battery low life iphone 5s

I got an iphone 5S for 9 months and the lie of the battery is really poor, it takes about 7 hours with minimal use, so you can not had our during a full day without the battery running out.  I went to the Apple store and they ran some tests and reset the phone again, but it did not really help.  What are my options?

Applications running in the background are probably the cause, sometimes get-Mail stuck connecting to the mail server, or some social media like Facebook app can also be a reason for the extended background activity.

Again put the phone back to factory settings, without using backups or 3rd party applications installed, manually configure the personal data and the test battery life.

If he is back to normal, restore FRO the last backup again.

Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

May also take a look at this page about battery drain

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  • Want X 360 m6: battery low life - is it OK to keep laptop plugged in

    I recently bought an Envy X 360 laptop and the battery life is not great. I used recommended batteries, saving settings! My question is this: is bad to keep my laptop plugged in for most of the time (where the House)?

    The reason why I ask this question is that an old laptop and my overheated from the power supply and motherboard were a single unit, the computer crashed and burned!

    Thank you



    Laptops today have smart cards and smart batteries which means that the adapter is supposed to stop charging the battery when the battery is fully charged.

    You can keep the charger connected to the laptop, most of the time, but I suggest that you unplug the charger from the battery twice a month and run the laptop battery until you get the notification to connect to an external power source.

    Here are some useful battery care tips...

  • I have a question please. Are the activation of wifi, Bluetooth and 3G while I'm outdoor consume the battery of my iPhone (6 s) and reduce its life expectancy?

    I have a question please. Are the activation of wifi, Bluetooth and 3G while I'm outdoor consume the battery of my iPhone (6 s) and reduce its life expectancy?

    If you want your Apple Watch to stay connected to the phone, you need to keep compatible BlueTooth.

    All functions of the phone will use up the battery life. Some things more than others. Screen brightness, low cell signal strength and location services are major culprits. If you are having battery problems, see this article: y-drain

    I don't know what it means being out of doors has to do with the question.

  • 5s short battery life iPhone, phone like new 6 months.

    I bought my iPhone about 6 months ago. I have problems with the battery life. I plug all night. Unplug in the morning and about 4 hours he spends 100% to 40%, even without me using the telephone. I thought to buy a new battery from Amazon and change myself. I found videos on YouTube showing how do, and it seems very easy to do. Someone out there chaned their own battery before? Was it easy to do? And your phone has worked for you once you have changed your battery yourself?

    Just thought I ask. I am one of these people if it's something I can do for my part, I do. Does anyone has an entry on the situation before I try this on my own?


    The battery on the iPhone is not replaceable by the user. The battery - if that is the real problem - is covered by the limited warranty of one year of Apple.  If the iPhone is out of warranty, Apple also offers a service of the battery. The cost for this varies across countries (currently $79 in the United States, for example).

    However, as a first step, I suggest that you try to solve the problem of life battery. You can, for example, to consider measures such as:

    If the problem persists, I suggest you contact Apple technical support or make a Genius Bar reservation for assistance in identifying / confirming the issue and, if necessary, to set up your service from the available battery options, time and cost.

    To check your warranty status:

    More information:

    price of Service - Support Apple iPhone

  • How much does it cost for a replacement battery for an iPhone 5

    How much does it cost for a replacement battery for an iPhone 5

    In the United States, $79,00.

    IPhone battery & Power - official Apple Support

  • Satellite C50-B-19V - RTC battery low

    Hi all

    I ask your help.

    I have 15-inch Toshiba Satellite C50-B-19V laptop.
    It is 2 years old.

    I get RTC battery low message the laptop turned OFF for awhile (without adapter).
    When I turn it on, I have to re - set the Date and time in the BIOS.

    So I fully recharge via an adapter, and every time I put it to sleep the clock stops just when I put on standby.
    So if I put for example standby at 10:00 on March 2, 2016, and I turn it on at 12:00 on March 2, 2016, the clock says 10:00 and March 2, 2016 (the date is not lost).

    Laptop works well when on battery (without adapter).
    I have WIN 8 is installed.

    RTC battery low message is displayed after the laptop is off (no adapter) for a while... (a few days).

    Above mentioned laptop is NOT a pile of separate clock when back cover is removed (no battery is visible on the motherboard)...

    What to do in this case?

    Waiting for your response.
    Thank you very much!

    I would say that the RTC is low and that maybe it's the other side of the motherboard. Find and download the manual for your machine. All PCs have batteries for the CCF and to keep some of the BIOS settings. If it is not under an agreement of service of any kind, take it to a technician, you trust and let check. Otherwise repair by the company with which you have permission. The battery will be there somewhere. They can be painted, I saw that with some motherboards desktop.

  • Satellite C580 - plugged says a "Full load", unplugged it indicates "battery low 4%."

    My laptop is plugged (Satellite C580-1 kN) it says "completely charged 100%", but when unplugged, it indicates "battery low 4%."

    Does anyone know what is the problem?
    Thank you!

    How old is your battery?

    It is possible that the battery is not working properly...
    You must know that sooner or later any battery will lose their effectiveness.

