Buttons interactive show/hide

I don't know either how to make buttons interactive show/hide each other in InDesign CS6/Windows 7,

I've created a few interactive documents in CS4 and now I've upgraded to CS6, but I'm lost when it comes to edit these buttons in CS6. Everything seems to look the same in CS6, except when I choose ' show/hide buttons and forms' in the Actions area, the visibility box is empty. In the visibility area used to show me CS4, all the tous les autres other buttons in the document and their visibility properties. I don't see these in CS6. the area of visibility is still there, but it won't fill with buttons to manipulate me.

How to manipulate the buttons show/hide visibility in CS6?


I thought about it. If it helps anyone, I am happy:

The excerpt that I had built was the set of buttons, text, and interactivity in a mooring in a text box (I can't finish with the text box). When I pull this snippet into a document, everything works fine, I can change the functionality my buttons etc. As soon as I anchor this box at a time given in my InDesign Cup document my access to the functionality of the button.

To regain access, all I have to do is anchor of the code snippet, do my changes and then re - anchor.

Voila. Buttons of an anchored the anchor object.

Thank you all.

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    I have a problem with the buttons toggle that I use to show/hide a number of legends about a single slide of the reset. The rocker works very well on the first button when I click on and off to show or hide a legend. A simple click on and watch legend. One click off the coast and the legend disappears. However, if I leave a legend that is displayed and click on other buttons to show/hide the other legends, they do not show or hide in a single click. They require two clicks. It seems that something continues the read head after that first toggle is used until there is a second click. The same thing happens if I reset to enter action. If I click on a caption and leave it in place and move to another slide, it disappears when I re - get this initial slide. However, it requires two clicks, not one alone, to display the legend. I find it very strange; I learned most of my techniques from the Lilybiri blog, but this problem does not occur on his examples. I think I'm missing something obvious, but may not know what it is. Any help is very appreciated.




    Yes, I use Cp6. What I wanted to say about re-use, is that I have different scenarios where a similar script could be used, if your suggestion of a model is a good. My original intention was to write it in a txt for reference. Thank you very much for all your suggestions and links. I'll keep you posted.

  • button to show / hide more than once


    I have a small question.  I created a "drop-down menu" using a button and advanced actions: when clicking on the button 1 displays the menu options and an identical button 2 (hide button 1), by clicking on the 2 button hides the menu options and original watch key 1 (2 masking).  It works brilliantly and looks really good.  However once I did this and click again on the original button 1 nothing happens.  I set the properties of the action to the infinite, but he still let me do that once a button (on the same blade).  I also tried to put a number of attempt in but still not working.  Can you please specify?

    Thank you

    And the buttons are not in the same place? They have their point of suspension at the same time? Normally, the standard actions keep the playhead is stopped (which is not the case for conditional actions).  The other objects, you show/hide are not interactive? Because if they are interactive, they can cause the playback head to move. Here are the screenshots of the example of the little that I have created, firstly the chronology:

    You see two buttons with their break at the same time (two vertical lines). There are two legends of (non-interactive) text which are hidden initially, TC_Off and TC_On. I added another legend text to follow the read head (TC_Debug), it shows the rdinfoCurrentFrame of system variables.

    The buttons trigger those advanced actions (impossible to insert screenshots, so I'll write them):


    See the baton

    See the TC_Off

    Hide TC_On

    Hide BtOff

    Bt_Off is similar, simply reverse the show/hide

    It works perfectly, the debugging text caption continues on the same chassis (suspension point) that allows you to repeat her clicking as many times as you want. So I suspect that you have something on the menu that moves the playhead in the inactive part of the button.


  • Using the menu button to show/hide TOC CP7 intermittent


    Forgot to mention using CP7, I would add also that it slides that do not work, when the Mneu button is clicked for the first time, shows the button pushed, but on the 2nd time, there is no action at all the...

    I have a problem when the menu with its knock adv to show/hide action button, does not always.

    I went through all the slides in masters and made sure that I have the same settings for each, but on some slides, it will display the table of contents but can't hide after pressing the button Menu again. This is assured, there is no associated transition with the key.

    It works well at every time whebn using the small line up double, but we need the user to use the button and do not rely on these arrows...

    Anyione elsoe had similar problem... ?

    See you soon

    Hi Rod,

    Thank you for that. They are actually custom buttons in our workplace, rather than a usual adobe PlayBar... However, what really strange is at the last minute, I thought copy button and then remove the original button and paste in the copy (don't ask not even why I thought this might work..) but it worked and all is good now...

    Thanks for responding...

    See you soon


  • How create a toggle button that shows/hides a smartshape?


