Acer h340′s how to reformat?

I have an Acer h340′s with WHS V1.  Everything works fine.  I am selling to a friend.  How can I reset the specifications of the plant being given I have no disks.  They were lost.  Do I have to order the discs and if so where can I do... If I can do it from the desktop or the dashboard please let me know.  Thanks for your time and your help.,.

For the Canada or the United States, please contact the Acer Store directly to the media in order for this product.

United States: coordinated top of page on

Canada: Contact Page

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  • How to reformat Acer Aspire Revo?

    If I had to keep the Acer restore option (in its hidden partition) is fine.  However, it lacks a reformatting disk option, which I think would be very convenient when you sell a PC to make sensitive or unrecoverable data.  I have three factory reset disks, so if the hidden Acer partition disappears with a reformatting the C drive, would be reset disks recreate the partition of Acer?  I'm afraid that scabies for the security of the data leads to a PC unusable.

    Hi v777

    When you select the option 'Completely restore system to Factory Defaults', this automatically formats the hard disk and then reinstall Windows from scratch - back to the day you bought it first! It works exactly the same whether you use recovery discs or the frame in the score.

    If you have formatted the drive completely, even using programs like DBAN (Dariks Boot & Nuke), the recovery partition will be gone. The recovery disks will not replace the recovery on the hard drive partition, it will just install Windows. Any subsequent recovery will be through the discs.

  • I have no disk Windows (he came on my acer computer). How can I reinstall with no disc?

    I have no disk Windows (he came on my acer computer).  How to create a windows disc or how can I reinstall windows after reformatting the drive, with no disc? (I want the drive as a disc of original windows, not a saved version, because I think that there are too many files in Windows I have right now, so I don't want to just restore one point upward.  "It would be nice if they provided real disks with computers like the good old days).

    It belongs to Acer to provide restoration capabilities. Contact with them.

  • How to reformat my Satellite A665D


    I'm ayen,
    I want to ask you if you know how to reformat my Toshiba netbook?
    There a lot of virus and I want to clean it, coz my antivirus had run out of date...

    pls help me! I m already worried that my netbook would simply stop anytime... tnx!


    I m wondering if you take the time to read similar topics here in the forum.
    Usually, you should be able to recover and reinstall the laptop using the recovery of HARD drive.

    Check this product how Toshiba document:
    + How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure.

  • How to reformat Satellite A50 112?

    Can someone tell me how to reformat a Toshiba Satellite A50 112
    Thank you

    Hi Gazza,

    To reformat your laptop, you must insert the recovery CD into your optical drive and restart the laptop computer while pressing the C"" key. This will cause your laptop boot from the recovery CD which will then launch the process of re - install.

    Note that this process will be completely reformat your laptop and go back to its original state with the loss complete of the any of your own data and programs not original. Please make sure that you have a backup of your data before doing this.

    Kind regards

  • How to reformat the hard drive and do a "clean" install

    A recent virus attack, my computer has lost some files of the operating system.  With the help of the Lim has provided the recovery disk, which offered ' upgrade/repair' or a 'new installation '.  I chose ' install new ', actually I found many of my files are still there - that means that if a virus has escaped "Detection / removal" will always be there.

    Question: How to reformat the hard drive and do a 'fresh install' on a clean hard disk "? ". (I have a drive to Win XP with service pack 3 and a driver disk for the hardware installed on my computer of the regulations.)

    Thanks in advance


    Since you have a Dell and a recovery CD and not a recovery Partition, check how many partitions you need by using disk management:

    In case you have a partition with the operating system and a partition of the utility partition, I would only recommend formatting the partition from the OS. The Partition utility can be very useful.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to reformat an 8320 back when you 1st get it?

    How to reformat an 8320 back when you 1st get it?

    To wipe the device go into Options | Security options | General settings. Press your menu button, then select wipe Handheld.

    Just note that doing so will delete all your data from the device. So if you want a backup, you can install the Desktop software and use the backup and restore utility to backup all your data first, then perform the wipe.

  • How to reformat DV2500 HP without the recovery disk? my recovery disk went please help me thank you

    How to reformat DV2500 HP without the recovery disk? my recovery disk went T_T PLEASE help me thank you

    jamboy16 wrote

    How to reformat DV2500 HP without the recovery disk? my recovery disk went T_T PLEASE help me thank you

    If your goal is to reinstall the operating system there are ways to achieve

    We need to tap the F11 key immediately after presswing the laptop power button. Who will call the Recovery Manager unless you have deleted the recovery partition or have done something to the original disk partition scheme. In the Recovery Manager simply choose to recover your PC for the original operating system

    Alternatively, you can order a set of HP recovery disks.

