bad sectors on the hard disk, can't find programs or files

Has worked on my Toshiba laptop and all of a sudden I got these error messages from Windows on bad sectors, cannot find the files...

Well, I am unable to find programs or files... well explore works and it seem like windows must work because the computer starts.  I have

did a scan of spybots and of course we found a few things but that's all.

I had to start a new user account in order to have access to my hard drive and be able to do some repairs... He showed sound quite complete but unable to show all files or these.

Tried a restore back a week, but it did not work.  A check on the hard disk and say he can do so that the system is in use.  I have nothing running!

Don't know what to do next... any suggestions

Thank you for posting a copy of a report of chkdsk on your C partition select Start, run, type "cmd" without the quotes in the box and press ENTER. Type chkdsk, and then press the ENTER key and a report, stating, among other things, a summary of how disk space is used, is provided. If you want a report on a partition or one drive other than C, you need to go to this partition. To access F, where F is the required partition you type F: and press the ENTER key.

Copies of the reports from a command prompt can be tricky. Right click and select mark. This allows to highlight the selected text, and then click on copy. You will then open Word, Notepad or similar file, right click and paste. The selected text transfers your Clipboard to open the file. You can paste directly into a response message to the majority of the forums.

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  • Bad sectors on the HARD disk in cell A10 satellite

    Hi all... I use Win XP on an A10 Satellite with 512 MB of Ram.
    The problem is that my pc is too slow after a format I did yesterday.

    After checking the hard drive found some bad sectors... do I have to replace the drive hard and how can I do?
    Do you know how much GB disk can use? Are there restrictions? Thank you!

    If your HARD drive is not dead then you need not to replace the HARD drive.
    Bad sectors can be repaired easily.

    I would recommend doing this;
    Start the console with the command: CMD
    You can then use the command chkdsk/p/r

    This should help.
    There are a lot of programs that could help to repair the HARD drive.
    Google for "HARD drive repair", "HDDBadSectorRepair. The two applications are useful.

  • y at - it another program which marks bad sectors on the hard drive, so I can continue to use my hard drive?

    Windows 7 does not support fdisk more is what im saying.  y at - it another program which marks bad sectors on the hard drive, so I can continue to use my hard drive?




    Running checkdisk (chkdsk) will mark bad sectors. Utility of these manufacturers
    It will be even better.

    Check the hard disk for errors, health, bad sectors in Windows 7 / 8 / 10

    Bad sectors explained: why hard drives get bad sectors and what you can do about it

    The manufacturer Diagnostic utilities.

    (The old 302602 links isn't now valid for Diagnostics links).

    Manufacturer diagnostic utilities - run one to your hard drive

    Corrected list dated 06/09/2010

    Fujitsu hard drives: utility of diagnosis here

    Hitachi hard drives: utility of diagnosis here

    IBM hard drives: use Hitachi utility *.

    Toshiba hard drives: use Hitachi or Maxtor utilities

    Maxtor hard drives: Diagnostic Utilities here (now SeaGate)

    Quantum hard drives: use the Maxtor utilities

    Seagate hard drives: here Diagnostic utilities

    Conner hard drives: use the Seagate utilities

    Hard drives Samsung: utility of diagnosis here

    Hard drives Western Digital: utility of diagnosis here
    Trial versions of one of these 'might' help.


    HD Tune

    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" experience :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Bad sectors on the hard drive; help to isolate or repair

    Hello, recently I discovered that my windows get to slump that closely mimics a gel at a random time. After a lot of research on this topic, I did several diagnostic tests on my laptop and finally reduced to my hard drive.
    The problem is evident for the following reasons:
    • When I tried to run chkdsk/r/f, which is always translated by he stuck to "step 4: check the data in the file" around 70%.
    • When the slowdown occurs, the resource monitor from Task Manager for the disk activity showed 1 KB/s (not sure if this is suspicious)
    • Tried various hard drive diagnostic tools. WinDLG gets blocked for a certain sector, but has never even if I waited for 6 h +. SeaTools for DOS has reported that the hard drive failed the tests. Dell diagnostic tool also pointed out the hard drive, is not the test of confidence in some sectors. Toshiba Diagnostics tool did not work as I could not highlight the readers so he could test.
    Formally, this means that I have bad sectors on the hard drive and I want to know if there are solutions to 'fix' or isolate him rather than replace the hard drive. The hard drive is only a year old and I would like to get as much time as I can with the drive without having to spend on a new.
    In addition, I also came to this post here which seems to reflect the same situation:
    However, there are a few parts where I am confused and does not really apply to my situation (for example, meanwhile his stage 5, for me its stage 4). Thanks in advance for any help.

