2 computers use the same VM

I currently use Fusion on my MBP 17 ". I think to buy a Mac Pro. Is it possible to use the same virtual machine on both computers (not simultaneously). I would keep the VM files synced, much as I currently synchronize them on my NAS.

I know that when I just copy a virtual machine on the same machine, Fusion detects the change and asked if I moved or copied the VM. I'm OK with having to select 'copy' whenever I run Merge on both machines, as long as the virtual machines themselves are intact and usable.

The new scenario would be that I run Fusion on Mac Pro, most of the time, but when I need to travel, I can also run on the MacBook Pro.

I "move" computers virtual between the hosts and the various external drives fairly regularly.  In fact I run same VMS under VMware Player on a Windows PC and Fusion on my Mac.  As you described I never run them in 2 different places at the same time and, therefore, whenever I wonder that I pass my VM, not copy them.

The only time where you have to answer that you copied a VM is when you expect to run it at the same time / same machine than the original.  I have a starter PC that I do when I need a purpose special VM for some reason any.

If you use your SIN as more of a mechanism of backup that is fine and no doubt very convenient.  My experience is that performance with a virtual stored on a single drive NAS computer is not acceptable in reality nothing to do with the virtual machine.  I recommend FW400 or better than the interface for virtual machines stored on an external drive.

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    Avast! Security Suite

    Work of MS Security Update

    Ping works sites (Yahoo, etc.)

    Other computers connected to this network via WiFi - no problem getting on the internet.

    Run the network troubleshooter advises all is working properly, no suggestion.

    Attempted fixes:

    Turn off all extensions on IE (but don't forget Firefox and Avast! are also unable to access.)

    Disabled all start-ups and the package process

    Restarted in Safe Mode - still not able to access.

    Ran check complete virus, then check virus run start. Minor ad-ware 'virus' not found, all corrected automatically.

    Rebooted the router and the computer to infinity and beyond! s

    Tried other computers using the same ethernet cable connected to this wireless routers cable, no problem accessing the internet.

    Disabled functions package

    Off MS Firewall

    IP Reset configuration (memory: netsh ip net reset c:\resetlog.txt - without DOUBT NOT EXACT - OF THE MEMORY.) Command worked)

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    You could win the lottery and have a lot of beautiful children!

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    Still, I wanted to thank you for your time and effort on my behalf. I'm very, very happy!

    All my best,


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    Thank you so much: D

    ON both phones, check the settings > phone > call on other devices > Off.

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    I have House part for my iPhone and apple TV, but the iPhone libraries are not listed under computers on Apple TV.  I don't see libraries for my Mac.  I use the same identifier apple through the three devices. I have an iPhone 6 more working 9.0. The devices are all on the same home network running.

    You can't share a library that is located on an iPhone, iPod or iPad with other devices. You can only share a library that is located on a Mac or a PC with other devices. On other devices, iPhone, iPod and iPad for example, you then activate home sharing to connect to the shared library.

  • Is it possible to use the same password for two computers through quickbooks?

    We have two computers that are connected to each other through quickbooks and we must be able to get our e-mails from computers. Is this possible? We need to send invoices to the customers of a computer and the other is used for accounting and payroll.

    Original title: you can use the same password for two computers if they are already linked through quickbooks?

    Hi JayneB,


    (1) are you referring to the password of the user account?
    (2) who is the operating system installed on the computer?



    I would like you to contact the Quickbooks support for assistance.

    Check out the link-


    QuickBooks support


    Hope this helps!


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    Hello abc 123, welcome to the Microsoft answers Forum. We appreciate your interest in the Windows 7 Family pack.

    To answer your question, Windows 7 Family pack includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    1 have. what measures you taken to connect 2 computers with the same IP address?

    2. How are the 2 computers connected?

    3. how exactly you want to stop the connectivity between 2 computers?

    I want to tell you that 2 computers on the same network cannot have the same address. Each machine must have a unique address to identify it. A private network, as a home network connected to the internet, can be connected to a router to connect to the network, will have only 1 address, public IP address.

    In addition, if we know the IP address of a computer along the user ID and password, we can access the computer/shared files.

    If you are referring to the change of the IP address of the two computers, you can follow these steps and check.
    a. network connections open. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. In the search box, type 'adapter' and then, under center network and sharing, click view network connections.
    b. right click on the connection you want to change. Click on properties. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    c. click on the network tab. Under this connection uses the following items, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and then click the properties button. To specify your IP for IPv4, click on use the following IP address, and then, at the address IP, subnet mask, and gateway boxes by default, type IP address settings.
    A typical IPv4 address looks like; a typical subnet mask is The default gateway is usually the address of your router.
    For example, IP address: by (for computers)
    Subnet mask:
    I hope this helps. If you have any other queries/issues related to Windows, write us and we will be happy to help you further.
  • Is it possible to use two different computers with the same adobe - ID and the same adobe license?

    Is it possible to use two different computers with the same adobe - ID and the same adobe license?

    Hi Morten,

    Yes, you can have your subscription or your license installed on two different computers with the same adobe id, however use one at a time.

    Please let us know if you have any questions, more about it.

  • Is it possible to use the same license on two computers; fixed and portable?

    I have licensed Adobe Creative Cloud for PC. Is it possible to use the same license on two computers; my desktop and my laptop?


    You can have the creative cloud installed and signed in on two computers as long as you don't use it on one at a time. Download and install as you did on the first computer, sign in to your Adobe account on the Adobe using your Adobe ID website, download the desktop app from clouds, then download the software. Log on a computer that you will not use:

    log in and log out of the desktop Adobe Creative Cloud application

    Let us know if you have more questions!

  • Is it possible to actively use photoshop on 3 computers with the same license?

    Is it possible to actively use photoshop on 3 computers with the same license?

    At the same time, no. If you use creative cloud, you can have it installed on 3 computers, but you can be signed in two at a time, and those who should not be used at the same time.

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