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Rated closing of the triple phone selected slides to the top of the Office under apps

Opening of the phone with the volume 5 seconds button

The hotel the volume button allows to unlock the iphone by the swipe of the finger on the sensor of the multiple button

Keep the multiple button allows you to call Siri (Option to say "Said Siri me" instead)

At the close of the iphone, ask a landslide following options;



-mode night (Econo)



E-mail Apdater

Put a date sent to the sender (include the date of creation too)

Reminder onput

A sending forced to mailer paypal

Could you sent another mail

Paid service could add an address of corentin send

Tracing of Webmail by name user name or address, telephone, fax, Web site owner... Or pine web chat apps


Sharing docs with your server or IO

Blog page includes


Account of SmS... No sim = sms for the pass on internet messages


Internet XM (999.99 + membership)


Li - fi

A Wi - fi connection


G 4 H +.

5G H + 1 TB/s (technology A Great Britain... before driving by a Korean... I look forward?) Maybe)








4 k 5.5 "full face


Loudspeakers without magnetic field in 'peak '.


2• 12mpx 3D / 4 k 2 before cameras

(For face 2 face... Could do a tour around your boyfriend)

1 camera back 3D / 4K 24mpx (improved Galaxy)


Thunderbolt lightning technology

-make a bigger screen on touch screen

-share documents on a backup hard drive

-synchronize to a time capsule to make, it became an expendrive for iclouds & record music & videos can listen without download on ipad/iphone/ipodtouch

-make two iphones share and synchronize in a sort of boombox stereo


Long distance calls via the voip (999,99 XM + subscription or wifi) application


GPS (XM 999.99)


2 pixel full vector (enhancer)

24Mpx = 24 X zoom in

12MP = 12 X zoom in

videos 4 k/3D = 6 X zoom in


Large icons 4 4 = 1 x 2 x 2 = 1 icon

Moving back bottom, adjustable

Open the application group applications


Power supply

-usb 2 upwards (may be down)

-same old square but nothing on the front of another Logo Apple


Technicality to repair...

The iPhone got a big problem, when they fall, iphone power do to the provocted of the static shot on the Iphone. (the example is, when you call someone that you are going to risk your ear, by hitting with a cap of alternatives by the iphone)

now to solve the problem, it can be done by a shielded housing flexibility... or by car or the overpayment of spare taken from Earth by a reliabity grounded all songs in the Iphone, or in cases both of it.


WiFi free Bourned

When you connect through wifi with an applet to access web internet... <

-make (till safari) browsers automatically open a new tab


Applets multi processors

-When to open an app like a supercomputer Server (might look for the best image of the space, or lokk before decoding the number Pi... or what else with this in mind, the phone let unik a cell just for these App... but only one app in time) is running <

-then perhaps bring more useful for driving, or services for these applications...

- or kill the app to use these processors, for least power consumption.

-then maybe helps with an hour of free run automatic application these app and kill to date this used CPU automatically, to save your battery

-app / in the options of the app, to examine whether would kill used cpu when the application is open.


Pen/pencil (optional for Iphone +?)

looking for more big screen from point to point, for better use of the special pencil, like those of wacom, in the case and work with them to make a more comfortable stylus could be falling into the Iphone for several notes without talk or use keyboard with two fingers. or draw a quick sketch.


OK can you please do one thing at a time, in a single language at a time and explain something in detail?

You try to get technical assistance, ask for advice on the products of third party (such as cases and styluses) or send feedback to Apple? To share your comments, go there:

For other parties, please do one thing at a time and explain. We will be happy to help you.

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