Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (2016) detects only no more than 3 keys at the same time!

Hello. So I don't know if there is a solution to this, but I played on my macbook pro 15 inch 2015 model very well and I was pressing 'x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space' at the same time and four keys were detected by the game, and it worked. After I while I bought the new magical keyboard 2 (2016) and connected to my laptop. I played the same game and based on the same key combination ('x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space'), but only 'w' + 'x' + 'space' got detected and played. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks for the future replies!


If you still use Yosemite, as shown in your profile, you can find (if you look at the box) that the keyboard of Magic 2 is planned for El Capitan.   You should go if you want to get the best out of it.   I can't speak for specific failures, but there have been similar problems with the Magic Mouse 2 where the upgrade it is resolved.

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    I love the Apple Magic Keyboard to be very light (I want it with me everywhere). I also like that I can choose the layout of the keyboard I want (Canadian multilingual), which is not available on any keyboard for any brand, with the exception of Apple iPad (and I did a ton of research). I have problems with the old model of keyboard Apple Wireless because of the Bluetooth connection: I often have trouble connecting. I want a reliable keyboard. I don't like having to plug the keyboard on the iPad, and I think that a wired keyboard can more reliable and safer than a wireless keyboard. And a wired keyboard never had battery problems.

    I read that the Apple Magic Keyboard can work wired with a Mac without bluetooth. And I read that some USB keyboards work with lightning to the USB camera adapter. There are several keyboards with a cable (Belkin or Logitech) lightning, but none with the available Canadian multilingual.

    So, if I buy a magical keyboard Apple and a Flash to the USB adapter of the camera, according to my needs, I'll be satisfied or I'm going to be disappointed?

    A better solution would be to have a male-male cable lightning between the keyboard and the iPad, but I don't find any of these products anywhere.

    Thank you.

    It will not work. And where did you read that the keyboard works wired with a Mac?

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  • Crash when slider keyboard closed and key at the same time

    I've been through three accidents of BONE with my new pre;  whenever it seems to happen when I try to do something like press the walk / stop button or the task while simultaneously closing the keyboard slider.  I am perhaps too impatient ;-)

    Otherwise, I really appreciate the phone...

    Or, you could be one of the winners of lottery luck that got a defective hardware. :-)

    I couldn't reproduce.


    I know this question has been asked before, but these solutions do not work for me.

    I just got my new Lenovo z51 80k60030us and I quickly put a game on it just to test the waters. has worked well. However, I can't move (using the keyboard) and look around (using the mouse) at the same time. I looked everywhere on the internet and realized that it was something to do with the 'follow-up to the Palm trees", but nobody has the solution for my specific problem of keyboard and mouse. When I try and change the options of the mouse on lenovo, it is grayed out. I tried everything to ungray it, but I have yet to succeed. help please?

    Try using a new generic Synaptics driver?

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    I am continually frustrated with Apple's music streaming on my iMac.  Looks like a song loads, but never gets started playing.  I always thought the problem was my internet connection, but lately I discovered that, although my iMac does not load a song, if at the same time, I use my iPad on my wifi it loads and plays immediately.  What is the problem with the music does not not on my iMac?

    Hello Lucyskye,

    Thank you for asking your question here in Apple Support communities. I understand you want to be able to play your music. I can't do anything without my music all day. Let me give you what I can to help you solve this and get your music to play on the iMac.

    I don't want to bring music to Apple implemented correctly first. Apple's music composition only allows you to stream music from Apple on one device at a time, unless you have a family membership. Even if you have a family membership, you can still only broadcast on one device at a time by Apple ID. For this reason, I suggest isolate us the devices first and this test with the iMac.

    1. exit the Apple music on the iPad. Please leave the app. You can do this by double tapping the home screen and drag the application to the top music. This article has the instructions and example pictures. Force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    2. restart the iMac.

    3. If the problem persists, start the iMac in Mode safe mode and see if the load and play songs. (Although the speakers will be disabled, just visually see if she manages to go anywhere where it usually hangs up on. This article talks about fashion without failure: try safe mode if your Mac does not start-up

    4. you want to then also to test in a Test user. This article helps with that. How to test a question in another account on your Mac user

    If the problems remain and music will not play on the iMac in Mode without failure or user Test, then we want to stop the iMac. Back to the iPad, then click Settings > cellular and disable cellular data for a while. Make sure your iPad is only able to use a Wi - Fi connection and not able to access cellular data if the songs will not play on your Wi - Fi network. Then, open the app music again and try to play a song.