    I work in 6 Captivate and want to create a button (may be a smartshape button, say smartshape A), on a click, shows an another smartshape B. When you click on this button (SmartShape), it hides SmartShape B - so basically what it activates / deactivates the visibility of SmartShape B. How would I do this in Captivate?

    Thank you


    I guess that SmartshapeB is invisible at first.

    Create a variable, say CountAClick with 0.

    On the A Smartshape, assign an action conditional adv.:

    If CountAClick equals 0

    Assign the CountAClick with 1

    See the SmartshapeB

    On the other

    Hide SmartshapeB

    Assign the CountAClick with 0


  • Click a button to show/hide text

    Hi all

    I would like to create a HELP button. This means when I run the labview, just click this button then it will show a text that I wrote before. Click again to hide the text.

    Is there any Vi to do this?

    Thank you in advance!

    There is no available for this readymade VI. You can use the visible property.

    This is my idea


    1. first create the Boolean command

    2. create indicator string (to display the string)

    3 when the Boolean control of press user visible string (must use the visible property) and vice versa.


  • Buttons - maximum show/hide get around them

    Hi all

    Does anyone know a work around the number of buttons that can be displayed or hidden by an action click maximum (100). It seems strange to me that it is limited to one hundred; I understood better if it was 99 or 999, but 100 seems strange.

    Thank you

    You can use Acrobat Javascript.

  • can radio buttons show/hide the info in an interactive pdf?

    Hello. I have a question to which I have been faced with during some time... hoping someone can help.

    I create a document in InDesign CS6. It's basically a guide with a joint questionnaire.

    I have forward and back buttons work properly - so that they take you from one page to another.

    However, the more difficult question is I want to have interactivity with the use of radio buttons and eventually the check boxes. Thus, for example, on page 1, I have a question multiple choice where there are three choices. Clicking the wrong answer shows a block of text saying 'no it's wrong' and clicking on the appropriate radio button shows the words "Yes, correct."

    I have created three blocks of text and make it into a multi-state object.

    Three problems:

    1. option buttons seem to be the option for "the State" in the buttons and Forms dialog box
    2. even if that were the case - the State Road seems to be only swf, non-interactive pdf form - is there a way to change this?
    3. script assuming that there IS a way, everything can be put in place so that instead of using radio buttons I have use of check boxes that only give the correct answer if the correct check boxes are selected.

    I would stick to indesign to do this, however, I think that the option is perhaps more suited for this problem?

    Many thanks in advance,


    1 - make 3 images and convert it into boxes option...

    Text blocks 2 2-make (Yes, his right) (No, the wrong) and convert it to buttons - rename it (Righ, evil)

    3 - Click on each radio button and apply action: Show/Hide button and form and on the visibility to activate the globe eye for buttons wrong or right.

  • Show/hide the buttons of different page

    Hi all

    I was responsible for creating an interactive PDF of several page which is basically a questionnaire. Each page will have one question with the results of all issues gathered in a table at the end. Ideally, I would like to answer each question to send to a cell in a table but I can't find a way to get there, so my solution was to use radio buttons to select the buttons for results and responses. I had planned to assign an action show/hide radio buttons to reveal the answer on another page. During testing I ran into a problem when you configure the action show/hide, it allows me to select a show/hide button, unless its on the same page as the option button! Does anyone know if there is a solution to this? If someone can not advice me how I build such a feature?

    Thanks in advance,


    In Indesign, you will need to install the buttons in response to the same page as the radio buttons for the construction of all hide / display the activations. It's the only way you will be able to set these properties. Once you have completed and tested, you can now move the buttons in response to another page. Option buttons to activate hide/show buttons to answer to a different page. I have a test file that shows, if you want, I can send it to you.

  • I found the show/hide button toolbars, but you should know how to REMOVE toolbars that appear on this list?

    I found the show/hide button toolbars, but you should know how to REMOVE toolbars that appear on this list?

    Is attached a screenshot of my screen with the context menu to show/hide tabs. I want to delete some of them and let others. Please help me to know how. Thank you!

    Hmm, maybe this "one-time" imported into the new preference? Try this:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the cust and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference of browser.uiCustomization.state and the content must be highlighted in a small dialog box.

    (4) copy the whole line and paste it into Notepad and save it as a backup.

    (5) in Firefox, click on the button '3-bar' menu > developer > Notepad. Remove the comment that appears and paste data preferably, that must appear on a long line. Click on the "Pretty Print" button to make it more readable.

    So I hope that you can spot the extra toolbars and change them out, taking care to preserve the commas between the elements.

    I don't have the extra toolbars in mine, but I copied and pasted back this spaced format and Firefox was able to handle it well. I went into customize and moved a button, and when I left, Firefox has rewritten the preference set as a single line. Assuming that yours works fine, then you can get rid of the backup from step (4).

