Apple earbuds work on seat plane sockets?

We take a transatlantic flight of Lufthansa soon. I was wondering if our standard Apple headphones will work in the seat-brackets. Anyone know?

Yes Apple EarPods are Standard 3.5 mm Jack so that it supports most Standard devices!

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    So about a month ago I bought a pair of new headphones from Apple at the Apple Store, they worked very well until last week, they kept turning on my music and stop randomly and activation of Siri. First is was not often, but now if that happens constantly, and it's really got on my nerves. I was looking through all the discussions, but they have had the problem with the Apple earbuds No. This is never happen to me before with the other Apple hear buds I've owned. I think I might have just gotten a lemon but I really want to go buy another pair.

    Accessories Apple are guaranteed for one year from their date of purchase, even if purchased separately from the iPhone, which in this case, they follow the warranty period of the iPhone. Feel free to contact Apple for support and service - Apple supported. You can either an appointment at the Genius Bar on your headphones or have them be replaced by express delivery by putting in place the replacement telephone. It seems as if the remote party on your helmet is somehow physically stuck inside that controls everything you described and it continues only when the headphones are connected. They will be able to set you up with a replacement, free of any cost to you as long as your helmet were not thrown or clearly abused.

  • My Apple Watch worked fine then nothing, fully charged. Any suggestions?

    MY Apple Watch worked very well, and then nothing. Fully charged. Any suggestions?

    Hi Kim

    It can help to force restart your watch: press and hold the side button and the digital Crown for about 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo, then release them and expect the watch again.

  • Apple music works on Kindle Fire?

    I just got the free trial of 3 months of Apple's music. I own an iPad, only iTunes on my HP computer and own 2 Kindle. I was not able to load the application on the Kindle, Apple music works even on a Kindle?

    Apple music works on my Amazon Kindle Fire HDX without any problem.

  • push Apple stops working


    I installed the new itunes on my windows desktop 7.  After restarting my pc, I got the following message: push Apple a work stoppage. Can anyone

    Tell me how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

    A lot of questions, but no support. I thought that Apple has a lot of money. How about follow your focus groups and help your customers?

  • My Apple Watch works fine, but now the time is 12 hours off - he thinks it's night now - how can I fix?

    My new Apple Watch works very well for several weeks, but today the time is 12 hours off - he thinks it's night now - how can I fix?

    HI -.

    Try the following steps:

    On your iPhone, go to: settings > General > Date time & - check that the value is automatically activated.

    Check that Bluetooth and Wi - Fi are activated on your iPhone:

    -Phone: Settings > Bluetooth - on.

    -Phone: Settings > Wi - Fi - on.

    Check that your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected:

    -When you show the time on your watch, drag upward on your watch dial > drag left / right for the look of settings > check it shows connected and shows a green phone icon. Disable airplane Mode if it is enabled.

    It can help to restart your iPhone and your watch. Turn on both devices off the power together first, and then restart your iPhone before restarting your watch:

    -To switch off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off;

    -To switch on: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

  • the remote will still work if apple tv unit its seats in a Cabinet

    Think of the upgrade, the remote control will operate apple tv unit if the unit is in a closet.

    If you are migrating to the Apple TV 4, yes it will be because it uses bluetooth which requires no line of site as IR

  • Pay Apple Safari works on a Mac, built in 2012

    I have a Mac, built in 2012, and there are new features that would not work between my Mac and iOS, as the drop. Safari work between iOS and Mac built in 2012, will be Apple pay?

    In the same vein, will copy / paste between Mac OS and iOS work with a mac, built in the same time?

    Thank you


    Hello, Adrian.

    We are all end-users, as you have so no special knowledge of plans for the future of Apple outside what they have announced so far.

    Usually, once a new package of Mac OS is finalized, there are notes at the bottom of the web page describing the new features shows any material (camera model) limits for each feature. If this is not present on the page of the Sierra (was not the last time I looked for it), Apple has not finalized the OS version and the terms of use here, we cannot discuss unreleased products beyond what Apple - not a third rumore site - has announced.

    So we must all wait until the release date is closer.

