A doubt of key recovery

I got my Y570 and D drive, I have divided into two D and G, the other data and the other for the software, if I use the recovery key I will keep all files on drive D and G?

Thank you

Restore the computer to factory settings going to wipe all personal information, regardless of the drive.

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  • where can I find my key recovery?

    key recovery where? is it hidden

    You can use this to pair another device:

    • Android operating system > settings > accounts > Firefox Sync > associate a new device

    You can watch this version of the topic: key synckey extension, modified by me, to show the current version of Firefox sync key (desktop and mobile).

    You can download this file extension Firefox by clicking on the "Download This File" button without having to register and sign up for this Web site.

  • Setting up the synchronization with the new PC - old PC is watered, no key recovery!

    Here's the question. I got a new PC at work today, but before that I did it, I set up sync on the former and synced my bookmarks and history to the cloud.

    Now, I have a new PC, but when I try to set up the synchronization to recover my favorites, it asks me to pair the device or enter the recovery key. I don't have the old appliance to enter the pairing information, and I never had a "key recovery" when I did the initial installation.

    How can I get a key to recovery sent to my E-mail address?

    You can have the recovery key to send you. You can only retrieve password lost (forgotten) of the sync account.

    You should have a backup copy of the key to sync when you initially install Sync.

    If you don't do this then the data is lost (the key synchronization is used locally to encrypt data before downloading).

  • A key recovery wipe ALL partitions

    I have lenovo Y50 with a version of key recovery, I my personal data spread over several drives with the c disk, containing the BONES and that's what it contains above all! So would be running the cloth with a turn-key solution clean the rest of my disk partitions too, or he would just format the operating system containing the C: drive?

    PSuniq wrote:
    Are you sure, absolutely sure of right?

    Now, we must check what I said earlier. Will just some experimenting yourself you? This will be an opportunity to familiarize themselves with OKR.

    Here's an argument that it is not wipe: If the scores are wiped by OKR will not rerun OKR via the NOVO button.

  • Windows 8 key recovery


    At the time I bought the computer laptop z500 (i5), I deleted all the partitions and installed linux on it.

    Now, I want to go back to windows

    I know a key recovery will not work. I just need the 8 necessary windows key when installing it.

    The laptop is always good enough guarantee. Where should I go to get my key of windows 8? Contact lenovo or microsoft customer service customer?

    Here is a link to the program http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html

    good luck and I hope it solves your problem if she don't forget to mark your solution / resolved my post.

  • A key recovery does not!

    Hi all, as indicated on the title, my one key recovery does not work.

    Whenever I press the recovery button (the host files charges) and when it finishes, it hangs there.

    The first time I tried this it worked fine.

    The last thing I did was to put some files in my D drive (where all driver files are) and I tried to delete the files, I put and try again, but it did not work.

    Any help guys?

  • New Y570 - a key recovery creates only 2 DVD

    When I run a key recovery - create the recovery disk - factory default disk recovery it says it requies 3 DVD, but it only creates 2 and then says it's 100% complete and finished. I have not touched one of the partitions. I ran two times and each time it created two DVDs. anyone know why I am not create 3 recovery DVDs? I am running Windows 7 and OKR 7.0

  • A key recovery

    My G560 was puschased in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a friend last March 2012 and was brought here in the Philippines and has been given to me. the COA sticker says it has Windows 7 Home Basic OS, but when I opened it, there installed Win 7 Ultimate. now, I get a windows not genuine notification.

    I also found out that my hard drive partitions 3, C, D, E.

    I would go back to my machine to its supposed original OS, but I do not have the original CD installation that's why I think using the one key recovery.

    This will be my OS to its original state? will it affect my important files (located in the partition the drive E) should I choose the one key recovery?

    Right click on computer, select manage. Look in disk management.
    Must have 4 partitions if the stock oem partitions. But actuallyon mine only two were assigned drive letters.

    Windows 7, some versions have an illiterate boot partition. The Ultimate Ultimate version uses a boot partition. Think OEM are extra partition for future updates and also Windows will use and install winPE that under certain circumstances.

    If I were you, I forge very definitely do a repair on the left side of the window Back Up DVD system & restore control panels. You will know you which must one day next.

    I would also like to use the same backup and restore to make an image file system windows partition you have now a remote drive or DVD 3 or more.

    I could then try to start the program OneKey and make me a OneKey Recovery DVD to repair... Start with it... see if he found by chance an image of the original installation. However, chances are his party...

