BlackBerry smartphones, I'm having problems with the download of Facebook AGAIN! (need desperate help!)

OK, so I deleted Facebook yesterday with the idea to reinstall later. He played a few times to the top and said: I can't reinstall it because I can restore it as it is in my archives. Whenever I try to restore it, he'd go to reinstall... in any case, I got rid of Facebook from my archives (after a few tries, to connect it to my computer and do it like that) so I will reinstall by click on reinstall, but that's the problem... Once it has downloaded, it will install again and this message is constantly "There was a problem during installation" I click OK and it is always uninstalled! It is VERY frustrating!

Any ideas?

Very much appreciated (BTW I'm new :/)


OK, the * beep * I'm just rendered account Facebook download of Blackberry App World is NOT the only way how to download Facebook... I went on facebook mobile!

Derr, sorry

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