Sequences of additional lots for Acrobat 9 Pro

In my version of Acrobat 9 Pro, there are only a few sequences of commands.The last time I bought Acrobat on a CD was version 5, and several additional command sequences came on the CD.  I mean by "extra" that they were not automatically installed wh

Acrobat adds a small graphical element when converting to a Visio diagram

I have the diagram Visio multi-page (Visio Professional 2003) that I am trying to convert to PDF (Acrobat 3D Version 8) for distribution. I have forms with links pointing to pages these links seem to be converting correctly, bookmarks generate correc

How can I get Acrobat Professional to print in color?

Hey there,My Acrobat Professional is only printing in greyscale for some strange reason! Maybe I accidentally pressed something I shouldn't! Any ideas?Thank you

How to: create a legaleze popup window as a pdf?

Hi all. I would like to integrate a pop-up window with legaleze of my company for permission to use our images to our clients of the marketing materials. The legaleze is intended to inform customers of our policy on the use of our images in their adv

Added a link to a pdf file, but can't do the link box that is smaller in size

I need to have a link on each line. However, the size of link box is in 0.35 and it bathes the second line.  When I try to change the link area it won't have the tiny box.  Is it possible to change the area in another way?I am able to create a rectan

Disable help improve horse Adobe Reader experience screen * before * it appears first

I know that we can simply select 'No, thanks.' when the horse Adobe Reader screen first, but I frequently reimage the system and must confront this nag screen * all the time * whenever I have reimage.Is it possible to disable * before * it appears fi

Judge whether the current document is active player?

HelloIs there an API could judge whether the current document is active player?Thank you!

If the field value is > 1, go to another field

I hope someone can help me with this questionIf a customer fills in a field with a number that is > 1, I want the cursor to go to another field automatically.I used the script:before var = this.getField ("some")If (before! = 1).{this.getField ("Naam

Acrobat 3D

Hello, I need some clarification for the differences in Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, Pro and Pro Extended.One that comes with Acrobat 3D.I read online that comes with Pro Extended but someone the cat Adobe told me that it comes with the standard.If it d

Selection of the same Page even or odd

Is there a typical way to set all odd in a document pages, as it is well that all the same.I have scripts (with the help of these forums) that the page turns on the current pageexample:var crtpage = this.pageNumvar crtpagerotate = this.getPageRotatio

Missing since the installation of Acrobat 9 text

Hi allI am running Windows XP with SP2. I recently installed the Adobe Tech Comm Suite 2, which includes Acrobat 9. Now I can't print from Frame (7.2 or 9.0) or Acrobat without losing the text in my files. Text falls at random, without any apparent r

Adding several fields - Script

HelloI have several fields added in a batch processing script that works great except for the last field created in the script called "TodayDate2".This field is not added to the document.Can someone please look at and advise a possible solution with

Future Date Script in Acrobat, 6 months after the date of the day

Hey guys I worked on it for hours, and I don't know why I can't understand this.  I'm looking for 1 box field in form auto fill the current date and another box field auto fill a date of 6 months from the current date.  My current date code is fixed,

How to change the default "Fit width" Bookmark Action?

When Acrobat 9 Pro combines the individual image files into a single PDF, auto-generated bookmarks all have them "Fit width" in the default bookmark action.However, in my situation "Fit width" is not adapted: it must be 'Fit Page' instead.You can man

How to display the first page first and two pages (back and front) then?

HelloI use acrobat 9 (Beginner).I have a document that should be displayed as"a book", IE two pages on the screen at the same time, the back of the first sheet and the front of the second.The problem I have is to display the cover on a single page (o

Calculation with conditional clauses

HelloI have a rather complicated in an Acrobat form calculation cannot get away without writing any javascript. The problem is that I do not know how to write javascript!So if there's someone here who is somehow quite help me, I would certainly appre

FileOpen of initialization Failure (2)

I have receently updated Acrobat 8 standard, and Adobe Reader 9 up to their latest versions.  Everytime I open a PDF file with either a product I get the following messageFileOpen of initialization Failure (2) you will not be able to open protected d

edititing pdf files

HelloI use acrobat 7.0 pro.Is it possible to edit the text and images from a pdf file?If anyone knows how please let me know, thanks

What are the possible values for a checkbox?

I am filling a PDF with an web form. I get the filled text ok boxes, but I can't set the checkboxes. I'm testing to see if a web form checkbox is checked. If this is the case, I tried to put the value of pdf checkbox on 'on '. But this does n

How exclusive PDF Acrobat 7.1.0?

I have a MacPro3, 1 under OS X 10.5.7 and currently use Acrobat Professional 7.1.0.  I want to configure my system so that Acrobat Pro 7.1.0 is the exclusive PDF reader when I click on a document icon that has a suffix of pdf, even if it was not orig
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