    If the music will not play one cell time is off, the cause is some parameters with your wireless network. You can check this information for the most common causes of problems with home networks. First of all, make sure that you use a wireless network open as your home network. If you connect to a Wi-Fi as a school, work, or other business, the airport, a military base or a hotspot of a network type, it probably won't work because these types of high security and high traffic and high security networks. They do not have the necessary data back causing problems exactly like the one you are currently experiencing.

    Do you use any third-party firewall (even on the router!), protection against viruses or proxies (which hide your identity on the internet)? Some security applications also do, but are called only for security or VPN. These few apps with names like Astrall or Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus, antimalware apps. There are literally hundreds of these applications that block the incoming ports that will not allow the function runs.

    If you want to check that the port is open on your iMac and the network, you can use this article: port TCP test between computers and peripheral connectivity. Apple music uses port 80, and iTunes music sharing is port 3689. You can find a list of all the ports used by Apple here: TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software.

    You can also find these two useful articles if you find that the problem is with your network.

    Recommended settings for the WiFi routers and access points

    Solve the problems between iTunes and third-party security software

    Don't forget to turn your cellular data within settings > cellular on the iPad once you're done test. Just in case music plays in Safe Mode or the Test user, you work through this article to resolve the issue. Mac OS x: how to solve a problem of software.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day!

  • I use a headset bluetooth with my iPad, but have only a charger and there are times where I need to recharge both at the same time. What can I do?

    I need to recharge the headset/Bluetooth headset and iPad at the same time. Do only one charger with a USB port. Apple supports a multipart charger?

    Why you don't want to buy a second charger? Each unit came with a charger?

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    First of all: I'm impressed by Apple TV4, Santa has finally delivered our...
    Saw our first film, OddDog and Australian production turned to the side of the wild South.
    Found by Siri, virtually instant response; Magic really.
    I can highly recommend it, for a light hearted but serious 'real story '...

    Second: my very real problem...
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    No, this is how it is that I'm afraid.

    Moreover, Apple TV4 reaches Bluetooth audio to two Bluetooth headsets simultaneously?

    Not that I know of.

    If you have any suggestions that you think might improve Apple TV you can send your feedback here at Apple

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    I use the version of MAX 5.3
    You think even match for your help.

    Are you running Windows XP? If, therefore, due to limitations in the underlying OS stack, you will need to place the cameras in different subnets or to fill the two devices together in one virtual device (preferably) NIC.


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    If you use multiple loops, I think you can do.  You use 1 loop to check to see if there is data and 1 loop looking for breaks series.  Then use queues, authors of notifications or events to anyone who needs to know what you have experienced.

  • Can I pair headset Bluetooth and a chest strap heart rate monitor Bluetooth at the same time with the Apple Watch 2 series

    Does anyone know if you can pair Bluetooth headset at the same time and heart rate monitor strap chest Bluetooth with the Apple Watch series 2? I can't find any info about it online. I hope so, because they have everything works without your phone now since it has GPS. Obviously a chest strap heart rate monitor gives you a more accurate reading. And who is running without music? If they want to really all the new capabilities of fitness improved series 2, that this is a must!

    The original WATCH allows you to do this, so I don't see why the series 2 would not.

  • How can I have 2 email accounts open at the same time using the apple mail icon?

    How to open 2 e-mail accounts at the same time?

    Hello carroll12,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you do not want to open two e-mail accounts at the same time using the Mail application. I understand perfectly. I have multiple e-mail accounts set up in my Mail application. I'm happy to help you with this.

    You can have more than one e-mail account set up in the Mail application. The first time you open Mail, it may prompt you to add an e-mail account (if you have not already done). Select an account type, and then enter your account information. To add another account, choose Mail > add an account, select an account type, and then enter your account information. Make sure that the Mail check box is selected for the account.

    If you have already both set in place, and I just want to be able to view both on the screen at the same time, open Mail, and then click file at the top.  From there, select the option for the new window of the observer.  This will open a new window where you can see each of the individual mailboxes on the same screen.

    Have an amazing day!

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