Can not burn the backup of the data on a DVD - RW on the Satellite A100-200


I did a lot of audio and data cd using Nero burning, but can not burn a dvr - rw data backup.

Advice please.

Satellite A100-200 and xp home

What do you mean with data backup?
And have you tried other DVD discs? I think your drive is compatible with the player so test drive of other manufacturers.

On the Toshiba laptop I always use verbatim, and I never had any problems with it.

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  • Toshiba site does not recognize the Satellite A100 - 208 PSAA2E?

    Hello I'm from Portugal and a habit to know why the company toshiba not to recognize the Satellite A100-208 (PSAA2E-03V031PT)

    When I go to the support section, my dose of series is not displayed, there is a problem in this series?

    I need to know the good reference out Batery and memory of my equipment


    You are right; Satellite A100-208 is not listed in the site Options & accessories
    Why? Who knows maybe the database needs to be updated.

    But not don t worry. As you have already said the Satellite A100-208 is a part of the series PSAA2E. I found the unit A100-204 on the site Options & accessories and it s the same series as A100-208!

    In order to choose the A100-204 of the list and you will get compatible parts and accessories for your A100-208

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    1. What is the format of the file you are trying to burn?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    3. you receive an error message?
    4. you try to burn using any third-party program?
    You can check the link to burn the files to DVD.
    Burn a CD or DVD

    For the problem with the Norton recovery tool, you may need to contact Norton support.
    See the link for help.
  • No wireless connection - can not operate the Satellite Pro M40

    Hi, first Post so hope I understand that I have Satellite Pro M40 A desktop connected to the router via Ethernet cable computer laptop used in another room with a Wi - Fi connection, I guess that means I had a wireless network? Re-installed Win XP and Service Pack 2 as I couldn't find Toshiba rescue disk now I have no sounhd or wireless on laptop something is obviously missing can not remember what I'm supposed to excuse the ignorance, but any help would be appreciated thank you I use the ethernet cable temporarily to access internet on Sat Pro thanks Derek

    Hello Derek

    If some components of hardware in Device Manager not preloaded properly visit the Toshiba download under page > support & downloads.

    You will find all the necessary drivers (WLAN and his driver). When the wireless network adapter is correctly installed, you will be able to configure the WLAN connection.

  • Recovery disk installs but says can't install the satellite A100 - 02L

    Hi, I'm new to this so any help greatly appreciated.

    I have an Equium A100 02 L model PSAAQE OOPOOKAV
    The hard drive failed completely, so I bought a new hard drive and installed, then used the Toshiba Windows Vista recovery Disc... all good so far!

    Once the installation is completed without error along the way, the laptop restarts and starts windows during the initial installation of windows I get an error message saying 'installation of windows could not configure windows to run on a hardware on this computer "...

    I tried to reinstall in case it was a problem but same thing every time... all the advice and help please

    Have you used the recovery disc right out for the Equium A100 PSAAQE?
    Make sure that you have used the right disc because the image on the disc also contains the drivers and if the pilots would be not compatible with the laptop, the system would crash.

  • Network adapter is not on the Satellite A100

    Hi all!

    Satellite A100-071
    After a few manoth use book, once after restarting network card is out. Equipment Manager Windows cannot find map, but is all activated in BOS...


    You said that windows hardware Manager does not map. I assume you mean on the Device Manager.
    What LAN status is the device manager report? Do you see any yellow exclamation?

    I think it s a driver problem or something wrong with the system files and registry entries.
    So, as a first step I would recommend installation or update the NIC driver!
    This driver must be downloaded and installed the Tosh site.

    If this does not help, maybe that the operating system needs to be reinstalled again.

    Good luck

  • Can not burn the media "connect a burner and restart the player.

    I have a laptop Dell Latitude with windows 7 and WMP 12.  The two programs are underway.

