Cannot connect to more than one mail account after the upgrade to Sierra

I have several provided ISP e-mail accounts that work successfully for a long time on elCapitan.  After the upgrade to Sierra this afternoon cannot connect all accounts and I asks me to enter the password.  Why isn't Sierra pick up the passwords of my trousseau?

Oddly enough, my Hotmail account seems to be ok.

How can I fix this without having to re - enter all passwords?

As a result of the foregoing, I found that my connection Keyring contains entries for all of my email accounts.  However, these dates are back in July 2011.

After an episode of lost or stolen iphone, I had to update all of my passwords by e-mail in February this year (2016).

Search in my keychain, I found dated entries for my email accounts in iCloud Keychain section.  I don't think that I never activated iCloud for my email.

How the entires of e-mail account eventually sub iCloud and why the old entries from email account not updated?

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    We have 3 Dell PowerEdge R710 running ESX 4.1 U3.  In this vmware cluster, there is a vcenter server 4.1 U3 virtual machine handle this.  The three servers are about 90% memory used so we add 2 additional servers.  Probably the Dell PowerEdge r.620 since we get up 2 in the space of a 710.  Storage is on a san EMC NX4 NFS which will become too but not yet, let's just deal with the vmware part.

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    The steps that you must follow

    -Updated vCenter Server

    -Upgrade of the ESX hosts (because we do a updating of the material we will install 5.5 on our new guests and add them to the cluster and then dismantle our existing)

    -Upgrade VMWare tools

    -Update data warehouses

    ESXi 5.5 has these storage requirements:

    • Installing ESXi 5.5 requires a boot device is at least 1 GB in size. When booting from a local disk or SAN/LUN iSCSI, a 5.2 GB drive is necessary to allow for the creation of the VMFS volume and a scratch 4 GB partition on the boot device. If a smaller drive or logical unit number is used, the installation program attempts to allocate a region scratching on a separate local disk. If a local drive is not found, the scratch partition (/ scratch) is located on the disk virtual ESXi host, linked to the/tmp/scratch. You can reconfigure /scratch to use another drive or logical unit number. For best performance and memory optimization, VMware recommends that you leave no /scratch on the ESXi host ramdisk.
    • To reconfigure / scratch, see Configure the Scratch Partition of vSphere Client vSphere Installation and Installation Guide.
    • Because of the sensitivity of the I/O devices, USB and SD, the installation program does not create a partition scratch on these devices. Therefore, there is no tangible benefits to the use of the great features of USB/SD that ESXi uses only the first 1 GB. When installing on USB or SD, tent Setup devices to allocate a region scratching on a local disk or the data store. If no disk is local or data store, /scratch is placed on the virtual disk. You must reconfigure /scratch to use a persistent data store after the installation.
    • In Auto deploy facilities, Setup attempts to allocate a region scratching on a local disk or the data store. If no local disk or data store is found /scratch is placed on the virtual disk. You must reconfigure /scratch to use a persistent data store after the installation.
    • For environments that start from a San or use Auto Deploy, it is not necessary to assign a separate logical unit number for each ESXi host. You can co-locate areas scrape for several hosts ESXi on a single LUN. The number of hosts assigned to a single LUN must balance the size of the LUN and behavior I/O virtual machines.
  • WAP54G access point cannot connect to more than one PC at a time


    I'm a newbie in the entire wireless router installation process.

    I have a WAP54G AP. I managed to enter the configuration page and rename my router and set a WPA2-Personl password.

    The issue I'm facing is that when my roommate and I try to connect to the router at the same time, it shows the laptop that connects then as one who has "limited connectivity" and so cannot use the internet. However, the 1st laptop works very well!

    The settings for the router were all left by default.

    I don't know, but this problem has something to do with the fact that the router that is configured with a static IP address.

    If Yes, then there is an another issure which is that whenever I have try to change static automatic/Dynamic IP, the page fails and that the router is not even connect to configuraion ( page after that. The only way to get this page again is the reset of the router.

