ZTE open c. keyboard for another language. and lockscreen wallpaper

Must say, this is a huge improvement from the Open original.

Now, can someone tell me where to find the keyboard for another language, and where can I change backgroubd for lock screen?

Thank you


The first lock, the Lockscreen wallpaper is the same as the desktop wallpaper. After unlock the screen and close it, the Lockscreen wallpaper is the default wallpaper. The wallpaper is always the same.

It's a known version 1.3 bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1034936 (default version on ZTE C OPEN)

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  • In Win 7 I get an error for various leave and- or "this action cannot be completed because the folder or the file is open in another program."

    I'm money than Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1. The following information are linked to the steps to solve a persistent problem. Please read carefully and answer completely, since you asked users to report carefully on the long process of troubleshooting-advice you provided. I've been at it for six hours now in this round of troubleshooting.

    I tried to solve the continued permission errors and- or "this action cannot be completed because the folder or the file is open in another program."  This happens when attempts to cut-copy-paste------delete files (including the specific details listed below).  I searched on the Microsoft Support site to find answers to solve the problem, including the thread:


    In accordance with this notice of sons, I emptied my Temp folder. The problem persisted. I downloaded the app 'Take Ownership' and also tried with periodic and sporadic success. It seemed to lengthen the time between recurrences of the problem - that it would allow me a half a dozen of all cutting------copy-paste and------or remove actions, until the error messages stop me to exercise that or any other action.  Then, I used the task Mgr end explorer.exe and reopen it to see if that makes a difference. For a while it worked, where I could make a few cut sporadically------copy-paste and------or delete actions. Today I'm at the point where I can preform one action, then I have to open task Mgr, end explorer.exe and then restart it to perform again a more cut-copy-paste or delete action. So, I have to return to the task Mgr and repeat the process above, for each new action I want to perform.

    I watched rained down in the above quoted thread, and followed Support Engineer Samhrutha G troubleshooting tips - method 4 - start the computer start-up in minimal mode and to use the diagnostic selective startup. In previous discussions, you have asked for advice as to what you were doing when the problem occurs, so I rated as below:

    I went into msconfig, unchecked "Load Startup items", went to the tab Serivce and allowed only half of them. He was 12 of 24 listed entries. During the tests, programs that are only open on my desk were two windows explore and Notepad to save the results. I got the following results:

    I moved the contents of a folder on my main C drive on my external drive of 3 TB. When I then tried to remove this folder on my external hard drive I got the message

    "You must be authorized to perform this action."

    You need authorization S-1-5-21-602162358-602609370-839522115-1004 to make changes to this file.

    After I clicked retry the record has been deleted. When I went to delete another folder in the same location on my external hard drive, he deleted the first time. He was then three other orders normally external hard disk.

    Then I tried to delete a file in a different location on the external hard drive and the message

    "You need give permission to delete this folder.

    When I clicked on continue what he deleted

    I cut and pasted a file from my external hard drive to my C drive. The record stuck on drive C. He pasted the folder on drive C, but the original folder remained on the external hard drive, even though it was a cut and paste. So when I went to delete the original folder that should have been cut, this message came:

    "You need permission to delete this folder.

    When I clicked on continue he grew up:

    ", You need permission to perform this action."

    You need authorization MYCOMPUTERNAME\MYCOMPUTERNAME to make changes to this file.

    When I clicked Try Again he deleted. But why he would leave the original behind if it was a cut and paste?

    After that, I tried to cut and paste a file to a location on the external external hard drive to another location on the hard drive, after I had seen the contents of that folder and went up a level to the folder parent to try the cut and paste. I received the following message:

    "Cannot perform this action because the folder or the file is open in another program

    Close the folder or file, and then try again.

    When I clicked Try Again it just repeat the error message, don't not allowing me to carry out the action and any other further reduction-copy paste and- or delete actions. I had not opened or closed all other folders, windows or applications, during the above test.

    Based on the Support Engineer Samhrutha G troubleshooting tips 4 method found on the following thread:


    (same thread as cited previously) Then I went into msconfig > Services and reduced the number of items in the selective startup of a unit, as I started 11 - instead of 12 - 24 listed entries. Upon reboot, I decided to re - check msconfig. In msconfig > Services he showed 165 points. All had a check in the box next to them. These 165 points, 56 showed as "ongoing" the rest showed as stopped. It would be useful that I specifically what were these 56 entries?

    I continued with the troubleshooting test based on these settings initiated by Support Engineer Samhrutha G tips to reduce the selective startup (remember... it was 11 selected items)

    I started by I try to copy / paste a file from my external hard drive to my C drive. He has successfully completed. When I went back to the location of the original file on the hard disk external and clicked on undo move, the message came:

    "You need give the administrator permission to move this folder.

    When I clicked on continue as he moved the folder

    Then I tried to cut a file on the C drive and stick it in my external hard drive. He successfully completed the task. I then went back to the original location of the file on the C drive and tried to "Undo Move". I received the following message:

    "You need give the administrator permission to move this folder.

    By clicking on continue he grew up

    "You must be authorized to perform this action."

    By clicking on try again, just to repeat the error message and could not undo the move

    I tried to cut the entire contents of a folder on my C drive and stick it in a directory on my external hard drive. He was able to make the cut and paste but left a folder and two files back in the original location on my C drive. When I then went to cut the 3 elements he missed and move them to the location I had initially indicated on my external hard drive - for the first file he brought up in the dialogue that he was already stuck and I would like to merge, etc, that I clicked on none. the second file in the sequence that he grew up:

    "You must be authorized to perform this action."