    So even if the battery charge notification says battery is fully charged, the charge level may be very low...
    In this case only the replacement of the battery could help you.

  • Internal battery low - error 601 before Windows starts

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6 (XG737UA #ABA product number and model dv6 - 3163 cl) under Windows 7 Home Premium.  I tested, tried callibrating and nothing helped.  My battery meter shows that it gets only a max of 77% support and then stops to load.

    Then I turned off my laptop, unplugged the power cord from the laptop, then took the removable battery Pack, connected plug it back in and then laptop powered on with only the power cord is plugged in.  I don't have the 601 error message while booting.  Issues related to the:

    (1) this means that small piece of internal clock battery is not the problem, but rather the removable battery black, great is the question?

    (2) If Yes to the above, just replace the battery 593554-001?  I want a 6, 9 or 12 cells (I guess that the largest cell, the years more it will last)?  I found these:

    (3) while I wait for the battery to arrive, is - it safe power the computer with the battery pack intact and functioning, or I want to only run the laptop with the battery and connected computer?  The latter will be difficult because I need to walk from one place to another with the laptop.

    Thank you!


    Hello mikechicago,.

    I see that you have an error message internal battery low. I'll try to help you.

    To answer, you have any questions.

    (1) is based on the fact that if the removal of the battery at the back, the error is gone, this would imply that the question is indeed with this paste and not the battery cmos.

    (2) on page 53 of the maintenance and Service guide, you will find the support of the spare laptop battery you with reference numbers. Who should answer this question.

    (3) it has not recommended to continue to use the battery. For now until you receive the replacement, it would be better to use it plugged in.

    I hope that it has been able to answer all your questions.
    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

  • iOS 10 effect on the life of the battery for the iPhone 6 s

    I bought a 6 s iPhone 64GB one month before the release of iOS 10. I noticed a huge difference in the life of battery since the upgrade to iOS 10 and iPhone is to have the latest version (iOS 10.0.2). I have disabled some features, I found online as lift to wake and reduced the flow for the life of the reserve battery but still not satisfied with the result. Can someone please guide me what can I do? or if it can be reviewed and fixed in the next software update?

    I had this problem too. I went into settings > battery and checked my battery usage and fixed applications with a background activity that was it drains. But it's still pretty dark. I had to leave my phone mode low power just to prevent it from falling down for like 60% after only being on 3 hours.

  • iPhone 3GS force "battery low" startup


    If last year, I got this 3 g iPhone I tried to go to work. He had a kind of logical card error or something. After hours spent trying during a week or two, I gave up. Since then, I have collected 8 others. But today, I decided to give it another shot. It 'won't' always reload. Already, I have determined that there is a hardware problem. I hit it hard enough and it will say that it charges for a minute and then stops. Even when he says not that he is in charge, it does not start. However, I know that there a load because when I unplug it, it shows the low battery symbol plug. When it does not start, it will load up and work for a few days or stops automatically because of the "stack". So, is there a way to force the phone to start and bypass auto power off low battery? any help is appreciated! Thank you!

    No - honestly it sounds like this iPhone battery is just worn out.  Until or unless you put a new battery in there, I doubt this will never be usable again.

  • Low battery T430s life?

    Hey everybody,

    I opened my new Thinkpad T430s return on 4 January and have done the research/fact of many attempts to try to maximize my battery life, but still, I can manage only barely 2.5 hours on parameters very, very cautious. ... Is this normal? I sure hope not. My specs are:

    OS: Windows 8 64


    1440 x 900 HD + screen

    Intel Core i5 3320 M

    NVIDIA NVS (optimus?) 5200 m Graphics (1 GB of video ram)

    Intel HD graphics integrated 4000

    Machine model 2352CTO

    Do I have a bad battery, or it is more plausible that my computer is down? My battery is a Sanyo FRU 45N1037. I'll admit that I got my bios for "only integrated graphics" as a.) I don't know how and don't want to screw up my computer and b later.) I thought what to see in Windows 8,'s done it for you automatically. Pu on a jury I've seen this option when you scroll a little back of certain parameters of the system.

    Clearly, with only 2.5 autonomy MAXIMUM, with a battery 6-cell, ultra-conservative settings, battery stretch activated, etc., something must be faulty, such as the battery. Right?

    This could be the case if you're running Windows 8 with nvidia optimus works.

    Go into the bios of T430s and under the integrated Intel GPU graphic switch and see what happens.

    Win 8, my T430s with i7 + Integrated GPU became just about 2.5 hours of battery life, which is very short.

  • battery on the iPhone 6 s problem more

    This year, in January, I bought this phone! Up to what a week ago the battery was the best! All that I want this phone I got it all day! Very late in the night, the battery capacity is about 20%, and it's OK.

    seven days, I have a big problem with ability? "Somewhere" lost? I use the same operations like everyday?

    Does anyone have this kind of problem?

    It's very frustrating to this very expensive phone!

