Windows Search find files but the mistakes of some of them, which are open normally when it is accessed to follow the path of the error opening

My client uses Windows Search to help track the files in a fairly large groups. Indexing and everything seem to work very well, but when the user performs a search, it returns the information that are expected, but when you click on some of the files that it generates this error:

"Cannot find 'file:///s:/XXXXX/XXXXXX.pdf'. "Make sure that Internet address or pat is correct.

(where XXXX/XXXX are the path and name, of course. It varies and is not a specific place, or all in the same places is originally the same error)

Varies depending on the issue and the only consistency I've found is than that error all tend to share the same name of 'Owner' and those who work divides different. Yet once again, the 'owners' vary. When browsing directly on the elements, following the exact path in error, the files open fine. In our case, 's:' is a mapped network share, but which seem to be the question either, as the other files in the search located on the same mapped share and in the same directory path work very well.

To make it even more confusing, the search of all works perfectly on another computer. All users have the same access right, reading/writing/execution, in the cases in question. The file doesn't seem to be open and in-use by other users.

The system in question is running Windows XP Professional SP3 and is connected to a domain active directory running Windows Server 2003. We have tried to do, and it did not help.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for anything that can help you!



Hello Grouchy_M,

Your Windows XP question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the category of server on Technet. Following your question thanks for posting the link below:

Thank you
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