Linksys Adapters

Error message WLMON or WLMON.exe, the missing files and WPC54G

Portable running Linksys Network adapter card WPC54G OS: XP Driver version: 4.100.27 I get an error message that WLMON.exe has no inialize, and a second pop up that tells me that there are missing files. Can someone tell me if there is a fix to this

Wireless-g pci adapter model no wmp54g

Is it possible that I can get this card see WPA2 in the properties so that I can align my other wireless devices?

WUSB54GC - WLAN monitor does not not on Windows 2000 SP4 computer laptop

I have a WUSB54GC v3 and I tried to install the drivers and the WIFI monitor on a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop running Windows 2000 SP4.  When I put the disc, the installation automatically started, but stopped after a few seconds with a pop message sayi

Bridge to Blue Ray?

I think I have a Blue Ray player disc with an ethernet port, but without its own wireless capability.  Can I use a Linksys WET610N bridge to connect it to my home network (based on a WRT160N) wireless so I can stream Netflix or something else?  Shoud

Problem with Wireless G PCI adapter (WMP54GS-RM) and Windows 2000

I'm having problems to install the above wireless adapter in a desktop computer HP EVO D510 running Windows 2000 Pro. As stated, I launched the installer using the supplied CD and reached the point where the PC asks permission to stop so that the ada

encourage individual drivers

I have a wrt54g2 router.  It works fine but I just ran sysinternals autoruns and found three network drivers? absent from my system32 folder.  I would like to get back them without the hassle of reinstalling and configuring the router software again.

WET610N seems to go to sleep if not used, how to assign automatically wake up wake up with the customer?

The WET610N seems to stop after a while, if the ethernet client is disabled.  From the client does not start the WET610N.  Is there a setting somewhere, because some of my bridges are not easily accessible to restart with the power supply?

New on routers... Need help pls connect with Primus d-link

Hi all, I'm new here. I am a complete newbie to routers. I just got a Linksys WRT54GL. I managed to plug it in and it works but lost my phone service Primus IE D-link (KVD-1120).  I had going from modem to the Linksys router this router for the d-lin

Acquisition of network address and no connection bouncing back and fourth

Hi all! I hope someone can help. I have a laptop and I take courses online in addition to the physical classes during the semester. I have my laptop connected to my network wireless at home. On the desktop, that's where hung the modem and the wireles

WUSB54GC Wireless - G USB Adapter question

I have a vista computer running with a wireless router model: WRT54G2 V1, and a computer with adapter WUSB54GC xp who usually find the wireless network, im using WPA-Personal encryption. Any help would be grateful. Oh and by the way, I can connect to

Problems with WMP54G and different types of connections

Good so I had originally a WPA network, but the computer that I was using this adapter could not connect to it.  When I called the help line that the woman told me that I needed to change the connection to a WEP, because of the computer being a "batt

WUSB54GC cannot connect to the right signal

Hi, first time display. I have used this wireless adapter for about a year now, and it worked very well with my last linksys router. I moved in with some new people, and now the card does not connect to the router! The intensity of the signal is betw

Ethernet switched to WET610N to connect to wi - fi network

Hello I think the linksys WET610N ALL168205 purchase to connect to my access point WiFi WRT610N.  I need to connect several devices ethernet together using a 1Gbit 5 port ethernet switch.  I want to connect this Wi - Fi network and switched to intern

WMP600N and Windows7

Hi all... I can't connect my wmp600n PCI card to the WAG160n router I have windows7 final version... it connect but do not work having problems... .but at the site already have Windows 7 Driver here

Cannot connect using NetGear WG311 v3 adapter

I had to use a card WG311 v3 installed on a second computer Dell.  It recognizes all secured and unsecured in the neighborhood networks, but does not connect.  My main computer, also a Dell, is hooked up to a WRT54G using personal WPA for encryption.

Wusb300n connects to the router, but not to the Internet

Recently I have formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition. Initially, wireless has functioned well. Now he works briefly then stops. The router works fine (another I have it right now). The strange thing is that the utility moni

Connection adapter WMP54G problems for router WRT310N

I just bought a new router (WRT310N) and now I have a problem connecting my Wireless PCI adapt (WMP54G) of my basement count to this router. The light on the adapter is turned off. I use Windows XP on my basement computer. When I right click on the c

Question of loss for the WUSB54g package

Hello, I have WUSB54Gv4 wireless adapter.  I am experiencing loss of main packages, but only in the online multi player games. I'm running Windows 7 x 64.  Now before we get all the Foundation of how there is no driver that runs on an os 64-bit or wi

Blue screen with WMP110

I went out just to get the WMP110 Rangeplus PCI as well as a new computer. I started the computer and installed the drivers for this card and then turn off the computer put in card and start back, etc.. Then, he gives me a screen where it says congra
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