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Table of contents not showing is not on DVD

I need to burn a DVD with table of contents. For some reason when I test the DVD on my player, there is no content/menu. I came to chapter markers, so I don't know why they are not transferred to disk. Help, please!

Aperture library files gone!

I opened opened today as usual and found about 85% of my photo files are more listed in the library.  I can not find them.   There are about 5 things listed under 'Projects' that are a few years old but I used to have listed dozens.   I have Aperture

Reinstalled logic lack of Applications

I've deleted and reinstalled my Logic Pro X (after an abortive attempt to move EXS24 on external hard drive). Everything seemed fine. Logic works very well, but after the closing, it is not found. No Applications and no recent Articles.  What I have

update version commercial opening

A few tips on how to upgrade a 3.2.4 opening a CD of retail opening 3.6 under El Capitan? My own experience so far here: After having updated for Snow Leopard to El Capitan my 3.2.4 opening that I bought at Apple in 2010 is no longer in effect. It is

Title Open in motion always opens the project of 29.97 FPS?

Whenever I open the movement, I am faced with a 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 FPS project. It is similarly when sending the effects etc to the movement. How can I make movement open a shortlist of 25 fps by default? I tried to create new presets and tampered w

Best way to convert H.264 to ProRes for FCPX

Hello! I'm about to get a DJI Osmo device that records in H.264 codec, and I did research on disorders that FCPX will have to try to change this sequence. While some people say that FCPX takes care of everything, most of the comments say that the con

How to export to the desktop computer

Hey all,. If it is explicit I always missed it. How to export a file size reduced as 854 x 480 on the desktop? Choosing share to apple device gives me the opportunity to share, but where is this file? Thank you Al

The upgrade of my iMac for the new year: advice requested

I intend to buy a '5 K' 27"iMac very soon in the new year. My current iMac is great, but the new iMacs can support 64 GB of RAM (from trust OWC), and mine is only 32 GB, end of story. I really need the impetus of extra RAM for my work. Right now, I'm

The more ploblems between El Capitan and opening 3.6

Following the publication of the last El Capitan and the report that the question of profiling to screen has been resolved, I have a few questions. Are there other issues pending? I heard about thumbnails being backwards. Are claimed in El Capitan Yo

How to remove the effect - brightness, from there?

How to remove the effect - brightness, from there.  First of all I thought to increase the sound volume using the BRIGHTNESS of the effect, but now improved Audio, I use the volume, which is enough. So I would remove the block of brightness from ther

Start-up mute an Instrument track without inhibition of the instrument.

Hi all When you cut a logical Instrument x track, you can play is no longer the instrument with the midi keyboard. It's frustrating. In Logic 9, even if you cut the track, the unit would still be playable, allowing you to go back and try another opti

sync problems - every shot is out of Sync exactly a quarter measure worsens with each take

Rookie X Logic Pro here - I have this problem, but not all the time, but each successive take is exactly 1/4 measure delayed the previous and out of sync with the runway, I add my track to.

What is the allowed minimum and maximum of ideal value for sound quality?   What units are these numbers? for example dB

(1) what is the name of this Volume Audio monitor? (2) what is the ideal minimum and maximum value allowed for a sound quality? (3) in practice, up to what maximum value can I allow? (4) what are these numbers? for example dB Thank you.

Hi Sir Gud morning

Hi Mr President, before all sorry for my bad English, sir I am doing marriage works in fcpx 10.2.2 and exported the file to mp4 format and put into flash player and connected to my samsung TV it plays not Sir, IE file is not supported, Sir I want a m

Not synchronized with the piano roll score editor

Hello My partitions (in Logic Pro X v. 10.2.0) editor is behaving strangely.  I binding mode value 'content' for the score editor must reflect the regions selected for titles.  However, it doesn't.  It usually selects a track only, even if several ar

FCPX - Import not working - spinning beach ball

I get the "beach ball" before ever I have to select the file to import - from any folder. Wasn't it yesterday - or never. Is there a file I need to trash a place to make it work again? Help, please!

Extend or reduce the clip all in key early and late keeping images of the

I make videos of forumalic, using similar effects in each, but the timing is different. For example in a video my video "1 Point" may 1 minute maximum, and in the next video"Point 1" will be 1.5 minutes long.  I have keyframes at the beginning and en

How can I add photo title

I used Photo FX to add titles to slides when you use aperture. How do I do this with Photos?

problems of memory capacity!

Can I use the external library FCPX after be installed on a hard drive? because it takes about 400 GB of memoriaou have discovered. work?

Trim by dragging multiple clips?

Is there a way to select multiple clips, then extend/reduce size all together? I tried this with clicking and dragging the end of the clip, but it only extends / retracts the clip alone, I clicked on the spot all the selected items.