    Until recently I could burn CDs without any problem.  Now, I get the message:

    connect a burner and restart player

    I tried troubleshooting and remove/reinstall the readers of DVD-CD-ROM as suggested by the previous discussions on this issue.  None worked.

    What to do next?

    Thanks to all those who can help you

    We went from music, Photos and videos for devices and drivers>

    Then try this one! R

  • Can not find the program to burn DVD

    I used to burn and copy DVD, XP operating system. Now I can not find the program to do.
    Hope that I explain ok

    Thank you
    not mind too much techno


    What program do you mean exactly?
    Nero or what else?

    For burning and copying of discs, I can recommend that the freeware CD Burner XP tools. It of really small and fast tool, never had any problems with it.

    Check this box!

  • I can not burn CD when I try to burn a file to a CD, the system does not recognize that I have a CD in D drive.

    Original title: I can not burn CD

    I can down load soft ware, playing CDs; s & DVD, but when I try to burn a file to a CD, the system does not recognize that I have a CD in D drive. How to fix this?


    1. have you tried using different CD and check?
    2. were you able to burn CDs without any problem earlier?
    3. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    The hotfix in the following article might help you.
    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

  • my dvd burner can not read the cd/DVD, but it can write the DVD. Any help would be appreciated.

    my dvd burner can not read the cd/DVD drive, even when I put the dvd bootable windows it does not read, but it can write DVD. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi shaikhsabir,

    Fix It at this link should solve the problem of not being able to read CD/DVD.

    Let us know if that helps.

  • I get an error message of complete storage - please backup and remove your something online (can not see the full error message) when converting PDF reader to point rower inacrobat DC. Help, please

    I get an error message of complete storage - please backup and remove your something online (can not see the full error message) when converting PDF reader to point rower inacrobat DC. Help, please

    Hi debg25514049,

    You will not be able to export your PDF to PPT using the service Adobe export in PDF format.

    You'll need subscription to pack Adobe PDF or the Acrobat application to convert PDF to PPT.

    Kind regards

  • Can not burn to disc.  Burn the file, can not find the file, what gives?

    43 min, marriage project 2.7 GB . Can't burn the disk, can't find the iso file.  What's wrong?  I worked on it for three weeks.  Several chat sessions, uninstalled EP 11 and 13 of PE.  Reinstalled EP 13.  They say that the burn because of the disc is a known issue.  When I try to burn it to a file or an ISO file, the program says it was successful, but it does not appear in the destination.  I tried shorter test files, etc.  Nothing helps.  Are other people having this problem?


    There are several known issues with regard to burn on in elements first 13/13.1.

    The most recent is burn it to disc, folder or ISO Image and not finding the format of the final product.

    Several overcame the issue by examining the problem with and without the preference of the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher disable in Edit Menu/preferences/general. And then to go with the choice that worked for them...

    Another issue related to an ISO Image burn when the .iso file has a file size of 1 GB or more. Many have reported that the use of the .iso to produce product results of disc with the player not to recognize the format of the disc.

    First Elements ATR troubleshooting: EP 13: ISO Image File Size question

    There are several cases where Premiere Elements does not recognize the burner in the field of the dialog box to the location of the burner burning, and there are cases where the status field remains with missing media. Many of these cases are not resolved, many try another drive or another drive, for some uninstall / free ccleaner Cross (regular and register cleaner parts) has solved the problem, some go into the video editor.

    Please explore the above and let us know the result. Then we could discuss what then if you have not exhausted all the users, troubleshooting of the possibilities.

    Thank you.


  • I can not use the command share in safari, mail, notes, etc. since I updated to El Capitan (10.11.5). No way to solve it. Please help me.

    I can not use the command share in safari, mail, notes, etc. since I updated to El Capitan (10.11.5). No way to solve it. Please help me.

    There is a problem with your installation of OS X. The easiest way, but not the fastest way to fix it is to reinstall the operating system. Unless you are in a hurry or have measured access to the network, it is what I suggest, especially since I don't know if there are any problems with the installation. Please backup all data before reinstalling. You won't need the backup unless something is wrong.

