Apple Watch does not stuck in mode bedside table

MY watch is in bedside mode. I plugged in the charger, but there is no change in the watch.


Try a reboot of the Force...

Force restart your Apple Watch

You should force reboot your device as a last resort, and only if it does not. To force the restart your Apple Watch, press in and hold the side button and the digital Crown for at least 10 seconds, and then release both buttons when you see the Apple logo.

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  • Apple Watch does not appear in the security/privacy settings my mac (2015)

    Apple Watch does not appear in the security/privacy settings unlock my mac (2015) for auto

    Hi abcd_bruce,

    Thanks for stopping by Apple Support communities. I understand that you are eager to implement the feature Auto Unlock on your MacBook Pro. It is a new system and I'll be happy to help you with this.

    Looks like you did a few steps already to help lift this step. In this article, automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, he goes over all the steps that must be done to implement this place. If you already followed all these steps and are still problems, then the next step would be to start the Mac in safemode, and then check if you are able to see the Apple Watch see the implementation of the security and privacy preferences.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    Have a good night!

  • Unlock with Apple Watch does not


    I'm running a MacBook Air mid-2013 with macOS Sierra, with a 2nd Gen Apple Watch watchOS3 running. I'm on the same Apple for my Air ID, see and iPhone (6 s).

    But unlock with Apple Watch does not work on my Air. I activated 2 factor authentication. I checked the box that allows to unlock with Apple Watch. Everything seems to be kosher.

    When I close and reopen my Air, "Unlock with Apple Watch" appears for about 10 seconds, and then I type my password.

    Help? Thank you!

    I also have this problem. I have 2 accounts on my Macbook. One is the first account that I don't use, second my regular account. On my Second account, it of the same problem, but with the Admin account... It works.

    I Don t know why.

    Do you use also two accounts?

  • my Apple Watch does not record the data of my activity on my iPhone. The application of the activity is implemented on my watch and twinned with phone and not yet to record data.

    my Apple Watch does not record the data of my activity on my iPhone. The application of the activity is implemented on my watch and twinned with phone and not yet to record data.

    HI - try the following steps:

    On your iPhone close application of activity and also, if it runs in the background, the health app (you can close open apps, including the app shows):

    -Double-click the Home button, and then drag upward on each of the app previews to close.

    It can help to restart your iPhone and your watch. Turn on both devices off the power together first, and then restart your iPhone before restarting your watch:

    -To switch off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off;

    -To switch on: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

    If this does not resolve the problem, try next disconnect and rematching of your watch:

    -L'app shows on your iPhone shows backups automatically, including a new when the unpairing via the application.

    -Choose to restore the watch (backup restore) when provided the opportunity during the whole.

    -Most of the data and settings will be restored, with a few exceptions (for example cards Pay Apple, access code).

    - Pairing your Apple Watch and Support Apple - iPhone

    - Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • My Apple Watch does not turn off.  When I go to turn off the slider isn't in the article to stop, I can restart but the cursor still does not appear

    My Apple Watch does not turn off.  When I go to turn off the slider isn't in the article to stop, I can restart but the cursor still does not appear


    It is not possible to disable Apple Watch when its on the charger and connected to the power supply - this is normal.

  • Apple pays on Apple Watch does not

    Hello world!

    I'm a big fan of Apple pay, I use it anywhere that accepts it.

    A feature, I can't wait to try it immediately when I got my Apple Watch (24 hours ago only) was paying Apple.

    In the first hour of me set up my watch, I went to McDonald's to get a Coke (it's the closet place who agrees to pay Apple), so I could test Apple pay.

    When I put my watch next to the drive, nothing happened. The screen remained black all the time. To complete the transaction, I pulled out my phone and also, which didn't work. I used pay Apple on my iPhone, several times the same McDonald's before and it's always worked flawlessly.

    A few hours later, I had went to Best Buy to buy wireless headphones and once more tried to use Apple pay on my watch for the purchase. But unfortunately, nothing happened here either. The watch remained black all the time.

