Audio iPhone 7 and high resolution


Thinking of buying iPhone 7.  I notice that the DAC is now external to the phone for headphones cable good lightning and even lightning to the 3.5 mm adapter contains a small DAC inside.

What this means that iPhone 7 accepts high resolution audio files? (I'm talking about 24 bits, files of 192,000 kHz with flow rates up to about 9 216 kbps, like the ones you can buy Pono music or other titles HD).

The Apple store now sells items such as the helmet Planar Audeze with high quality converters.

Has anyone tried this yet?  It may convince me to upgrade my iPhone 6.  (I currently use one of those Toblerone shaped players Pono for hi res music).

Hi there, Phlac!

Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! It's a big question about the audio formats supported by iPhone 7. See this link which has the Technical Specifications for iPhone 7.

Audio playback

  • Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), AAC protected (from iTunes Store), HE - AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX +), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV
  • The user configurable maximum volume limit

Any audio that works perfectly with the iPhone 7 falls in these formats! Have a great day!

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    There is no work around for the symptoms you see.  Adobe refuses to follow the standard Windows to allow larger values for the display DPI (dots per inch).  Apparently, Adobe doesn't care enough about usability, especially for those of us with eyes of aging and high resolution displays.   See this FAQ for more than a few details: snt_show

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    IT can have. If you put in higher resolution to begin with.

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    Hi all

    I chose "optimize storage iPhone on my iPhone" to save space. However, I understand that the iCloud stores the images original high resolution? If I want to print a photo in format high resolution, how I do without selecting "download and keep the originals" all my photos? I'm not all in high resolution, just a photo.

    Thank you!

    When you select a photo in the Photos on your iPhone and enlarge for editing, the iPhone will download the high-resolution original and keep it for a while. When print, will serve it you the original full version.

    The sharing and editing are possible if you have an internet connection to download the originals in iCloud.

  • High-resolution Audio

    How and where we can download Audio Hi-Res?

    Hi SanRavRC,

    High resolution which build-in the phone allows you to improve the audio quality with normal MP3 music we have.

    However, to take full advantage of the high resolution audio is even better if you have some high resolution audio files.

    Where to find it? It can be an audio CD of high resolution that you buy in a retail store and tear with some software that supports that.

    High resolution is 24-bit and above all, you can also buy the example digital track of this Web page:

    Other info on this, you can refer to the link below and there is an online store that allow you to buy a digital copy of high resolution audio.

    Hope this answer your question.

    Kind regards.

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    1. What is the native resolution of the image?

    2. What if this problem occurs with all the pictures?

    These problems usually occur due to the low native resolution. To change the native resolution of the image, you can use pictures digital high resolution.

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    Thanks for this feedback!

    I forwarded this request to our development and product for a more in-depth review teams.

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    The bad export quality could be linked to the pre-selection of PFD you have chosen. Some of the presets are designed to re - sample images to make a smaller final PDF

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    I downloaded the version low resolution and now I need high-resolution for purchases. I can serch by name? Customer's fault the image... AdobeStock_78710038_WM.jpeg

    Do the following once you have acquired a license of the image.

    I downloaded my 10 free images and they all have the Adobe watermark on them, so I can't use them. Why have a watermark on them?

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    I have little knowledge of the Illustrator... I can create projects from scratch by adding text, forms, etc.; and I learned about vectorizing images several years back when I took a base class of graphic design, but I forgot how to do a good part of it.

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    Here is a video showing how I would go to this topic. I accelerated as a result; normally I would have been more careful and lining everything up to the original.

  • Help!? High-resolution encrypted PDFs cannot be bidistillees and printed in PDF format.

    Need help, large company uses Acrobat XI, recently, our manuals that are recorded in high resolution with an encryption and enabled printing throws an error when you try to save it in pdf format.  Manuals are available online, download or open the manual in a browser of our users.  They need to print to a PDF of a few pages of the manual, but in doing so they get the following error message:

    %% [ProductName: Distiller] %.

    This PostScript file was created from an encrypted PDF file.

    Re-distillation encrypted PDF is not allowed.

    %% [Flushing: rest of job (end of file) will be ignored] %%.

    %% [Warning: PostScript error.] No PDF file produced.] %%

    If the file is saved in low resolution with the same encryption settings, it works very well.  He used to work in high resolution, but something has changed.  If I use Firefox to open the PDF Online and use the FF acrobat plugin to do the same thing, it works as supposed to on high resolution settings.  I hit a wall to try to solve this problem and it causes loss of production time.  Can anyone help?