    The below, advanced shortcut if it works, can save you some downtime (and the cost of a download of several gigabyte, if necessary.)

    1 back up all data.

    2. disconnect all external storage devices.

    3. start in recovery mode. Select a language, if you are prompted. The OS X Utilities appears. One of the options is to install OS X. This is not what you do.

    4. This step is only necessary if you use FileVault 2. If you don't know what's FileVault, you use it. Go to the next step. Otherwise, launch utility disk, then select the icon for the volume FileVault ("Macintosh HD", unless you have given it a different name.) It will be nested under another icon of the disc. Select open in the file menu and enter your login password when you are prompted. Then quit disk utility must be returned to the main screen.

    5. Select get online help. Safari will launch. While in recovery, you will have no access to your Favorites, but you won't need them. Load this web page.

    6. triple - click anywhere in the line below to select this option:

    chflags -R norestricted /V*/*/S*/*/Caches

    Copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination.

    7. Quit Safari. You go back to the OS X Utilities screen.

    In the menu bar, select

    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    Launch the Terminal application. Paste in the Terminal window by pressing the command-V key combination.

    Wait for a new line ending with a number sign (#) to appear. Quit the Terminal must be returned to the main screen.

    8. Select

    ▹ Restart 

    in the menu bar.

    9. This step must be performed after the restart, and while you are logged as administrator, not in recovery mode. If you have only one user account, you are the administrator.

    Select and copy this line as in step 6:

    sudo /usr/libexec/xpchelper --rebuild-cache

    Paste in a Terminal as before. You will be asked for your login password. Nothing displayed when you type. Type carefully, and then press return. If you do not have a password, you will need to configure one before you can run the command. You can get a warning to be careful. Confirm. You don't need to display the warning.

    If you see a message that your user name "is not in the sudoers file", then you have not logged as an administrator. Log in as one and repeat this step. You don't have to repeat the previous steps.

    Wait for a new line ending with a dollar sign ($) below what you entered.

    10. make as in step 9 with this line:

    sudo /usr/libexec/*/app_sandbox_cache_builder --rebuild-cache

    You can then quit Terminal.

  • I have a new mac air and can not get the bookmark to be deleted in Safari.

    I have a new mac air and can not get the bookmark to be deleted in Safari.  It has default Favorites - I don't want to see them--when I right click and select Remove - I get this error message.

    You are using Safari with bookmarks, history, and imported passwords of Firefox. To change your Favorites, you must first keep or delete data from Firefox.

    When I click on "do not keep" nothing happens.

    Please, back up all data before proceeding.

    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select this option:


    A right click or Ctrl-click on the line and select

    Services ▹ reveal in Finder (or just to reveal)

    of the contextual menu.*, a file must open with a selected item. Quit the application runs. Move selected item to the office, leaving the window open. Restart the application and test. If there is no change, leave again and place the item you back where he was, crushing the that may have been created in its place. If not, remove the item you moved. If possible, restore from a backup prior to the problem.

    * If you do not see the item context menu copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + V. You won't see what you pasted a newline being included. Press return.

  • The use of the battery has increased since the update to ios 10. Also, why can not disable the voice command. It's the most boring on the new update.

    The use of the battery has increased since the update to ios 10. Also, why can not disable the voice command. It's the most boring on the new update.

    Depending on what you mean by "voice command", either:

    Settings / general / accessibility / VoiceOver / OFF, or

    Settings / Siri / OFF

    As for your use of the battery, you can check what app pulls most of its use in the settings / battery.  A new version of the app is sometimes problematic, not necessarily iOS or iPhone.  If you see a unusual % of use of a particular application, or force-to leave it removal/reinstalling it or remove it until an update comes.  If anything seems unusual, it might be a problematic installation of iOS, in which case, you could backup your iPhone and restore it:

    Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup - Apple Support

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