Cannot print from Macbook (ios 10.8) on HP Officejet Pro 8600 on ethernet. Except the test page.


I have change my old HP Photosmart (C6xx) printer to a new 8600 Pro of Offichejet.

Deleted my old printer to my setup and rebbot.

Download the latest drivers HP for IOS 10.8 years begin the installation.

The installation went well.

I can view and manage all my settings of the printer (fixed IP IP, inks,..) - wired Ethernet.
I also print a frm 'test page' menu of the administrator.

But cannot print any document othet. No word, no jpeg...

The scanner also works well.

If I try to print a simple document, the HP Officejet is selected, the document is 'send'... but nothing.

In the 'add printer', the yello small icon in the making with a simple message like "ipp job id missing.

Have you any idea of what does not work


Bernard VH

It works!

(1) put the printer firmware level (I installed the CLP1N1304AR.)

(2) uninstall the printer on the Macbook

(3) Re-install the printer (don't no choice Airprint)

that's all.

Problem was the firmware.

Thanks for your help


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