    While I was trying to make it work, I noticed my iPhone wake up (he was placed flat on the counter) and displays the message - "Hold iPhone close reader" (I forgot the "exact" wording). When I gave up on the Apple Watch, I took my phone to purchase and it worked perfectly.

    Now, whenever I have install my credit card on the iPhone, I have to check (via a SMS of BofA code). When I looked at the settings in the Apple Watch app on my iPhone - I saw my already credit card. I clicked on the button 'Add' next to her, that I then invited to add security code 3 digit number to check. Once I did, my credit card was placed under the header indicating that it is an active card on the watch. And a few seconds, I had received a notification on the watch let me know it was ready for use.

    I guess it is setup correctly, which miss me so much? Are there any ideas as to why my Apple Watch does nothing?

    Sorry to ramble on and on. I wanted to give you all the details in the hope that maybe someone can point me in the right direction to solve this issue.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Hi Jason

    In order to pay using Apple pay on your watch, you must first quickly double - press the side button.

    It will then display your default map. If you have added other cards and you want to use one of them instead, swipe to switch between maps. With your favorite card displayed, hold your watch up to the Terminal:

    -The dial of the watch must be faced with and parallel to the screen of the own terminal (you shouldn't be able to see the face of the watch and pay), aligned in the Center with the logo without contact on the terminal screen and held less than 10cm.

    -It must be blocked in this position for up to a few seconds, until you hear the confirmation beep and the pulse haptic.

    More information: defining and using the Apple pay with your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Apple Watch does not illuminate

    MY watch went black & will not return. It does not load and cannot be reset.

    Have you tried to force the reboot of the Apple Watch? See:

    Forcing Apple Watch to restart: press and hold the side button and the digital Crown at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

  • Apple Watch does not record the duration of the exercise in the fitness rings.  Is there a solution?

    LLA exercise fitness ring does not workout time.  Is there a solution?


    Progress towards your daily goal of exercise of credit, the application of the activity is to identify the activity equal or exceed the intensity of a brisk walk.

    This applies both in general everyday wear and during the recording of training through the app to training sessions. It is possible that your training did not meet this requirement.

    The definition of a brisk walk varies from one person to another and depends on your personal information. To verify that your personal information is accurate - and update over time:

    -On your iPhone, in the application of Eve, go to: My Watch tab > health > edit - tap and adjust the settings, then press on in fact.

    In general everyday wear and when your iPhone is not taken along on some workouts outdoors, the application of the activity relies on your movement of arm (measured by accelerometer) to track the movement in order to progress towards the goal of the exercise of accounting. For best results, let the arm on which you wear your watch to swing naturally when you move and during training.

    Calibrate your watch can improve the precision of the estimates (including the appropriations for the year) made by the activity and workout app app. More information and instructions for calibration of your watch are available via the link below.

    More information:

    Calibrate your Apple Watch for better accuracy of training and activity - Apple Support

    Use the activity on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Use of the workout on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Text messages with Siri on Apple Watch does not

    When I try to send a text using Siri on my Apple Watch it does not send. the only option I have is to not send. I read where the message is sent automatically when my arm is lowered, but it does not work. None of my posts are going through. How can I fix this.


    To send messages through Siri:

    -Ask Siri to send a message (for example "Hey Siri, send a message to say ");

    -When finished, wait for Siri show what you have dictated on the screen for you to review;

    -Then either lower your wrist again to send or to tell Siri to send (for example "Hey Siri, send").

    -There is no need to touch the screen, unless you want to type on not sending to cancel the operation.

  • Siri on Apple Watch does not

    Siri S does not work on my Apple Watch, voice or by prolonged pushing the scroll on the watch button. When I look under settings on my iPhone 5s, I can't Siri under general settings. Using my iPhone so is 9.2. How can I solve this problem?

    Hi Paul

    On your iPhone, go to: settings > General > Restrictions > activate Siri & dictation.

    Having done this, go to: settings > General > Siri - ensure that Siri is enabled.

