Add email ACCT.

My wife wants her own e-mail address. How can I add to my account

First you must obtain an e-mail address of your ISP, and then set up exactly as yours is.

If you use separate Windows logons, you good to go. If you use the same Windows login name and share the same Windows mail, then you probably want to create a second box of reception, then a message rule to divert one of the accounts there.

First, create a local folder to be used as a second Inbox and name it anything you want.  Use it to one of the accounts, as well as the default Inbox for the other.

Then create a message rule.

Where the message comes from the specified account.
Move it to the specified folder & stop processing more rules.
Click: specified account and enter the account name for the second Inbox.
Click: specified folder and select the folder that you created.
Name the rule.

Move the rule to the top of the list of rules, and incoming messages will be separated into their respective folders.

Windows Mail: Setting up an account of end-to-end

Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

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    Exactly, what makes you think your account was hacked?

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    Wait until it stops. In the meantime, you can filter these messages.

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    Check with support for iCloud.

    iCloud - Support

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    Wow, it worked a treat, thank you very much!

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    Thanks for posting your concern here at the Microsoft Community forum. Let me help you with your concern.

    It's design on Windows live mail. Go to Windows Live Mail file > Option > Mail > Send tab you will see the option to add automatically the people I answer to my address book after the third answer box.

    If you use the web When you reply to an e-mail message that includes an e-mail address that is not on your contact list, you may be prompted to add. You can also add contacts manually.

    For more information, see contact management lists in

    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

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    Play the 'e' (email?) to the old account first. You can drag and drop.

    To remove an account from Thunderbird:

    Tools | Account settings| < select the unwanted account > |

    Down at the bottom of the left pane, Account Actions , and then click remove account.

    Both accounts use POP? This could explain why new messages appear in the new account, but not the former.

    It might help to post your Thunderbird settings data: Help. Troubleshooting information. Clear the checkbox "include account names. Click on "Copy text to the Clipboard", then paste (ctrl + v) into your next post here.

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    Make one

    Force reboot

  • my google email acct in MAIL is showing offline. I need to change the password - how can I do this?

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    Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access and remove the old password.

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    Best regards, Michael

    Hello Michael,

    Because of the way ePrint settings are configured to prevent spam and junk e-mail wasting ink and paper, when you send an e-mail message to your e-mail of ePrint printers talk to you may include all additional e-mail addresses in the to, CC, or BCC fields. This is similar to anti-spam and ePrint will not print your message if you have several listed email addresses to send. You can have that a single e-mail address in the field, to the ePrint for the printer address print correctly your e-mail with ePrint.

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    Hello, I made a blackberry activation, my provider gives me an e-mail address and a password to activate my blackberry.

    But I can't not added to any other address

    What is the solution?


    This means that you have business service that allows only an email, you will need to obtain services of BIS on blackberry in order to add more emails to your device.  Call your carrier and tell them you want to be able to add personal e-mails, but also to keep your current corporate plan as well.

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    Original title: Windows 8 E-mail.

    I just bought a new touch screen with windows 8.  I don't know how to add contacts/addresses in the e-mail program?

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Forums of community of Microsoft.

    Glad to know you bought a computer that has Windows 8.

    Want to know how to add addresses of contacts and emails to the mail program, I suggest you follow the links when he talks about how add the emails and contacts in the e-mail program.

    Application of mail for Windows: frequently asked questions

    Move your mail and contacts on your old PC


    Stay organized with email and calendar


    For the related issue of Windows or anything related to the Windows operating system, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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    You might be out of luck if it is a POP3 account.  See if this link is useful to all:


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    email is a part of the unique name and you get either all or nothing. You can activate strange name and/or Date when you create a custom look. Try using the latest version of Acrobat XI. I remember there were a few minor changes in appearances custom last year (or was it in Acrobat MS only, I don't remember).

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    Hello! I was wondering if someone can hepl and forge be able to tell me how to add a link to a button so when you press on open users on lookexpress to send messages to myself?
    Thanks in advance!

    123445667789 wrote:
    > Hi! I was wondering if someone can hepl and forge be able to tell me how to add a link to a button so when you press on open users on lookexpress to send messages to myself?
    > Thanks in advance!

    {We (Press)}
    GetURL ("mailto:[email protected]");

    If an email client is installed it should open a new message window. If it isn't
    nothing should happen.

Maybe you are looking for

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