2000-2d27cl HP: recovery file exist but the recovery partition has been changed

recovery partition has been extended and after several months I had some problems, so I decided to reset my laptop to factory settings but Recovery Manager computer cannot recognize the recovery partition. Recovery partition has been extended and I use this partition as a backup partition for my photos, programs and music. The reason why I want to reset to factory settings is because my laptop in early labour right and after ten minutes start to work very slowly, I can't do anything!

Help, please!


Thank you for your answer, but I was already able to reset my laptop to factory settings. My recovery partition has been extended, but the drive letter is different. When I realized this error, I change the drive letter. Recovery Manager started smoothly with F11 taster during startup. So, I think that everyone can do the same thing, you can change the size of your recovery partition and you can use it as backup partition, but do not try to move or copy your restore file to any location.

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