Hi all

I had presented my BB Smartphone App to March 9 on the BB supplier portal.
But it is not yet approved. His past almost 1 month.
Please tell me where to post or contact at who.

Thank you


Thank you
It seems that it will work.

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  • How long does it take to get the app review?

    Hello BB Team.

    How long does it take to get the app review about? I sent this last February 28 with 2 majors bugs ExitToLive app.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards.

    9 days is not too bad at the moment. I got a few apps take a lot longer then than an update.

  • How to disable the daily app reviews

    How to disable the daily app reviews

    Please check if this helps:



  • BlackBerry smartphone App reviews are deleted (solved - not deleted)

    Not sure why this is happening.

    I downloaded an application and provided constructive feedback (as opposed to the auto-generated messages 'I love it'). I gave 2 stars at the request and took a screenshot when the exam was visible on the screen. A minute later, the review has disappeared and I started to understand why the app has so high ratings - they simply remove those they do not like.

    EDIT: I see the review in the system. Maybe it was some delays in the processing of messages. No worries now.

    What app?

  • App, networking, process cloud runaways; Very slow to connect to servers, high fan

    I have the same problem on two different computers. A new installation (of Sierra of MacOS) (with costs users, no restored settings, preferences, etc.) fixed, but not the other. (Past the wire: all Web apps suddenly slow; fan high speed).

    On the computer that still does not, have the following processes often rampant and prevents the computer access to the servers to load pages, apps, etc..

    • trustd
    • Mail
    • messaging networks
    • Safari
    • Networking of Safari
    • storeaccountd
    • AKD
    • accountsd
    • nsurlstoraged
    • nsurlsessiond
    • syncdefsultsd
    • cloudd

    Obviously the issue transcends the user the user and settings (because it affects the settings and new users).

    So I guess that it is a problem with iCloud? A question of trousseau (iCloud)? How to fix this?

    I am VERY interested in any orientation.

    I just tried these steps recommended for new users of macOS with wifi problems:

    The problem persists.

  • App review status


    I post an app for BlackBerry AppWorld more than a week ago.

    Do you know how long it takes to receive a feedback?

    Or is it possible to get contacted for whether an action is required on my side?

    This is my first submission and I feel a little lost

    Thank you in advance!


    It sometimes takes more long, sometimes shorter.

    Maximum duration is 2 weeks to process the application.

    Also, I sometimes have to wait loooooong...

  • Web App registration process - release of press items by sub-category?

    This is the process of Listing of Web application - Press Articles by subcategory:

    1. click on the menu "category" list on the Home Page

    I chose computers and their devices.

    2 computers and their devices Category page with subcategory displayed in the inner column using the drop-down list:

    Interior - model category with the drop-down list of related subcategories


    < select name = "CAT_Category" id = "CAT_Category" class = "cat_listbox" >

    {module_webapps, 29111, c, {{CategoryID}}, alphabetical}

    < / select >

    NOTE: 29111 is ID Web App - subcategories and the CategoryID is the ID for computers and peripherals category selected in the menu.

    In Web App - list subcategory template Layout is the following code:


    < option value = "{#tag_name}" > {tag_name} - {module_webappscount, 29117, c, {tag_categoryid}} < / option >

    NOTE: 29117 is ID Web App - press release. Aims to list all the subcategories related to computers and devices category

    and to show that the number of press releases to the listed subcategory.

    It is the inner workings of code - above {module_webapps, 29111, c, {{CategoryID}}, alphabetical}

    How to select an item from the drop-down list and go immediately to the subcategory Page?

    On the category Page, there is once again a drop down list of subcategories of the category computers and devices at the top of the

    inner column but less is a list of press releases related to the selected subcategory above.


    < select name = "CAT_Category" id = "CAT_Category" class = "cat_listbox" >

    {module_webapps, 29111, alphabetical c, {{parentID}},}

    < / select >

    < hr / >

    < h2 > press releases - {{categoryName}} < / h2 >

    {module_webapps, 29117, c, {{CategoryID}}, 10, 1, date}

    Previously, I used {module_webapps, 29111, c, {{CategoryID}}, 10, 2, alphabetical} without the < select > tag

    but it don't market not see well on an iPhone. The list is too cramped in width. Each element of the subcategory in the list is a link

    and if you click on the link with the fact that he goes to this category Page in the inner column press releases. It works but

    drop-down list work better for mobile devices, specifically phones.


    If you use liquid you should really use the named modules now, not tags inherited old module.

    You can just style differently or simply to convert a list into a drop down list with javascript and CSS 100% better then even a drop-down list, thinking it's a menu.

  • Allowing the review process

    We use review Acrobat allowing installation in or workflow. Once the pdf is enabled for the part allowing the process, if the file is opened in the same system the guest button Acrobat Connect. Ideally guest would not come. How to avoid this problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Hey Shiva,

    Please try to fix the installation under the Help menu.

    You can also consult this KB document Adobe Acrobat X Pro * review a PDF

    I would like to know if it works.

    Kind regards


  • App generation process. using JHeadstart.

    Hello! I want to know if I understand the App with JHeadstart development process (see- Based on this schema, I wrote the below process:

    1. first of all, we create ADF BC using Assistant JDeveloper.
    2. can activate us JHeadstart on the RESUME draft that creates the application definition file.
    3. then we create DEFINITION of Service JHeadstart (ADF BC metadata file) created BC.
    4. use of these ADF (definition of the Service) metadata in approx. Definition Editor, we GENERATE application that uses templates.
    5 generator model generates the necessary files, JSF, JSP. JSF + ADFc; ADF model, data binding, data controls.

