Cannot be reset after failed attempt to use the "Advanced Security" PLK300!

Help!  I had my PLK300 (PLS300 and PLE300) work great out of the box in two different rooms, and then I tried to set up advanced security.  Nothing works now, and reset buttons don't me back to where I started either.  I had trouble with this for a week now and actually bought another game which has also worked out of the box. I am not advanced security trying and I'm willing to live without it.  But stupidly I called linksys support and tried to get the other units working again - the level of communication was very poor and they wanted to have me apply advanced security to my new work as well as the original units units. Result: None of them works now, including the new ones who have been working well (again, without security adv) until I followed the instructions of tech support and they no longer work.  When I explained to the technical support that now the new did not work the guy becomes evasive and denounced static on my phone line and a quick exit after giving me a case number.  Really useless support system, I must say.

ALL I WANT is in any case, to know how to return to their origin and not secure units, but the operating state!  Delivery to zero second 3 does not work, and I tried 5, 10, 30 seconds on the reset button as well.  Anyone have any ideas?


Thank you all for your very helpful comments.  I was able to reset PLE300 and default PLK300 units by following the quick guide posted news AND "power stabbing" the reset button - it took a pretty hard press for 4 seconds approximately until the symbol powerline blinked quickly, and then everything was good!  I'm now 6 units in my house (without the "" advanced security, so far) and they all work very well!  I think it would be useful training for technicians on long distances to play with this problem and see really the required timing for various presses the button is very variable, especially for the reset button!

Thank you very much


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    HP could have solved this problem with a possible recall?

    How to get warranty with HP service if I am able to replace the caps key myself?

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    More that likely, the keyboard as a whole would be replaced.

    If it is under warranty, HP can be contacted at 1-800-474-6836 the Canada and the United States.  Otherwise, start here.

    The following link can help speed up the appeals process by collecting advance information.

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    How we stop to resume my perpetual license CS6 creative cloud?

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    When I click the button, and then synthesis, then ITS Color Finesse 3 creative cloud, a grid appears on the video in the display window, and I don't know a how to take that off?

    Color THE 3 Finesse provided with After Effects and is automatically installed during the After Effects is installed. The only reason to upgrade to the paid version if you want to use Color Finesse in Premiere Pro, as well as in After Effects.

    Because this is a college computer, you have the option to install/uninstall software? Many universities to lock down computers in order to limit this access. You will need full access including an admin password, to use the following steps. If you are not allowed access, you can pass the following to whoever does the computer management.

    To remove the trial version, delete the entire folder "Synthetic aperture" found in:

    / Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore

    (Note that it is the library folder at the base of your boot drive, not that of your home folder).

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    Remove the parentheses by the name of file for AE go to him. Not NOT remove parentheses from the folder "(Support CF3)" or AE will launch very, very slowly, and Color Finesse is not working properly. "

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    I also tried to start windows Safe Mode, then changing the security options to allow me full control... but it still does not work
    I know that the function itself has been developed for the safety of the files, but there must be a means of decryption by another administrator account.

    Please tell me a way out as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

    I'm assuming that you encrypted these files using the available XP Pro Encrypting File System (EFS).  Unless you've backed up your encryption certificates or have a backup of the image-style where you can completely restore your system to exactly how it was, you will have great difficulty to recover these files.  Required for the use of EFS is the short article.  Particularly in the paragraph titled "why you should back up your certificates.

    "Best practices for EFS file system.
      <> >

    It is possible that the remains of your old user still exist on your disk.  If so, there a program designed specifically for people in your situation that may be able to retrieve the certificate.  No guarantee, however, but it might be worth trying:

    "Advanced EFS Data Recovery:
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    Original title: the computer froze.

    Original title: my computer (Windows XP) has frozen. -Big problem -)


    Last night, I used my computer to open a load of bunch of programs of MS Access (probably asked to run a marathon when he can only walk!)

    Now, I can't open any programs or even to use the Start button to turn off. How can I fix this problem or you have lost everything :-(

    Thank you

    Thanks - all of a sudden he started working again! Maybe this was a vacation - but I tried F8 and safe option is not come to the top.

    Very old computer - but it is useful to use to return to historical documents that I don't want on my new computer.

    Tnanks for the long and dedicated response :-)

  • No mapping between account names and security IDS made mistake by attempting to use the Task Scheduler

    I have noticed that my msfeedssync.exe were not working or updated so I went to the Task Scheduler to see what was going on and received the number above mapping between user names and security ID error I never use Task Scheduler, but I do not know its also used for RSS updates , I do all my own maintaince so I need only of GI RSS using a 3-year-old dimensions of dell with xp pro and its in tip top except for that shape it came only with a 80 GB hard drive and I've only used 20 concerts in 3 years that I use online for things important and backup storage I hope there is a solution for this because I installed ram to 4 GB and it has a 2.8 ghz Processor blazin fast and is in very good shape all help will be appreciated thanks

    Hello syncere99,

    1. What is the user account in the Task Scheduler are you for the work you are trying to use the Task Scheduler?

    The error code indicates that the user account that was used to create the job no longer exists. This could be because the user account is deleted. I suggest that you remove and re-create a job and check if you have the same problem.

    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Hi all

    I just finish the vCenter configuration successfully, but I can't access through the client with the error message below.

    Error: You are not allowed to connect to the server: VC Hostname

    The accounts I have try are the domain administrator, the service account for the vCenter and my account. All these account have admin on the server vCenter access itself.

    I also add these accounts using the Web Client of Directors-> SSO-> user and groups-> groups-> administrator.

    So far, I'm only able to access the web client using vsphere administrator. Anywhere else I miss?

    Hi Doran,

    When you access Vcentre, if you do not install user accounts, you will need to use [email protected] until you have configured other accounts. The web console is where you need to go to start, the default path is Https: / /: 9443/web-client.

    From what you wrote, you may need to assign specific permission on the server Vcentre itself for these accounts.

    Check out this blog regarding how to set up SSO for the first time.


  • How long after I paid can use the program?

    Anyone know how long it takes to sign up as a member, if I can use the conversion utilities?

    Hi frankc311,

    It may take up to 48 hours for an order to process entirely. I checked your account and it seems that your order is still in process. Once it deals entirely, you will be able to log in and use your subscription.



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