    Also I am not able to get directly in the config page, when I connect my router to my laptop through lan. I need to change the LAN IP address to 192.168.1.x where x is > 1.

    Is this normal or is there a problem?

    If anyone has a solution to all or part of these problems, I'd love to hear back in shape as you.

    Thank you!


    Yes. This is the reason.

  • How can I create more than one CSS style for the text links?


    Just like the title says, I need help to create more than one CSS text link style in Dreamweaver CS4. For example, I want that navigation on the site that I am building to have a style of link different text as a link in a certain part of the body copy. I played with Dreamweaver for awhile and can't find a way to do this. If it is still possible to do so, I'd appreciate any help.

    It is a common requirement in most Web sites.

    It's faster and easier to implement directly in Code view

    Good tutorial here

  • Connect to more than one server vCenter using PowerCLI

    So, I'm having problems establishing a connection to several servers at the same time.

    This is the current configuration was shot using Get-PowerCLIConfiguration


    I tried to connect using:

    • Connect-VIServer server1 server2

    • $hosts = @)




    $user = "me".

    $password = "MonMotpasse".

    SE connect-VIServer-server $hosts - user $user-Password $password

    After you view the contents of the $defaultviservers table, it changes to the last server to which it was connected and never more than just one.

    A few thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    Try to resolve the multiple DefaultVIServerMode to so the user and Session scope.

    The priority is Session-user-AllUsers (from high to low)

    Game-PowerCLIConfiguration - multiple DefaultVIServerMode - scope ([VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Types.V1.ConfigurationScope]: use)

    Game-PowerCLIConfiguration - multiple DefaultVIServerMode - scope ([VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Types.V1.ConfigurationScope]: Session)

  • Group Policy for account lockout if connected to more than one station.

    Is it possible that I could block a user if the account is used in several positions? My active directory is running on Windows Server 2003.

    Any help will be much appreciated.


    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.
    Hope this helps
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    When in the family sharing there not a way to link the two cards? One for each parent/guardian?  Seems silly to charge only one card, when people still sometimes have separate bank accounts... is there a way around this?

    That's how the family sharing is designed. Only one, the Organizer is responsible for all payments.

    The only exception to this is if any family member has an iTunes gift card redeemed to their account, purchases Member makes is deducted from the gift card first, before using the organizers payment method.

  • How can I get the calendar 'mscomctl2.ocx' activex control to run more than one user account?

    I have two accounts of users, administrators and identical in every way, but the calendar control will run only in one of them, even if add it to the account register for the account that do not work and remove the other.  Has anyone else had a similar problem?

    Hi mtech572,

    I suggest that you post your question in the following forums.

  • Server became the exception system when it is connected to more than one group of network

    I did the capacity planning on a server centos with 2 network cards. 1 connected to a public IP address and the other connected to a 1 private IP address. Scheduler capability of this server in 2 groups of subnet. When I ran the assessment, it is as a system exception lists. How can I change the report so it won't be listed as such?

    I also found that when I deleted this server in Capacity Planner and add it back with its private IP address it was always part of the IP column seen by its public IP address while private in alias, IP address although I had unchecked group of the public in its setting IP address subnet.

    Capacity planner version is 2.8.0

    Reason for the exception

    The system belongs to several groups

    Resource of exceptional value


    You specify the script optimization of networks to merge.  By default, servers in different networks should be distributed on the unique ESX hosts.

    ESX can handle it anyway, by having several groups of ports & VLAN assigned, which shouldn't be a problem overall.

    Best regards

    Jon Hemming

  • If I have two PCs used by my family, one user profile can be applied to more than one PC, followed by the cumulative on both computers use if the user has access and time restrictions?

    I wish that the user profile settings to apply to both Windows 8 computers.  Thus, if a sign of user in a PC for 2 hours and their allotted time has been used for the day, I want to assure that they are unable to connect to the other PC without asking for more time.  The same applies to time restricted access, Web sites, etc... Is this possible without two separate profiles, one on each PC?


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use a single user on multiple PC profile, but you can have the same set of parental controls for different user accounts.