  • My Apple Watch does not OS 2.1 update. Keep saying at the end that cannot verify the update as long as it is not connected to the internet. The iStore even tried and they couldn't help.

    Nice day

    I need help with my Apple Watch. I tried the update to OS 2.1. I can't update as the right at the end of the download it says cannot verify the update as long as it is not connected to the internet. I made sure wifi was strong, batteries were in charge, I have even matched and re-paired the watch. I took it to the iStore so they couldn't get it updated and everything they said was sorry, you will have to wait the next update be released. Everyone dealing with this issue? What should do?



    Because the update for you Apple Watch comes from your iphone is your iphone

    Running ios 9.2?

    If, then go to settings on iPhone reset network settings after reset entered your key wireless router.

    Also before doing this turn off your router for 30 seconds.

    Then repeat the update of watch.

    See you soon


  • Apple Watch does not a Ding noise when you plug in the charger

    Recently my watch Sport Apple stopped making noise "ding" when I connect the charger it. This is happened after I changed the bands and noticed two green lights on the back of the watch as I turn off the watch. I checked the volume on both the watch and the app on my iPhone 6 Plus and they are correct. Has anyone experience this problem?


    Try to restart or if it does not help, force the reboot - your watch:

    -Restart: Press and hold the side button until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off; Hold down the side button until you see the logo.

    -Force the reboot: hold down the side button and the digital Crown for about 10 seconds, until you see the logo.

  • Series a Apple Watch does not always display

    I was the first of the Apple Watch in October 2015.  Sport model.

    Just in the last month when I flip my wrist the display lights not sometimes making me turn my wrist a second or rarely a third time so that it lights up.

    Is this a known problem or a problem?


    No, this is not a problem or a known problem.

    The following steps may help:

  • Apple Watch does not work

    So do not know how this will go down, but I think of my Apple Watch was the biggest waste of money so far, very disappointed.

    1. it just doesn't work very well, everything works slowly and measures are very imprecise.

    2. the quality is not great, that I am not wearing it will train in as possible just broke

    3. the battery is shocking that I'm sick of charging

    4. went the last updated and it has now crashed and locked up, keep trying to restart, but it keeps failing

    5. perhaps one should leave apple the money and they can keep the watch its terribly bad.

    6 apple thanks to the release of the new version of the watch so little time, if happy I bought the demo version I have waste. Maybe I should of applied for a job your PSU on the watch and you pay you for the privilege a cup of what I've been they saw me coming.

    7. can I someone please difficulty this watch, replace it before that I throw it in the trash.

    So disappointed in apple and this product just re apply my decision to consider away them from the brand.

    If it is a recent purchase and you are unhappy with it, you have 14 days to return it. You also have a 1 year warranty and can wear the device at the Genius Bar and get help with the device. That, or you can try the Troubleshooting device, but given your attitude in your rant and you only ask if anyone can fix it, I don't know that you would like help from other users. It's not Apple you talk to, this is a user to user support forum.

    We have 3 Apple watches in our family, a Sport and 2 watches from Apple, and all three work extremely well and achieve or exceed our expectations.

  • Auto unlock with Apple Watch does not


    I followed all the instructions and advice of all Web sites without success, my watch is on my wrist, unlocked and the Mac cannot communicate with the watch, or when he's on the odd occasion that the watch is not open the Mac, I still have my password.  I have not matched and repaired the watch, and the new registered in iCloud, transfer off and on again, the watch, the 6s iPhone and watch are all connected to the same network still with no luck.  This should be an ongoing and easy process as most of the functions of apple, but it just doesn't work and it is the function that I was more enthusiastic in this upgrade of the software, feels a bit like false advertising if it's this hard to operate.  Can apple be solve this problem or can help a tech guru

    If the problem is that when you check the box "Allow your Apple Watch unlock your Mac" in security pref pane it breaks down and said that one cannot communicate with your watch?

    You have Bluetooth and Wi - Fi enabled?  If so, try to restart your Mac, iPhone and look, and check the box again.  Also sometimes if you just wait a few hours and try to check the new it will finally work.

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