

    foundItems [i] .desiredWordSpacing = 100;

    foundItems [i] .maximumWordSpacing = 200;

    .minimumLetterSpacing foundItems [i] = 0;

    .desiredLetterSpacing foundItems [i] = 0;

    .maximumLetterSpacing foundItems [i] = 0;


    Thanks Jongware

  • Disable the scroll bar when no overflow in the dynamic text field

    I use the UIScrollBar on a dynamic text field. I would like to make the scroll bar is not visible or turn it off if there are no more rows to display when initially displayed. Are there variables in a pile of data L0 I can check to see if the scroll bar can be disabled; 'lines of total in the text field' and 'lines per page' either, something that accomplishes the same thing?

    You can use the textfields maxscroll property to determine if a textfield can display all its text without scrolling.

  • Dynamic text field not updated to actionscript in the 2nd Frame

    I have a clip with two frames. In the 2nd frame there is a clip that has a text field.

    My goal is to some events that I will be proposing to the frame that has the clip with the text field.

    I'm trying to update the text field with a code something like: -.

    public void updateTxtFld(e:Event)


    My goal is to certain events show the clip with the text field

    questBG.gotoAndStop ("glow");

    arrowText.text = "of the text." arrowTextt has been awarded with the correct text field


    After some time I again back to the framework that has no movie clip masking so the clip

    public void masquer()


    questBG.gotoAndStop ("idle");


    The text field not updated since the actionscript code even if trace (arrowText.text) shows the updated value.

    Now, if I remove the clip of frames & change the updateTxtFld() as

    public void updateTxtFld(e:Event)


    (questBG.getChildByName ('arrowBG') as Sprite) .visible = true;

    arrowText.text = "of the text." arrowTextt has been awarded with the correct text field


    Then it works very well with the updated text in the text field. It seems that there seems to be a problem in dynamic text field update in frames.

    I also checked that the incorporation of text is fine in both cases

    I created the FLAS using CS Professional 5.5 & I am trying to change the text field using actionscript running in Flex Builder 4.7.   Let me know if I need to send the fla (working and non-working version).

    you are the assignment of text to arrowText before the timeline then moves to "shine".

    Use the render event to assign the text:

    public void updateTxtFld(e:Event)


    My goal is to certain events show the clip with the text field

    questBG.gotoAndStop ("glow");

    internship. Invalidate();

    this.addEventListener (Event.RENDER, assignTextF);


    function assignTextF(e:Event):void {}
    arrowText.text = "of the text." arrowTextt has been awarded with the correct text field

  • Dynamic text field generates error when appointed

    I have a clip (to be used as a button) which I would like to place a dynamic text field that will be the label of the button. However, when I do that, Flash gives me a "1046: Type was not found or is not a constant of compilation: TextField." error message. This only happens if the text field has an instance name. Of course, without an instance name, you cannot access the element to change the text of the label.

    Knowledgebase suggested by clicking on the option to export of CFCS in publication settings. It does not help. My expectation is that I just need to import a class. If you need more information about the structure of the code, let me know. CS3, AS3.

    Thanks in advance...

    you have an import.text.TextField; in your class file that tries to use a dynamic textfield?

  • Create a script of the class dynamic text field

    Hi all

    I came across a few subjects that relate to t my question but after reading, try different approaches and internet research, I'm still confused. How to create Visual elements, for example a text field, dynamically from Actionscript in a class file?

    Basically, I created a class file that loads an external XML file and now I want to create fields of dynamic text for the items in the XML file. I did some debugging and I know that the XML is properly loaded. I can also get it to create dynamic text fields when I place the code inside the fla. The problem is when the code is in the class file. I read that you must pass the display for the class object, but I'm still not clear on how to do it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

    My fla has the following code on the first frame:

    Import classes.estimatesheet;

    var sheet1:estimatesheet = new estimatesheet("xml/estimationSheetFields.xml");

    Here's my class file:

    {classes package

    flash.xml import. *;
    import flash.display. *;
    import flash.events. *;
    flash.net import. *;
    import flash.utils. *;
    import flash.text. *;

    public class estimatesheet extends Sprite {}

    public var textFields:Array = new Array();

    public void estimatesheet (file:String) {}

    xmlLoader (file);


    public void xmlLoader (file:String) {}
    var loader: URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    loader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT;
    loader.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, handleComplete);
    Loader.Load (new URLRequest (file));

    public void handleComplete(event:Event) {}
    try {}
    var allXml = new XML (event.target.data);

    {for each var item: XML (in {allXml.elements ())}
    createSheet (element);

    } catch {(e:TypeError)}
    trace ("cannot parse for XML");
    trace (e.message);

    public void createSheet(data:XML) {}

    var textFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat ("Verdana", 11);

    {for each var item: XML (in {data.elements ())}

    var textField:TextField = new TextField();
    textField.setTextFormat (textFormat);
    textField.text = [email protected];
    textField.x = 150 * i;
    textField.y = 150 * I
    stage.addChild (textField);
    i ++ ;


    Each feature display MovieClip, Sprite, TextField, etc. should be added to the display list/stack. The addChild in your class only adds TextFields to the estimatesheet class by using addChild (textField) and adds them to the scene of the film using stage.addChild (textField). Note that the latest works if estimatesheet is added to the movie because if estimatesheet is not added to the film the stage property is zero and you can't add items to something that is null, does not exist. AddChild (estimatesheet) prepares the ground for reference the main movie.

    As for making your class of the document class, you need to rearrange some things in your class and add a way to load the XML file. Things aren't sure how flexible can be.


  • Dynamic text field showing only the number 2.

