Z640: Upgraded the video card to 1070 GTX. I have to upgrade power supply?

My Z640 has a supply of poer 925w but the power plug 6 pins only I think remaining is not enough to feed my 1070 GTX video card in use heavt. It requires care supply 2 x 8 pins and adapter I installed is not always able to provide enough power. HP chat support wasn't any help. Do I need to install a new power supply that provides power sheets 8 pin pci-e?


@MacTheSteve, welcome to the forum.

This is Service and Maintenance Guide for the workstation.

I contacted StarTech to see if they would have an adapter 'Y' which had two 8-pin power connectors.  However, those that they should be the following on your motherboard or the power supply:

StarTech Brandon: basically, there are 4 SATA power or LP4 molex.

I believe that your diet is enough power, but simply do not have the required connectors.  At least, I don't the seen on the diagram of the motherboard.  It seems that you need to upgrade the PSU.

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    a white screen with a mobile mouse pointer. I can boot into safe mode, try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest drivers for the card, without change.

    I solved the problem by doing a restore of the system in safe mode, remove the old drivers with Driver Sweeper, then reinstall the drivers again. The card works fine now.

  • upgrade the video card in Compaq Presario CQ3539IN desktop pc

    IM planning to buy ati radeon hd 5550 or hd 4650 ddr3 1 GB card graphics card my 250w PSU is it compatible Please help my motherboard is the motherboard Μatx-I41-H (Eton)? What is the best graphics card suitable for my motherboard? other suggestions for graphics card?

    You need to upgrade PC's POWER supply at least a 400 watt unit.

    Or video cards will not work with a 250 Watt power supply installed in your computer.

    The minimum requirement of the system for the HD 4650 is 350 Watts and the card HD 5550 requires 300 Watts.

  • the video card upgrade

    you want up to the video card of quality. what I have to use one designed for hp or could I just use any mark as for example geforce 9800 gt

    You can use any card compatible with your system video. You don't need to find all of the video cards designated for HP computers.

    If you want more details on the update of your system's video card, please provide the model number or the product number of your system.

  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-210y - upgrade power supply and graphics card?

    You just bought a new computer that I am generally satisfied, but it is not fit to play top games I like (for example Metro 2033).  I was looking into upgrading my graphics card and discovered that I have a 300W power supply.

    I heard that HP computers are notorious for difficulties in upgrading equipment thanks to the compact design the area.  What power supply and graphics card I should be able to use?  Information links and price would be very appreciated.

    I use my LG HDTV 32 "as a monitor and my current graphics card allows me to connect using an HDMI cable and play movies blu - ray via my PC.  I want to keep this feature.

    Thanks for any help!

    You need to open your PC and measure the physical dimensions of your diet.  Here is a list of the things to consider:

    1. Specifications
    2. Total power - important
    3. amperage 12 + v - important
    4. Modular - is not required, but I like the flexibility
    5. Warranty
    6. I7 and SLI ready
    7. Efficiency rating
    8. Cost
    9. The physical size - standard ATX PSU is 5.5 "by 5.9" by 3.4 "give or take a few tenths

    www.Newegg.com has many choices of power supplies.  Corsair, OCZ, Rosewill, Thermaltake...

    The amount of amperage + 12 volts is important when choosing a video card.  Depending on the size of the Cabinet from HP a 550-600 watt PSU should be plenty.  The NVIDIA GT 460 should be a good choice.

  • HP 500 - a 201: the video card upgrade

    Hi, I would like to upgrade the video card in this PC HP but I think that there is a limited space.  I think like a 750ti which is the closer the physical map of the factory installed measures.  I would upgrade to a proper diet.

    Thank you


    @Cebos, welcome to the forum.

    I believe that this EVGA GTX 750Ti should register in the area without any problem.  If you don't want this card, you can measure from the port of e/s back on the front of the case where the card will be installed to see if another card adapt.  The essence is to ensure there is enough space to provide for good air circulation.

