Windows Vista Ultimate EXTREMELY slow

OK, so I installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer, I like it, but it is extremely slow.

The shape of plug the computer are as follows:

AMD Sempion 1.64 Ghz processor

480 MB of RAM

HDD 40 gig

This should be enough to start. I wonder how can I speed up a bit I've run Diskcheck and defrag and Dick Clean-up with very little progress. Just don't have the money for the extra RAM right now either so if there is a way to speed it up without buying extra RAM, I would like to know.


On Monday, May 24, 2010 20:53:04 + 0000, smokeybear2011 wrote:
> Ok, so I installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer, I like it, but it is extremely slow.
> The card form the computer are as follows:
> AMD Sempion 1.64 Ghz processor
> 480 MB of RAM
> 40 gig hard drive
> Which should be enough to start. I wonder how can I speed up a bit I've run Diskcheck and defrag and Dick Clean-up with very little progress. Just don't have the money for the extra RAM right now either so if there is a way to speed it up without buying extra RAM, I would like to know.
It's no surprise that it is extremely slow. You have * way * too little
RAM and you will never get a decent performance with this amount. 1 GB
is the minimum necessary for performance * beginning * become
acceptable for people whose needs are very light (because their)
using the application is light). But for almost everyone, is at least 2 GB
really need or that you are satisfied with the performance.
In addition, a 40 GB hard drive is * small *. This isn't a performance problem,
but unless you do not do much with your computer, you will be running
more disk space very soon. You should have at least 160 GB or more.
Ken Blake
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Ken Blake

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    Hey readyboost is really for pc with less than 2 GB of ram. As readyboost was created to eliminate the use of copy turbo boost (you can get laptops lenovo in computers)... with that said you actually have lots of memory and even nearby go using that much used to the average PC user. Only if you're a gamer in HD really intensive 3D, or you go crazy with photo devlopment will you begin to use more memory.

    in the truth and does most of the PC to run on 3-4 GB of ram. (4 the average user)
    to be honest, I have 8 GB in my HP d5200t ATX (custom) and the only time I need more ram is when I do the scans in the background while burning blueray movies and play call of duty 4 (really good game).
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    I recently had a few frequent freezes on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Edition, I think it's maybe the video card (ATI HD2600 mobility). I have already downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the Toshiba site, but it continues to, sometimes, when I'm playing games, the screen blinks for 5 seconds or more and then would become black, completely erased, but the background sound and everything still works well and I am able to shut down the PC by pressing the power button once and then restart it normally.

    It's a minor problem, the major problem is the freezing point, it freezes completely without warning, but oddly enough, he freeze by practicing a game! But freezes on normal operations (internet, office, etc.). I did the tests, tests of HARD drive memory, all in good health, and worse, on the Windows Event Viewer could not detect any problem, simply says 'unexpected system shutdown.

    I'd appreciate help please.

    Thank you

    Hi I do not know if this will help, but you've got service pack 1 installed on your laptop, as when I installed it on my desktop the first time it caused blue screen errors and gave me a lot of problems, including the error messages that seemed to come with applications, I opened and a boring IQRL driver equal or less than but could not work why and then ultimately , I had so many problems that I had to completely reformat my office and I removed my scanner XP and webcam (both had vista drivers) and when I reinstalled service pack 1, it was beautiful, if by any chance do you have anything attached to your XP laptop and vista drivers as these seemed to be what was causing my errors.

    Also a question about your graphic card drivers, I have the same laptop as you and was looking for updates to the graphics driver and couldn't find them anywhere on the site, where did you find yours? I use Vista Home Premium 32 bit, my model number is A200-28 p (PSAE6) and I would like to know if there is a new graphics card driver but can not find on the basis of knowledge, so the fact you have updated your would be could you point a new user in the right direction :-)

    Thank you


  • Windows Vista Ultimate does not install on Satellite M40

    Windows Vista Ultimate settles not on this laptop. Vista hangs after the installation and does not start. Someone knows what's the problem?


    As mentioned above the hardware of the laptop must be compatible and must be able to manage the Vista. The M40 is certainly not Vista capable
    But I have installed Vista on the A50 and this laptop is no longer able to Vista but I upgraded the RAM and HARD drive and it works.
    Of course, the many features of Vista like Aero don t run but I was able to install it.

    Maybe the BIOS is not compatible with Vista! It is possible

  • Portege R400-600 - Windows Vista Ultimate - power functions

    . Windows Vista Ultimate - Control Panel / programs & features / turn Windows Feature on / Off - it is impossible to turn on anything, because she always ends with an error "an error occurred during installation".

    I've seen other threads on your Portégé R400 and to be honest I n don't know what you've done with this device.
    Generally, the laptop should work correctly with the preinstalled software.