  • Show/hide multiple Button controls increment/decrement is AWOL

    As far as I can see (LV 2013), there is a missing feature in LabVIEW, whereby, when you select multiple digital controls, you can't show/hide their increment/decrement buttons:

    Here, I have 3 DBL, 1 I32 and 1 enum, but that goes for any combination of numeric values. If I right click on one of the selected controls, I have access to only two points in the title of the "visible Points":



    Where is ' Increment/decrement' part, whereas it is common to all these controls?

    BUG? I couldn't find it mentioned elsewhere, but I would not be surprised to be the first to have noticed.

  • Scripts to show/hide all all buttons

    First of all, thanks to William Van Weelden and Peter Grainge for existing scripts ' show all / hide all.  Peter, I accessed them from your web site (Scripts for Twisties, show all / hide all buttons print and).  I was able to get two buttons of William script to work.  I wasn't able to get the script "button toolbar unique show / hide" to work.  Peter, your website says that the script works with HR 8 and 9.  I'm hoping to use it with HR 10; I tried without success.  What's someone to update this script for HR 10?  I would really like to be able to use that one in the toolbar.  I also experimented in vain to try to call WIlliam ShowHide and ShowAll functions since the Action tab of the custom toolbar window, accessed from the WebHelp skin Editor.  Open to suggestions.  Thank you!

    You can try the toolbar scripts: http://www.wvanweelden.eu/product/webhelp-pro-toolbar-scripts

    Are you running the WebHelp locally on Chrome? These buttons only work on Chrome when aid is placed on a web server.

  • Show / Hide button to Drop down works only once


    I use RH10. I have about 10 drop-down text on a page.

    I created only one show / hide all the button for my menu drop-down texts according to the procedure mentioned here.


    I get it almost immediately when I followed the instructions and the project. Except that my Show / button hide become inactive after a single use of these two functions, i.e., I can only once to display all click and click again to hide all. After that, either I have to refresh the browser or go to something else and come back to make it work. What could be the cause?

    I use 17.0.7 FireFox and IE8.


    I see only one image to your project. Although the user sees as a method of a button, there are two buttons, one for the show and one to hide.

    See the default value and must appear in the Images when you create the link. Hide is the one who must be in the luggage.

    Have you downloaded the demo rather than just the PDF?

    See www.grainge.org for creating tips and RoboHelp


  • Copy of a slide with a 'model' for the buttons to show and hide across multiple slides

    Here's my problem... I'm going through many different products that each have a similar style click on each slide.  The user can choose from 5 different catergories, when you click on one of the 5 buttons it shows the appropriate text box and hides one of the other visible text that can be opened from clicking on any other category.  When all the 5 keys were pressed game re bar appears allowing the user to continue.  It works just like a champion on a slide.  Here's my problem, although I need to duplicate this slide about 200 times.  When I duplicate, the name of the element in the text boxes so any change so my actions advanced making hide / display is no longer working.  Do I really have to create a new tip action for each text box for each slide with a unique name for the element? (I know that I can't have the same text on several slides box item name... at least I don't think I can).  I can do this, but there must be a quicker way?  What Miss me?

    I am using Captivate 5.5

    Very brilliant way to beat the system, I am impressed.  A problem, however, the text box must have a gray background to make the text readable, and for some reason when the variable positions within the text are it is overlooking the sid on the left of the box by a character.  Everything else seems to fit but not that. See slide below and the "Drytime" box to the right illustrates my problem.

  • Show/Hide - advanced action buttons and images

    So, I thought I had a handle on usage shares advanced to show/hide, but apparently not.

    Here's the scenario:

    -Screen where the user must select one of the 6 options

    -When the user clicks on one of the 'boxes' of the option a check should appear and audio should play

    -All other "cases" should be disabled to avoid audio duplication

    Here's what I did to try to get this working:

    -' Boxes' are buttons, click on success:

    * Success box contains audio that plays (this works)

    Success of the button execute advanced action:

    > hide all other buttons on the slide (it does not)

    > display an image of a check mark in the "checkbox" which has been clicked (does not work)

    > go to the next slide (works, audio from the success box once completed)

    Thoughts? Help! Thanks in advance!

    Hello, unknown fan

    Overlay buttons will not work, so let this idea alone.

    I really want to finish this blog post on audio and widgets. Just an idea and will try to be at the time where I found the time to try something. Why don't you attach audio to an initially invisible object that you show with the same advanced action? This object can be a shape with no stroke and a fill alpha of 0% so that it is invisible to the user. You will have time before the sound can play completely before going to the next slide.


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