Cannot update Windows 7.

Tried to leave the Office 2007 disk in. I tried uninstall/intsalling the prob Office took place after the installation of Office 2007. I though t I had manually installed all updates but icon keep appearing on shutdown (stop). My other icon in my taskbar has disappeared, so I don't know what he's trying to update! Any help would be appreciated!

@Pete: Let me take a wild guess: updated Automatic 'hangs' when trying to install one or more updates of security (for office or Vista), you're running Vista SP1 and SP2 do not installed yet either? If I'm right, SP2 outweighs the other updates in terms of free assistance (IOW it all is connected)...

Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) is valid until November 26, 2009. Availability of support chat or messaging differs depending on your location. Go to & select appropriate category (i.e., download problem;) Installation problem; Problems after installing a service pack).


Launch a collateral request for assistance free Windows Update:

You can also do...

Consumer Security Support homepage

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  • Cannot update Windows Vista kb971468 due to the error message 800B0100__

    Cannot update Windows Vista kb971468 due to the error 800b0100 of message

    Error code when you try to use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates: "0x800B0001":

    Vista SP1 or SP2 installed?

    What application or antivirus security suite is installed and your current subscription?  What anti-spyware (other than Defender) applications?  What third-party firewall (if applicable)?

    A (another) Norton or McAfee application has already been installed on the computer (for example, a free trial version which is preinstalled when you bought it)?

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  • Cannot update Windows XP Pro after the reinstallation of the Message, the website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. There is no error code displayed

    Cannot update Windows XP Pro after the reinstallation of the Message, the website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The error number is 0x8024400A.

    Should I turn off my Anti virus software is what could be stopping my updates? some sites would sugest that I use Kaspersky 2012, if that's the case, then why do all my other programs that are installed to date OK?


    Check your level of service current pack...

    • Hold down the Windows (between Ctrl and Alt) key and press Pause break
    • Examine what is listed in the system: section

    If there is no service pack designated first level you must download SP2 from...

    .. .and then run the downloaded program to install SP2.

    Once you have done this, or if you were already in service pack 1, 1a or 2, then install SP3 by downloading and running from...

    For both of the above, you can ignore the text that says it's for network installations and also ignore the text advising windows/microsoft update if a single update of a PC.

    So try and get up-to-date with the Windows updates.


  • Error codes: Code 80070005, I cannot update Windows... I used the Unility FixCleaner but I still get the same error message. How cal I solve this problem?

    Error codes: Code 80070005, I cannot update Windows... I used the Unility FixCleaner but I still get the same error message. How can I fix?

    See if the information above solves the problem.

    If this is not the case, try the Windows Update Forum, the link below:

    You will get the best help for any problem of Update/Service Pack in the Windows Update Forum; the link below:

    When you repost here, kindly include the Error Codes, and exactly what is happening when you try to update.

    In this way, you will receive the best help.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • cannot update Windows XP Pro onlline more

    Working on a project to update Windows XP to Windows Vista, and then to Windows 7

    This way users keeping all of their parameters of programs and associated files. When I go on the web site for updates and click on 'EXpress', I get the following"

    The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below may help you solve the problem.

    [Error number: 0x8024402F.]

    I tried all suggestion to revise the XP, but none seems not to work. The reason why I try to get updates for XP, it's when I try to put upgraded to Vista, I get the error Windows cannot update the boot configuration. On a naked boness implemented, just the Win XP Pro without programs or updates, I don't get the error message. Receive the error only on Win XP facilities with dates. Need help on this one.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    the computer belongs to [my] employer is in a test environment

    It is a specific consumer support forum. You will find appropriate support it in this forum-online Pro

    Good luck!

  • Cannot update Windows 7 - Spinstall.exe resettlement?

    Yesterday, I tried to update Windows 7 to the new Service Pack, but failed. An error window appears as says "the program cannot start (spinstall.exe) because sqmapi.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.  What is a real error or a virus? If true, does anyone know how to reinstall the spinstall.exe or file missing sqmapi.dll?

    Ignore the title, perhaps a repair installation-

  • Cannot update windows error 8024402 c. Can anyone help

    I'm unable to update windows and this error mesg appears each time I try. I tried all the options, but it doesn't seem like me. Can someone help me pls thank you

    Quote your full version of Windows (for example, WinXP SP3;) Windows XP 64 - bit SP2; Vista SP1; Vista 64 - bit SP2; Win7; Win7 64 bit) when you post in a forum or a newsgroup. Please do it in your next reply.

