10 IOS on iPad air

Has anyone downloaded iOS10 on the ORIGINAL iPad air 1? I was wondering what the performance looked like before downloading? I don't want to download and then my iPad to go really slow and lazy when at the minute, it works perfectly running iOS9

Thank you



Yes was on ios 10 beta for 6 weeks now on ios complete 10 on air ipad 1

No problems.

See you soon


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    Just updated iTunes and my iPad air no longer appears in iTunes.  Update of iOS on iPad and no change. iPad appears in information system as a USB device connected. Ideas?

    FWIW, my iPhone updated 6 Sy - the problem is only with my iPad Air

  • What is the latest version of iOS for IPad Air?

    IOS 9.3 will install on an Air of IPad?


    It is installed and working properly on my iPad Air.

  • version 8.0.2 of iOS on iPad Air, AutoPlay multi - State Object question


    I'm having a problem in which some objects multi-state value auto-play and stop finally State do not play in the Adobe Content Viewer (version 32.1.0) iOS on iPad running iOS 8.0.2. On the desktop, I work in an updated version of InDesign CC. Oddly, some objects multi-state (in the same articles) do work: both are looped MSO, but change the DCL of non-working (which consist of a container empty like State 1 and describes the text (no States have applied effects) to State 2) to the loop does not solve the problem.

    I am at a total loss - I have tried to reconstruct the ASM, the reorganisation of States, change timer values, defining the DSO to loop, reverse order... but nothing works. There seems to be a question Content Viewer (version 32.1.0) iOS 8.0.2, IOS because WHO play as expected in the office and on iPad content viewer using earlier versions of the viewer of content on the version 8.0.2 of iOS and iOS 7.1.1 and iOS Content Viewer (version 32.1.0) running on iOS iOS 7.1.1.

    In addition, after reading a folio in Adobe Content Viewer (version 32.1.0) on an iPad to Air and return to the display of the library, the settings gear icon disappears also. Typing in the box where the icon should be always displays the menu. This does not happen on a Mini iPad.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    It is a known issue that we will address with our statement on Monday.


  • Optimal iOS for IPad Air

    I just wanted to know when I should stop downloading updates to iOS on my iPad I had an iPad 2 which have been made obsolete by the updates (I thought that would be nice). He did my iPad unbareably slow and most of the apps would crash or do not open. I am on iOS 9.3.1 at the minute.


    You should always use the latest ios and iPhone / iPad may work.

    See you soon


  • should iPad Air (1) - I upgrade to IOS 10?

    Hi all

    I have an iPad Air (1 no air no 2)-should I upgrade to IOS 10?

    I wonder about SPEED problems - it will run a slower - or more fast - or about the same speed as IOS9?


    Yes upgrade I have ipad air 1 was on ios beta 10 front no problem

    Quick work.

    See you soon


  • "Hey Siri" does not work on iPad Air after updating iOS 10

    iPad Air does not "Hey Siri".  On the other hand, Siri works when I hold the home button.  I disabled Siri and then turn it back on and did the same for the Air iPad and not luck.  My iPhone IS working as it should with Siri.

    Hi Charles!

    I see that you are curious, why "Hey Siri" does not work for your iPad Air after update to iOS 10. I know it's important to make sure that everything works correctly after an update. I'm happy to help you!

    Looks like your iPad model is not compatible with this feature, unless it is plugged into a power source. The problem persists while your iPad to the that air is charging? Take a look at the following Web site:

    Enable or disable the "Hey Siri" and customize the functionality

    To ask questions without pressing the Home button, plug your electrical appliance and turn on ' Hey Siri. With iPhone 7, iPhone iPhone iPhone 6s, 6s, 7 more more, iPhone and iPad (9.7 inches) Pro SE you can use this feature without plug power.

    Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Have a great day!

  • Update iOS 9.3.3 error on my iPad Air

    I am able to download this update without problem. However, I get a failure to check the update error. This happens only on my iPad Air. I've updated on two models of iPhone 5 s and a mini iPad. Any ideas? Any suggestion? I deleted and reloaded the software update more than once.

    Start here: If you see an error when you update or restore your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

    And here's more: Get-help with the Live - Support Apple iOS updates

  • Blue screen when I upgraded to ios 9.2 to 9.3.1 on my iPad air. Help, please

    Blue screen when I upgraded to ios 9.2 to 9.3.1 on my iPad air. Help, please

    Try recovery Mode

    Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

    When your device is connected, force restart it: press and hold the sleep/wake and home for at least 10 seconds, and only release when you see the Apple logo.

