A way to create folders for custom message for e-mail on the Touchpad POP account?

Is there a way to create folders for POP e-mail on the touchpad accounts? I can't work with each message limited to my Inbox or in the trash!

Yes, aggravating circumstances.  But it is not possible AFAIK.  There may be a solution of homebrew, but I didn't go down the road of homebrew.

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  • Creating folders for playlists of music from Apple. Possible?

    If someone has identified a way to create folders and organize playlists of music from Apple or is not possible currently. I have my own playlists organized into folders, but all registered Apple 'For You' Playlists appear in a long list. I would like to organize by genre.

    Hi there morrispe,

    I understand that you want a better way to organize your playlists of music from Apple on your Mac. I would suggest that you try to use some smart playlists to achieve this function:

    If you want to create more complex rules - for example, with certain criteria corresponding to all the rules and other correspondence - you can create sets of rules or rules "nested". You can have up to five levels of nesting.

    12 iTunes for Mac: create a smart playlist


    Thank you for coming to Apple Support communities!

  • How to create folders for my received emails iCloud on an iPad?

    How to create folders for received emails on an iPad Air iCloud?

    In the mailbox display, press the "Edit" button, then "New mailbox", type a name, choose a location and then "Save".

  • Is there a way to set reminders for multiple documents at the same time?

    Is there a way to set reminders for multiple documents at the same time? Now he must go through a list, manually click through a series of options, then select it. If I send more than 300 different documents to individuals at a time, it becomes tedious. Quick. A way to save me the trouble would be so so so appreciated.

    Hello Lindsayb123,

    We do have an option to set a generic reminder under choice of account in the accounts of the company and can be set by going to the tab account-> account settings-> send parameters and set reminders.

    Let me know if you need more information.


  • How can I tell the mail client to search for new mail on the server?

    How can I tell the mail client to search for new mail on the server?

    Within the Mail app and display the Inbox you can pull down on the list of e-mail using your finger and you should see a small reel spinning gear. Which indicates that his check new email.

    You can also go into the settings of e-mail and calendars Contacts and view the settings there. Examine the settings of "search for new data. If the Push is enabled, then messages will be pushed to you if the email provider supports this feature. You can also set your accounts to use Fetch and set the frequency, he's going to go out and look for new e-mail messages.

  • How to create buttons for each slide in the slide show

    I currently have a slideshow with prev and next buttons.

    but I would add buttons numbered for each slide to image-base.

    with a static number for the current slide has a circle colorful around this number.

    I can create static number with circle colored in Photoshop, and add a layer,

    but it's a lot to do this for all the numbers work.

    Is there a better way to create the numbers highlighted for the current slide?

    For the numbered buttons that link to the slides not active, I can create numbers in Photoshop and import images into Flash.

    then convert to symbols and assigns actions to them,

    But it's also plenty to do for all the numbers work.

    Is there a better way to create numbered slide buttons inactive?

    I would also like to have a function to hover over the numbered buttons,

    It changes from plain image from number to number with circle colorful as I want to use for the current slide.

    How can I assign a hover button symbol function, which will load another image or symbol?

    Try to think in terms of having reusable symbols.  Think what it through before you try it.

    Use a movieclip instead of a button symbol.  Have a dynamic textfield in this movieclip to the number and value of the textfield object to not be selectable.  Have a picture of this movieclip where it highlighted as one (selected) and the movieclip go there where you are on this slide.

    Use the textfield for the number - assign dynamically so that you don't have to import an image for it.  Use as many of these clips that you need for all your buttons.

    Have functions that reset all buttons at the same time so that when you move to a new slide, selected earlier dates back to mormal... following with setting one newly selected in his "selected" frame

  • create subroutines for several structures of the event and common stop button

    Hi guys,.

    I wonder if there is a better way to design algorithm below scenerio that similar technical rehearsal for each structure of the event.

    Please find in annex vi where I designed the code to a boolean (D). I want to design a similar code for all other bolleans. (In the present design code, photo is displayed when the mouse is flown over D). I obviously have other pictures for the other,(A,B,C,E,F) booleans. Can we have a kind of subroutines for other Boolean types and a single stop for all the application button.

    Thank you very much in advance for your support.

    Sorry (I forgot to add vi) Please find attached.

  • Is there a way to create a button etc to get different views of the same page?

    I have a page full of product images and wants to give the viewer an option to choose the size of the images on the page. So far, I just had two different pages with the same images and created a hyperlink button to switch between views. The reason why I want to get the two points of view on the same page, is I want to use the same name for each page. Muse won't let me create two pages with the same name, so now I have a parent page "Products" (with large images) and its child page "products 2" (with the small images) with a hyperlink linking them. "» This also creates a problem in the menus, since the 'product 2' does not have the active menu bar.