    Dusko m wrote:

    This year, in January, I bought this phone! Up to what a week ago the battery was the best! All that I want this phone I got it all day! Very late in the night, the battery capacity is about 20%, and it's OK.

    seven days, I have a big problem with ability? "Somewhere" lost? I use the same operations like everyday?

    Does anyone have this kind of problem?

    It's very frustrating to this very expensive phone!

    If you are concerned this may be a failure of the battery itself, lithium-ion batteries are the standard in the industry. There's not a lot of brand magic here. Download the the battery life on the App Store and check the status of your battery. Sometimes, they may fail at the beginning. If so, you're guaranteed to you in your 1 year.

    Otherwise, potentially got something displayed/hidden in the background that is eating your battery while you are not intending to use a certain feature? This can happen during the last update for you. It is not common, but it happens.  See the following articles and run through your phone to see if everything made unnecessaries your iPhone do more work there.

    On the cellular data settings and usage on your iPhone / iPad - Apple Support

    You can also check the settings > battery to see if all the [referred to in article 1] specific apps are emptied most of your battery. Tap on the last 7 days instead of 24 hours for the best assessment of the present.

  • How long should the battery in an iPhone 6 last until it is unusable?

    It is a very difficult question a Word - say nothing of life in terms of hours, but more in terms of months/years!

    We have 3 iPhone of 6 in the family. They all get pretty heavy use, but 2 of them still work OK, while the other has serious battery issues - i.e. it only lasts a few hours and then it starts to fade (although he apparently has a lot of cool left). We tried to deep discharge, but it seems impossible because it keeps turning the medium before remaining battery fell to 10%. Unfortunately, the diagnostics apple say that is not bad enough to be replaced (which is not a question of warranty).

    It was only 16 months old.

    Is this normal?

    It does not seem normal to me. I would take it to an Apple Retail Store for evaluation.

  • Behavior strange battery on the iPhone 5 with iOS 9.2

    After installing iOS on iPhone 9.2 5 phone consumes my battery unusually quickly and in a very strange way.

    Specifically, after be recharged to 100%, it can go up to almost 60 to 50% within 1-2 hours of waiting use or with some very basic internet as e-mail, facebook, whats app etc. (not youtube or other battery consuming requests, no call phone and not a lot of applications running on the bottom). If I do 2-3 a few phone calls, the battery can easily go to 0. Another strange issue is that sometimes when the battery indication is around 60-65% the phone is suddenly switched off indicating low battery. I can't turn back on until I plug in power. Then my battery will immediately 0% back to 60-65% and charing. If I disconnect the cable again and wait a few minutes, it climbs from 60 percent to 15 percent. If I connect the cable again, as it did at 60%. A few more times, he spends 40 to 45% to 10% in both directions.

    My wife has an iPhone 5 with iOS installed 9.2 and has similar problems with the battery. On previous versions of the software that we have never had such problems, the battery is sufficient for use throughout the day with plenty of internet and other applications and a few phone calls. My phone is now almost useless, the only way to take the battery throughout the day is to have it on the stand mode with all applications closed and no phone call, and once again the battery remains close to 100% for a long time.

    Is a known, issue y at - it solution or something I can do like downgrade the SW, or should I wait for the next version of the software be released?

    Make an appointment at the genius bar and have checked phones.

    Some units of the iPhone 5 have been manufactured with a defective battery. Apple has a program in place to replace them for free. You can check here serial numbers if your phone is part of the program.

  • battery low perfomance

    my computer laptop battery perfomance is very low. Its a dell product... battery performance is in fact 3: bt it cmes up to 1 and half hour. I had the same problem before, but as my oprating system has been corrupted, so I formatted my system. After formatting, battery perfomance was good but again once I've the same problem of battery. i ' l be always updated my antivirus and I use avast antivirus. so please help to fix the problem. I want to know what is the exact reason for this problem.

    If you are not satisfied with the information provided, contact your mobile PC manufacturer. If you purchased the battery separately from the notebook computer, contact the manufacturer of the battery.

    I've also included some tips on how to prolong the life of your battery

    How to extend your battery life

    The storage capacity of the battery will degrade over time, based on the use of your laptop. This degradation is normal for all rechargeable batteries. If you run your laptop on battery often, requiring one or more refills per day, the battery will degrade more quickly and requires a replacement more quickly than a battery that is used occasionally. Temperature and humidity influence the battery's storage capacity. Store the battery and the laptop somewhere cool and dry.

    Under normal conditions, a battery should run well for more than a year, but it will retain less fresh whenever he reloads.

    Tips to maximize the life of the battery:

    • Turn down the brightness of the screen.

    • Use the energy saver power Plan.

    • Buy another battery to limit the number of re-charge on a battery.

    • Remove the battery from the laptop when not in use.

    • Store your laptop somewhere cool and dry.

    • Do not charge the battery for more than 8 hours.

    • Remove the battery from the laptop when using current alternative to avoid the short charge and discharge cycles.


    • When you store a battery for a long period of time, it must be stored in a cool, dry place with about 50% charge on the battery. A battery stored with little remaining load can completely discharge and not being able to be recharged.

    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer"or if you find it useful, mark it as useful by clicking the 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

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