Apple Magic Mouse question and Magic Keyboard 2 battery

I have an iMac end of 2015 for Christmas and it came with the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard 2 I was wondering why I can see the State of my mouse, but I do not see the status of the battery on my keyboard?  Also, as of today, I had the computer for more than a month and have never had to recharge the keyboard or the mouse.  Now, my mouse is 17% but I did see battery messages and since I can't seem to get the status of the keyboard I think that I shall never see he or she only turns on when low.  The computer came preloaded with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and I have the latest update.  I've seen another post here batteries but they were old of machines to replace the batteries.  Anyone with any help is greatly appreciated.


I hope that your username is not your real email address.

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  • The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

    The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

    I love the Apple Magic Keyboard to be very light (I want it with me everywhere). I also like that I can choose the layout of the keyboard I want (Canadian multilingual), which is not available on any keyboard for any brand, with the exception of Apple iPad (and I did a ton of research). I have problems with the old model of keyboard Apple Wireless because of the Bluetooth connection: I often have trouble connecting. I want a reliable keyboard. I don't like having to plug the keyboard on the iPad, and I think that a wired keyboard can more reliable and safer than a wireless keyboard. And a wired keyboard never had battery problems.

    I read that the Apple Magic Keyboard can work wired with a Mac without bluetooth. And I read that some USB keyboards work with lightning to the USB camera adapter. There are several keyboards with a cable (Belkin or Logitech) lightning, but none with the available Canadian multilingual.

    So, if I buy a magical keyboard Apple and a Flash to the USB adapter of the camera, according to my needs, I'll be satisfied or I'm going to be disappointed?

    A better solution would be to have a male-male cable lightning between the keyboard and the iPad, but I don't find any of these products anywhere.

    Thank you.

    It will not work. And where did you read that the keyboard works wired with a Mac?

  • Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (2016) detects only no more than 3 keys at the same time!

    Hello. So I don't know if there is a solution to this, but I played on my macbook pro 15 inch 2015 model very well and I was pressing 'x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space' at the same time and four keys were detected by the game, and it worked. After I while I bought the new magical keyboard 2 (2016) and connected to my laptop. I played the same game and based on the same key combination ('x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space'), but only 'w' + 'x' + 'space' got detected and played. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks for the future replies!

    If you still use Yosemite, as shown in your profile, you can find (if you look at the box) that the keyboard of Magic 2 is planned for El Capitan.   You should go if you want to get the best out of it.   I can't speak for specific failures, but there have been similar problems with the Magic Mouse 2 where the upgrade it is resolved.

  • The Apple Magic Keyboard is covered on my MBP AppleCare extended warranty?


    Yesterday I spilled coffee on my keyboard and now it does not work... The MBP see the keyboard, but none of the keys work... It notes on my extended warranty AppleCare?

    Overflows are not covered by the AppleCare warranty.

  • Mouse Microsoft and Center keyboard problems during the recent Windows Update

    Windows 7 Professional 32/64

    Windows Update, it is a week downloaded Microsoft Mouse and keyboard Center.  Apparently it did not install correctly on Windows 7.  Messages of two windows now pop up when you start.  They are the exact same messages one above the other which must be clicked off the coast.  Here's the exact message:

    "There is a problem with the installation of the mouse and keyboard software Center.  To resolve this problem, you must remove the mouse and keyboard software from the Center, and then rerun the implementation of centre of keyboard and mouse.  For more information on the point to add or remove a program see Windows Help. »

    Message meaning, but the action of removing the software is not possible.  In the list of programs highlight Microsoft Mouse and keyboard software Center and you receive only one choice.  This choice is Uninstall, with no choice of repair .  Microsoft is lazy, or finally reached being just plain stupid.  When you click the installation here is the screen that opens:

    "Setup cannot continue because one or more of the required installation files are missing or corrupted. Rerun Setup from the CD-ROM of the software or any other facility reliable source. »

    If you cannot uninstall or repair the screwed version, then when you try to re - install, it won't let you move forward, and stipulates that you already have the software installed and it will not properly work, or will not uninstall or repair it properly.  You're essentially stuck between the hammer and the anvil.  I don't want these two double messages showing when I start my computer.