    Keep now until see you the recovery mode screen and wait that he eat.

    Restore as New first, then restore sauvegardΘ if you wish.


  • iOS 9.3 will not install in iPad Air. Error message "no internet connection".

    Cannot install IOS on iPAD 9.3 update.  Error message "not connected to the Internet," when I am connected... How can I clear this download and get a new update? I tried enabling / disabling the wifi works and stop, reboot, close to all applications. Nothing works. My iPAD during the installation process does not recognize the Internet connection. Thanks for any help!

    Apple released the update iOS 9.3 for some devices (air iPad and the front, iPhone 5 s and forward) due to problems with activation. You may not be updated until a patch is issued. I recommend to wait for some time (days?) before trying again.

    See this article for more details.


  • By updating my IPad IOS 9.3 Air, the following message appears: "unable to verify the update.  9.3 IOS doesn't have a verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet.  New attempt remind Me later

    By updating my IPad IOS 9.3 Air, the following message appears: "unable to verify the update.  9.3 IOS doesn't have a verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet.  New attempt remind Me later. " See the image below.

    Note that while I am able to get the email, do some research on the Internet, etc., that the update itself seems to be the culprit the disconnection of Internet while performing the check.  I closed all applications and even rebooted the IPad and then tried to run the update, but still get the same message.  Any other suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    I'm having this problem too.

  • Night shift program not on my iPad Air after iOS update

    Downloaded the last update for the air to my Ipad but the night shift option under the brightness of the display is not there.

    Are you sure that your iPad is an iPad Air?  More old model iPads (prior to iPad Air) can support the night shift.

    You can check the back cover.  iPad Air would say A1474 A1475 or A1476.  Or check the settings > general > topic > model and report the result here.

  • Cannot start new iMovie on iPad Air project

    Hi, I need to do a project for my university studies, final evaluation. I'm hoping to use iMovie on my iPad Air, as I have done so successfully in the past.

    This week, I'm in iMovie and click the symbol +. Then I click on the option to create a new project or a trailer. But when I click on one of these options, nothing happens. If I click Cancel, nothing happens and the application crashes. I have to then close and reopen the app.

    Look at a last projects is not a problem.

    Indices received with gratitude. I wonder if it's because I recently upgraded to iOs.

    iMovie has been updated for iOS 10. Make sure you have the latest version installed.

  • iPhone, iPad Air 2 not recognized by iTunes

    Very frustrated right now. Given that Apple's Support is not in contact with return despite requests, the story will go here. I have Windows 10, iPhone 6 + and iPad Air 2. Last weekend I was invited to and did pass to iTunes Plugged my iPhone 6 +. Not recognized by iTunes; 'sync' gray. Tried the same thing with my iPad 2 Air. Same result. I get no error message.  Here are my troubleshooting - what I'm missing, Apple?

    1. Lightning card Checked, works fine with other devices.
    2. Rebooted PC.
    3. Rebooted IPhone.
    4. Restarted iPad Air 2.
    5. I've tried different start up sequences (start iTunes connect manually; first)
    6. Went to 'Upgrade device via Device Manager' - these devices are working properly.
    7. Updated my iPhone and iPad 2 air for iOS 10 successfully.
    8. Apple email support; 48 hours later they gave me another email address for contact.
    9. Chose the Contact Apple Support via phone option - screen "we will call you - your phone will ring at any time.  Still waiting for the phone to ring.
    10. From Discussions on Apple's site with troubleshooting tips, have tried all suggestions with no luck - If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support.
    11. I even opened and closed the blinds completely throughout my house to see if that would help.  Go figure.
    12. The last resort on them, says "Contact Apple support" - see #9 above.  Twice.

    Apple-Support - What should I do at this point?  I'm all ears, and Android is looking better and better during my next upgrade.

    Happy to report that I finally found a position that has fixed this. Someone has to give Community contributor turingtest2 a price, they had an incredible post in communities that have corrected my problem.  See below for the excellent suggestions.

    iOS device do not show in iTunes for Windows

    iOS device do not show in iTunes for Windows

  • iPad Air / homepage

    I can't get to the homepage on my iPad Air.  Isn't he dead?

    Home page is a landing page of HTML to a browser. You are having a browser issue or a problem with iOS or the device turn on or functioning before active web browser?

    Specifically what is happening and what steps were taken to remedy this?

Maybe you are looking for