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  • Impossible to upgrade the video card on 810-109 Phoenix Envy

    I bought a new desktop computer (810-109 Phoenix) and wanted to upgrade the video card. The new video card is a Zotac GTX 660. The thing is that the system does not boot with the new video card. I got continuous beeps from the system. I used 6 PCI-E power connector pins. The power suply is expected to support the video card, as it is listed as 600W and it is the wat recommended for the video card. I am runing Windows 8.1 64bits.

    Help, please.


    When you add a video card no HP in a PC provided with W8/8.1, you will need to change 2 settings of the BIOS before installing the card.

    Please read the info on the link below and hopefully that will solve the problem for you.


  • Upgrade the video card in Pavilion HPE 380t


    I want to upgrade the video card in my HPE 380 t, currently it has geforce gtx 260, I want to install a geforce gtx 560 ti or 570.

    I have 2 problems with the viability of this. 1. space. and 2. Food. Has anyone successfully completed a similar upgrade on this system?

    Plug current sys is the following.

    • Intel Core i7 - 930 quad-core [2.8 GHz, 1 MB L2 + 8 MB of cache N3 shared]
    • 12GB DDR3 - 1066 MHz SDRAM [6 DIMMS]
    • 1 TB hard drive 7200 RPM SATA 3 Gb/s of 750Go
    • 1.8 GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260 [2 DVI, HDMI and VGA adapters]
    • LightScribe 16 X MAX drive DVD +/-R/RW SuperMulti

    power of 460 wt

    About the food, the psu calculator gives me the following recommendations

    I need my current configuration 529W!

    with a gtx 560 ti , I need 513

    with a gtx 570, I need 577W

    This raises a few questions:

    1. How can my system running on a 460wt power if the power supply calculator recommends 529w (nvidia reccomends a PSU 500w for the gtx 260 which is installed on my machine?)

    2. how the song gtx 560 ti could possibly require less energy than my current gtx 260?

    3. could I move to one of these cards without replacing the power supply? (I'd be willing to lose the dvd/rw drive, this falls 30w)

    4. what someone has updated the PSU in a HPE 380 t? Looks like there is a little extra space, but not much?

    About the video card itself, I am concerned about the space, I looked inside of the case, there is a decent amount of clearance around the gtx 260, but I'd love to hear from someone who has tried to replace this card.

    Specifications for standard cards are:

    gtx 260 courses:

    height: 4,376 inches, length: 10.5 inches, width: double slot

    recommended psu 500w

    GTX 560 ti

    height: 4,376 inches, length: 9 inches, width: double slot

    recommended psu 500w

    GTX 560 ti super clocked

    height: 9.4 inches, length: 11.8 inches, width: double slot

    GTX 570

    height: 4,376 inches, length: 10.5 inches, width: double slot

    recommended psu 550w

    bang for buck the 560 ti superclocked is the best deal, unfortunately they are also the most cumbersome...

    All advice appreciated!


    The difference will be the distance between the power supply and the optical bays can be annoying.  Open your PC and do some measure and see if a thumb causes less issues.  Don't forget the extra cable lengths.

    Tip: When you install the new power supply, remove the front cover, lock the optical drive and slide if forward to facilitate the installation of the power supply. Do the PSU upgrade before you get your PC stable before installing new video card.

    These "how-to" HP articles should be useful.

    The OCZ has a bus verses double 12 volts the Corsair with a rail.  There is always a debate about who is best. Both have advantages and disadvantages.  I prefer implementing the only bus.  The really big PSUS, all seem to have several buses. The material of the size of the bus which had to bear the whole of the amperage on a bus would be rather substantial with very large power supplies and there are other reasons.