    0x8024402C error code when you try to install updates on Microsoft Update or Windows Update Web sites

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

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  • Cannot update windows via windows update Center. Numbers of message error 0 x 80248011, App name wuauclt.exe

    Please, I beg you, help me please I need this computer for my work and am already 1 day behind by logging into my company to do my job (I have Windows XP Version 2002 service pack 2)

    Not only can't update windows via the update enter but an error message continues to appear every minute that used to go.

    It says "wuauclt.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. »

    If I click on th does not send or send error report this message keeps popping up. When I click the to see what data link, he said:

    "Error signature szAppName: wuauclt.exe szAppVer: 7.4.7600.226 szModName: szModVer esent.dll: 5.12600.2180 offset: 005d 424 '  Details of the declaration: this error report includes: observation information covers the status of wuauclt.exe when the problem occurred, the operating system version and used hardware and Protocol address Internet (IP) of your computer. etc, etc, etc.

    When I click on info tech I get

    Content error report the following files should be included in this error report: C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\ LOCALS~1\Temp\WER189a.dir00\wuauclt.exe.mdmp C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\ LOCALS~1\Temp\WER189a.dir00\appcompat.txt WER189a the number changes each time.

    So far, I ran McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials and it keeps popping up. I still do not know what updates I need through the Update Center but could manually go and get service pack 3 by itself. I need to be able to use the center of update and do not have this message continues to flow upward.

    What I do?   Thank you so much Corina

    [Duplicate of]

  • Cannot update Windows Media Player security update

    I tried to download a book from library using Overdrive and it wouldn't work.  He said that I needed to update the Media Security Update window.  I did and I said OK to download the file, it gave me a message saying "a security upgrade is required to play this file. You want to download this update? "I said yes and he gave me a message stating:"the date of the certificate is invalid or has expired"the only option was to close or web assistance.  Help Web lacked all of the solutions and close terminated the option and left me in the same situation as before.  Any ideas on how I can get past this so I can down load books from library.

    Hello can not understand,

    Make sure you have the latest Windows Media Security Update.
    You can download it here:

    This is for Windows XP. If you need the upgrade of Windows XP 64-bit, check here:

    Since you use Overdrive to download your book, I suggest that you contact their support.

    I hope this helps.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Cannot update Windows Vista - said there download but nothing happens

    Help. I'm not an expert. Will someone please give me instructions on how to update windows for Vista work?

    Thank you

    Manually install KB3177725. The value of the automatic updates to 'never check updates' and restart Windows before installing. Download links:

    Best regards, VZ

  • 37 years and I cannot update windows 7 without upgrading to windows 10, sad, very sad

    If I upgrade this PC, it will crash AutoCAD Civil 3D. When you do AutoCAD for a business, you must keep the old versions of operating...

    WHY... to make money.

    This PC only, Windows update won't let me move on to update Windows 7 teacher I can see the update, select them, then only option is to click OK, and it just goes to "Ready to upgrade to Windows 10" * FIRE No.!... control freak society. I wouldn't put this PC for windows 10. Would appreciate help. I work for


    That's what I used... you are welcome!

  • Cannot update Windows / / Windows think that its true / / Windows Explorer crash

    BACK STORY: Windows told me that my old HDD is faulty and I need to replace it. I therefore created a system disk image and restore the HARD drive fault and buy a new. I have restored my image for the new HARD drive, and apparently some of the system files that got copied have been corrupted.

    I'll HAVE PROBLEMS: The main problem I encounter is that windows will not update. I'll go to the start menu and try to choose windows update and it will sit in the windows Explorer screen blank until it crashes. This is the only time that windows Explorer will crash it's fine otherwise. If I have correctly interpreted my read, inability to update windows is caused by the software is is not authentic. Which brings me to the next point.
    Windows don't think that it is authentic, even if I see the CDKEY in the system information window and when I hit "Activate Windows" in the search bar in the start menu, that it says "Activation was successful." I get a window saying: I thought that I humor the system and try and validate it although this Web site: when I try and install the software Validation of Windows, I get this error: 
    TECHNICAL issues: I bought my computer from a major retailer with Windows Vista, he came with an OS disk. I've then upgraded to Windows 7 a few months after it is released and subsequently lost the installation disk that really means nothing because it is not the full operating system. So, indeed, I have no way to find my drive upgrade for windows reinstall/repair, which is what I would have done originally.
    What I DID: I ran the command " Sfc/scannow " to the command window and he returned with: when I try and access the .log for this, he tells me access denied and I can't access the safe my life.
    QUESTION: Is there something I can do to fix this? Something like a Windows download different difficulty tool or something else that I don't know who's going to help me fix the windows before going outside and by a new Windows 7 disc to repair the files?
    Thank you for your time
    > Simon
    EDIT: Tried to start in safe mode, I can't even open the windows update screen, just, it is there and does nothing.
    Edit2: Run the Microsoft Genuine Advantage diagnostic tool, such as requested by another user, post results later.

