Cannot install driver Vista Ati for Satellite A100-169 (PSAA9E)

Hi all I have problems to install the Ati drivers - 061124 has 2-039454C.
The problem is I can not install the driver, Catalist Control Center is Ok, there is also no Chance
to get it running by Device Manager "...\display\Packages\Drivers\Display\LH_INF\CL_39 454.inf".
the error message "can't open the device!
Here is the Log of the installer:

Catalyst® - Installationsmanager
Wednesday, June 6, 2007 19:26:03

Name of the ATI Mobility Radeon X 1400 graphics card
Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc.
Geräte-ID 0 x 7145
Offerers-ID 0 x 1002
Klassen-Code 0 x 030000
Revisions-ID 0x00
ID subsystem 0xff10
Subsystem-offerer-ID 0 x 1179
Andere Hardware PaketeATI catalyst install Manager
Catalyst Control Center
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable 32bits

As Installation packages
ATI Catalyst Install Managerendgultiger status:
Version of items: 3.0.624.0
Size: 20 MB
ATI-Bildschirmtreiberendgultiger status: failed
Version of items:
Size: 90 MB
North Bridge filter-Treiberendgultiger status: success
Version of items: 1.00.0000.1
Catalyst Centerendgultiger status:
Version of items: 2.0.2519.38216
FAT: 150 MB
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable 32bitendgultiger status:
Version of items:
Size: 10 MB

Andere jobs Geräte

Treiberinstallation: die Installation ist fehlgeschlagen
Anwendungsinstallation: Fehlgeschlagen

I hope someone can help me with this, Google has not been good for me
Thank you



I wonder why you were able to install the Catalyst Control Center and not the INF ;)
Hmmm in my opinion, the driver is ok, but the installation failed!

You have unpacked all the files correctly ;)
In the first step, I would recommend uninstalling the software graphical overview.
After restarting again, you can try to reinstall again!

By the way; AFAIK the A100-169 has been delivered with the graphic driver for ATI MOBILITY RADEON X 1600. I wonder why the information about the hardware reports the name ATI Mobility Radeon X 1400

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    As much as I know Sam A100 PSAA9E series supports Intel 3945ABG wireless card and also an Intel LAN card.
    Driver WLAN can be found here:

    On the European driver Toshiba page I could find drivers for Satellite A100 PSAA9E series.
    But note; You must choose the Archive in the type of product because it old series.
    There are two different LAN drivers;
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    -LAN driver v for Ethernet Pro100

    In order to check both!

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    The BIOS must be updated to version XP!
    And the LAN driver must be installed from the Device Manager!

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    Hello =)

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    For several models of laptops the chipset driver and the display driver are packed together. At first will be good driver installed chipset and the installation will continue with the installation of display driver.

    It is the same for your laptop. Download and launch the installation of display driver. Chipset driver must be installed first. Please let know us the exact installation to confirm what I wrote.

    Good bye

  • Cannot install virtual surround on my Satellite A100 - 498 (PSAA9E)

    I installed all of the latest Windows Vista Toshiba drivers, including the audio driver (realtek), but I can not install the Toshiba Virtual Sound... I just got this message: "TOSHIBA Virtual Sound does not support your computer", during the installation. I checked on the list of drivers, and in fact, it's the driver provided for my Toshiba! Previously, I had Windows XP Media Center Edition, and the virtual sound worked well. What can I do to fix this?


    where to download the drivers? On the website of toshiba Europe? Maybe you should try it here:

    It s the Canadian site, but I do not guarantee that you will find...
    Give some feedback after trying this site.

    Welcome them

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    Why you n t take a glance o page pilot European Toshiba!

    Did you check this page from pilot:> support download &-> download drivers

    Perhaps you didn't look in the right area?

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    do you know that drivers will work on windows xp?

    I PSAARE (A100-011) and I spent from Vista to XP Professional and I need to download the new version of the realtek drivers 1.61 and it works perfectly. I wonder do you also have problem with PCI device unknown who in fact is Texas Instruments Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller. It cannot be installed with all Toshiba drivers, and it is the SD card reader.

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite A100 - 044 PSAANE

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    I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and the PSANNE Sat A100-044 need driver audio XP version The zip file is called sound - xp -
    You have downloaded a sound-xp-51005345_2. Maybe's it a difference between these two audio drivers.

    Please check the txt-file of installation instruction on the driver page. This document contains an install command that is very important.

