Aspire touchpad e11 problems

I bought a pair of laptops E3-112-C10V for my partner and myself, its touchpad is intermittent and so I'll check if the suggested addition bios change contributes to its situaation.

On my laptop touchpad disappeared, it is more listed in the settings or in the list of Human Interface, when I toggle the F7 function key I get the toggle icons that appear but the real touchpad does not work, while I am aware that an external usb or bluetooth mouse can be used as an alternative It stops rather than she is the self contained laptop I wanted.

Any help would be appreciated

I downloaded the driver for the touchpad (Synaptics Touchpad_18.1.2.1) from the Acer support site, installed and has not changed on another discussion of touchpad in this forum, I discovered that there was a bios update (1.08) that was supposed to cure the problem, it has been downloaded and installed easily enough, but did not allow my touchpad.

Finally, restarted the PC once more, but pressed key 'F2' until the Bios page appeared, find the page with the touchpad listed on it, changed the function 'base' restarted recording settings.

When the system had completed the power process I was very happy to have a touchpad to work.

For now, it seems fine to woking.

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  • Updating BIOS for Acer Aspire 3000 / battery problems

    So I had a couple of Acer Aspire 3000 who were not working and got one to work...

    But it seems that I am having some problems when the battery is in it - and otherwise fine without him.
    Excessively long Shut Downs that go to the continuous reboots / Touchpad problems, gel, etc.

    Says the battery until it goes to @ 7-8%.  Then the battery does not charge.

    When the power adapter is disconnected - the battery is charge?

    Given that these laptops have been sitting around for a couple / few years... and have been given to me... I do not deny the possibility that the battery is not good. And there was only 1 battery using 2 laptops.

    After that she has charged at 7-8% - I unplugged it the adapter - and it ran for @ 20 min.  and said: '1 HR 30 min remaining"until she was cut.

    I also tried tried the - remove battery unplug adapter and hold the power button for 2 min method - then installed battery and adapter - but nothing helped...

    (On a side - note, which is probably not related - my wifi doesn't seem to be working - even though it appears, it does nothing wrong in. Device Manager - and runs a diagnosis does not help...) I know there are wireless networks but none does not appear! Broadcom 802. 11 g)

    In any case - I saw a post on a different site-say an UPDATE of the BIOS could possibly solve the problem of battery - (wifi may be too)...

    Given that I've NEVER DONE an UPDATE to BIOS; I'll ask NICELY, please walk me but this... with as little as ACKRONYNS and GEEK TALK as Possible (respectfully).  I had heard of this sort of thing - to download the update of the Bios... and I think it can be put on a Falsh player - but is a ZIP and should she be EXTACTED - which I'm not too big? Then "Select (something)? and then maybe restart... So now, I'm willing to give it a try - with some help and input.  THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE!  a link for the download and the proper BIOS UPDATE would be a big departure... - I guesss that goes without saying.

    So, here are some features of the information system: (I hope there enough, but please let me know if you need more)

    3 to 32 of the latest BIOS availabel

    for flash, unzip the file and then read the statement in the WinPhlash SOP XP 2005.pdf file update.

  • spectrum x 360: ScrollBar and Touchpad heat problems

    Hi everyone, I just got my x 380 13-4110dx spectrum model. After months of research on laptops, I settled on the spectrum, and it had shipped all the way from the United States to Bangladesh here. Needless to say that the questions arises as soon as I turned on the thing, so that's:

    This is the big one. I'm used to having the page move down with my fingers while two fingers to scroll, but the direction of travel is reversed by default with coasting trade licence. However, when it is turned off reverse the scrolling and cabotage in the settings of synaptics it seems to work on some applications and not anothers. I tried to reset the onboard computer and reinstall the driver software AND I also tried to install the latest drivers from the synaptics Web site. Nothing works not so far

    The bottom tends to run very hot even with normal web browsing, so I can not put the thing on my lap for a long time. I have install the fan to operate always from the BIOS, but its still the same. At this temperature, I do not know how long the material is going to hold up

    Sorry for the long post, I really hope you guys can help me understand things

    After a lot of frustration, for the past few weeks my touchpad has been behaving satisfactorily. Here's what I've done, maybe it will help someone else here who has the same problem:

