Button screen bitmap PopUp do not use opaque background

I have a custom button png I created, it includes an opaque background. I use this button anywhere in my app and it works perfectly in the normal screens. However when I put them in the custom context menu screens, the opaque turns into a white color. I need to solve this problem. Please tell me any code you must see. Thank you!!

I think the problem might be in the substantive Manager, it's here for a normal screen:

this.getMainManager (.setBackground)
BackgroundFactory.createBitmapBackground (Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("background1.png")));

This is for a pop-up screen:

() this.setBackground
BackgroundFactory.createBitmapBackground (Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("backgroundProfile.png")));

For the pop-up screen, I can't use getMainManager(), and when I try to use getManager() gives me a nullPointer exception.

Please help, thanks

I mentined about that I wasn't convinced thuis was your problem, the important thing that I told you about PopupScreen was how to find the NManager.

That said, some of your code LabelField seems wrong:

Protected Sub paint (Graphics Graphics) {}
graph.fillRect (0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());
graph.setColor (Color.RED);
Super.Paint (Graph);

You have not set a color for the first fillRect, so it will be whatever color the LabelField normally use, who is black.  So I think you're just lucky that your code works.

In the LabelField PopupScreen you added

graph.setBackgroundColor (Color.BLACK);

This in fact has no effect on the fileRect, but is effective the next graph.clear (), and then it will take your Bkacground color.

I would recommend that you change these two areas to do the following, which I think will give you black backgrounds and red text in both cases:

LabelField t1 = new LabelField ("Example")

Protected Sub paintBackground (Graphics Graphics) {}

try {}
graph.setBackgroundColor (Color.BLACK);

Graph.Clear ();

Protected Sub paint (Graphics Graphics) {}
graph.setColor (Color.RED);
Super.Paint (Graph);

If you make this change and corrects LabelField, perhaps a similar change will fix your buttons?

In fact, to make sure that your code has no effect in Sweden, I would like to change your code as follows:

LabelField t1 = new LabelField ("Example")

Protected Sub paint background (Graphics Graphics) {}

int currCol = graph.getBackgroundColor ();

try {}
graph.setBackgroundColor (Color.BLACK);

Graph.Clear ();

} {Finally

graph.setBackgroundColor (currCol);


Protected Sub paint (Graphics Graphics) {}

int currCol = graph.getColor ();

try {}
graph.setColor (Color.RED);
Super.Paint (Graph);

} {Finally

graph.setColor (currCol);


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