After trying to install the updates. my computer is now stuck in constant reboot mode while showing "Configuring updates 3 of 3 0%, do not turn off your computer.

Visa update problem

After trying to install the updates.  my computer is now stuck in constant reboot mode while showing "Configuring updates 3 of 3 0%, do not turn off your computer.  I tried to follow the instructions provided here because it seemed to be the same problem.  But when I restart and hold down the F8 key so I can boot into safe mode, I tried selecting safe mode and I get the same results, and I tried again by selecting the option 'Disable automatic reboot' which seems to be an option on the same page with the option of safe mode.  Whatever it is, the same message comes back and I can never get to where I can see my desktop to click 'start '.  I can't get out of this cycle.  I installed the update because it said I needed to install it.


Turn off your computer by holding the power button for about 20 seconds.
Start your computer in safe mode: press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears
Disable the automatic restart in the event of system failure:
  • Click Start
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Click on system and Maintenance link.
  • Click on the system link
  • In the left pane, click Advanced system settings
  • Locate the startup and recovery area, click the settings button.
  • In the startup and recovery window, uncheck the box next to automatically restart.
  • Click OK in the startup and recovery window
  • Click OK in the System Properties window
  • Close the system window
After that... While STAYING in safe mode I do a system restore and maybe try a manual install of the update later.
For the sake of space I refer you to the article about how to proceed.
Please let us know if this solution works for you

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer


the link below is how to download and get a vista disk startup repair, which you can start from the

Here's how to use startup repair system restore command prompt, etc. to bleepingcomputers link below

to boot from the dvd drive to be able to you will see a way to get into the bios Setup at the bottom of the screen or command menu start

It would be F2 or delete etc to enter the BIOS or F12 etc. for the start menu

Change boot order it do dvd drive 1st in the boot order

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