Wipe data security blackBerry Smartphones - how to restore the mail application?

Feature: BB Torch 9800.

Provider: t-mobile.

I had problems with my gmail set up.  I could not send / receive.  Message "blocked service."

I did a Wipe of security under option.  Now, my Mail app icon is gone.

If I go into setup - mail accounts, I see the Internet mail option.  It asks me to enter the account of the company, I do not agree.

1. how to restore the Mail app?

2. is it possible to do a hard reset of the device to factory default as a new phone?

3. wonder if I can use this BB torch for email via Wifi only (not the cell provider data service) as an iPod Touch?

Thanks for your help!


Hello and welcome to the community!

email_dc wrote:

1. how to restore the Mail app?

With a strong carrier network (for example, not only WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message from your BB... Please wait just before moving on to the next step):

1) register HRT

  • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
  • Please wait a 'registration' message reach your Messages application

2) Remove and return Service books

  • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
  • If you do not have access CMIME, continue deleting
  • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service
  • Please wait "the Activation' Messages, one per already configured e-mail account, arrive in your Messages. If you have not already configured email accounts, please wait 1 hour.

3) restart

  • With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot-~ 5 minutes...
  • See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

I hope that will move things again for you! If this isn't the case, then you should contact your mobile provider for formal support.

email_dc wrote:


2. is it possible to do a hard reset of the device to factory default as a new phone?

There are several methods (which, BTW, no I believe to be useful to your situation):

  • KB16307 Actions performed by the BlackBerry smartphone during the removal of the user stored and application data
  • KB14058 How to delete all data and applications in the smartphone BlackBerry using the security option wipe
  • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings
  • KB29847 How to charge a BlackBerry smartphone without using the BlackBerry Desktop Software

email_dc wrote:



3. wonder if I can use this BB torch for email via Wifi only (not the cell provider data service) as an iPod Touch?

N ° of BB devices lack a complete email client on them. Instead, they depend on the BIS service to provide messaging functionality. BIS is active when you have also listed Internet/personal email where you currently see only Enterprise. All services of BIS, are sent to the device via data carrier network... contact them are therefore the right approach to discover why their network is no longer to deliver to you the services that you pay for.

Good luck and let us know!

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    BIS = BlackBerry Internet Service. Here is the OPTUS BIS site


    See if you are able to connect to it and try what I suggested. What version of the software do you have on the camera before? You could try downgrading to this version. Different carriers have different versions of the OS, so I can't say what that yours was before the update.

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    Go to the Finder preferences > sidebar and turn it on.

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    HI and welcome to the Forums!

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    Hi sawy9000

    Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    Look at this Article on the measures to be taken before the sale and purchase of our BlackBerry Smartphone.

    KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after the purchase of a smartphone BlackBerry opportunity. 


    I hope this will help.



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  • BlackBerry smartphone how to restore deleted Contacts from Blackberry and Memopad app?

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    Thank you.

    I solved it by reinstalling the operating system.

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    This article helped!  Its working fine now.  Thank you!

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    Hello and welcome to the community!

    The easiest way is, on a PC (you can not do on MAC):

    (1) make sure that you have a current backup and your BB complete... you can find the instructions at the link in my auto-sig below.

    2) uninstall all the BB OS packages from your PC,

    (3) make sure you have the BB Desktop Software already installed

    (4) download and install on your computer, the BB OS package you want:

    • http://us.BlackBerry.com/support/downloads/download_sites.jsp
    • If all you want are the levels of BONE, it is first sorted by carrier - the carrier supports, your search will be fast. However, some carriers are much slower than others to release updates. To really get the package up-to-date OS for your BB, you need to dig through and find all businesses that support your specific model BB and then compare the BONE levels they support.
    • Use this KB to help you choose the good alternative OS to include the language you want:
      • Article ID: KB05305 Location of support for BlackBerry smartphones

    5) remove all copies of the SELLER on your PC. XML... There will be at least one and maybe 2, and they will be located in the same way or to (it changes based on your version of Windows) these files:

    • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    • C:\Users\(your Windows username) \AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

    6 (a) to change your level of BB OS installed (at level or lower), you can run the Desktop software and connect your BB... the software should offer the operating system package you have installed on your PC.

    6 (b) or, for recharging your BB OS level installed as well to change, work around the Desktop software and use the CHARGER. EXE directly, through step 2 in this process:

    If, during the process of 6a or 6 b, your BB has an error '507', simply unplug the USB of the BB cord and reinsert it. do nothing else... This should allow the installation to continue. During the process, when it presents you with the screen of the things Application Loader to install on your device, make sure to develop options and select all items that relate to your desired language.

    Once the operating system is loaded, you can proceed with the activation of the language you want and restoring your backup (on the device).

    If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

    • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to return the original factory installed software

    I just bought curves and made the device through Desktop Manager without saving the curves of old BB again BB. I really wanted to do the sync. Is there a way to remove everything I did and replace the original software, so I can sync from old BB again BB?



    tjonessi wrote:

    Options of > Security > General settings > Menu > wipe Handheld will wipe all the data that you passed on.

    This will restore all the original factory after I run the present?

    Yes, any. It is not a 'factory' specifically, but close enough. He's going to do what I said, and all your personal data will be deleted.

    So you want to make a backup of the old appliance, and then on the new device > restore > Advanced and select only these databases you want to restore to the new.

    I can understand the backup of the old device, but I do not understand what I am restoring in the new system? What is the data of the old appliance?

    Yes, IF you want data from the OLD device on the NEW device, this is what he will do.

    After you run these, so I can sync the data from the old unit to the new feature, am I right?

    You're confusing terminology. You won't be "synchronization" given the old unit to the new device, you will be restoring the data FROM the old unit to THE new device if you follow my advice.

    Maybe I don't know what exactly it is that you are trying to do. Why don't reiterate you it here so that it is clear?

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to remove e-mail accounts

    I have 2 aol email accounts on my pearl and I want to remove them so that I can sell my phone... Got a new.  I went in the opions and erased the service book, but we're still appear on my main screen.  Can someone help me?

    You can clean the device before selling the phone, this action will remove all data from the device (e-mails, contacts, calendar, etc.)

    Go to Options, Security Options, General settings, button click Menu, select wipe Handheld, enter blackberry to go forward.

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    does anyone know how to install the Asian language pack?

    whenever I go to my service provider to download software

    RIM asking all possible information, including what company I work for.

    I just want to download a software that supports the languages of Asia and people told me to do it from the blackberry site, but I can't do it because of this reason.

    Hi nellamtnz1207,

    I think don'nt there is a problem in there, it's a required field before RIM privicy policy

    Download all software RIM, you have to fill.

    Good luck


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    Hi guys, anyone know how to prevent the battery charge when the BlackBerry device is connected to the desktop via USB Manager? TKS!

    boldberries wrote:

    and I heard that it is bad recharge the battery when it is completely full.

    No good info. It is always good to overflow of a charge.

    Here's some good advice from loading, please read and you will see that many of them will be applicable to you.

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    I finally found a way how to enter the manual section for a mobile browser. The only way I've found is to hack the browser and change the user agent string, then the server will think that I use the regular desktop browser... In this regard, I would like to say that it is more useful to say that something is not possible rather than say nothing. This would save me a lot of time and frustration trying to figure out how to do this. In my view, there is planty space for improvement on your mobile web pages...

Maybe you are looking for