Windows cannot print due to a problem with the installation of the current printer.

Thread title: Epson TX235W will not print

When I click on 'print', I get the print control. the box that tells the printer how many copies, etc.  When I toast 'print' it get a little box that says Windows cannot print due to a problem with the installation of the current printer.  Try one of the following:

Check the printer by printing a Windows test page

Ensure that the printer is online and on

Reinstall the printer driver

I did everything above and I get the same result.



Did you of recent changes made to your computer that caused the problem?

This problem is limited to a particular application?

How is the printer connected?

Method 1) restart the print spooler service and delete the print queue

Start the print spooler service in the Services console

  1. Click Start and run, type services.msc, and then click OK.
  2. Right click on the print spooler service, and then click on stop.
  3. Right click on the print spooler service and then click Start.

Start the spooler service for printing at the command prompt

  1. Click Start, run, type cmd, and then click OK.
  2. Type the following commands at the command prompt:

    net stop spooler
    net start spooler

Note: Press ENTER after each command line.

Cancel printing

Method 2) remove and add the printer and then check.

Add or remove a printer (Applicable for Windows 7)

It will be useful.

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    Thank you!

    tkmanh wrote:

    But only a VM on the ESXi host fails, the ESXi host. The link on the VMware KB States that applies to fail ESXi host.

    That is why I said, «if you don't have a GROUP...» "I gave the article as a reference, because it happens to contain the corrective measures required for Intel BD132 erratum, regardless of the symptoms you are experiencing.  For a complete list of symptoms, please note the following text of the Intel erratum, rather than the text of the article:

    This erratum may result in unexpected errors, an incorrigible TLB error recorded in IA32_MCi_STATUS. MCACOD (bits [0:15]) with a value of 0000_0000_0001_xxxxb (where x is 0 or 1), an accident comments or hypervisor, or other unexpected behavior of the system.

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    This phenomenon didn't happen before the last update Google or Firefox. I used Fiefox for some years and also Google Maps on previous computers and on this one and not had it before.
    It is a relatively young computer (Asus EeSlate 121) less than a year. I have used Firefox since I bought it and until recently had no problem with Google Maps.

    I solved it myself, after the 'note' that was FF/Mozilla, just as I finished my message, commenting on what it was that my system was, I wnnt back to check my plug-ins, etc. I downloaded the latest Java, the TWO 32-bit AND 64-bit versions and latest Firefox.
    Now everything works.
    Thank you

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    First of all, a terminology.

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    Adobe Flash Player is playing a video, when we move the cursor over the video window (or moves the cursor when playing the video in full screen), we see a progress at the bottom of the window bar.  To the left of the status bar is a pause button.

    The progress bar has a pointer representing the playing time in the video.  The progress bar also has a display of the playing time and duration of the video (for example, 40:37 / 01:12:35, which means that read is 40 minutes and 37 seconds in a video that lasts 72 minutes and 35 seconds).

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    Hi, OSW, you say that you are using XP, SP1, 2 or 3? What version of IE are you using with XP? You are speaking of two different computers or just XP? You use a different browser?

    The Flash Player version is very old, who would be part of your problem as most of the sites have updated to the latest,

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    Uninstall (uninstaller is in the PSE 8 Applications folder), creating a new admin user in system preferences and run the installation from there. If you have any type of antivirus software, disable it during the installation. Repair permissions after installation.

  • How can I reinstall Windows xp when there is a problem with the driver cd?

    When I turn on my pc, there is a message ; there is no disc in the drive.

    It's really annoying, and in addition, Cd driver can read nothing.

    and to make things worse, it freezes often.

    I want to reinstall the program; but I don't know what I have to do without cd.

    Thank you for your help.


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:
    Start the computer in safe mode and check if you get the same error message:

    Method 2:

    Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:

    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that restore you the computer mode normal startup such as suggested in the article above.

    Check if that helps.

  • At startup, the windows startup, an error message that says: "Windows cannot find locally - stored profile login with the temporary profile. "You will lose changes when arrested. What can I do to fix this?

    This Windows XP Home. on a Compaq Presario SR1710NX.  Windows can not find the locally stored profile and logs on to a sense of temporary profile every time that the computer is off all changes is lost.

    Your user profile is damaged and you put in a temporary user profile. This is why nothing is saved. Create a new user profile for yourself and copy the data from the old profile to it. After you have all your stuff, you can remove the old corrupted user profile if you wish. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    After five years of good functioning sth went wrong. The system tries to boot but lack access to a device (HARD drive?). And then tries to download files to recover. After downloading the recovery fails and the only option is to shut down the computer. How can I recover this system?

    Recovery process is very simply.
    Did you create the recovery media (DVD)? If so you can use it for recovery image installation.
    Otherwise, you can use HARD drive recovery option (F8 > to fix your computer) and start the recovery image installation.

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