Wireless signal comes and goes


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  • Satellite L505 - 10K lose wireless card comes and goes

    Im having a problem with my new Satellite L505 - 10K.

    I lost my internettconnection when I was surfing. So I tried to fix it. The computer did not map.
    Then I rebooted (3 times), is still no map. the key 'FN and F8' was disabel (are not when I press FN)
    I looked in the device under network adapters Manager: only Realtek PCi Lan was which are listed there.
    So for me it looks like not the card has been broken. but when I take the computer to a walk in another House to get help. then the card is back.

    Is this a problem anyone knows?
    To me, it looks like a connection inside the computer problem?


    To be honest, I also don t know the reason for this, but first, I would try to update the WLAN driver. You can find it on the Toshiba site.

    Also, make sure that you use the latest version of the BIOS.

    In the worst case there s a hardware problem and you need help, but authorized service I guess that your laptop is under warranty, the repair should be free.

  • Satellite L650 - Wi - Fi comes and goes

    Connection Wi - Fi comes and goes several times each minute. With the laptop connected to the modem with the cable, this does not happen. I tested two Wi - Fi routers, it happens with both. The laptop is 1 m distance to the Wi - Fi router. Other devices (I e iPod) running well without disconnects with my net wifi. Seems that the problem is in the laptop.

    Sorry if maybe again this topic again, I tried to find a message already on this issue, but without success.
    Thanks in advance.


    What of the Wlan driver update?
    Have you tried it?

    Some wireless network cards have a problem with different ciphers.
    If you recommend to test the WiFi with an open WiFi connection. I mean without the use of WPA/WPA2 encryption. But doing it just for testing purposes.

  • Opening links in a new tab will also load the link on the problem of temporamental currnt tab that comes and goes. Sometimes using links from google as well.

    Opening links in a new tab will also load the link on the problem of temporamental currnt tab that comes and goes. Sometimes using links from google as well. Never had this problem before. Also the SafeSearch feature on google has itself locked on strict, not too much problem, but has happened at the same time my links and tabs not working like I want.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • the white lines (with the key that don't meet pluse) comes and goes randomly


    I have iphone 6 more.

    Sometimes vertical Whitelines light 1/random th of screen from the top.

    During this time they display, touchscreen doesn't work sometimes and sometimes it works out gibberish.

    I press somewhere else and something else is pressed.

    Then all of a sudden this problem disappears until I use the phone. (no whitelines or touch that do not meet, everything becomes perfect)

    Once I have it put to sleep or leave for some time the problem will come still sometimes.

    This isn't software issue since I reinstalled 9.2.1 ios again and again with full reset. (deleted all my apps just to be sure)

    There is no hardware failure, because the problem is not persistent and works of my screen and touch all the other times. I think that cables or the connection is loose. given that this problem comes and goes randomly. I can live with that, but its * boring. A sec I talk to someone and I can't cut the call.

    Please help me, Service Center said that I need to replace my phone. They will not understand this and I want to just replace it without reason.

    Tip: I live in India where these people are not able to diagnose even the question and want me to pay for something, I clearly did not cause.

    And since my warranty is out, I have to pay appx ~ $ 470 for a problem that no one can tell me and search the Internet or apply basic logic is simply because cable is at fault.

    Again, there is no hardware or software defect. Its a few wiring loose and noone at the apple repair center wants to diagnose what it is.

    All they want to do is replace the * phone without reason.

    I'm sorry, but the loose wiring is a hardware problem. Since there is no authorized Apple service provider who manage the repairs of the screen, their only alternative is one out of warranty replacement of the device, given that your warranty has expired. To be honest, even here in the United States, if Apple tries to replace the screen and it will not fix the problem, their answer would be the same, a replacement of the officer of the WATCH. They do no wiring at the Genius Bars. Your response is more disabled because of your location. You can see if there is a 3rd party competent repair facility that can run on the device. This decision is yours.

  • What is originally shimmering shade of rose-green/interference on my LCD screen that comes and goes?

    The monitor is NEC MultiSync LCD 1850th. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 530. Shooting power monitor does nothing. Handling/move the monitor cable does nothing. Change resolution/refresh does nothing. Speakers of the monitor does nothing. Editing controls of the monitor for brightness, contrast, etc., does nothing. There is no control for degaussing. Troubleshooting is not a problem. Peripheral system works properly. Problem still occurs at startup, then goes after 5 to 10 minutes. Subsequently, random problem comes and goes. I used Norton 360 to search for viruses and it found.

    This looks like a probable hardware problem in the monitor.  If possible, the best way to test would be to try this device on another computer and see if the same problem occurs.

  • Hi, I have installed sqldeveloper - - x 64 with JDK and tried to run SQLDeveloper.exe its does not work. A flash comes and goes. It worked fine until two days ago. Don't know what happened all of a sudden its not working. Need help.

    Hi, I have installed sqldeveloper - - x 64 with JDK and tried to run SQLDeveloper.exe its does not work. A flash comes and goes. It worked fine until two days ago. Don't know what happened all of a sudden its not working. Need help.

    I use Windows 7 Pro.

    I have read other threads and tried to launch SQLDeveloper.exe from the CMD prompt, nothing is shown a flash comes and goes.

    Tried to change of SetJavaHome sqldeveloper.conf to the path JDK that it didn't work.

    Please guide me.

    Thank you

    Maybe there is a problem with SQL Developer, being able to write to the network share of desktop directory.  Add the following to your sqldeveloper.conf file to force the settings of the user to store locally also:

    AddVMOption - Dide.user.dir = some_local_dir_to_own_system4.

    I hope this helps...