    • Make sure the driver is updated to
    • Go to Device Manager, open the properties of the mouse and click on 'Update device driver.
    • In the wizard that opens, click on "Browse my computer for driver software".
    • Then select "Let Me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer.
    • In the next window, uncheck "See list of compatible hardware" and search for and select "Synaptics Clickpad SMBus"
    • Install and reboot the computer

    Windows installs the driver Synaptics Touchpad of SMBus by default, which leads to the scrolling issues I was experiencing. The pilot clickpad works much better. I don't know how the two drivers are different, but it worked for me

  • Satellite A500-1EJ turns on itself - touchpad light problem

    Hello, I just bought a Satellite A500-1EJ and I have two problems:

    It lights by tself and volume and the light button does not work properly.

    Regarding the issue with automatic starups:
    Please check this thread:
    You must update the BIOS to the latest version to solve this problem

    > the volume and the light button does not work properly
    I don't know Mr. What volume or touchpad light you mean exactly and that is - this means not working properly?
    Perhaps you could be more specific and could provide more details

    Welcome them

  • Satellite T110-107 - Touchpad / mouse problem

    Just had delivery of a new Tosh T110-107, I have to say is beautiful, however a problem. A startup the touchpad works ok, but as soon as I plug the mouse USB may not work - what makes the system unusable until I disconnects me restart and the mouse. So what have I so done for her?

    Uninstalled McAfee and Norton 360 addded and office (two originals) and that's the problem were found until everything has been done - as he came out of the box.

    Win7 Home Premium, never had any problems with Win7, but then not used on a particular laptop model. Can only imagine its software/config but straight out of the box? Tosh must know there is a problem-they have too, but sold it?

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Answer to Ah my own question, mouse at fault, as soon as the wheel is moved all the works, but we must constantly move or it don't work. It turns out that the mouse was not part of the package, so apologies to Toshiba, but then, that's why I had to buy this machine of large model - deemed manufacturer - if and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying one.

  • Satellite A110: keyboard, touchpad, power problems

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A110, purchased a few months before. In recent weeks, it started randomly locking the keyboard and the touchpad (with or without external mouse plugged - although an external mouse still works).

    Now there is power to the top of the issues, with the suspended system Bios Toshiba screen, can fully initialize maybe once in five.
    Acquisition of wireless network is also very temperamental. I tried this software I can think (new drivers/virus scan/uninstall-reinstall), with the exception of a reinstall full backup disk Toshiba.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    I think we should first find out if the problem is software or hardware related.
    In this case the installation of the operating system with the Toshiba Recovery CD is recommended.
    After installation, the laptop should work without worries.

    But if the unit will hang and not start properly there could be something wrong with the hardware.
    I think that your warranty is valid and in this case you should always contact the ASP in your county for a check.

  • Equium A100 - 549 Touchpad / pointer problem


    I'm having a problem with the computer laptop girls :(

    When you start the lappy up to 60% of the time once the desktop and its loading bits in the lower right the right pointer disappears and we cannot do anything with the machine outside turn off using the power button.

    If we continue trying to start the machine, eventually it will work normally. It's just like a random event: S

    I have been through the forums and the FAQ etc, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers touchpad etc and tried some of the corrections mentioned on these forums, but nothing seems to solve the problem, for example the bios, chipset drivers...

    Wouldn't be a windows problem?
    Is it worth taking the time to go through the process of running a start-up in minimal mode and looking for a service does not, or reinstall a full windows? or is it something that I didn't think?

    Any help and ideas would be fantastic thanks :)

    You can start a computer laptop in SafeMode (F8 at startup) and check if there is the same problem with the touchpad and pointer?

  • Tecra M9 (PTM91E) and touchpad driver problem

    I had to install * Win 7, 64 bit * on my laptop * TECRA M9 PTM91E *.

    Most of the drivers could be found, but the * touchpad * is turned off. In addition (?) I get an error message, that a pilot for "* communication controller *" (ID: PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_2A04 & SUBSYS_00011179 & REV_03) is missing. Compatible devices would be PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_2A04 & REV_03

    I don't know, TECRA M9 is not supported by Toshiba for Win 7, but can someone help me with this problem of driver?

    Thanks in advance.

