Black Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro screen

Hi guys,.

My name is Lim. I have improved my Yoga 3 for Windows 10 months back. Now with the recent update of Windows 10 (called Service Pack) I was meet with a black screen whenever I have start in the lock screen, but everything is running.

I have to close my lid and open again to be able to see the lock screen image and the sign in screen. If I restart after sign in successfully, the black screen appearing more. But if I stop the Yoga for a few hours or more then the black screen reappears.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? What is a driver conflict problem? I'm not sure that I reinstalled some drivers, especially the driver Intel HD, but it still happens.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Lim

Please disable the fast boot option

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    I hope someone can help. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and my screen constantly flickers! I guess it's because as his clashes with some pre installed software lenovo. someone at - it the same problem? I don't think its any other software that I have many installed on my PC as I normally only use webapps (only the additions usual google chrome, anti virus)

    model name: 80HE Lenovo yoga 1370 pro 3

    appreciate your help. I'm going crazy with this

    see you soon


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    Is there a way to challenge me or what I can do?

    My advice would be to get it fixed under warranty...

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    Lately the time and date on my Lenovo yoga 2 pro are always off by one day and one hour. Even when I change back to normal date and time manually, they return to the incorrect date and time. How can I fix?

    Turn off your computer. Press the button (the small button next to the power button) OKR. Select BIOS > set the date and the correct time.

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    Go to the Photoshop preferences > experimental features > scale IU 200%

    I don't know if has Illustrator of the same function, but you can view this forum.

    Note: If this answers your question, please mark as answer.

  • Lenovo, Yoga 2 Pro - broken Autorotate

    Autorotation is broken, basically trying useless rendering Mode. I bought it less than 2 weeks ago. It is running Windows 8.1. I have updated the BIOS to fix the yellow and have not uninstalled one of the applications of Lenovo, McAffee even not.

    The laptop was working fine until last night. I was told it was a problem that happens to others and they fix it by restarting. I have rebooted 3 times and it still needs work.

    Can anyone help?

    Check these steps below

    1 make sure that you do not have inadvertenly press the screen rotation lock button (right next to the volume rocker) in tablet mode. Try toggleing it in tablet mode.

    2 panel-> display-> screen resolution, to allow the screen to auto-rotation is verified

    3 services, make sure the sensor monitoring Service is running (you can try to to stop/start manually for troubleshooting)

    Hope this helps

  • Mode of conservation Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

    I recently returned from a weeklong trip during which I didn't have my phone. When I got home today, this mode of conservation flashed warning on my screen:

    The battery is charged to a high capacity

    Stay above 70% capacity for a long period of time is detrimental to the health of the battery. Select the 'Mode of Conservation' in the settings.

    How harmful to the health of my battery is to have left almost full load (off) for a week?

    It is best to leave the battery about half full, if you let it sit unused for awhile.  Also if you often keep permanently connected, it will have a longer life if you use conservation mode so that it never charges greater than 70%.

  • Lenovo, Yoga 2 Pro - What distro of linux are more compatible?

    Hi all

    I created this thread for what is in question.

    The biggest problem I've seen, is that hardware (Intel N7260) wireless is compatible only since 3.10 nuclei.


    Because of this problem, I found the only compatible distribution in Fedora.

    Can someone help me with some info as always that I don't know?

    Thank you


    I use Ubuntu 14.10 dev

    Any device works fine.


  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro reverse scroll direction

    How can do you it? I find "natural" scrolling extremely irritating.

  • Yoga 2 Pro - keyboard is not activated when you open the lid of the screen after sleep

    My Yoga 2 Pro has very often problems to activate the keyboard when I open the screen.

    That's what I do:

    -work with Yoga 2 Pro

    -Close all applications and after that, I close the screen

    -After some time (maybe a few minutes or several hours) I open the screen

    -It will take a few seconds until the screen is turned on (which is expected)

    -at least 50%, the rest keyboard disabled. The backlight cannot be activated and the laptop does not notice any key. I'm unable to log :-(

    -J' I need to close the screen, it takes a few seconds - and when I open the screen for the second time, the keyboard is enabled - not always, but usually. But sometimes the keypad remains disabled, although I try the procedure several times. If that happens, I need to restart the machine.

    All the drivers are up to date.

    @Lenovo: Please indicate how to solve this problem! It's very annoying open-close-open-close-open-... the display up to what the keyboard is finally activated!

    Kind regards

    Transition of Lenovo 2.0 for Windows (32-bit, 64-bit) 8.1 - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

  • Lenovo, Yoga Pro 1370 - backlit 3 does not


    I bought a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, but the keyboard backlight seems to not work. I tried Fn + space with no luck. I tried to update via the parameters of Lenovo, but it takes a hundred years.

    I also installed the latest drivers, no luck.

    What can I do else?

    Wneh hit the Caps Lock button is some led.

    Yes, it has been replaced! It works fine now.

  • Pro keyboard Lenovo Yoga 2 part number

    Sorry if this isn't in the right area, first post and I tried searching the forums for the answer. I am looking for the part number of the keyboard Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.


    Comment to Moderator: He moved to you.

    Good day and welcome to the community.

    See the manual page 65 of your Hardware Maintenance Manual:

    Many different language choices / configurations.

    I hope this helps.

  • Re: Lenovo Superfish malware in Yoga 3 Pro?

    I searched my model Lenovo Yoga 3 PRO-1370: 80HE and don't see this product Superfish, but I read this article on the subject:

    Can some Lenovo please confirm whether or not this product shipped on my YOGA 3 Pro Superfish

    Thank you

    Moderator edit: corrected model number

    Please refer to the official list of Lenovo systems that may be affected:

    I hope this helps!

  • Lenovo Yoga the cord of the charger Pro 3

    Hey so I just had an incident were my dog ate my lenovo yoga pro 3 cable cord so I have no way to charge my computer more, and it looks like a usb port but its diferent, so we could I buy another cable to my computer please help as soon as possible. Thank you

  • Yoga 2 Pro advertising plays when the computer goes to sleep

    Hello, so I recently bought a Yoga 2 Pro and have almost no complaints. One small thing I noticed is that my computer from time to time upon entering the mode "ensure" with the lid open, instead of displaying a black screen as planned will instead show an advertisement stating "4 NEW MODES, LENOVO YOGA 2 PRO" and will begin to show a video advetisment.

    I would rather the computer make a traditonal sleep mode when the lid is left open, how can I disable this advertising? I tried to play with the sleep settings in windows, but not luck. This occurs when both on battery and plugged in. I also tried to uninstall the software of Lenovo's Transition, but that did not help. Any ideas? It seems that the computer may be in demo mode? Thanks for the help.

    Good afternoon and welcome to the community.

    This is the default screensaver.

    To change it, right-click on the desktop, select Customize, then select the screen saver at the bottom right. You can then make changes in the window that appears.

    I hope this helps.

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