  • Wireless cause: the network connection from the laptop to the router, but internet access comes and goes through procedures to 'fix '.

    The Dell laptop I bought is little used, not refurbished a downsizing Corporation.  I bought a refurbished by Cisco, Cisco Linksys router.  I can't stay on the internet for any period of time.  At the time that I open the browser, after the wireless connection, it goes your 'connected' to 'no internet access.  If I go through the diagnosis and fix it, it says I'm connected, but 'no Internet' returns quickly.  It shows a diagram of the connectivity of the laptop to the router but not to the internet router.  I had a second router refurb sent, and it does the same thing.

    This is all new to me (wireless and mobile), so my words my being turned off, but I wonder if it might be the wireless card, or network card (or is it just a different name for the router).  I mean, it's something in the laptop.  If I plug the DSL directly into the laptop, I have a perfect internet connection, so I did not thing is my provider.

    Any help/suggestions appreciated!

    My issue was with the ATT modem not set to fill mode.  modem was not accept what he said was the router.

  • RoboForm toolbar comes and goes

    I use Firefox 14.0.1 with RoboForm toolbar extension. Sometimes when I open Firefox, the toolbar appears, but to others it isn't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it.

    Latest version for Firefox is Roboform Have you tried to update?

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

    Not related to your question, but...

    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

  • I have a new laptop with Windows 7. The navigation (?) bar comes and goes, depending on the position of the cursor. I wish it were still visible. What should do?

    I just downloaded and configured FireFox for my new computer with Windows 7. I've included restaurateur Classic theme in my Add ons. I have only 1 bar (Navigation (?)) at the top of the screen, under the tabs. It has everything I need in there, but I want it to be stationary, rather than appearing when I move the cursor towards it & if I move the cursor away in endangered. I would like to be able to see the bar without having to stop what I'm doing to make it reappear. This seems to be a novelty. My old version of several weeks, do not. Help, please. Thank you...

    I can't think of anyway to make the Navigation bar appear/disappear based on the direction in which you move your mouse.

    Well, there is the view full screen, where the area of entire toolbar including the tabs slide bar up out of the screen and reappears if you drag the pointer of the mouse completely to the top. (You can use the F11 key to activate the full screen on and outside).

    Is it possible, that there is an option of one of your extensions?

  • OEM-DVD appears intermittently.i explores computer and dvddr comes and goes. same thing with Device Manager. the dvd device will be missing.

    often, when I connect to my backup dr, the DVD will reappear.

    1. use a 2 years old HPlaptop. Win vista service pk 2. My drivers are up to date tp [I even uninstalled and reinstalled them.

    If the computer starts with a (not a bootable) disk already in the drive, doesn't it appear so?  If so, just keep a disc in the drive, you can still eject and insert another if this isn't the one you want.  Even a blank disc usually does the trick.

  • In more of microwave ovens and cordless phones... can TV, VCRs interfere with WIRELESS signals.


    In more of microwave ovens and cordless phones... can TV, VCRs interfere with WIRELESS signals.  I had to buy a cordless phone and it was always in the sealed box.  I was then with a laptop to the library branch when the librarian approached me and said that "even if unconnected cordless phones and microwave ovens, as well as TVS, VCRs and vacuums... can cause interference with the optimal speed of WIFI and efficiency... »

    Can someone explain if it is absolutely correct.  Of course, I politely responded that given that the laptop was still in its original packaging and seal (I had just bought and not even opened) and unplugged, it could not interfere with anything.
    Please specify.
    Thank you.

    A non powered device (not plugged in, no batteries, etc.) cannot intervene in anything at all.  No power, no transmission, no interference. However, any electronic device can interfere to some extent with any other wireless signal, if it is running.

  • EA 6200 wireless signal disappears momentarily and returns

    I have a 6200 EA (EA6200), new with a computer, an apple TV and 4 Iphones/Ipads, all within walking distance.

    My problem: every once in a while, the wireless signal disappears for a minute or two and then returns to normal.

    During the navigation of the user interface, I was unable to find out if there is an event log to show what is happening, so that I'm flying blind.

    Which never happened with my much more old linksys wireless adapter.

    Thank you!

    Hi elnuevohomero,

    This may be caused by interference. Ensure that the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks have different SSID. Try changing channels as well.
    You can try using 6,3,9 or 1. It is also recommended to place the router on a higher location, where it can broadcast wireless signal properly.

  • How to enter a wireless signal and convert Ethernet cable?

    I'm totally bafled by the nomenclature of wireless gadgets and would appreciate help. I already have a wireless router that allows my laptop work anywhere in my house. My need is to recover the wireless signal and somehow get this signal into an Ethernet cable.

    The reason is that my DVR (Replay TV) connects to Internet via Ethernet (not USB) cable and I want to move to a place where it would be impractical to try the new wiring through the walls.

    Thank you!

    You need a "wireless ethernet bridge", like the WET54G, WET200 or WET610N.  Once you set up the device, just wire your DVR to it.

  • Cascade 2 WRT300N and have both sends a wireless signal

    I searched the forums, discover different cascading routers and posed this question in a different way, but I don't know if I'll be able to use a 2nd WRT300N in order to broadcast a wireless signal if I connect it to my 1st WRT300N. Routers will be connected with about 50 ft 5 cat. Is this possible? I connect the ethernet port to the port ethernet or go eithernet port 1 to the WLAN port on 2? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. you're not technically a wireless router but only one wireless access point. A WAP610N or similar would be the better choice in this case.

    2. you can use a router as a simple access point and ethernet switch. Change the address LAN IP of the second WRT to Disable the DHCP server on the second WRT. Then, connect the two LAN - LAN. Do not use the internet port of the second WRT!

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