    Perhaps you have confused the OS and therefore all this problem happens who knows?  :|

    Why you n t use the Toshiba Recovery CD and try to reinstall the entire operating system.
    The recovery procedure will take about 10-15 minutes and all the drivers and tools will install also.

    I hope that after this procedure, all the questions will go away

  • Reinstall Windows Vista Ultimate

    I recently moved and can't find my Windows Vista Ultimate Edition disc to reinstall.  Therefore, I can not download the updates of Windows until I have reinstall.  Is it possible to reinstall online or get the Microsoft replacement CD? Thank you.

    You will find appropriate assistance in starting your own, new topic in this forum:

    If you purchase a full retail edition Vista Ultimate from Microsoft (that is, if Vista is pre-installed on your computer when you bought it), Microsoft will not replace your disks.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Need to update Windows Vista Ultimate Edition of Windows Vista Service Pack 2

    Original title: I SPILLED chocolate milk ON MY WINDOWS VISTA COMPUTER!

    Yesterday, I spilled milk on my Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit computer!

    It has no service pack and I need to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate SP2!

    My dad installed Java and it was better and dry

    but thre are a few programs on my vista computer

    The Manufaucter computer is Dell

    And Dell Inspiron 531!

    I still have no service pack, but I looked at Windows Update and installed Windows Ultimate Extras

    See U in Windows,


  • Get BSOD when updated in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

    I got the Windows Update for Monday, 30/11/09. Under the option updated, I clicked on the update Realtek for my wireless 801.11 b / g driver.  During the download on the window updates screen, he says that he was downloading updates. Then he went to install the updates and I got the BSOD about 3/4 of the way through.  Reboot the computer and to the Welcome screen, it said it was set up the updates.  He crossed the 1st to the 3rd stage, but remained at 0% and then in Windows. When the desktop is loaded, the window "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" came.  When I click on "Find solutions", he went the BSOD and restarted all over again with the same message "install updates" at the Welcome screen.  When I tried to cancel the window "windows has recovered...". ', he went the BSOD again and restarted again with the same method. The next time I tried to restart the computer and during the stop, he went to the BSOD and restarted everything again. This also happens when I try to shut down the computer.  The stop on the BSOD error message is Stop: 0x0000001A. Windows error that appears under Windows is 80070103.  I am running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.  Help, please. How can I get out of this loop.  I tried the "Fix - It" program, but it's the same thing when he went to restart the computer. I know it has something to do with the appearance of the Windows Update, but I do not know how to break the loop of update.

    Run the Microsoft Fix - It from this link:reset Windows Update components

    It has all the steps that you have already done, but includes a couple that you don't.  After you run reboot and post back with the results.  Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Updates for Windows Vista Ultimate.

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. When I got the machine, I installed the latest updates for Windows Vista. This caused a problem with the license and told me to ignore the updates for Windows Vista to avoid the problem again. Is this still the case and, if so, why does Windows Update not recognize that I have 'Ultimate' and stop of asking me to install more than 50 updates every time I turn on the machine?

    He was the one who told me that the problem was that I shouldn't download updated Vista because I had Vista Ultimate.

    Nonsense. It is VERY important to install all updates offered by Windows Update Service Packs and critical security.

    There will come a time soon when your computer will not be offered more updates at least that Vista SP1 is installed. A few years later, the same thing apply to Vista SP2.

    Your computer is subject to countless vulnerabilities in its current state. ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Error code 646 with windows vista Ultimate edition (KB973593) (KB973704) (KB975960) (KB974561)

    Hello, windows on my computer trying to install the latest updates but I get the error code 646 and FAILURE
    I use windows vista ultimate.

    Update of security for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB973593)

    Update of security for Microsoft Office 2007 System (KB973704)

    Update for the junk e-mail in Outlook 2007 (KB975960) filter

    Update for Microsoft Office Word 2007 (KB974561)

    Try to manually download the Office updates and install:
    For example:

    You can search each and every one of them on the link above by entering the number I did in the example.

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • Arabic Language Pack for Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit

    Dear Sir/Madam

    There was a 'Arabic Language Pack' available on Windows Update for Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit, but when I installed SP2 for 'Vista Ultimate' is now gone from the Windows Update Page, so where can I get it now?