    For some strange reason, I think that this software is not properly tested to work on Windows 7.  I never install driver updates provided in Windows Update, but my wife has checked the box as an optional update.  Big mistake!

    What can I do to remove this Microsoft Mouse and keyboard software Center of my computer.  I downloaded the version and and won't install until the problem with the faulty software installed is removed.  WHERE IS THE BUTTON REPAIR?

    Thank you

    Bernard Butler

    You must have the patience of Job to work for MSFT.

    I, too, have the same problem as Mr. Butler, w2 further complications:

    (1) assuming that it was a Win Update that caused the problem, I went to system restore to restore to an earlier time and was shocked to find that, even if my Protection system is activated, it was never a restore point created.
    (2) in addition to this annoying pop-up message, I have now lost everything except text in all my applications (Word, Publisher, etc.) and my browsers.  No display no graphics.

    I tried your method 1 fix and received a message that it only worls on 64 bit systems.  Mine is 32.

    I tried method 2 and tried to install; Rec'd msg saying I had to uninstall it first.

    I'm taking your advice, but so far I lost three hours on this and have gotten nowhere.  Suggestion, please...

  • How can I repair my broken Magic Keyboard and Mouse?

    My niece who is 23 years younger than broken me my Apple Magic keyboard and mouse Magic Mouse from Apple for my iMac, and all of them are not in stock because they are used on Mac computers, and I don't want to lose a keyboard and a mouse, another Mac as on my Mac Pro. She said I was due, but I SLEEP, then all of a sudden, I heard the noise. Is there warranty for the keyboard and mouse? How can I replace it with Apple because she says it's worth $ 5, and piano of plastic doll is worth $ 500 and the cheap plastic. Should I go to the Genius Bar because the keys are gone, and the mouse is broken.

    Apple does not cover such damages, regardless of warranty.

    You can buy new online through a variety of websites looking for them online, that they do not have to come from Stores of brick and mortar like best buy or Wal-Mart can take so if an Apple Store is not an option. There are also alternatives and sometimes a lot less expensive replacements through various vendors such as Microsoft and Targus just to name a few.

  • Magic keyboard not showing is not the level of battery in the keyboard preferences.

    My apple Magic Keyboard stopped showing the level of the battery is in the keyboard preferences.

    I think it happened when I had a wired mouse keyboard and mouse bluetooth both keyboard plugged in at the same time.  Anyway, how can I solve this?  I tried to restart the computer, nothing has changed.

    In debug mode, I tried "reset module bluetooth", "factory reset all connected devices ' and 'delete all devices '.  The problem persists.

  • Earth 2160 loses control of the mouse and the keyboard at the player selection screen, help

    I bought Earth 2160 installation and download went well. However, when I try to play the game it crashes at the player selection screen. Followed by loss of control keyboard and mouse, audio and video continues however (if you have played the game you'll know what I mean). Now Ive downloaded June DirectX run time package, re-downloaded the game download the latest DirectX web installer, thus, run as admin and tried a solve compatibility issues. None of them seem to work. If someone knows how to fix this please tell me.


    1 did you changes to the computer?

    2. this question involved playing the game?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you perform the clean boot and check.

    Place the computer in a clean boot state, then check if it helps. You can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: After troubleshooting, make sure the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    Method 2:

    I would also update you mouse drivers and the keyboard of the computer manufacturing and check.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    I also suggest you to contact game support and check out.

  • OEM usb mouse and usb keyboard Freeze, disconnect automatically w/eject Sound

    I have a 2.5 year old Dell XPS 8300 Windows 7 PC. Mouse usb from the factory and start of keyboard to eject and re - insert (Windows systems "thumb-thump" sounds) and its own without any intervention on my part. Initially it just, just momentarily freezes for a second, but it could be anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours and the same thing happens to 3 or 4 times, and finally and at the same time, the mouse and keyboard freeze. The "cursor" or "pointer" on the screen is totally inadmissible, and seizure keyboard is inadmissible. CTRL + Alt + Delete does not work yet.

