BlackBerry smartphone how to configure and use e-mail without BES


I'm trying to figure How to configure and use e-mail without using a BES.

I checked with the local telephone company. And the number is not ascociated with any service of BES.

The entry of services show no indication in this sense.

In addition, the configuration of SIM card show that everything is disabled. This means that the phone is unlocked. At least that is my understanding.

However, even after a wipe, the BB device does not set up an e-mail account, as described in the manual. He keeps asking for a BES activation first.

What will do that disappears?

And to allow the configuration of the "spam"?

Just develop the right answer given by JSanders, you can always access your email accounts and social networks (facebook, twitter, google +, etc) on your phone, you will just have no notifications PUSHED to your phone.  You can access the internet on your phone in order to access these accounts, but it should go to them.  With BlackBerry Internet Service activated on your phone account, RIM will push these notifications of new emails, facebook messages, new tweets etc. for your phone.  That's what you'll be missing out on without active BIS.

I wanted to just make sure that there is no likelihood of confusion.

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    Is not possible, the blackberry "BOLD" is only GSM and Verizon CDMA network

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    Whether the bust means that I have to do a FACTORY RESET, but I was wondering how to do this without using the Blackberry Desktop software?

    I wonder if the blue keys inside Blackberry anything on this subject.

    What blue keys inside?

    You'll need a Windows PC. Period.

    (1) make sure that you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed.
    (2) on your PC, go to start > run and copy and paste the following line exactly (i.e. with quotation marks):

    'c:\program files\common research in motion\apploader\loader.exe' /nojvm

    (3) the Application Loader Wizard will appear - click on "next".
    (4) in the ' connection: ' drop-down menu, you should see "USB - PIN: UNKNOWN". Click on the button "next".
    (5) you should see a list of applications ready to be installed for your Blackberry. Press Next and finish, and that you are well on your way to get your Blackberry to life. Congratulations! Just unplug and let the process finish completely.

    NOTE: If you do not display the list of applications mentioned in step 5 and instead to see the message "the Blackberry Desktop Software has no Blackberry Device Software for the device you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator', then you must download the Blackberry operating system for your support and your device.

    BlackBerry Device Operating System downloads:
    Simply select the model of the device in the list and download the latest version. Install this download and follow the steps above again and you should be on the right track.

    IF the above does not work or help, you need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:

    Download JL_Cmder
    or download BBSAK

    If JL_Cmder does not work, you can try this:
    and this: KB20371

    Additional information: "Error 523", "App Error 523", or "JVM 523" is displayed on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Item number:
    KB10144 how to force detect the BlackBerry smartphone using the Application Loader

  • BlackBerry smartphones to access / synchronization of folders in Outlook without BES


    This is my first post! I had my "BOLD" for a week or two and am just become familiar with it.

    I added my work (Outlook based) email address to the blackberry via my network service (o2) and it seems to synchronize and receive emails fine.

    However, I can't work on how to view my other folders outside the Inbox. For example, deleted items, items and all personal folders, I put in place.

    I hope that this does not require a BES to work because it is not an and I really need access to these files when I travel!

    I hope someone can help!

    Thank you


    Take a look at this KB article -

    Even if you were on a BES you could not see your PST files. The BES only examines folders on the e-mail server. Since you are not on a BES you will have the opportunity through the intermediary of the first method in the article.

    You can try the Desktop Redirector ( running and try the third method in the article.

  • How to configure and use the local storage dirve and usb

    My company bought a server DMM cisco as well as 10 players of 4310 g dmp.  I tried to work on mine here to get it all working.  Let me expose what we would do first before to get into the details.

    The cental DMM will it play any content and be used to create and manage the content here at company wehre I am.  However my boss wants to send dmp individual players (4310 g) out to our factories across the country.  He wants me to be able to creat content or allow a person managing the exact address to edit the content and then push the content from the server DMM to corporate local DPM record either on local storage or attached thumb order.  I guess my questions on what are the following.

    (1) is it necessary to push the content locally for playback?  Willingness to play the content of our dmm on the wan to do lots of traffic?  Presentations could be as simple as a welcome page based presentation playing images video and flash.

    (2) based on local content would be a wise decision I'll have to see exactly how this is done poorly.  In the settings of the dmp, I see the setting of local storage and turned it on and set to read/write.  In regard to the command of thumb gose exactly how I implement that so that DPM can see?  I plug to the back of the drive, and it seems that it is active but the management console of the player I don't see anyway to actaully see if she knows the USB.

    (3) how will push the content for local storage and control of the DMM thumb?  It looks like I can send things to the storage internal if package transfer and or advanced/DPM deployment tasks or server file.  What exactly is the difference between these two?

    (4) Lastly how I actually play the local content of the dmp?  Can I set this up on a schedule of the dmm just like I would if he played the local dmm?

    I searched through the documentation, but I have not found any good docs who are clear to actually how to do these things.  So, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Glen,

    Here are the answers to your questions

    1) is it nessesary to push the content locally for playback?  Will  playing content from our dmm over the wan be to much traffic?   Presentations could be as simple as a basic welcome page to a  presentation playing video and flash images.