    When I clicked on continue he grew up

    "You must be authorized to perform this action."

    You need permission from the administrator of the computer to make changes to this file.

    When I clicked on Try Again, he said.

    "Cannot find this article.

    It is no longer in C:\Projects\FolderName. Check the location of the item, and then try again.

    When I clicked Try Again he repeats just this same error message until I had to click Cancel to exit.

    The record was then only showed only two remaining elements. Because the first cut and paste involved 22 files and 3 folders, now I am unable to say which of them got ignored or lost. When I updated the location of the original files he showed that a single folder on the left and the content was empty. When I checked it now duplicated and pasted to the location of this folder on the external drive, he was there with the appropriate content. So he had left this file to the original location, but it was empty. Why this erratic behavior?

    When I went, then, remove this folder remaining from the original location, he deleted successfully. If you understand the above message, you notice that a file has disappeared.

    I now need to mention an incident b4 I started the process of solving problems today. I felt that you needed some context b4 I mention this. I had tried to cut a folder that contains 33 files and 6 records. The six files contained two subfolders whose combined total content contained 28 photos - a mixture of mp4, JPEG and mp3 - for a total of 61 files in the parent folder, I tried to cut and paste. I tried to paste the folder parent on my external hard drive. He started at the cut and paste normally 7.04 GB and towards the end, I got the message

    "Cannot perform this action because the folder or the file is open in another program

    Close the folder or file, and then try again.

    He was unable to finish when I clicked on Try Again, and I had to cancel out. However, he had removed all but one of the folders containing three files and it was not pasted into the new location. They were gone. I did a search on Win for some of the names of known files in this folder, and none appeared. Fortunately I had them on a second external drive. I plugged it to restore files, and of course that means more open task Mgr, ending explorer.exe and reopen in order to restore the files that explore had lost.

    After my results displayed above two rounds of by using a clean boot and selective startup, you can see that it is very difficult to actually diagnose the problem because it happens inconsistently. It is also very time consuming and very, very, very, very, very frustrating.

    I decided to try the method of disabling "just" thumb caching in the registry according to the advice of Robert P in the thread quotes. He said that I should go to Start > Run > gpedit.msc and "disable implementing caching thumbnails in hidden thumbs.db files" that was published of course in OK Win 7 > files, folders, and storage of the Microsoft Community forum. So I typed gpedit.msc in the search bar, and there was no instance of gpedit.msc, only setup.exe, I had to take was to gpedit.msc.  I installed it and after installation I typed again and he has not yet posted. So I rebooted. Restarted it showed up. When I went to run gpedit.msc, he brought to the top of the window with the error message group policy "MMC could not create the snap" when I looked up this article in the Microsoft Community, I found the link to the Win 7 forum, where the Star NIthyananda reported community
    "Gpedit.msc is not available in Windows 7 Home premium.  Discussion here:


    He then mentioned

    "If you want to disable caching of thumbnails, you can access the registry editor and go to changing the location according to the value [note: its mine incorrect grammatical syntax and not]".

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\DisableThumbnailCache ".

    with no information on how actually access HKEY_CURRENT_USER

    I found the appropriate information on how to access the registry in Win 7 running regedit, with information on how to navigate to the appropriate location in the registry to disable the thumbnail cache


    but there is no entry "DisableThumbnailCache.

    I researched and found that you can add it in


    I downloaded the Disable_Thumbnail_Cache.reg file. After running Disable_Thumbnail_Cache.reg to merge it into the registry, I then returned to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\

    and yet, there was no entry on DisableThumbnailCache

    The second method mentioned in


    has been to access via the Group Policy Editor

    I searched for the Group Policy Editor in Windows 7 search bar and it showed three entries

    A folder titled "for Windows 7 Group Policy Editor.

    a zip file named "add_gpedit_msc_by_jwils876_d3kh6vm.zip".


    The "Group policy for Windows 7 Editor" folder contained just the same two files listed below it

    So, I went ahead and ran the setup.exe and then restarted. After the reboot, I did a new search for the Group Policy Editor and he grew up just three results.

    I went back on the WindowsSeven Forum and found advice in the thread


    Title: how to open the local Group Policy Editor in Windows 7

    The tips were:

    To search for a group policy or the registry key, value, etc., see:

    Political research group

    The link above leads to:

    "The GPS is going to move to a new end area January!

    You will be redirected in 15 seconds! »

    I waited about 3 minutes and it went nowhere, so I clicked on the http link and he grew up:

    GetCategoryDependencies() - 500ServerError

    This is where I could and I am now. And I can't "simply" disable caching of thumbnails. Can I return to my workspace and all simply continue with the editing work that I do, which is to cut, or -copy-paste and or delete files that I advance in my workflow. I can't do it without opening task and then Bishop ending and re-open explorer.exe for each order, I want to achieve.

    At this point now a few hours later including writing this message, I think that a new facility would be easier, more rapid and less headaches but that will solve the problem?

    Sense my frustration?  If this is not the case, let me make it clear. It's extremely frustrating. Why Windows doesn't have a fix for this is an error permanently?

    It was mentioned in the original thread that I cited that it would be better to start a new thread and continue to add my comment to the answers already posted 138. This problem has plagued me for months. Please notify

    As you have tried many fixes and changes to the registry, I suspect that your only option is a clean installation

    And having done so don't try not to cut/copy anything other than the data in the files in libraries in any other player. Copy of records of the victory Road will result in the registry locations becoming screwed.

    And if you really need locate the lbraries on another drive will redirect the location of other libraries that animate

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