    Thanks in advance
    Yours sincerely,

    Assumed as replied, without other added messages

  • stepupgrade windows vista business Japanese version for windows vista Ultimate edition

    Recently, I bought a laptop in the Japan. The operating system is Windows Vista Business Japanese Version. I'm not familiar with the Japanese language and because of that I wanted to change it to English. I had discovered to find the way to put in place, but I found there was no way else to solve except buy a new Windows Vista with English Version or mine upgrade to Windows Vista ultimate. And I want to ask a question:
    1. is there anything else beside what I mentioned above?
    2. If I decided to buy a Step-Upgrade Vista Ultimate DVD Business, should I buy with the same language version with my Vista business, Japanese Version? Or is it fine with Step-setting level Vista Business to ultimate DVD English version anyway?
    3. Please show me how to change the display language after upgrade my Vista to Vista Ultimate!
    3. in the future, if there is a problem that I have to reinstall the OS, this DVD of Step - update allows again?

    Thank you for your attention.
    I'm sorry, my English is not good enough, I hope that you will understand my questions.

    Best account.

    Change language:

    1. to change your Vista professional Japanese language to English, you can buy a Japanese Vista Ultimate Upgrade disk/license.

    Then download the English language through Windows Update as an option Pack.

    Vista Ultimate upgrade must be done in the original language Vista came.

    2. your other Option is to buy a FULL Vista Business English version and do a clean install.

    3. If you want to reinstall, you need the original installation of business > Ultimate upgrade > re-download the optional updates in Windows English Language Pack...

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How can I restore my empowering technology from acer asire Home premium back to factory with a recovery disk? All the factory settings have been destroyed, and windows vista ultimate sp1 has been installed on my computer.

    I have an acer aspire 4720z / with windows vista home premium / with the enabling technology / processor intel pentium dual core. I think I downloaded a program limewire lennex, it was suppose to be something else. Somehow that he closed my computor, luckly my cuzin was able to download windows vista ultimate SP1 64 2007 multimedia content on my laptop so that I can at least use MY COMP. But I think I like the version that is installed on my comp.better to the ultimate version on my, it does not seem as before prefome. Some things on my computer laptop don't prop wk. What should I do, go back to my version Home premium of moose? If so how to do that? I don't have a home premium recovery disc. I tried to install the updates of windows SP2 64 thought repairs that would set back 2 the origonal but settings it na not or at least update the ultimate version do you think I should do.

    If you have downloaded Vista Ultimate and not bought, you use pirate software.

    You will receive NO Support for pirated software.

    If this does not work, contact Acer:

    Acer eRecovery made


    1. on the Acer splash screen, you can press Alt and F10 (at the same time press F2 to enter the BIOS) to make it appear a version BACK style eRecovery.

    ·        The unit is able to reload Windows from this mode faster then CD.

    ·        The default password is 000000 (6 zeros) and it is shown when you are prompted for the password.

    ·        Users are able to change the password in this mode for eRecovery only.

    ·        The system can retrieve the hidden on the hard disk (partition PQService) image or a CD/DVD media.

    ·        It is possible to reload the factory CD/DVD style or snapshots that creates the eRecovery Windows version.

    2. in Windows, there are 3 ways to access eRecovery functionality.

    ·        Press Alt and F10

    ·        Open Acer eManager and then double-click eRecovery.

    ·        When a system is new it should automatically open this application and invite you to do the recovery media.

    3. the Windows version of the eRecovery program is stronger then the Dos Version. Below you will find the various features of the Windows version:

    Recovery settings: create backup files and change password

    ·        Picture of the backup snapshot (create a disk image of your system configuration)

    1. the system is able to make a CD/DVD image of the current state of mobile software including customer programs installed.

    2. This CD/DVD is usable in Windows and DOS of the program version.

    3. the drive should start, but isn't always.

    4 when a snapshot is in fact the image is on the D: partition and then can be burned to disc if eRecovery is said to.

    ·        Burn the Image to disc (create a backup disk)

    1. you can create 3-7 CD or DVD 1-2 such as those that were sent with the units before eRecovery.

    2. the serious CD are equal in usage to the system recovery CD and CD

    ·        Remove data from backup image of capture instant user (if available)

    1. This is how delete you the snapshot on the D: partition images

    ·        Password: (change the eRecovery password)

    1. measures: restore your system using an existing backup file or restore the default configuration in your system factory.

    2 backup copy using one of the snapshots has been filed or the original image on the D: partition.

    4. made eRecovery

    ·        When the hard drive is replaced the system loses its characteristics eRecovery. These features are on the hard drive and cannot be reinstalled.

    ·        When reinstalling from the CD/DVD's you will lose the eRecovery program but the DOS version can still function, as if uninstalled, you can not reinstall.

    ·        eRecovery uses Ghost (as well as the use of our recovery CD) to create snapshot images.

    ·        If the PQService partition is removed using fdisk or a utility under Windows, you may need to reinstall Windows.

    ·        If the system is recharged using the DOS version you retain the eRecovery feature

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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