After the updates of Windows 7 computer does not start

I received a notice from the system Windows 7 updates have been downloaded and available for installation. I selected the installation of updates. After the updates when installed I was in charge to restart. The computer will not start at the top. It tries but stops at a blue screen with a cursor. I tried to boot into "safe mode" and get the same. I booted from my original Windows 7 disc and I went back to my restore point before the update. It appeared to restore successfully but I still get a blue screen.
What is my next course of action? I certainly DON'T want to format the drive and start again.

The only thing I can say is that I know that you will not like to hear.

It is to re - install Windows 7 (do not enter the product key and uncheck the 'Activation').

Then immediately turn off automatic updates.

Then, go to the Microsoft Update site and only install one update at a time (make a note of the number KBXXXXXX), restart and check that you do not get the blue screen. Then download the next update and repeat the process until you either find to have installed the offending update or updates without any problem. If all goes well and the problem did not repeat, then you can activate Windows.

If you find yourself always with the blue screen after a given Update call Microsoft and tell them. If they won't listen, then create a new post on this forum, making reference to the question of the blue screen AND the number associated with the update. Also post the number here if I can do some research on the problem.

Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

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    Yes, this is the same bug.

    The engineering team working on it.

    We have no fixed timeline.

    In the meantime, you can restore the previous update.



    What happens if you go in Mode safe?
    Screen opens in safe mode?

    Here's how to get safe mode:
    Shut down your computer > turn it back on and immediately and repeatedly press F8 key until you see a black and white screen.
    The top/down arrow and select Mode safe mode with command prompt.

    If you manage to logon in safe mode, follow these steps:

    1 do a system restore. Choose the date BEFORE you played the computer game, as your restore point.
    Start button > Search box, type system restore > press the Enter key > uac prompt > click on choose a different restore point > next > select dates as your restore point, click
    > Next > finish
    To sit and wait. The machine restarts when it's done.

    2 make a check of the file system. It's for search files corrupted and did try to fix them.

    Start button > Search box type cmd > look up, do a RIGHT click on cmd.exe > click run as
    > in this window cmd black and white, type at the prompt flashing sfc/scannow > press the ENTER key.
    Note: there is a space between 'sfc' and ' / '.
    To sit and wait. It will take time.
    When finished, exit the cmd window.
    Reboot (restart your computer)
  • Mini laptop of HP 1000: mini windows laptop computer does not start

    My mini laptop from HP is saying windows has not start because the following file is missing or damaged:
    You can try to repay this file by starting windows setup installation CD using the original.

    Hi there @kgoen81

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff.

    I understand that you receive a message from a missing file, and that your system does not start. I'm happy to help you.

    First, I recommend that make you an external backup of data on the hard drive. There are several ways you can try to do that, but here is a page with a few possibilities:

    How to recover data from the hard drive to a laptop dead -

    Also, please post the complete product and the operating system running on your laptop. Check out the following, if you need assistance with this information.
    How can I find my model number or product number?
    Is the Version of Windows on my computer 32-bit or 64-bit?

    For now I'll assume you have windows 8.

    Computer won't start (Windows 8)

    You can also visit this page, and in particular you want to go with the automatic repair options. I would try before using a full system recovery to an original image, on the previous page I linked.

    System - Boot of Windows 8 recovery options -

    I hope this helps.

  • Windows xp sp3 system root of the Hal.dll error or not found after auto update of windows system corrupt does not load.

    12/07/2011 my system automatically downloaded a system update and rebooted when it restarted, it wouldn't load windows and gave this error message. What should I do? I tried to remove the hard drive and put it on another computer if I could look at the problem but I don't know what to do to fix. My backup information are on another hard drive in the original computer. I use Norton 360 for my backups.

    It is extremely unlikely, there is nothing wrong with your file hal.dll despite what says the error message (do not try to replace).

    It is extremely likely that XP just cannot find the fine hal.dll where it says to look for.

    XP is maybe not able to find the file, it's file system is corrupted (Norton that sometimes), or if your c:\boot.ini has somehow become corrupted and told XP to find files in never never land.

    You must first run a chkdsk /r on your distressed HARD drive and if that does not do it, you have to redefine your boot.ini file.