    Multiple user accounts can have the same family safety settings.

    For information on how to set up parental control and more information about the safe keeping of children using the parental control, you can check the links below.

    Set up parental controls

    Keep your children safer on the PC

    Hope that the information provided is useful.

  • Can I use more than one USB-6008 in the same program?

    I'm working on a project that may require up to six modules USB-6008.  Before I buy more I need to know if I can use all six at once in the same Lab View program.  Can anyone help?

    Hello Nick,

    LabVIEW is capable of handel that the number of data acquisition tasks quite easily, but you have to remember that USB has a maximum bandwidth. Therefore, you have to make sure you have enough on your PC USB hubs. In general there are between two to four USB slots by hub and each of them will have a maximum flow rate which will be divided between all devices connected to this hub. So even if you can get four USB DAQ devices attached to four USB ports if they are on the same hub, you might notice significantly reduced rates of data transfer. I would say rather than buying six or more USB 6008, why not buy a PCI card that is able to handel a lot more entries with greater bandwidth.

  • Can I add more than one horizontal separator to the PanelUI (new menu panel)

    Steps to follow:
    1. click on the new menu panel button (hamburger)
    2. click on customize
    3. on the left, drag 'Separator (for the Panel menu)' of 'Tools and additional features' in the Panel on the right. Appears in a horizontal separator. "Separator (for the Panel menu)" no longer appears in the 'tools and additional features.

    I can add the many 'separator' (vertical separator) on toolbars, but it seems that I can only add a "separator (for the Panel menu)" (a horizontal separator) in Control Panel.

    I would like to add additional horizontal separators in the Panel. Is it possible to do?

    Firefox version: 33.1.1

    Firefox does not come with a separator element in the palette to customize.

    You have the extension classic restaurateur theme?

  • After updating Firefox, tabs removed among more than one year reappear at the start.

    I've recently updated to the Firefox version proposed by Comcast. I had already been running Firefox - 6.-the 'update' brought me back to Firefox 4.0.1. (I did this because a Comcast tech has blamed a problem with Comcast on Firefox.) Finally I found a tech that has identified the REAL cause of this problem that had absolutely nothing to do with Firefox).

    After the "update" in its version 4, old tabs that I had deleted a couple of years started reappearing at startup. I deleted bookmarks for these tabs and deforested history and downloads, Cookies and Cache. But the obsolete tabs continue to reappear when Firefox opens.

    You can try to trash or delete the entire folder Firefox to force Firefox to create a new default profile.

    • < User > /users/ / Library/Application Support/Firefox
  • Can I specify more than one master para to the mapping of the page?


    I want to map the same master page to be used by the four different tags. Should I create a new line in the mapping for each table or can we separate the names of tags by a comma and a space, for example, 'body, Bullet, Heading1, Note "?

    I tried the latter and should work, but it did not.

    Thank you


    >... to create a new line in the mapping for each table...

    That works and it has no side effects I've seen.

    It appears, moreover, that FM applies the Member from the first tag found para which has a MasterPageMaps table entry, so multiple matches per page, even contradictory, are not a problem, as long as obtaining the Member first found is OK with you.

  • It is possible to select more than one layer by selecting the first and the last layers?

    I frequently get Illustrator files which are individual objects such as the paths on separate layers that can be grouped together to make the shorter layers. I find that I have to change click on each individual layer to select it to finally bring together them. Sometimes, I have 25 or so layers that I need to select. Is there a way to select the first and the last layer in the layers palette and have Illustrator select all the layers in the meantime?

    Don't know about the selection of layers of first/last, but to select several consecutive layers in the layers palette...

    Option-click on (Mac) on a layer to select it and, with the option always pressed key, drag to the bottom of the list - DO NOT slip on as logical target icons you like.  When you drag to the bottom of the list of layers, the icons of the target will become selected.

    Shift + Option-click allows you to ignore the layers and continue to select consecutive additional layers on the bottom of the palette.

    Note: Drag slowly or some layers would not choose.

    Strange, I know.  It took me years to come across this.

Maybe you are looking for