  • Try to upgrade the video card for an Optiplex 7010

    Hi all

    I searched the forums and found answers, but most are about a year old. I have an Optiplex 7010 with the following configuration:

    Hard drive, 1 TB, S3, 7.2 K, 512th, SGT-GRDABP
    Dual In-Line Memory Module, 4G, 1600, 256 X 64, 8, 240, 2RX8
    Card, controller, 1394 has Pc Interface, full height, Lsi Logic, unleaded
    Graphics card, 1 G, OUGA9, full height, W8
    The Assembly, radiator, shroud, Performance, average lap, 95W
    Processor, IVB, I7-3770, 3.4, 77 w, 4 c, E1

    I realize to update my graphics card, I need to upgrade from my diet, and I'm fine with that. What I really struggle with, is what are the specifications of the motherboard on this computer. I would like to know what my bandwiths PCI-E are on it (IE 1 PCI-E X 16 1 PCI-E X 4?)

    Also, I would get the best graphics card I can get to what will fit (for adobe work). I measured the space and wow is not much... most graphics cards are 10 "long, and the space, it seems to me is only a fight 7.5" before I launch into the box for hard drives. I assumed that I could cut out the box and free up space, but thrilled to hear what others use.

    Also, I noticed there are only two PCI-E ports, but the 2nd is probably useless due to how close his pushed to the bottom of the case so I'm stuck with a 1 GPU option.

    Keep all this in mind and without cutting into the hard drive cages, let me know if this could work:

    GPU: MSI N760 ITX gfx card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127772

    Power: 600w http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438014 EVGA

    Don't get me wrong, I would like a more powerful GPU (I push 2 monitors 1920 X 1080), but I don't see how I can get whatever it is also gone...

    Feeding okay? It works for that?

    Thanks for all the help and advice that you have!

    Food looks good.  It is only 5.9 "long which is what you want for your snap custom mount you have on this system.  The MSI card is very short, it looks like a good way too.  Your system has a PCIe X 16 2.0 slot for the video card.  Speeds of the lower PCI X 16 slot is connected to X 4.  With only a 250 watt power, this system is all designed for video cards more if two small.  The 760 GTX is a powerful video card.  I see no need to put a video card premium that costs $500 or more in a Dell system.  To do so, make a custom version of a case of nice game for better air flow and cooling.

  • HP TouchSmart 300-1120: the video card upgrade

    I came into possession of a HP Touchsmart 300-1120. I do not use not for the games just the navigation and use to watch movies when traveling through Plex home theater.

    I've updated the CPU to an Athlon X 4 605th & maxed out the RAM 8 GB. I noticed that I can upgrade the video card using the Mobile PCI Express Module slot.  Even though I know that the GPU Radeon HD 3200 onboard can handle HD videos, he hangs out considerably. even though I have the film on the hard drive.

    So the question is, where can find one of these cards. And is there a way to upgrade the PSU?

    Thank you

    Jim Hutto
    I do not work for HP.
    I am a computer technician and a passion for computing with more than 32 years of computer repair and networking experience

    Your PC AIO has a sleeve of MXM graphics.  The following video card will work. It was included in some models of PC.

    HP 594505-001 nVidia GeForce G210 512 MB MXM DDR3 video card


    You need to search online to find a seller or a person who has one for sale. I see them on eBay for @ $35-50, 00

    The upgrade of the PSU is not a viable option.

  • Upgrade the video card on Satellite X 200-20 g

    Hello everyone

    I'll find a way to have my 8700M GT updated on my X 200 laptop.
    I paid for it more than 2000 and I paid for 2 years warranty.
    A few months later, I discovered that some of the new Toshiba are equipped with 9700 m GTS!

    I know that the X 200-20 G is having a mxm graphics card which is removable to be upgraded (not being is not part of the motherboard).

    I couldn't find anywhere in the Toshiba site, where I can ask to buy a new graphics card, or if I can send my laptop and ask for an upgrade price.
    I suppose someone who has paid a sum of money for Toshiba can be listened to, or get a special offer to swap its model to the newest one after even not a year of use.

    I really want to upgrade the video card, and I don't really know where to find advice or information about it, other than on the side of Toshiba.

    Thanks to everyone or admin, to let me know how I should do, or process.

    Kind regards


    Read the knowledge base of Toshiba, I created this article http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ7A01ZW0007R01.htm

    It may be interesting for you.