    If you have the drive in another machine, you can open the file c:\boot.ini with a text editor and copy/paste the content back here for analysis.

    You can also rename your file c:\boot.ini to something like c:\boot.ini.bak (so now you do not).  In a single partition installation, XP is not even a file c:\boot.ini to start.  He'll complain briefly, but always begin (unbelievers - try it).

    t can take a long time for chkdsk complete or they seem to be "stuck".  Be patient.  If the HARD drive led blinks always, chkdsk is something.  Keep an eye on the amount of the percentage to be sure that it is still making progress.  It may even seem to go back sometime.

    You must run chkdsk/r again until it finds no error to correct.

    I'll keep an eye on your Norton since when your charge again, Norton System may corrupt your file system again and you will have to repeat the chkdsk/r to repair (so you can set Norton).

    I put the drive in the original system and fix it there with the XP Recovery Console.  After all, it's where he has to work, right?

    If you have any bootable XP installation CD authentic where you can start the XP Recovery CD of Console, you can make a bootable CD from the Console of the Recovery XP (no XP media required).

  • After the reinstallation of Windows 7, it does not load and restarts continuously

    I recently formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 on my Sony Vaio PCG - 71913L LAPTOP however the operating system does not load and his bicycle at all times. From the time turned the first page initialization comes then it stops and restarts and continues to go through this cycle. Is there a soloution to this question

    Check your BIOS settings. Have you installed the drivers of Sony devices?

    Test your hard drive and memory.

    First run Memtest86 +:
    It runs from a floppy disk or CD and should eliminate or confirm if one or more of your memory
    sticks are bad or the values of the SPD in the BIOS are correct.
    Let it run for as long as you can: 2,4,6,8 or several hours (at least 3 full passes), if no error then your RAM is OK.
    Memtest86 + Guide/How To (use the.) ISO to create a bootable CD)

    Hard drive test:
    If you do not know your readers of the brand and model, try "Speccy",.
    It provides information from the computer/system in detail:
    OS, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics, Hard Drive, optical, Audio, peripherals, network.
    Note: Option RAM indicates number of slots, DRAM Timing.
    Works your memory speed (frequency). The nominal frequency of your memory.

    Test your player - create a Bootable CD:
    Ranging from 5 to 20% (depending on the manufacturing) new hard disks are defective.
    Test your drive with the car manufacture utility.
    If you have a new hard drive Seagate the very next thing would be to download Seagate Seatools
    (bootable CD) and check bad sectors:

    For Western Digital readers to download the .iso from WdDiag file:

    Samsung Estool:
    Samsung Disk Manager software:
    Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Software:
    Diagnostic tool available for use by customers who feel their Toshiba brand Fujitsu hard drive:
    Notice of suport Fujitsu disk utility:
    Toshiba CD bootable: (BACK Diagnostic Tool version 7.0 for IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks)

    Sony product support:, 72,70,24,66,9,26,5

    Sony device drivers:

    Enter your model number or leave Sony scan and detect your model.

    If you have Windows 7 drivers then download to a folder on your hard drive and install all of them, starting with the mother/chipset, SATA, Firewire card drivers (1394), LAN, Audio, etc, and so on.

    Tips for solving common driver problems

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    For help to install windows 7 on your VAIO, you can contact the support team Vaio 1-888-476-6972 they will be more than happy to try to help.

    J W Stuart:

  • After the repair system that my computer does not detect wireless/Wired internet connection

    Brand: Gateway Model: MD7818u

    I have big problems with my computer so I did a system repair, wipe all my computer and assigning supposedly to the original computer

    Parameters. However a few things did not get the update/install and now I have absolutely no access to the internet at all. Before, I was able to use directly and wireless
    to connect cable and now it tells me the drivers are not updated and I need to update manually or through the internet. I found the drivers online to this
    website "" which is the gateway support Web site. However, if you look there are several drivers for the different
    systems and I don't know how to say to which of the drivers is the right one for my computer. Will one of these work or what I have to understand that I need
    more precisely and if yes is there a way I can understand this? I'm still all original manuals and box it came but I don't know where to look if she is in any
    individuals. Thank you!