    One question; have you installed the latest DirectX software available?
    Remember that this software has been installed. It s necessary to the operation of sound and graphics.
    You can start this tool by typing the command: dxdiag

  • Cannot install Driver Ethernet on my Equium A100-147

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    Please can someone help this is really boring now...

    OS: Windows Media
    Wireless: works
    Ethernet: Works not



    It seems that the satellite A100-147 belongs to the PSAABE.
    Please make sure that you have used and installed the correct LAN driver for this series!

    I think the laptop is using a chip Intel-Ekron-R (82562GZ).

    If you want you can download the driver of LAN (Ethernet) from the Intel page.
    What works for sure!

  • Re: Missing ms-bus control driver Win XP for Satellite A100-259


    I looked around my driver missing for awhile now, but I can't seem to find anything on the toshiba download page.

    I need a ms-buscontroler driver for my laptop Toshiba Satellite A100-259, for Windows XP Pro.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    See you soon

    Hmmm. In my view, this could be a card reader device that needs a compatible driver.

    I didn t find anything in your area download, but in the series A100 PSAA8.

    There is a Flash Media Texas Instruments driver. Download and try to install it.

    Welcome them

  • Question about drivers ATI for Satellite A100-683


    I hear the new ATI drivers are finally out with good support of OpenGL for Vista. But again, I can only find the NVIDIA drivers on my laptops driver page. The thing was where before ATI offered to consumers that they stopped now with her again and point of Toshiba. Toshiba does not put them online and or not ATI.

    Any ideas how I can also enjoy new 7.4 or at least those with OpenGL drivers good support so I can finally use this book where I bought it for (graphic work for my studies, we use a lot of OpenGL).

    I just hope that Toshiba allows ATI to include their laptops in the reference ATI Mobility drivers.

    Well, I asked ATI about this and they say I have should you mail, msg, pressure, etc to suport my material, or at least that it is supported by Catalyst Mobility. Which means that you can get at the moment their reference drivers. Which I think would be fair, because for now I can get the drivers for Nvidia this mobile version.

    Yes, you are right, that for Vista ATI display drivers are not placed on the page of the Toshiba driver.
    S let hope Toshiba guys will publish these drivers in the near future


    Everything is available on the page :D

  • Cannot install driver WIFI on my Satellite Pro DR L850-1

    Hi guys,.

    I installed windows 7 64 bit on my Toshiba Satellite Pro DR L850-1 by making the new partition which formats the hard drive.

    After installation I was expecting windows 7 will find the drivers from internet or if not I'll download them from Toshiba Web site.

    I downloaded and installed all the drivers from the LAN and WLAN drivers first.
    All the other drivers installed perfectly and their respective hardware works fine, but the WLAN Atheros driver that does not install the Setup program does not start and I tried all means known to me or I can find on the internet to install it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Generally after a clean OS install, you should start with the chipset driver, display driver, driver sound and so on.
    Have you installed driver chipset before you tried to install the WLAN driver?

    By the way: you try to install this driver from the Toshiba download page?

  • Cannot install Toshiba Virtual Sound on Satellite A100 - 01 L

    My new Satellite A100 - 01 L, PSAARE

    Have a problem! When I want to install Toshiba Virtual Sound Utility said installation that I have incompatible computer!
    Whats wrong here? Why I can not install this utility?


    are you sure to you´ve downloaded the right version to the right (model) type of your machine? Double check it and download again.
    I would try it with this link if it is not already:
    Toshiba - download drivers:

    Welcome them

  • Video and audio drivers for Satellite A100 - 756-PSAA9E

    I use XP SP3.

    The video and sound card on the site drivers do not work correctly - yellow mark in the Device Manager.

    Can someone tell me the exact drivers to use with this laptop model please?


    All the drivers FRO Satellite A100 PSAA9E are ok and working properly!

    I see that you have installed SP3. This may be a reason why the drivers cannot be installed.

    Remove SP3, clean the OS using a free tool called CCleaner and try reinstalling the drivers!

    Check it out!

  • Need new ATI Radeon 1400 for Satellite A100 - 788 PSAA9E display driver


    I search for new drivers for my ATI radeon mobility 1400 the latest drivers to date is 09/13/07.



    This seems to be a series of European for Toshiba laptop computer and therefore you must find in the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    The latest ATI driver on the European driver page is a version for Vista and v 8, 292-038742C for Win XP

    Unfortunately the latest driver is not available


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