accidentally installed Vista Home-need to reinstall with Vista PRO - no install disks

Original title: cannot access the boot, do not have the instalation disks (I'm lost)...

Im running on a hp Pavilion dv6000 entertainkment Center... at first I installed a new computer cd/dvd drive does not recognize it(like before)

half my programs, virus stuff, problems, internet, yahoo, ect has to close. ID turn on, or get a message cannot be shot here, did not d car (im the only user) access has been completely blown up places you'd go find normally too.   so after trying everything bad shooting steps Mr. fixit ect and without resultss.

I reinstall prorams thereon called vista (so I thought) has proved to be vista home not vista can I go back to vista pro. (none of the work of backup disks) I don't have original op disks.  any help would save me throw across the room.


I'm not sure.   I just put the disc, I tried to make a comeback to the top, he started ok, then said he couldn't do it .NO reason.

then I ran agin and he ran then stopped and never said anything. I don't know if he did it or not. (I had vista pro so put in vista basic. I want to program that.came with the computer, which is pro). of course I don't have install disks or literature that withit came initially. IM second owner.

But there is a file called windows .old... it has programs on it.arent they for my old system. ???

How to DO things outside and in my computer?

I don't know anyone to get a copy of their them.only xp and seven... can I order new ones? What should I do?

Please let me know, I really appreciate your help.                  Sharon


·           Which type of installation do you have?

·           Was this a new installation or a custom installation?

·           Did you install it with Vista Home Basic or home premium?

Windows Anytime Upgrade is no longer available for Windows Vista.


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