    I am writing a scrolling shooting game and I have a dynamic text field that keeps the score.  Running inside an ENTER_FRAME event listener, it updates all the images.  By tracing the variable "score", I get the good numbers appearing in the output tab, but on the screen, I see only the number 2. It doesn't matter what position in the number, it is (ie: 20, or 10372 or 521), this digit will be displayed.  If there is no number 2 in the partition, the field shows that the word "" Score: "."

    The variable is declared as such:

    var score: int = 0;

    "The text field is called scorecard and is set to"Classic text"and a dynamic text ' and it's 638 pixels wide (almost the entire width of the scene).

    Here's the code to update the scorecard:

    scoreCard.text = "Note:" + score.

    trace (score);

    The track was simply put in to see if the score was being counted until properly, what is.

    I also tried to eliminate "Score:" and simply used:

    scoreCard.text = score.toString ();

    and got the same results.

    Any ideas of what could be the cause?  From everything I've read, this method should work.

    Eric Gray

    Incorporate (police) all the numbers, and then try again.

  • problem by turning the dynamic text field

    Hi all

    In an application, I created a dynamic text field and then try to shoot with the _rotation method but it became invisible. Please respond if anyone knows something about this.

    If you do not see your text, you're not embed fonts.

    When you use actionscript to embed a font, you must have the fonts in your library with a connection id, create a textformat instance and assign the property and finally give the textformat to your textfield.  for example

    _root.createTextField ("txt", _root.getNextHighestDepth (), 50,50,50, 50);
    _root.txt.embedFonts = true;
    _root.txt.text = "Hello";
    _root.txt._rotation = 20;

    var tfor:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

    Tfor.font = "yourfontslinkageid";   // <- linkage="" id="" of="" font="" in="" your="">

    _root.txt.setTextFormat (Tfor);

  • Scroll bar with the dynamic text field?

    I have a dynamic text field, multi-line. I have attached a scrollbar to it using drag component / move.

    It is empty, but gets text thrown in through the appendText() method when the user clicks a button.

    It works, but if there are more lines which fits in the text field, the scroll bar does not "activate" and allow the user to scroll to see it all.

    I'm sure I'm missing something simple here, can someone please help. Thank you.

    Use the scroll bar update() method after text is added.

  • Assign the XML content to dynamic text fields

    Hey there,

    After the search in the forums, I found that I can load files XML and content to animate CC using the XMLHttpRequest, but how do I load content in a specific dynamic text field?

    I found a few answers that confirm that we should use XMLHttpRequest and some users who made it work, but not how. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Below is how I added the request and how the dynamic field has been implemented.

    This.frame_0 = function() {}

    var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

    xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {}

    If (xhttp.readyState == 4 & & xhttp.status == 200) {}

    myFunction (xhttp);



    xhttp. Open ("GET","profil.xml", true);

    xhttp. Send();

    Function myFunction (xml) {}

    var xmlDoc = xml.responseXML;

    document.getElementsByTagName("nameTextField").innerHTML = / * this part is not correct, but so far I have found no better solution * /.

    xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName ("title") [0] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;



    And for the text field (created by animate CC):

    this.nameTextField is new syc. Text ("", "53px 'Arial'");
    this.nameTextField.name = "nameTextField";
    this.nameTextField.textAlign = 'center ';
    this.nameTextField.lineHeight = 61;
    this.nameTextField.lineWidth = 388;
    this.nameTextField.setTransform (265,124.4);

    this.timeline.addTween (syc. Tween.get (this.nameTextField). Wait (2));

    I really hope someone can help, I spent hours looking and trying solutions.

    See you soon,.


    As already said:

    this.mydynamictextfield.text = "hello I am text in a dynamic text field";

    If you need really, really specific, it would be in this case:

    this.mydynamictextfield.text = animals[0];
  • Dynamic text field changes color but the bullets are not html text.

    I am tarea to use a dynamic text field to shoot in the html text that contains a bulleted list. Easy enough, that works. But don't take the balls on the color assigned to the field. I tried to put in the html text and also using NewTextFormat and no work. Someone can help me. This should be a simple solution, but I'm not... I want my text and bullets to both be white.

    Simple code below. Using html text inside the document flash and presence of a PivotTable field on the screen named txt. Code should turn text and green balls, but it does not work, only the text goes green

    This.txt.html = true;

    var my_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
    my_fmt. Color = 0x00FF00; hexadecimal value corresponding to green

    this.txt.htmlText = "< P > This is the first paragraph < /P > < BR > < UL > < LI > Bullet 1 < /LI > < LI > < BR > Bullet 2 < /LI > < LI > < BR > Bullet 3 < /LI > < LI > < BR > Bullet 4 < /LI > < LI > < BR > Bullet 5 < /LI > < /UL >";
    this.txt.setTextFormat (my_fmt);

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    works for me:

    create a new fla and add a textfield, the name of your instance and copy/paste the code that I have proposed.  any problem?

  • Display of the current year in a dynamic text field

    I have a project where I have to click a button and and the current year to display in the form YYYY in a dynamic text field.  My current code was written as:

    var myDate:Date = new Date();

    function whatYear(e:MouseEvent):void {}
    display_txt. Text = myDate.getFullYear ();

    date_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, whatYear);

    I get an Error 1067: Implicit coercion of a value of number type to a type unrelated to String.

    I also have to create one for the current date.

    Any sugessetions? I have tried everything I can thing of, but I'm new to AS3.

    Thank you!


    display_txt. Text = myDate.getFullYear (m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString ());


    display_txt. Text = String (myDate.getFullYear ());


    display_txt. Text = "" + myDate.getFullYear ();

Maybe you are looking for