Another problem of Installation of Service Pack 1 of Windows Vista - will not install

Hey guys, a greeting from Belgium in my first post.

I recently reinstalled my Windows; This is a Home XP and a Vista Edition Home Premium (updated, so I need to install XP first).
When I got it setup XP, which goes perfectly to SP3, I switched to Vista. All the small updates installed outside for a few "failures" caused by Vista stop updates itself, because they were not absolutely necessary.

When SP1 popped up, I decided to download both and see other things, but when you try to install through Windows Update I get the error message "this update cannot continue while some services are still in use" or so, I don't remember the exact message or code.

When I downloaded the SP1 on the Microsoft site, it worked better and smoother then Windows Update but also to is crushed when the progress bar has been a little more than half. Yet once again, I don't know the exact code but I do not know the message: "update cannot continue because of an internal problem.

That's what I tried:

-Retry it 40 times
-Try in safe mode
-Turn off all the other third part of the programs, including Win Defender
-Tried the system update tool
-Keep hope

That's what I did afterwards:

-Save all my settings
-Rebooted and selected the dualboot XP
-Formatted the separate partition holding the part of the dualboot Vista
-Reinstalled on the same partition with the recommended settings, no change

I would like to have an answer soon, people. I would be incredibly grateful if this could be resolved. Future changes may include error codes given.

Hello Fallycrom,

Thank you for using the Microsoft Answers forums.  We have the exact error message and the error code to help you. I suggest you check that you don't have any unknown hardware.  Click Start (Orb), then right-click on computer and choose Properties.  Select Device Manager and see if you have devices mark or explanation.  If you do, you will need to install the drivers for this device.

Thank you for using answers Forum. Please let us know how it works.

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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