    A few points:

    1 there is no drivers for the wired mouse usb and a keyboard wired usb on page download Dell and Driver for XPS 8700.

    2 when I arrived to the Device Manager, it says device keyboard HID and HID - compatible mouse.

    3. There is no drivers to roll back to, and if I update driver for each device, windows tells me I use the latest version of the driver.

    4. I tried a clean install of Windows 7 and it does not solve the problem. (Exaggeration, I know. "I have a lot of time).

    5. I'm tired a clean install of Windows 8.1 and it does not solve the problem. (Again, I know, exaggerated, but I was curious).

    6. in other words, I have exactly the same problem on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

    7. I tried to use all the different USB ports on my PC and the same problem persists. I don't think that it's a problem of USB hardware in any case, given that the freezing of the mouse and the keyboard are occurring simultaneously, and each device has its on usb port.

    8. this problem is new in the last month. Never had anything like this in the last 2.5 years.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi JJ,

    Thank you for your update. Much appreciated!

    Basically, for Windows 8.1, you will need to update the drivers more recent. So, you need to update the drivers for the chipset from the Dell Web site, and if it does not, you may need to contact the manufacturer for updated versions. Also. Please check in the Device Manager and uninstall the drivers of HID devices (under keyboard) and changes in the Update window to do not to install the updated driver. After uninstalling, restart the computer and then install the drivers for the devices and drivers chipset on the manufacturer's Web site. Check if the problem persists.

    Please post back your results for assistance.

  • I forgot my apple id security questions

    I forgot my apple id security questions and I got an email what should I do

    Hello. Take a look at this article. If you forgot your Apple ID - Apple Support security questions answered it should help you.

  • Why the green light on my magic keyboard and mouse flashes green when I turn on after replacing the batteries?

    Why the green light on my magic keyboard and mouse flashes green when I turn on after replacing batteries (and not connect to the computer; battery tested good tester)?

    Simply indicates that the devices are on.


  • I can't access my iMac, is locked and the keyboard will not connect. Magic mouse works OK. What should I do?

    Hello, how can I access my iMac that is locked and the keyboard will not match (new batteries and LED is blinckin). The Magic Mouse works OK. What should I do?

    Buy or borrow a USB keyboard and connect you with that. Once logged in go to your bluetooth preferences and pair it with the keyboard.

  • After you have installed windows 10, I can't use apple wireless key board and mouse magic. any solution

    I am facing a strange situation. I used Win7 on BootCamp. Last week attempted to upgrade to Win10. After the upgrade is perfect, I could not connect to the wifi or wired internet. called the Apple support, Windows supports, no one would help you. Downgraded to Win7, after decommissioning, apple wireless key board and mouse magic does not work. Called Apple support, after nearly 90 minutes of interaction with them, ZERO, no solution result. Apple support told me that an Apple engineer will call me at my appointed time. A call came, but no one answered.

    So, today did a clean install of Win10 through BootCamp. All right, BUT I still can't use apple wireless key board and mouse magic. Can someone help me with this situation? Apple & Microsoft support engineers have failed to help out me. Thanks in advance.

    Have you installed the Boot Camp Windows Support software?

    If you do not see some Mac functionality if you are using Windows on your Mac - Apple Support

  • How long does take to recharge magic keyboard and mouse 2

    How long does take to recharge magic keyboard and mouse 2

    I read somewhere 2 minutes to load the Magic Mouse 2 for 9 hours of use.

    If you have them already, their time and their connection.

  • How will I know if my magic keyboard is in charge? And how know when it is done load so I can unplug the charger of lightning?

    How will I know if my magic keyboard is in charge? And how know when it is done load so I can unplug the charger of lightning?

    I remember reading that the charging time is about two hours.   If you have exhausted the battery it may well take longer.    After the period of two hours, he must run for about a month in any case if you could take the charger after 2 hours.    But I remember also as statements using the old MM1 mouse with rechargeable batteries Apple and stand-alone charger.    MIne has quickly reduced by about 14 days and now its down to 7 days.

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