  • Upgrade the video card

    I have a HP Pavilion h9-1187 windows 64 - bit pc with nvidia GeForce GT 530 by default.  I need to upgrade the video card, but this motherboard has only one of pci express 16 3.0 slot.  Almost all decent video cards require two slots.  I guess that most cards except those in the crossfire, two cards together configuration, must the two slots.  Most of the time, I guess the seller asking two slots due to the space.  Remove the CAP from my pc and possibly void the warranty, can someone tell me what video card width this pc may take.   I have the motherboard COMPANY PEGATRON, the default value.  If you care to recommend a video card decent all 250-300us about feel free.  Thank you. Apologies, but as a newbie I also posted this in the hardware section of the bureau of the forum as well.  I'll delete the entry that is in the wrong part of the forum.

    When a card is listed as having "two slots", this means only that he would hold the PCIe x 16 location and regardless of the slot is adjacent. It does not require a connection to more than the PCIe x 16 slot. Looking at the photo below, the long black slit under the "IPMMB-FM" is the PCIe x 16 graphics card slot. "The slot short slot needs to be empty, then the '2 locations' map can adapt it without connection to this.

    Almost any card graphics PCIe 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0 will work on your computer. Please look at these PCIe x 16 graphics cards for a selection in your price range. Please see Guide of Dave_G of a discrete video card selection of useful information on the subject.

  • Advice to upgrade the video card on a6460t

    I have the Intel 2 Quad CPU @ 2.5 GHz, 4 GB of RAM.  I just got Microsoft Flight Simulator software & it tells me I have to update my current video adapter (Intel GMA 3100) to something that is DX10.  I understand that I must keep in mind power, type of available locations & size of the Board of directors when I update.  It's WAY over my head...  Can someone give me some ideas of what the video card upgraded to?  Something under $110?


    This is a form oflink to your motherboard .

    a PCIe X 16 video card is what you need.

    Anything on this page should be sufficient. Just look at the specifications to ensure that the card is DX10 compliant, they are all under $ 100.00

    Try to buy only a great brand. (ASUS, XFX, Sparkle)  They actually have web support. I can't guarantee any video cards. They all use reference chipset design approved and provided by ATI or NVIDIA as the case may be.

    Upgrading to a power supply 500W-400 is a good idea. Corsair and OCZ make great PSU. Search the ATX12V v2.2 because this means that it will be all required cables and connectors for video cards available at the modern more (at this time).

    Kind regards


  • P7-1234 Pavilion: I have a p7-1234 Pavilion and want to upgrade the video card.

    I have a p7-1234 Pavilion and want to upgrade the video card. I am currently the EVGA GeForce GT 610 2048 MB GDDR3. This card will work with it?

    This is a power supply that will work for you:


    It is modular allowing you to use only the necessary cables.  This means that there is more room inside the circulation of air.  He is also a 600W which will give you extra power for the possible future upgrades.  Any block of power SUPPLY Corsair will be good.  They are fans of the quality products for a reasonable price.

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  • Pavilion G6 2303su: the video card upgrade?

    Hello.  I'm here to ask you, could I upgrade my video card on my HP Pavilion 2303su g6?  As graphics card Radeon HD 7670 M becomes older and older, I was wondering if I can get my video card to a newer model of AMD or Nvidia even?

    And also if I might well want to ask you if it is possible to update my video card, to give me some recommendations or the same list of compatible video card for my laptop designs.

    Any help would be really greatly apreciated!

    Kind regards


    No there is no way to upgrade your video card. This isn't a card at all but just a chip soldered to the motherboard. The video card, you have found and ask the subject for a very expensive high-end gaming machine which has the equivalent of a pci-e slot on the motherboard called MXM laptop. Your laptop has such without crack and no place to plug such a card.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello I am running Vista Ultimate x 64 and when I restart my computer I get a BSOD (see photo ). I have to fight with it to get it to start up again, by either boot from the Vista DVD and do computer repair process, witch takes anywhere from 2 min to

  • Need to access the 'Documents and Settings' folder in Windows 7

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