Cannot add a contact in Skype

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When I tried to 'Add contact' comes from the shape of triangle and he said that there could be no active internet connection. Check your connection and try again, but I checked the connection and everything is Ok. Then I completely I rCemoved and reinstalled Skype. But the problem remains as it is. Can someone help me please?



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  • BlackBerry smartphones cannot add/edit contacts

    Recently im unable to add or edit contacts for my fourth "BOLD", blackberry tried rebooting but did not help, do not know how to solve this problem?

    Please click the link below and please let us know if that fixes the problem.

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  • BlackBerry Blackberry Curve 8520 Smartphones - cannot add new Contact or edit Contact details in directory

    I use Blackberry Curve 8520.

    Previously, I had problem with device software and I reintall the software of the device according to your advice.

    Now my motto using the software v5.0.0.681 (Bundle 1168, platform and I have problem in my phone book.

    When I try to add a new contact, nothing happens (I press the button), to an existing contact, I only view the details but nothing happen when I pree the button to edit the contact details.

    What's wrong?

    Hey! Guys,

    Still no word from Blackberry, but they are pretty active on twitter.

    Please retweet this to get their attention to this issue.! / status/lordhg4/191239721039560705

  • Cannot add additional CONTACTS


    I am trying to add an additional connector - going whith hznAdminTool:

    hznAdminTool addvm - type CONNECTOR - ip = = - useGatewayAsIDP = y - directoryPassword = xxx

    Please check the configuration of the new virtual machine-


    IP address:

    Hostname (DNS resolved): hzn -

    Gateway as IDP: YES

    Let the virtual machine under maintenance contract: YES (default)

    This configuration is correct? (o/n - n will be output command) [y] :

    When I type there:

    -bash: y: command not found

    [1] + stopped hznAdminTool addvm - type CONNECTOR - ip - useGatewayAsIDP = = = y - directoryPassword = xxx

    And nothing happens...

    Help, please!

    You have special characters in the directoryPassword? If so, you may need put it between quotation marks.

    In addition, you can add - silent option for the command and the race, which will increase the order, without typing anything.

  • Add a contact

    Cannot 'Add a Contact', blue screen just get & clouds.

    Hi Tamim. Excellent, thank you very much for your help. Works!

  • Windows live messenger, they block my account. code 800488fb, so I can't connect and Windows messenger, I can sign, but, I can not add more contacts.

    I am Hubert,

    I had 2 problems:

    the first is with my Windows Live Messenger and the second with Windows messenger.

    a first:

    (Windows Live messenger) won't let me sign in!  error code # 800488fb

    They said they have blocked my account according to someone used to send SPAM messages and turn it back on, I had to give them my cell phone #, so they can text me a sort of code of repair, BUT I don't have a cell phone, and they redirect me here

    So is anyone who can help me to solve my problem?  Either way, I'm using Windows XP Pro

    Second problem is with (Windows Messenger)

    This one, that I can sign, but it won't let me add more contacts on my friend list, say, there is more to limit the number of contacts, and I only see one, so what do I do to see the others, so I can remove them.

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  • Contacts app - cannot add a group contact

    Contacts app needs a bit of love programmer.

    I am trying to create a new group of contacts (* no * a "Smart group").

    I created the (file-> new group) group.  Tried to created in the section of the sidebar and "on my Mac" iCloud Same behavior.

    I select "All Contacts" and enter a keyword to search for. If the contact is not in the Contacts, but is in the Mail, you * must * "Add to Contacts" entry allows you to drag the contact into a group.

    You * might * be able to do it once or twice, but soon the Contacts won't you allow to drag anything else in the new group you created.

    If you leave Contacts and re - open, you can add one or two people, and then it stops once to answer more trolling.

    All this experience?  Or a solution?

    Hi there, Mark Rushton!

    Contact groups can be quite practical, and I understand your message you are having a little trouble to create yours--you cannot drag contacts you want in the Group shortly after. I know it's important to be able to create these groups with all you need, and I have a few steps, we can try troubleshooting.

    1. Exit the Contacts App. Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard. While now Shift, re - open Contacts. Try to add to your group again.
    2. Restart your Mac. Click on the menu  Apple in the upper left of your screen, then select "Restart" in the menu dropdown. When the computer is back on, Contacts open and try to add to your group again.
    3. Test of a new user account. This will help determine if there is no data that could cause a conflict. Instructions on the configuration and test in a new user account can be found in the article from the link below.

      How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    4. Try to create your group in Mode without failure. Use the following article to help get into Safe Mode. Even if the title is not specific to your question, it's still a big step to take. Safe mode runs checks on your system and prevent execution that might be the cause of some software conflicts.

      Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    Have a great day!

  • Cannot add, remove, or edit contacts in the address book.

    Original title: address book problems

    On Windows XP, use Outlook Express, am not able to ADD, REMOVE, or EDIT contacts in my address book... not really sure WHY... any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you very much.


    Welcome to the Microsoft community!