    Or try to update next month for win8 at the start of the special $ 40... I think... But to reading posts here, it cancels your Lenovo warranty updated to what whether your version of windows.

  • Restore to factory settings option does not appear when the one key recovery button?

    When I press on my one key recovery button the window that apears only shows the backup of the option and the option to create recovery disk. Why? How can I restore my computer without factory? How can I restore to a previous state?

    What you are experiencing is the OneKey Recovery program in Windows. This allows you to create a new backup and burn recovery CD/DVDs. To run the OneKey Recovery and restore of factory default, you must shut down the computer, then press the OneKey. This recovery feature has recovery option.

  • Windows 8 - Refresh PC pre-installed Windows key recovery or installation DVD disc

    Windows 8 - Refresh PC pre-installed Windows key recovery or installation DVD disc

    The problem is that the number of keys for Windows 8 is required for this operation, and I can't get it. I got Windows8 pre-installed when I bought the laptop, so I don't have the installation DVD, I did not collect the number of keys in any documentation or found on the laptop.

    What can I do to make sure that if I can restore Windows 8 and all my data on the laptop?

    Thanks for your help

    To put it bluntly, YOU n 'T NEED a KEY! When you reinstall Windows 8, it is automatically activated from your key incorporated in the Bios. There is no need for to go you into the Bios to get the key. With Windows 8, it is how it is done. Hope this helps and if you need another post to help and we will be happy to help you.

    The above opinion is mine and mine nothing and does not necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, it's employees, or any other Member of this forum

    "When we try to take anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."-John Muir

  • Lenovo U350, Win7 broke down, a key recovery does not work

    I hope someone can help me.


    I have a Lenovo U350 with OS Win 7. I did not burn any recovery DVDs/CDs through a Key Recovery program since I bought my laptop. It was my mistake. I should have done it. I does not change the size of the partitions on my laptop. The scores of all the hard drive are partitions by default (C, D).


    Last Friday my laptop crashed. I saw the blue screen (System error, I presume) until my laptop went into reboot. After that, I can't start my OS correctly. During the restart, the system hangs. Sometimes it crashes before the Veriface, sometimes manages to go through it and starts the Win 7, but in ~ 30 seconds restart again.

    So, I can't start the recovery key under Windows as my system restarts as soon as I click the OKR program with the mouse. I tried to press the OKR (next to POWER) when my phone is turned off. But instead of start OKR interface Windows 7 just starts and everything repeats.


    What can cause this problem? Virus? System files are corrupted somehow? OKR files are overwritten? Material accident?

    What are the solutions?

    I would be very grateful for any help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


  • Where can I find 'my key recovery' on android?

    Unable to find recovery. Key on android

    If you already have an account, you can associate a device with your Android account that is set up.

    • Open the Android operating system settings
    • Scroll accounts
    • Select Firefox Sync
    • Select "associate a device.
    • This will give you a 12-digit code that can be entered to a Firefox not synchronized
  • I can't find my key recovery

    Please send the key to to.me recovery

    Hello, no one can send you your recovery key since it is present locally on your devices. What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Key recovery Firefox Sync is lost. No solution on the net works. Help

    I have a sync FF account. I bought a tablet. I want to synchronize the tablet. During the process, I am asked to provide a recovery key that I don't have.

    Each solution that I find on the Internet is either aged two years or markets (Tools/Options/synchronisation/manage account) are no longer valid because an account is no more under the synchronization.

    I need to find my recovery key, remove the account in order to get a new key, or stop wasting my time and take this process to a different browser.

    Can anyone help without pointing to the same web pages, I've been repeatedly?

    So, you were able to get the synchronization set up on both devices, correct?

    The initial synchronization of each device may take awhile, like maybe as much as an hour (by one of the Sync developers) to complete, according to the data of types the user has chosen to be "synchronized". And if you have both connected at the same time, it could slow down the process. Sorry, there is no progress indicator to "measure" which was sent to or from the sync server. Sync is designed to operate entirely in the background.

    Once the synchronization data are fully charged on both devices, the process is almost instantaneous from my own observation. Remove a bookmark on a "peripheral" and less than a minute what disappears from another device.

  • What is the different between firefox "Sync Key" and "key recovery"?

    The problem is: I can't get my data from server. I have my key to 'Sync', and I used it several times before, but now Firefox says its wrong. Are 'sync key' and two 'recovery key' names to a single key or its two different keys?

    There is no difference between tho two names, they both refer to the sync key that is used to encrypt data locally before sending it to the sync server.

    Try creating a new profile as a test to check whether your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "create a profile":

    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a profile in the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.

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