    Have you tried to install the driver for the touchpad Vista?

  • Portege Z30 / driver Audio Replicator + Touchpad scroll problems


    I bought a Z30 and I'm pretty happy with it that I worked for years with the Thinkpads (+ Dock)
    but there are a few light (more or less can be addresses as a driver) questions that I discovered.

    Notice: I use Win7 64.

    (1) with the Replicator Docking Station, I'm not able to remove the USB Audio device is currently running.
    As you play a video or music. -J' looked for a newer driver (from C-MEDIA) as the standard Microsoft Driver may not be the best choice but I have found NO Win7 drivers for this device. The pilots of C-MEDIA only I found is Win8.

    (2) ALPS Touchpad (pilot)... EH... the material error only on this model really seems to be the touchpad. It is quite difficult to click on buttons AccuPoint (those under the keyboard) and drivers of touchpard are not flexible somehow. Gestures are not actually enforced as it should... seems to be as ALPS had to work on without a lot of time. Synaptics would have been a much better choice.
    The driver cannot be adjusted to speed with scroll gestures and by default is AVERAGE... really ridiculous WAY to fast. In short, it is unusable for regular use. That the effects of tape, the gesture with two fingers and also the gesture of circle. He is desperately missing from a slider to change speeds. Or at least some indication of registry settings.

    Also please advice DAPS to add finger 2 tap as a regular feature in the driver. It can be used without any problem after minor registry change and it works without any problem.

    (3) in the manual NFC is listed, but I have not found ANY Z30 Z40 (Tecra) model has / contain probably the NFC module. -I've seen in some photos the flexband connector (must be for NFC) above the battery is actually present. -There will be a few spare parts (Please give me the ID number /) in the future?

    (4) smart card reader driver problem: I'm using the latest drivers and after some time and sleep (with Intel Rapid Start) the player first must be deactivated and reactivated to rework. certutil.exe - scinfo unresponsive until I have disable and re-enable the device.

    (5) I am absent in BIOS/UEFI to exclude startup devices. -This is normally a must have feature.

    I think that the user manual contain parts which refers to different models of Toshiba as Portege Z30-A/Z30t-A / Satellite Z30-A/Z30t-A

    Some models are equipped with an NFC function, but can not say with certainty what models support this feature exactly.
    It turns out that in many cases the m2 additional connector be responsible for these additional modules.

    Regarding the mode of UEFI: check if the BIOS update would add it. Some portable computers taken over this function after that the BIOS updated.

  • TouchPad clicking problem & gestures


    I hope some of you kind people could help me. I got my Lenovo Z580 i5 for about 2 days. IM struggling to get along with her.

    There was no introduction or a tutorial on how to use the new windows 8 and gestures.

    My main problem was using the touchpad. I have messed with the settings, but have done very little effect. I can't enter with the tactile click System, as I have always been used to click the left or right under the touchpad on laptops.

    There is no clickable button on this version. Well, if there are, they seem to be unresponsive. When I try to double-click on the icon button the mouse gets stuck to the top or moves on the page instead of click

    Is there a way to make the buttons below the touchpad, clickable as a traditional notebook? I'm missing something as at the moment the only way I can click is by double tapping the device.

    This causes problems for me when using programs ect Web design.

    I hope someone here can help?

    See you soon

    Thanks for the help, have learned a few more things to youtube. Adjust the settings and now his work.

    Although I can't find a comprehensive guide to all the operations of touchpad. As now, I learned that right click is two fingers and left a.

    Is there a method to select / highlight using the touchpad?

  • HP 15 Notebook PC: Update Synaptic TouchPad Driver problem

    I have problems with the update of the touchpad. I have a HP 15, non touch screen version, and download but fail to install the update. Is this a problem with the udate it yourself or is it something to do with my PC?

    Hi there @smiling_guy92

    I understand your touchpad drivers do not update correctly. I'm happy to help you with this.

    I assume you are using the HP Wizard's Support for your updates. In this regard, please see the following, which should help with any problems with this software.

    HP PC - troubleshooting HP Support Assistant (Windows 8)
    With the help of HP Support Assistant (Windows 8)

    However, if you still have problems or is not HP support assistant that you are having problems with, please send the complete product number and check the operating system on your laptop. See the following if you need help to find those.
    How can I find my model number or product number?
    Is the Version of Windows on my computer 32-bit or 64-bit?