    Best regards


  • Withdrawal of a second job no windows 7 ultimate operating system on drive "D" of my Acer laptop. How can I do?

    I have a notebook Acer Aspire comes with Windows 7 Home premium and has started to act up, so I had someone to upgrade to Windows 7 ultimate, but the first installation works very well, so they have installed it again and it worked. Now when I start my laptop it invites me to choose an operating system on the listed two. The one I choose is on the 'C' drive and it works well, but the "D" player fails to start and will prompt you for the Startup Repair, I want to just remove it from my laptop. Could someone please tell me how.

    Oops - sorry

    I realize that you still have the original OS (I think) and Win7 Ultimate adds another Partition

    (thought you had replaced Home Premium with final).

    Have not read your OP done properly I have?

    Begin your Win7 Home Premium and go to disk management, and then delete the partition D:\.

    (Type - disk management in the start menu search bar).

    You can then reformat as a new partition.

    Your laptop should always have the recovery for service partition, you may need to the

    Version of HP that came with it is that need now or in the future.

    Laptops usually come with a Windows CD. Instead they use the restore partition method.

    BTW - "Ultimate" is not really an upgrade, the main difference is with additional security features, and

    possibility to use XP MODE with old programs of the company which is not compatible with Win7.


  • How to reformat HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    Hello world!

    How can I reformat HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC?

    Thank you..

    HP Recovery Manager to start recovery to format and reinstall. You can also use Recovery Manager to burn a DVD recovery set to start from a format & reinstall.

    Recovery of Vista:

  • How to reformat my Satellite Pro A60

    Hello world.

    I have a very old laptop (Satellite Pro A60) and have just started to use again (will have to buy a new one soon), but this 'thing' is incredibly slow. I want to just reformat the drive, but I am at a loss how to do. It was in fact the portable parents first if I do not have the original XP disc.

    How can I do this? Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    If you wish to format HDD books, then you will need to use an operating system.

    Usually, the laptop came with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    This recovery CD contains the OS, drivers, tools and additional software.

    You must simply boot from this CD (recovery CD) or Microsoft Windows CD and the operating system install.

    That s it!

  • How to reformat Satellite C660?

    Hi all

    My C660 is just over a year & slowdown etc, I thought I'd reformat it with the 4 discs recovery I did when I got it, the problem is, for some time now, the cd/dvd drive does not start as soon as a disc is inserted, & I have to open it manually. In any case, I put the first disc of recovery in & as usual nothing happened, I'm going to 'My Computer' & open from there thinking it would start to do what its supposed to, he did nothing but open & view what's on the disc :-(

    How do I get it to work so I can go through the other 4 disks & redo my lappie like new?

    Start your laptop and press F12 to get into the boot menu.
    When the boot menu appears on the display open optical drive and put the first disc inside.
    Choose the CD/DVD drive on the list and press ENTER.

    ODD will start to read the data stored on the disk and recovery facility should begin. It starts with the main menu.

    How it looks like you can see on
    Just follow the menu and proceed with the installation.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • How to reformat Satellite L640

    Hello... I'm john julius... I have a question, please answer as soon as possible... how reformat toshiba satellite L640 using a c/dvd? and what is the start menu default settings, when I click on the f12... thank you and GodBless

    If you have recovery DVDs or if you want to use Microsoft installation disc start Notepad and press F12 to get into the boot menu. When the boot menu appears on the screen, place the recovery in the optical disc drive disk, choose CD/DVD in the menu and press ENTER.
    ODD will start to read the installation disc, and you need to do is just follow what's happening and menu on the screen.
    > what is the start menu default settings, when I click on the f12
    There is not a kind of default settings. When you use F12, you will see listed bootable devices.
    If you want to define which device must be the first or second botable feature you must do it in the BIOS settings.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • How to reformat

    I want to sell my HP PAVILLION SLEEKBOOK 14 b123AU 14. Can you help me on how could reset or reformat it to make it good as new for the buyer.


    See the HP document on the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Acer Predator XG270HUOMIDPX - how to set 144 Hz?

    3 months ago I bought this monitor - Acer Predator XG270HUOMIDPX. When I plugged the operating system does not recognize the at 144 Hz to 60 Hz. refresh rate I had to put a resolution to 2560 x 1440 on 144 Hz. Even after a fresh install of the OS (Windows 8.1) the monitor is not recognized 144 Hz 60 Hz only. How can I set the monitor at 144 Hz without making a custom resolution of the Nvidia Control Panel?

    Hi gabriel,

    Looks like you connect with DVI. You must use the Display Port to set up 144 Hz of refresh.

    Hope this helps,

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