    CHKDSK does not indicate a failing hard drive, it indicates problems with the filesystem (NTFS.sys) hard disk.  I like to repeat because that may indicate more out of trouble (if you get several times CHKDSK repair things, then something else is the cause).

    That's what I'm looking for:
    "Windows has made corrections to the file system."
    Know me mistakes.

    DO NOT use the drivers from the resource CD.  They are overwhelmed when you get them.  Go to the Dell support site and download the latest versions here.

    Unfortunately, unless your highly qualified with a soldering iron on small electric parts, then there is no replacement of the part.  Also unfortunately, there is no test for a motherboard problem, so we have to everything else on the rule.

    If it passes all the tests, it indicates that it passed all tests.  All these tests are software - they can not physically 'see' a hardware problem, but can deduct that it based on the results of the tests.

    I suggest you a few additional tests before start thinking that it's the mobo.  They are Prime95 test and tests stress CPU at this link:

    I also suggest another facility 'clean' - just to be sure.  Here's what I propose for a clean install:
    For testing purposes, it is best to install Windows "clean".
    It is, basically, install the way that Microsoft intended (with the drivers from Windows Update).
    This procedure is for Windows 7, Vista is similar (but has 2 service packs)

    You will need your installation/recovery DVD (s) before you start.  Once you wipe the hard drive, there is no going back!

    1 back up all your data.
    It will wipe everything off of your hard drive, so what you want to keep should be backed up elsewhere.

    [b] [u] NOTES: [/ b] [/ u] If this is due to an infection, remember to analyze the data with current antivirus to another system to locate and remove malware.

    2. connect the system to the internet (if the system shows then disconnect from the Internet, do).

    3. use one of these free utilities to wipe the hard drive:
    DBAN (
    KillDisk (
    This will remove also any partition system - then the intallation/recovery recovery DVD are essential!

    4. install Windows by booting from the installation/recovery DVD - [b] [u] DO NOT change any settings! [/ u] [/ b]

    5 visit Windows Update and get all updates

    6 visit Windows Update and download the Service Pack 1 (normally under important updates).  Read these notes for installing SP1:

    7 visit Windows Update and get any other available updates

    8. check device for all unknown/disabled devices Manager - if there are unknown disabled devices, secure them with the latest drivers from the website of the manufacturer of the device (not the PC manufacturer)

    9 download, install and update a free antivirus, so it does not get infected during the test (

    [u] if problems persist [/ u], the problem is probably with your hardware.

    [b] [u] warning: [/ u] [/ b] If you have an Asus motherboard, check the date on the file C:\Windows\System32\driver\ASACPI.sys.  2004/2005 is a problem, 2009,2010 is OK.  Updates are available on the Web from Asus site.

    [b] [u] warning: [/ u] [/ b] If you have a Sony system, make sure that you do NOT have the 2007 version (or earlier) Extension of Firmware of Sony Analyzer (SFEP.sys).  To update this driver immediately!

    [/ quote]

  • My MacBook Pro suddenly crashed. I lost all the programs, including InDesign CS6 I use the most. I installed a new hard disk, can't find my license number. How can I install CC? Adobe does not accept my address, no credit card no etc.

    My MacBook Pro suddenly crashed. I lost all the programs, including InDesign CS6 I use the most. I installed a new hard disk, can't find my license number. How can I install CC? Adobe does not accept my address, no credit card no etc.

    Find your serial No.

    Download & install instructions can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

  • Satellite L20-214 - isolate bad sectors on the HARD drive?

    Dear Sir

    My laptop fell off my table leading to serious hard drive problems. The hard drive now has some bad sectors that can be repaired with the chkdsk command. I managed to get my data on an external hard drive. Despite the bad sectors, I can reinstall it however from the recovery cd. Starting after that time consuming (1.5 hours) and after starting Windows I get the error messages from programs that cannot be started. It's the same thing after each reinstall. My guess is that the recovery disk writes data on the same spot every time both on bad sectors.

    I was wondering if theres a way to fix or even isolate bad sectors on the disk, so I can continue to use my laptop.

    Your help is very appreciated.


    You can try HDD Regenerator 1.61 (HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them).
    However, the best way is to buy a new hard drive :)

  • Bad sectors on the hard drive

    My neighbor's daughter brought me his cell phone more, g6-1d20ca model. It does not start. There is a loop on the text of recovery. I ran my "CD Boot" (Hiren s) on this topic and saw that the hard drive was littered with bad sectors. The HD is obviously toast. My Question: Is - this acceptable once I replaced the HD to load my version of Win 7 64 bit on his cell phone, but the use of its Windows product key? The part of the recovery of the HD is inaccessible. It's never the disks when she bought the laptop. I then download the drivers and others on the HP website. Is this legally possible?

