Windows Vista, what is the problem of with__HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\windows\currentversion\run

Hello im using windows vista 32bite many programs I tried to install arrived to the top with this error HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\windows\currentversion\run. Make sure you have sufficient access to that key! Yes I have all permissions. These programs include itunes, quicktime programs like this I really want of them as I went there on the forums to see if they have ideas and your doing I was just wondering do you please
Thank you

You must run high Regedit.

Start > Search > type: regedit
When regedit appears in the above results, right-click and choose "Run as Administrator". Provide the password/OK for the UAC area and Regedit open high. Now, you will be able to delete unwanted keys. Be very careful in the registry - a bad deletion can take all windows down.

User - recommended configuration (Vista and Win7) accounts

You absolutely don't want to have only one user account. As XP and all other Windows 7, Vista, and modern operating systems are operating systems multi-user with integrated system of accounts as default Administrator and comments. These accounts should be left alone because they are part of the structure of the operating system.

In particular, you do not want account only one user with administrator privileges on Vista and Windows 7 because the administrator account integrated (normally only used in emergencies) is disabled by default. If you use as an administrator for your daily work, and this account is corrupt, things will be difficult. It is not impossible to activate the built-in administrator to rescue things, but it may require more work you want to do. Better not to get into a bad situation at first.

The user account that is for your daily work must be a Standard user, with the extra administrative user (call it something like 'CompAdmin' or 'Tech' or similar) only it for elevation purposes. As a user Standard is recommended for security reasons and will help protect your computer against infections. After you have created "CompAdmin", connect to it and change your normal user account Standard. Then log on to your regular account.

If you want to go directly to the desktop and ignore the Welcome screen with the icons of the user accounts, you can do this:

Start Orb > Search box > type: netplwiz [Enter]
Click continue (or provide an administrator password) when you are prompted by UAC

Uncheck "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Select a user account to connect automatically by clicking on the account you want to highlight and press OK. Enter the password for this user account (when it exists) when you are prompted. Leave blank if there is no password (null). MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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