  • Aspire Touchpad E 15 Touch (E5 - 511P) stopped working


    I have a 11 month old Aspire E15 Touch (which apparently is officially a "E5 - 511P".) Has the touchpad works very well, but it has suddenly stopped working.

    I restarted the computer, but this has no effect.

    I went to Device Manager and the only mention of "Touchpad" fell under "Human Interface Devices" as a «HID-compliant touchpad»  When I clicked on it says "this device is functioning correctly. I clicked on the driver and then update driver tab, but he told me that the driver I had was the best driver (after a search).

    Then I tried to uninstall the driver, which I did today and the "HID-compliant touchpad" no longer appears. I did a search on the net, but it seems there are different types of touchpad for this model (?).

    A lot of questions:

    -J' have initially ruled out hardware failure because the computer says that the "HID-compliant touchpad" worked. I made the mistake to believe this?

    -How can I tell what type of Touchpad has my machine?

    -If I find the correct brand of the Touchpad, where should I save the driver (if I can download it)?

    PS 8.1 64-bit Windows.

    Thank you


    have you tried pressing Fn + F7?

  • Aspire 5551 charging problem

    Hi, I have and acer Aspire 5551 and I purchased 4 years ago. and recently the battery does not charge when I plug in the adapter, but it does sometimes when the laptop is turned off. I think theres a problem in the battery or an adapter, but I'm not sure.

    I try to charge my laptop and it does not load and the battery icon does not load. Sometimes, if a disconnect the adapter and replace it it works for only a few minutes. I just wanted to know, would I need a new adapter? or a new battery?

    Ok. Initially, you said that sometimes it loads for a few minutes if you unplug and then plug in the connector to the laptop or the laptop is off. While it is true that this could indicate a battery or Charger problem, I guess the battery leakage of current internal given its age - this would overload the charger and could stumble esp if the laptop was on. I would first try a new battery because they are relatively cheap as shown in this Amazon link. _...

    The Chargers aren't that expensive either so you want to order one at the same time in order to qualify for free delivery Amazon. 8 ^)

    Jack E/NJ

  • Driver for Aspire 521 E5 problems

    Model: Aspire E5 - 521
    (UEFI) BIOS version: ATI VGA VER015.
    Windows operating system of origin: 8.1
    New operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
    Question type: Could not find Chipset Device Driver PCI, PCI encryption/decryption controller, SM Bus controller and USB controller.

    Hi guys! I bought this camera last week, and it was a bit slow for me. Thinking it could be the OS, I changed it to Windows 7 64 bit, which is currently installed now. I had problems to find the drivers for it. I used the drivers found here: but I noticed that 'Operating System' told ' 8.1 64-bit Windows.

    Yet, I used these drivers listed there. However, after installing the drivers, I still see yellow-exclamation on the following points:
    -PCI device
    -PCI encryption/decryption controller
    -SM Bus controller, and
    -Controllers of Bus USB universal

    I also noticed that my machine is still sluggish after installing the drivers from this page, I really hope you can help me on what I've been struggling since yesterday thank you in advance.

    Open Manager devices by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, click System and security, and then, under system, clicking Device Manager.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    When you see the yellow exclamation point, double click it, choose the "Details" tab, in the menu choose "HardwareIDs", click on the first string and copy/paste here.

  • Aspire 5050 wireless problems after installing Windows 8.1

    Hi all

    While I know that ACER does not support the Aspire 5050 running windows 8.1, I wondering if anyone of you tech people out there could help me please.

    I have 3 GB of RAM installed and decided to run Windows 8.1 system is very smooth and fast, however, I wireless and no matter what I try, I tried endlesly for drivers to get a WiFi connection but nothing is done and would not go back to a previous Windows flavor.

    For some reason, my Wifi connection light is permanantly on also. I tried older drivers but cannot solve the problem of no wireless conectivity rendered my laptop useless in its curret for.

    If anyoe could help, I would always in your debt.

    Thank you for the research

    You can consider a nano USB wireless to work around the problem. They don't cost much and are tiny. Amazon has a cargo of choice that operate with Win8/8.1

    Jack E/NJ

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