    You will need to ask which are the right drivers for your machine.

    We do not get a list of drivers to this Web site; only to put in the model number of product to continue.

    You must do this yourself.

    See you soon.

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    I found the root cause of the problem. In Windows 10 when the WIndows Firewall service is stopped (I like this option disabled, I throw a perimeter FW), the problem occurs. Start the Windows Firewall service and everything is fine. Hope this helps others.

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    Hey leep58216131,

    I'm sorry, but Adobe Acrobat DC is not a supported version on Windows Vista OS, reason for which you are facing this problem.

    You may need to upgrade to a more recent OS which is fully compatible with this version of Acrobat.

    To learn more about system requirements, you can consult this KB doc link mentioned here:

    Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat Pro DC

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    Runnng Windows 7 Firefox anf 6. Updated to 9.0. Error message says try to reinstall to fix the problem. Have tried without success. Uninstalled all the programs Firefox and installed a cleaning with the same error message that appears when I tried to start.

    I had finally fixed it by uninstalling firefox and closing of my alarm box antivirus program, and then do a clean install.

  • Windows Action Center does not start

    I got a virus in my computer a few weeks ago and I managed to clean it away. However, I just noticed that the action center to my computer does not start.  Whenever I try to turn it on, it shows me a message "unable to start the Windows Security Center service. In fact when I use the services.msc program, that's not even be on the list here. Firewall does not normally or the other. It just shows the message "Update your firewall settings" and when I click on the box "Use the settings recommeded" it shows me an error message "Windows Firewall cannot change some of your settings for error code 0 x 80070424.

    Of course there is a lot of information on the Internet about the problem, but none of them does not seem to work in my case.

    I have Windows 7 Home premium sp1.

    I even tried to repair my windows installation, but that no longer works. He refused to uppgrade to a previous version, because the drive is off course basic win7 and my current one is win7 sp1. There are also some programs that are in conflict, even if I could not even find them in my computer.

    Is there any solution for this?

    It helped with my Action Center problem.

    And this with the firewall.

    Win 7 security 2012 was the virus.

  • After the updates installed for xp edition family, computer does not start even in safe mode (or in any other mode)

    computer does not restart after installing updates for xp home edition - does not restart in any mode (including safe mode)


    If you have the Windows XP installation disk, you can perform a manual system restore by following this link.

    How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP startup

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • computer does not start after the Windows XP logo window

    Windows xp home edition
    service pack 2
    Dell inspiron 1501

    1. computer does not start after the Windows XP logo window
    2 works well in safe mode, even connect to the external monitor
    3. I reinstalled xp many times, problem stil exist.

    All the answers?

    Hi dhanushm,

    1. What happens after the Windows logo screen?
    2. You receive an error message?
    3. You have security software installed on the computer?
    4. Have you performed an installation clean Windows XP and even after that this problem exists?

    Method 1

    As the computer starts up fine in safe mode there is a possibility that some third-party programs installed on the computer is the origin of the problem.

    I suggest that you configure the computer in a clean boot state and check if it helps.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows XP by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    See section to learn more about how to clean boot.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Reset the computer to start as usual

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    1. Click Start , and then click run.
    2. Type msconfig , and then click OK.
      The System Configuration utility dialog box appears.
    3. Click the general tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services , and then click OK.
    4. When you are prompted, click restart to restart the computer.

    Method 2

    If fails it above step can refer to the article below and try the steps mentioned, check if it helps.

    After the Windows Logo appears or after you log in to Windows, a Windows XP computer cannot display the wallpaper, a black screen or a blue screen

  • computer does not start after the installation of vista updates.

    computer does not start after the installation of vista updates. Startup Repair is also not working. event name: Startup Repair v2, prob GIS. 1: automatic failover, prob GIS 2: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.1800, prob 3:6, prob prob 5 and 6 GIS GIS sig, 4:720907: corrupt file, prob GIS 7: 3221226021, 8:3, prob GIS GIS prob 9: repair wrp, prob GIS 10; 2, 0 s version: 6.0.6000. In addition, none of these advanced recovery options seem to work.


    Try the steps suggested by David Y post dated November 2, 2010 in the link given below and check if that helps.

    Hope that information was useful

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