    Forward to your response.

    Yes, as long as your version corresponds to its key. Like Home Premium.

    You can order a recovery media for about $17 (I ordered last time) of his models support page:

  • Boots only to the Startup Repair. Hardware diagnostics found bad blocks on the hard disk. is it possible to move data outside of Windows?

    Original title: Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.  Recently, he stopped working and would go only to the screen that asks if you want to run the Startup Repair tool.

    Of course whenever I launch it, it goes back to this screen.  Check the diagnostics through the F12 boot, I had three error codes: 0F00:1344, 0244 and 1 A 44.  These were all on the same three blocks.  The message was impossible to read, replace the drive.  I'm really the most responsible for recover my photos, documents, etc. and have an external hard drive.  Is it possible to do so, even if Windows (Vista in this case) will not start?


    You can try these methods

    Data recovery

    1. remove the hard drive and it slave in another computer

    2 buy or borrow a USB disk drive hard put in yout case then plug it into another computer and read the hard drive like this

    3. try Knoppix


    BUT this method depends on your hardware in the computer that failed

    If this does not work, you may need to contact the data recovery specialists

  • I had an accident with 9 critical errors 'boot sector of the hard disk is damaged; Hard drive does not match the system requests and sounding more serious elements do - what do I do now?

    My thought is that this may be a false reading Trojan horse on my nerves because I ran what looked like a MS system restore, it cleaned 5 errors, but 9, that he could not do.  When I clicked on a button, it says buy now.  Theyw ant 84.95 to fix the rest of the messages.  This doesn't [t seem to hide me.

    In any case, I have about 20 messages in cascade of ereror file, most say that delay writing failed.

    I'm NOT a COMPUTER GEEK I need assistance, but to do the answer: Fisher-Price for me to try anything out of the ordinary, which means that I have not the slightest idea.

    Thank you

    Rich Allen

    It seems you are running a software fake Antivirus or fake-SystemRestoration. They pay for nothing, and often their so-called problems reported are false also.
    You should get a decent Antivirus software and check your computer against viruses and malware.
    Check free antivirus: you can get the trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012:

  • When you run a system scan for errors or bad sectors on the hard drive it creates a log file

    If so where is it stored

    Vista Home Premium


    CHKDSK (short for Checkdisk)-<-- see="" the="" vista="" log="">

    How to read the log of the event viewer to check disk (chkdsk) in Windows

    Journal of checkdisk is EventViewer which is easy to read with the 2nd utility here.

    Look in the Event Viewer to see the newspaper.

    Control Panel - Classic view - administrative tools - event - left panel - Windows logs Viewer-
    under the above - click on request - in the scroll of the middle column the list indicating the Source-
    Click Wininit - right panel - event Wininit - click event properties - new window will open
    with the journal you want. Scroll as needed. Event ID is 1001.


    If you clear the log before planning checkdisk it is easier to find, however by time
    and Date should be pretty easy.

    MyEventViewer - free - a simple alternative in the standard event viewer
    Windows. TIP - Options - Advanced filter allows you to see a time rather
    of the entire file.


    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Satellite P10-304: bad sectors on the disk - how to fix?

    My drive HARD drive bad sectors developed and replacement needs, does anyone know how to do this?

    My model is a P10-304.

    In addition, Windows will not start upward in my old HDD because of bad sectors and the drive is protected by Norton and back, does anyone know how to bypass or disable round trip


    I found these tips how to disable the Norto Go Back tool.
    You can uninstall it from your computer, disable GoBack to your laptop press 'space' GoBack screen button and select the option "disable" GoBack.

    Follow these steps:
    1. reboot your computer.
    2. when the Norton GoBack splash screen appears, press the SPACEBAR.
    3. in the Norton GoBack boot menu, click on disable.
    A message informs you that disable Norton GoBack erases history and you will not be able to run the hard drive or hard disk restore advanced restore until Norton GoBack is turned back on.
    4. click on Yes.
    5. click on continue.
    Your computer restarts automatically, and Norton GoBack is off
    After restarting the laptop, I recommend once again using the following key: CTRL + ALT + G.
    Immediately press on and hold the keys Ctrl + Alt + G after restarting the laptop you. A message you giving the possibility to force the removal of GoBack master boot record. Press F to force the removal of GoBack master boot record.