    I mean, the value low resolution and NOT to DEFINE the ENCRYPTION. Without doubt, you have some concerns to protect the high resolution content, the solution is to have files that do not have.

    It will change? I don't know, Adobe never gives a clue on motives of security and never tell us what and when they set...

    FireFox, like many apps, ignore the security settings. (Where the big WARNING when setting security).  That being said, you do a lot of trouble for yourself by affecting security which is widely ignored - but not by Adobe...

  • Suite incompatibility of screen high resolution - even with CC2015 and Windows 10

    So disappointed with the failure of Adobe to fix the incompatibility of fonts and menu icon in Photoshop for screens high resolution.  I have complained about this for two years (at the time of CS6) and groups of users across the web are filled with like complaints.

    Now, even with a new CC 2015 and 10 Windows, the problem is still not resolved.  The screen PS have either pt 7 labels on microscopic icons or 30% of the screen real estate is taken by the resolution of the user interface of 200% option.   I would give all the updates of CC 2015 for the solution to this problem which makes use of stressful and frustrating PS instead of pleasure, as it should be.

    There is nothing that talent Adobe cannot fix.  You can solve the problem, if you care about. Obviously, whatever your development systems, you don't live with this problem or you would have solved it.

    PS Screen Comparison.jpg

    Your comment belongs on the Site of Adobe this is a user forum site. Please use Photoshop customer family newsgroups

  • How to export to PDF with crop marks * and * an image high resolution?

    HI - firstly, apologies - I have another query here and this is a related issue. Because I have been unable to solve this problem, which is with InDesign CS5, I downloaded the demo of InDesign CC, as I work at a date limit.

    OK, so I'm used to be able to export PDF files of high quality with crop marks in CS5. That's what I want to do with my file.

    In InDesign CC, it seems that if I simply 'export', I don't give me no option to add placemarks of crop, even if the file is configured to have a bleed.

    If I rather 'print' in Adobe PDF format, I * can * add crop marks. However, I then lose the option to export images in high resolution (300 dpi), and they come out pixelated.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but for now it seems to me that I have a choice of images of high quality but without crop marks or crop marks and bad quality images!

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you!

    PDF presets are the same in InDesign CC, they are in InDesign CS5.

    Choose file > export > Adobe PDF (Print)

    Simply choose a preset PDF which defines the resolution of the image in order to treat his high enough for your printing. There is also an option to print the Page guides and funds lost.

  • High resolution quality of the State of stocks, Adobe and work with the previews?

    I used Sutterstock in the past, but being a CC subscriber, I am seriously investigate Adobe Stock.

    Because you don't actually see the image high resolution up to that after purchasing with Adobe Stock I can't say how easily compare its inventory with Sutterstock.

    I downloaded preview AdobeStock_52339199_WM which was, of course, low resolution and it was much smaller in size (preview 1000 x 662 cases real is 4590 x 3040).  Therefore, I really could not do anything with the preview since it's a "postage stamp" even if Larry White was a video how I was suppose to be able to work with the preview in Photoshop and when done, then buy the license.  And once again, in low resolution, I had know idea, with regard to the quality of the finished product, I'd be buying.

    Any help on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Ray,

    I understand your concern. However, from now on, you will only be able to download the image in watermark, which is a version low resolution of the image. If you like, you can buy a version the same high resolution.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    ~ David

  • Resolution capped at 1136 x 640 on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

    Hi all

    Using Starling or the native display list, I can simply not to return in the actual resolution of an iPhone 6 (1337 x 750) or an iPhone 6 more (1920 x 1080).

    With the help of AIR 15, AND (yes I saw that there are a few hours to download) on Windows or Mac.

    I had problems in the past by recognizing the resolutions because of the images of the launch which is misconfigured. However, I have the [email protected] (1242 x 2208 for iPhone 6 more) correctly loading since the release of AIR *.

    The problem is evident in the main class at native boot with the step time.

    stage.stageWidth = 1920 (configured online since the .swf)

    stage.fullScreenWidth = 1136 (effective duration of resolution)

    This problem occurs ONLY with the iPhone 6 and 6 more. Desktop builds, iPad retina and non-retines and Android devices work well. I tried all the possible configurations in the descriptor, normal mode and full screen, etc etc.

    For now, I have my game not scaling and rendering seems OK, but she is still ongoing at the native resolution of the device.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Thank you!

    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you to notify us of the problem, but we have checked and found that you use the name of the incorrect image to launch the iPhone 6 and plu iPhone. Please find below the correct names.

    iPhone 6: [email protected] (750 x 1334)

    iPhone 6, with: [email protected] (1242 x 2208)

    Please let us know if you still face difficulties.

    Kind regards


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