    I have the same problem with the creation of the site in different languages. I would like to make a simple drop-down list with options "Suomi" and "English". What I have to create two different sites in two different languages and have just the hyperlink connect for example home pages?

    Thanks for the tips!

    You can use any number of widgets to create online pop-overs / hover pods / galleries. Lightbox to the ToolTip, anything is possible. The language issue to indeed create individual sites and crosslink them.


  • HTML template for e-mails in the oracle soa suite

    Hi all

    I am trying to create a standard email template that can be used to send emails from Oracle soa as a result of the help of ums adapter activity or by e-mail.

    As if I get IN. info, I should fill in the data of PO in the email with headers, the headers and footers. For even if I get the XML invoice I should use same template to generate the e-mail of the sample.

    Is it possible in soa or is this the right way to go?

    Thank you.

    Don't know what you are after here...

    I think all you need is an XSL transformation that will generate the HTML instead of XML...

    See you soon,.


  • Firefox does not work for multiple instances of the SAME user account on Windows Multipoint Server 2011

    We have a PC HP of MulitSeat MS6200
    It runs Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 (which seems to be a twisted version of Windows 7)
    It is implemented in a laboratory of computer science and students connect you using their account for shared room - IE multiple instances of the same user accounts are currently running on the PC at the same time.
    The first student to run Firefox can work with it without a problem.
    However, when another student try to start firefox they get the following message:
    Firefox is already running but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.

    Cannot start Firefox using a profile that is already used by someone else.
    Each Firefox instance needs its own profile or you will get this error message.

    Use-no.-line switch remote control to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and to different instances of Firefox running concurrently.

  • Is there a way to create folders or to organize a "Graphic" in a library?

    I love the new libraries feature in Photoshop.   However, I'm working on a few projects UX and I would like to have a table of available smart objects to stick at one point.  I like that I can add a plethora of these smart objects as graphics in a library of some. But say I have 50 graphics in a project.  I can't find a way to better organize my graphics within a specific library.

    So I have a library called UX design.

    In this library, I have 20 graphics.  5 of them are graphs of type button, 5 of them are graphs of type label, 10 are icons.

    It would be nice to have 3 files in the graphic sections of a library 'buttons', 'labels' and 'icons '.  If I have a 100 objects, it starts to become a pain in the * to sort all in the library panel.  No there is no way to do already?  I hate to separate each group in separate libraries that it breaks traffic especially when I am not sure about the exact image I need, and the organized display allows to solve what I'm looking for.

    Thank you!

    The best you can do right now is just different named libraries., what you're doing.

  • Computer name change create problems for other computers on the network


    One of our clients have a network of about 50 PCs. Two weeks back I need to change the names of some 40 computers for inventory purposes. There was no name of PC or IP address conflict. Next day, it was a mess, many users have complained that they are unable to connect to the terminal server or cannot log on to their PC.

    Yesterday, had to change the names of the 6 PCs and had the same problem. It is not the name of PC or IP address conflict.

    I did the same process of changing names to another customer, and there is no problem at all. What could be the reason for this customer?

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN
  • Create alerts for several systems at the same time - hyperic Can do?

    If I create an alert for a process or an agent to say 'availability' under open source license,
    for the EA version, can this alert that is set to 1 solaris system, be used to monitor all my Solaris systems or I have to create separate alerts for each system?

    I see I can do various tests of systems, but right now I'm just their configuration on 1 System. He had to be able to do this to a multiple of systems...

    Yes, you can do it with HQ-EE.  You can apply an alert to all the resources of the same type (i.e. Solaris platforms).  You can also apply an alert to every Member of a compatible group.

  • Create hyperlinks for all URLS in the text... possible?

    Hi all

    I'm starting to learn how to make books ePub files I put on the page and I have developed with a very annoying problem. In the notes or bibliography, he has often URLS in the text. I need have related them on the site, they refer to in the ePub. I wish that there is really a sort of way automated to do, because if it is not possible, I do not see do me it manually for a book in full...

    Then, well, you guys help me with this? I'm really bad in script so I don't know if it's possible, but... Thanks anyway!


    If you are using CS5 or CS5.5 (the latter is strongly recommended for all things EPub), "Convert URL into hyperlinks" is a hyperlink palette menu command:

    http://community.Adobe.com/help/search.html?q=hyperlink&HL=en_US&LR=en_US&l=indesign_produ ct_adobelr & site = indesign_cs5_all & auto = 1 & Filter = 0

  • Create column for a YEAR on the front-end or Data Modeler?

    You want to create a column of CDA in the Data Modeler or the front-end server. In the Data Modeler, the CDA is summarized by date opposed to the month which is a very large number. On the front, it gives an error of invalid syntax when you use date (expr, time_period).

    The question seems to be a corrupt hierarchy of the time Dimension. It's working now.

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