  • Why Apple ID work for the devices iOS and Yosemite... .but not for iCloud?

    Recently, I upgraded to Yosemite. So I was forced to change my PWD for Apple ID.  I have AN AppleID account. After having changed the PWD, other requested change upgrade iOS devices, and all the work.

    UNLESS iCloud refuses to accept my new Apple ID... All other devices, updates work fine with the new PWD AppleID...

    What is the problem with iCloud?

    How can I force it to accept the Apple that accept all other devices/systems ID?

    Jim B

    Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then again?

    What to do after changing Apple ID or password - email address

  • "Hey Siri" with the apple earbuds

    Is it possible to use Hey Siri with apple headphones in without maintaining the Center button? I mean all the interest of Hey Siri for me is hands-free but with a helmet on I have to grope for the Center button while work or other places is a nuisance when my hands are in use.

    Make sure "Hey Siri" is enabled, the settings > general > Siri > "Hey Siri" > turn on > Set Up. It should work fine with the EarPods, not need to touch the iPhone.

  • This is what Apple Watch works with iPhone 6SE

    The 6SE isn't on the compatibility with the watches is because it's new?

    Yes, the Apple Watch will work with the iPhone model.

  • Apple pay works for me, in the United Kingdom, but not in the United States

    I like to use pay Apple at home to the United Kingdom and it works fine. I think it's a convenient way to set safe shopping. I went to San Francisco for 2 weeks very recently and was surprised to find that my transactions decreased to each retailer where I tried to use it. I could use the Mastercard debit card that supports my pay account of Apple, but pay Apple itself has been a consistent failure. Why?


    Contact your bank / card issuer to ask why your payment attempts were rejected.

  • Downloaded songs Apple music works do not on iTunes?


    I have a MacBook Pro of the retina under OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.4.

    I had a problem with my laptop and I had to restore and re install El Capitan.

    When I tried to restore my backup, all my songs bought came normally, but do not open the ones I downloaded from Apple's music on iTunes.

    As you can see, the file of apple's music is in iTunes, BUT the songs don't open in iTunes.

    I tried to re download it from Apple's music, but it does not work.

    What should I do?

    "There may be some residual files left in the folder ~ / Library/Caches/, which is a bit like a"iTunes Media"folder for the Apple's music." It stores the specially protected audio files that are downloaded when you listen to a track of Apple's music on your Mac, ostensibly for iTunes does not have to re - download if they are played again. They cannot be played to the user and are useful only for Apple music. (This cache folder does not apply to music from the Radio. Or Apple music you've added to your library for offline use, which is stored in your folder of official media "ITunes")."

  • Apple is working on a fix for the broken links in ios9.3 pblm?

    After reading the many threads here on the obvious in the last ios 9.3 update problem, namely that links do not work in a variety of applications and in many ways, I'm just a question: someone knows that Apple is really working on a fix?

    It is clear for us users disgusted that is necessary, but I also had fun, somewhat ironically, in a message posted on one of these threads which the poster copied the chat window he had with the Apple Tech Support about the problem.  In this chat, the Technical Support person Apple it was talking to said that the problem is currently priority #1 Apple!

    Of course, maybe it's even now that the federal Government have announced that they no longer need Apple help to unlock phone terrorist San Bernardino.  Maybe now Apple can really and lean on their engineers fixing THIS screwup!

    I bet they do. But before that we will have to wait. I hope they release sooner than later.

  • Apple TV3 works do not all of a sudden

    Hi all

    I have apple TV 3 connected to my TV and all of a sudden it stopped working.  I have a witness quickly flashing on the front and one on the TV screen apple logo.

    I tried: -.

    Now the menu button and play for 6 seconds

    connected to a mac with a usb microphone (can not see the Apple TV as a device, or anywhere in the menus / preferences)

    Unplug everything and restart everything including the router and the modem.

    All ives the same result - nothing change...

    Any ideas (other than go and buy another!)

    See you soon


    You need to restore via iTunes

    Make sure that you follow the steps exactly (disconnect all cables, connect the usb microphone, plug). Connect directly to the computer. Try a different cable

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