    It is not required to push the content locally, you can also play the DMM directly. The main advantage of playing on the spot, is that you can transfer the videos several hours or days before the presentation begins to be played if you deploy content off hours and then, when he's ready to start playing the new presentation.

    If you play directly the content of the DMM, the content will be transferred at the time of the DMP starts playback. This may fail if the WAN link is saturated at that time here.

    2) If pushing the content local would be a wise decision I am having  difficulty seeing exactly how this is done.  In the dmp settings I see  the local storage setting and have it turned on and set to read/write.   As far as the thumb drive gose how exactly to I set that up so the dmp  can see it?  I plug it in the back of the player and it looks like it's  active but from the management console of the player I do not see any  way to actaully see if it knows about the usb thumb drive.

    You don't need to do anything to enable USB storage, simply plug it in. To confirm that the DMP is able to see it properly, the simplest way is to connect to the DPM via FTP and confirm that he has a «usb_2» directory This "usb_2" directory, where is the USB drive is mapped.

    3) how will I push the content to the local storage and the thumb drive  from the DMM?  It looks like I can send things to the internal storage  though the advanced tasks/deployment package and or file transfer to DMP  or server.  What exactly is the differnce between these two?

    The task of "File transfer" will just do this, transfer a file to the DMP. The deployment package is smarter and will transfer all the contents of a presentation and organize them in a structure that can be used to read the content locally. You should always use the deployment package.

    4) finally how will I actually play the content from the local dmp?  Can  I set this up on a schedual from the dmm just like I would if it was  playing from the local dmm?

    Yes, she may be scheduled as any other presentation.

    I suggest you have a look at the link below. He explains the steps required to configure the deployment package and read the content deployed with it.

    I hope everything is clear now, but if you have any questions, let me know. I'll try to answer.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I auto delete e-mail and other messages after a certain period of time?

    I am a new user of BlackBerry and searched all over the web and documentation.  How can I configure my BlackBerry auto-Delete e-mail (since the BlackBerry only) once they age a certain amount - say 2 days?

    Go to the Messages app.  Press the menu key, and select Options.  Select General Options.  Scroll up to where it says "Keep Messages" and adjust according to your preferences.

  • How to configure and use the BigAnt software?

    I want to know how to use it for my home network. I like the features and how it is free for users less than 10

    Maybe this can help.


  • How to configure and use the fingerprint reader?

    I have a Pavilion dv7 - 6157cl laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  A second person may also use the player?  If this is not the case, the password feature can be used by someone else?  I need a complete and detailed instruction for the fingerprint reader.  What player software that is mentioned in the PDF manual?  No software is given.  I don't know where to start.

    Thank you

    Here's a thread on this, the first part is on the installation, which you can skip, you should already have installed everything, so move on to the configuration section.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to configure distinctive ring

    I just got a Blackberry 8900 for father's day!  It replaces my old, worn Palm Treo 780.  I was able to understand ALMOST everything, but there is one remaining thing - distinctive rings.  I have this feature on the Palm Treo and am hoping that there is on the 8900

    I want to set up a ringtone different and distinct for several phone numbers.  Each of these numbers is to have a distinctive ring.

    I can't understand how to proceed on the 8900.  This is a standard feature of the Treo


    Opening of the contacts, hilite the phone number then options... to add ringtones.

  • How to configure and use the e-mail program Thunderbird files

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    Right-click on the account or local folders to create a folder.
    Right-click on a folder and create a subfolder
    If it's a pop account - it will be local but if its an IMAP create you on the server.

  • Mobile lost blackBerry Smartphones, how to follow and block


    I deleted data for torch 9800 to help to protect the service. However, not able to locate the phone. Pl help in blocking and localization.

    Just to make sure that we are all on the same page here, once you have deleted the data from your phone with BlackBerry Protect, you can not track via GPS because you have just wiped everything (including BlackBerry Protect) of the phone.

    I hope that clears up things.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how do you have your e-mail configuration BBES?

    I have more a BBES account, but in trying to set up another e-mail, my steup only give me the option BBES

    I suspect that a policy is always present

    NOTE: This will destroy all data on your device, then back it up!

    KB18998 how to reset smart phone BlackBerry to factory default

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to recover and change device password

    I can't access my phone because he refuses my device password. I am now at the last attempt and get the message that any attempt will cause the info on my device to clean.

    I tried to recover and change the password of the device through Blackberry Protect without success.

    Help!  Is - this here anyway to recover my password or reset?

    Yes, if you don't have BB Set - up to protect your device with a last backup your contacts data wifi,... etc. Just enter the same credentials on the device after the wipe-out...

  • How to configure and use canned responses

    I don't know how to create a canned response. I'm not sure I know how to contact to a message even if I knew how to create

    Have you read about this add-on?

    There is also a quick start here guide:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can I unlock and use an atnt 9000 for tmobile?

    As stated in the subject. I'm about to buy a phone from atnt 9000, but I have tmobile service. If I get it unlocked would I have problems, I should be aware of everything? sound of the US and I live in the United States... Thanks in advance for your answers.


    You will have no problems at all. Works well, I did the same thing with the same device.

    If you need an unlock code, contact, they are a supplier known for this and only $9

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