    The description of your post, I see that you cannot add, remove, or edit contacts in the address book.

    Please, try the steps from the following link:

    An Outlook Express basic repair kit

    I hope that helps!

    Answer please if you need help on this page or the Windows problems.

    We will be happy to help you!


  • Cannot add Contacts Windows Live Mail rule

    I'm trying to implement the rules of e-mail in Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 computer. I would first of all a folder to retrieve messages from all my Contacts (i.e. real people) and another to retrieve messages from organizations, I am interested in / attached to but whose email I have to see every day.

    Have implemented a rule, I cannot add Contacts, even if it seems that I should be able to. Specifically, I'm trying to set up a rule to sort mail "when the line contains people". In the box "Select individuals", the statement is to "enter one name at a time and click Add, or select the names of your Windows Live Contacts" HOWEVER, we don't know don't not how to select the names of the Contacts. When I click on the Contacts button, I just get a list of Contacts but can't copy and add names to the mailbox rules.

    I'm not typing one by one. I need help.

    Thank you.

    While in the message rule, click the Contacts button and then double-click a Contact , and click Add. That should add to the rule.
  • BlackBerry Smartphones cannot add or edit contacts on BB 8520

    Hi, I am a beginner on this forum so apologies if this topic has been discussed before.

    I gave my "old" Blackberry 8520 to my husband that I had updated.

    He put the sim card from his phone Samsung with the BB.

    Now, he cannot 'Add contact' or modify one of his contacts.

    I had wiped the phone and he returned to factory settings before I gave it to him.

    It doesn't have all of the messengers on it except BBM.

    I'd appreciate your feedback / advice on that.

    Thank you very much in anticipation.


    Try the following:

    Just delete all applications (Yahoo, MSN or Live) email you may have recently updated / delete applications that were recently installed before the error started actually took place.

    After that, disconnect the battery while the phone is always "on" and reboot the phone.

    In fact I had deleted a whole bunch of applications to facilitate my upgrade of the OS that I had not enough memory on my device.

    This not only helped solve my problem mentioned above, but also makes my phone restarts in less than 3 minutes (restarting earlier was done in no less than 15 minutes!).

    My conclusion from the above incidents is to keep your apps in the bare minimum so that your phone performs the best.

    I hope that solves your problem!

    If your problem has been resolved then would you be asked to click 'Like' and accept as a 'Solution' that other advisors is not invest more of their time on this Message.

    Thank you.

  • Smartphones blackBerry eception exception: cannot add contacts

    untrapped exception net_rim_bb_addressbook_app (303) does not. the process is completed.

    Always get this error message, cannot add contacts on my phone. Bold 9700 OS6.

    kindly help

    freestyle2580 wrote:

    still can't add contacts on my phone

    This has been a recurring problem for the phones Blackberry OS5 and below. Please click the link below:

    Cannot change or create new contacts to the address book of BlackBerry


  • Cannot add contacts for the 'To' and 'cc' Box when sending emails

    Original title: emails

    cannot add contacts to the area "to" or "cc" box when sending mail that I only get the option to add addresses to a small drop-down list when I click in these boxes. I tried to uninstall the application and reinstall but made no difference!

    If you click on the "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" once he frequently gives you used, click New and , it gives you the complete list.  You can switch backwards between them by clicking on

    A more permanent solution   For Outlook
    Several e-mail settings
    Customize Outlook
    Advanced Privacy settings
    AutoComplete suggestions
    Give suggestions for anyone I contacted (contacts and non-contacts)
  • Cannot add groups of Contacts

    All of a sudden I can't add groups to my contacts file.  I can add new contacts but not groups.  He says only: "untitled folder."  This is a brand new 13 "MacBook Pro with El Capitan with installed 10.11.2.  I removed the selection of contacts from iCloud, rebooted the machine and added Contacts to iCloud, and it still does not work.

    He says only: "untitled folder."

    That's what's supposed to happen. Click the name to select it, and then enter the name you want.

  • Cannot add contacts in Windows Mail

    I can't add the contact to my Windows Mail. When I opened the box of contacts list, there is no current option to add contacts. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    I can't add the contact to my Windows Mail. When I opened the box of contacts list, there is no current option to add contacts. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    Open Windows Mail > click Contacts > right-click on an open space inside the right column > click Customize this folder > in the file types you want, click the arrow on the far right, until you see Contact, until it clicks > OK


  • Cannot add a fingerprint on the iPhone 6

    I got a new phone and add it to a selection of fingerprints is grayed out. I have try other ways to market, but it said 'cannot complete installation contact ID. Please go back and try again. "And it does not at all. I already have an access code, and I don't know what else to do.

    Hi, ibkny!

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I see from your post that you can not register Touch ID because the box add a fingerprinting option is grayed out. I use the ID to touch to help the lock and protect my own iPhone, so I want to make sure that everything works!

    To do this, I recommend you to go through the "Get help with Touch ID" section of the following article.

    Use the ID button on iPhone and iPad

    Have a great day!

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