    The common cause for these mismatches is a defective Intel Rapid Storage Tech driver

    Download and install the latest version of...

    You need


    Restart then run another MGADiag report and view the results.

  • Nothing does not open in windows 8, I can't turn it on, can not change the tiles, cannot update windows 8

    What the hell is going out with me I don't understand I own 8 64-bit windows I can't activate it it displays the 0x800705B4 error code, I can't solve the problems it shows code error 0 x 80070002, I can't open my pc setting, I can not open any application of it When I try to update windows 8.1 it shows "sorry, this update is not available for your pc, you can run windows edition that does not support the update, what do I do I want to break my computer, can someone help me please? Please its my big request?

    You should not accept a computer on which the operating system is not activated and nothing works on it.

    I suggest that return you it to the shop and asked that Windows be correctly installed and activated.

    See you soon.

  • Cannot update Windows 8 for Windows 8.1 error messege: 0x8007045D - 0x2000C

    So as the title says I tried to update my win 8 to win 8.1

    I go to the store and download the update, when the guests appear I restart the computer.

    After reboot I get to the screen with the windows logo, here he wrote his adjustment to the top things.

    When he reached 5%, the computer restarts again.

    Now when the logo screen it seems to say that windows is being brought back to the original version followed a restart yet anther.

    And when we windows back up it's indeed my victory existing 8.

    When windows first start I get the following error: 0x8007045D - 0x2000C

    I have to solve this problem, I run the troubleshooter for the update of windows and got there is no problem to solve.

    The using Task Manager I have closed all the programs in the Startup tab.

    I'm also entered in the configuration of the system and switched on computer diagnosis mod with all non treated MS pushes them down.

    Basically, I created a clean boot to see if this is due to one of the programs.

    Unfortunately the problem still persisted.

    I also tried to update my windows using this option in my settings.

    But it also did not work, to Midway, the computer restarts and came back with a message that an error has happened and nothing has changed.

    I appreciate if you can help me to solve this problem and get the updated windows update.

    OK, I finally got the update to install. I opened the administrator command prompt and type chkdsk C: \R then you press on enter, then based on Y and enter, restarted my computer and let it perform a chkdsk during the night. This morning had a few teething problems but after a few tries it booted up and I installed the update with 100% success. I hope that this method helps everyone.

  • Cannot update windows 7 same on Admin ACC.

    I got windows 7 ultimate. I am not able to update on this subject. When I go to start-> windows update-> I get the following message "windows update cannot check for updates because updates on this computer are controlled by your system administrator.

    There are 2 accounts on this point, the main administrator aka hidden and myself, both are administrator accounts. I tried the update of the main admin account that also said the same thing.

    I also checked msconfig for windows update settings and they seem to be all very well for me, I also search google and bing. But I was not able to fined of good results.

    If anyone knows what the problem is or is no fix for it? xdesx

    Try to run Windows Update manually again now. I have seen some indications that something was temporarily horked on the end of Microsoft recently & it is now fixed elsewhere. YMMV, of course.

    If no joy, you're certainly not 'on the safe side"If the box of Win7 is not fully patched. If this is the case, the computer must not be connected to the internet or networks until it is fully patched. ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Windows 7 - Media Player does not start after the upgrade. Cannot update Windows media player either

    I have long used now on Windows 7, Windows media Player and just got an update from Micorsoft. Set, now when I try to open the drive it tells me the the wmplayer file has a version number of 12.07600.16415 where 12.0.7600.16667 was expected.

    Windows media player is not adequately at a standstill and must be reienstalled.

    Then wonder if I want to install the player from the microsoft Web site. When I check the Yes box, I go to the site and he informs me that the version that I already paid for only a few months ago on my computer because my computer is relativley new, cannot be downloaded.

    There are no other options to fix the problem that caused Microsoft with the update. I tried to do a restore but it then cause a problem which made the player doesn't do not not the CD to record the right as he said that I had to get the new drivers that microsft does not automatically download drivers when they remove them in this process. But again, no tell me what I need drivers. I tried to switch on my computer systems and to find them this way, but it says I have already that I need on my computer?

    What should I do? I need this ASAP as I am a singer and rely on this process for my concerts and other...

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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