    If failure of keys Ctrl + Alt + G in the first time then try this again for three or four times until you get the prompt to remove the master boot record of GoBack.
    Finally, restart the computer.

    To fix bad sectors on the HARD drive, you could boot from the XP CD to use the console of "repair".
    And then use the CHKDSK /p command to repair the bad sectors.

    Good luck

  • access all information on the hard disk for all users.

    I tried to set up a link today from my new laptop computer Windows 7 my most top of desktop running vista.  The liaison program stated that the administrator on my old computer was only a temporary user.  I tried to set up the account as a permanent user without realizing that it would replace the current account.  I have now no access to programs from hard drive of the main user I was using.  I was wondering if there is anything I can do to access the hard disk with this user and import files?  I forgot almost all programs appear on the computer but open to anything.

    Hi kismet.

    1. What do you mean by link program?

    2. What have you tried to do?

    3. how many accounts do you currently on the computer and what are they?

    4. what happens when you try to access the files on the hard drive?

    It seems that you do not have permissions to access the files on the hard drive.

    I suggest that take you the files and folder try to access.

    To take ownership of a folder

    (a) right click on the folder you want to take control and then click Properties.

    (b) click on the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the owner tab.

    (c) click on Edit. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    (d) click on the name of the person you want to give to the property.

    (e) If you want that person to be the owner of the files and subfolders in this folder, select the check box Replace owner subcontainers and objects .

    (f) click OK.

    Troubleshoot "access denied" when opening files or folders

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I bought a whole new office 27 "Mac provided with Adobe CS6. Everything worked like a charm until the 1 TB hard drive, developed a bad sector and the Apple Store reinstalled a new I had extended warranty with them. The recycled player I

    I bought a whole new office 27 "Mac provided with Adobe CS6. Everything worked like a charm until the 1 TB hard drive, developed a bad sector and the Apple Store reinstalled a new I had extended warranty with them. They are recycled the disc immediately (like crazy, I don't ask for this return to get the data off it.) But fortunately, I have all my data on CrashPlan. I downloaded it and it was working fine except that I downloaded it on the desk and not the original location so he had succeed. I also have an external 1.5 TB drive that I wanted to make it bootable, so I installed Mavericks 10.9.3. Then I advanced and installed on disk newly installed too.

    I think that because I have a new reader that adobe thinks, I have a new computer. I bought the 27 "Mac new on Ebay and it came loaded with the software, including CS6. I have a serial number for CS6, but Adobe says that it was not valid. (I've owned CS2 and CS4 now CS6 that came preloaded on the Mac by the seller who told me that the software has been registered for the Mac?

    I'll re - download the backup to the original location but this time (I still don't think that it will work with Adobe.) What can I do about it?

    iMac 27 inches, end of 2012

    Processor 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

    Memory 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1024 MB 675MX

    Software  OS X 10.9.3 (13D 65) @.

    You must contact Adobe Support by chat or phone when you have the serial number and activation problems.

    Here is a link to a page with options to help make contact:

  • Had to reinstall my CS3 because of faulty hard drive. It does not accept my serial number as it says it is already used the maximum number of activations and says I should turn off. I can't as the hard disk failed! Please help.

    Had to reinstall my CS3 because of faulty hard drive. It does not accept my serial number as it says it is already used the maximum number of activations and says I should turn off. I can't as the hard disk failed! Please help.

    Have already tried to contact Adobe and they told me to reinstall the program. I did this and the same issue. It's crazy. I can not turn off something that I did not more...

    Thank you.

    No - I had, of course, tried all these things. Finally, I had someone (after several days) on the personal chat group that could fix and it did it in a few minutes. Too bad that nobody else seemed to be able to do. Adobe is very soft.

    I can't thank enough the other person - it was amazing.

  • Re: Satellite Pro A40 - can I change the HARD disk or the same model?

    Hi Forum,

    do I have to wait for safe trouble by changing the hard disk between the following laptops:

    old or damaged laptop:
    SPA40 model PSA45E - 0013T - number GR
    Series No. 34127882 H

    new/own laptop
    SPA40 PSA45E-001VM-GR model number
    Series N0.34117607H

    Thanks in advance for your advice


    You can do it. No problem at all. Hard drives are not specific model of laptop parts and with hard drives is important compatibility.
    On the new laptop, which you can use different hard drives. Important is that use you compatible HARD drive.

    Just do it. After Exchange of HARD drive install Os again and everything will be OK.

Maybe you are looking for