    Am I right, I described the process in app development in JHS tool correctly? If not, then say where I'm wrong?

    Hope your answers, cordially, debugger.

    Published by: Debuger October 6, 2011 01:49

    Published by: Debuger October 6, 2011 01:50

    That is right.
    For more information:
    -Jheadstart tutorial:
    -The JHeadstart Developer's guide:

    Steven Davelaar,
    JHeadstart team.

  • Able to start the app server/process schduler under Windows Servie?

    Hi guys,.

    I wonder if there is a way to start the Scheduler of the server/app as a windows service process?

    Thanks for any input.


    For PT 8.49 check here:

    For PT 8.50 check here:

  • BlackBerry App reviews on Amazon App Store

    I didn't love the Amazon App Store for 10.3.1. For one on my phone he uses a lot of memory and the software are obsolete. I downloaded an App of the Amazon App Store I wanted an App that wasn't in the Amazon store, so I installed 1 mobile market and who told me that the app that I just installed Amazon had an update. I looked online on Google game and yes there is an update, but Amazon did not give me the latest version. You can not download an application on Amazon and try to update using a different market Place. It's not fair on BlackBerry, it's the same even on Amazon always has obsolete applications. I think the deletion of Amazon AppStore.

    Try to install the snap.  You get the most up-to-date versions.  However, some applications will not work because of Google Services is required.  Amazon usually gives you apps that will work, but maybe not the most up-to-date.

  • App approval process terrible/broken?

    s is it just me or is extremely frustrating dealing with people at the Blackberry?

    I have an application that has been approved for sale Z10, Q10 and Playbook.  It must be a terribly long time to get an approval (up to a week), but it's ok.

    The latest updates, I've tried to push through with false claimants have been denied.  Ask for an explanation or a screenshot showing the problem is left unanswered for a week even if I responded immediately to the e-mail address of denial.  Once I asked for a check, I had an excuse 'we made a mistake' - I asked them to go ahead and approve the app then, but who went has answered completely.  Now, I transferred an another update for my application, but it was also denied by another person with a claim that I know is wrong.  It's as if they're making excuses so they hide behind the fact that you can not email directly for clarification.

    After a month, I already have enough of Blackberry.  How they expect to compete with the rival platforms when they make it so difficult for developers?

    Hi Tom,

    I want to help you solve this problem. Could you please send me a private message with the name of the application or your provider code?

    Thank you


  • How can I anonymize my pdf for an academic review process?

    Hello. I am an academic reviewer. I placed comments in the pdf file and now want to send the log, and the authors who see in the document should not be able to know who is the examiner (me). Can you please tell me how to do this quickly? I did 68 inline comments.

    Thank you!

    You can do this manually or with a script.

    To do this manually open the comments Panel, select all comments in the list, right-click one of them, and then select Properties.

    Switch to the general tab, clear the name of the author and press OK. It should change all of them at once.

  • To access the OS browser app reviews web host


    I created my vmware Player (X) application using a vmdk disk file.

    There was a single web application deployed in the comments that is accessible in the browser firefox comments. ( http://< localhost/hostname >: 8080)- Tomcat

    My question is - is it possible to access the same web application from my host machine browser by typing the URL. Unfortunately at this time I couldn't able to access.

    For ex: http://< GuestVMIP/hostname >: 8080 (Tomcat)

    Settings of the player hostname & VMware

    (1) add the host ip address and hostname in/etc/hosts

    (2) card WLAN - NAT: used to share the IP address of the host

    SystemOPERATING SYSTEMIPAddressHost nameInternet
    HostWindows 10192.168.x.xPHY:/var/Xen/domains/testwin/disk.img,had,wwork
    CommentsCentOS 6.5127.0.0.1testcentwork

    (3) vmware Ifconfig is included in the image.


    Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi Wila,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I solved this problem. to be precise, the question is how to establish communication between the host operating system and the guest operating system.

    I never thought that this was much simpler. Broke my head with lots of DHCP/static IP configurations.

    Running order with access root and its given an ip liaison to the guest operating system (CentOS) output. That intellectual property allowing access to the web applications of comments through the host browser.

    dhcpcl - v

  • Y at - it a newer version of the Adobe publishing for iPad Apps Viewer process?

    The version I have is October 2011.
    Is there any new version?

    Thank you.

    Yes, download the latest version (v20) of the DPS dashboard.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Unable to access several sites and install apps in the appstore. A possible malware issue. What should I do?

    Hey guys,. I am using a 8 GB Mac Mini with an i5 processor clocked at 2.6 GHz Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F27). I don't have problems with this until I visited a torrent site (I hate invited but unfortunately I did this time). Since that unfortunate

  • HP Deskjet 2540 don't Scan

    Hello I just got this today.  Prints fine, but it doesn't scan.  I've tried printing & scanning doctor several times, but it will not solve the problem. How do I get this to analyze? Thank you

  • Willy Introscope in Windows Server 2008 R2 Instalation problem

    I am not able to launch willy introscope setup in windows server 2008 R2? Its a must program for me to install. It is a the latest version .exe file. Whenever I click on this file, nothing happens. I tried to use run as Admin, but it is also useless.

  • Windows 7 clients must update the printer driver for no reason

    I have a problem with my Windows 7 clients in the field. We have 2012 print server and multiple printers installed on it. I installed a new printer Canon IR with a new Canon's Web page driver. After I did, almost all clients Windows 7 got a caveat th

  • Questions about Muse's private beta program

    I really want to join the beta program private muse, but I just read this in the terms and conditions9. export restrictions.Licensee acknowledges that the preliminary of the software licensed under the terms of this agreement is subject to the laws o