cannot use more than once back or cant use BACKSPACE to delete a letter when typing email or Word Help.

Original title: cannot use the BACKSPACE or repeated letters

If typing an e-mail or Word Help, I can't use the backspace over once to delete a letter. I also can not type two letters of same consecutively without highlighting with the mouse to delete and retype the letter.


Check the keyboard settings in the control panel to ensure that delay and repeat rates are fixed limits on use.  There is a test there area where you can test your settings.

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  • Cannot insert more than once in an Oracle by ODI table


    The scenario is that I need to load a table that stores the information of contact (telephone).
    The source data are such that different models of phones come from different sources (phone, work phone, Fax etc) tables

    I have developed various interfaces ODI based on types of phones.

    It is for the first time, if I run one of the interfaces that it works correctly and properly inserted data. Then if I run an other interfaces, it is impossible to insert in the Middle I$ table (I$ _Phones) and is stuck there forever :-)

    Is it an ODI problem or a problem with the database? I manually copy the query and tried to load it in the staging table, but it has not worked.

    Someone of you know this type of questions in ODI ever? If so, are there workarounds?

    PS - I checked if I drop the tables of intermediate flow after inserting records.

    This is due to the fact that Oracle has written very generic KMs in order to study the NULL values in the data.

    Duplicate the KM and transform step insert Flow I$ table.
    Change the code of

              <%=odiRef.getColList("and\t","(([EXPRESSION] = T.[COL_NAME]) or ([EXPRESSION] IS NULL and T.[COL_NAME] IS NULL))", "\n\t\tand\t", "", "((UPD AND NOT TRG) AND REW) AND !UK")%>


              <%=odiRef.getColList("and\t","([EXPRESSION] = T.[COL_NAME])", "\n\t\tand\t", "", "((UPD AND NOT TRG) AND REW) AND !UK")%>

    The change above implies that you don't have NULL values in your data.

    If you have NULL values, you must change the


    something makes a comparison of NULL columns using the NVL clause.

  • why I can not go back more than once all of a sudden and double letters are not allowed?

    I have to reset the cursor to go back more than once and nothing can hit twice (the second will not be displayed) very very frustrated!


    1. You did changes to the computer before the show?
    2. Is - this USB keyboard or wireless?
    3. What is the brand and model of the computer, the mouse and keyboard?
    4. What version of Windows are you using?
    5. The issue is limited to a particular application?

    Please follow the steps below.

    Method 1:
    Run the troubleshooter mentioned in the link below
    Windows Vista

    Windows 7:

    Method 2: Check the boot issue.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    NOTE: After completing the troubleshooting steps, please reset the computer to start as usual (see the STEP 7 of the article mentioned below)

    I hope this helps!

  • My keyboard is not save when I try to use a button more than once.

    My keyboard is not recording that I use a button more than once and it's causing problems with typing and use / the overall experience from my computer.
    If I try to go back an entire word, it will be only a matter of erasing and then the keyboard does not recognize that I use the back button back until I have use another first. Essentially, I am unable to use a button more than once, unless I hit another key.
    This problem does not extend to the buttons of the mouse and trackpad.
    This problem is not just with the keys to the letter, with all the control keys.
    I use a HP Mini with Windows XP Professional.

    Hi Danielle,

    The first two thoughts that come to mind are supposed to check and "fiddling" the following:

    1 Control Panel > keyboard > Ketboard Repeat Delay and/or keyboard repeat rate.

    2 panel > Ease of Access Center > facilitate the use of the keyboard > disable filter keys or to adjust the applicable rates, if you want to use them.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!


  • Can I use windows 8 recovery more than once?

    * Original title: recovery of Windows 8

    Can I use windows 8 recovery more than once?


    You can use the recovery media to reinstall as many times as you wish, as long as there is only a single installation of the operating system installed at any time and if preinstalled recovery media is linked to this machine and cannot be transferred.

    See you soon.

  • Codes of the lesson can be used more than once?

    My students purchase the book for class and use the codes of the lesson in the back of the book. These codes may be used more than once? Sometimes my students buy used texts. Thank you!

    Yes, I use classroom in a book for Photoshop and InDesign. Thank you!

  • HP 15-ab027tx: can I use discs of recovery more than once?

    I got a new HARD drive and I installed Windows 8.1 through recovery discs that I created, but I need to know that I can use these disks more than once.


    Yes you can, there is no limit to the number of times that that they can be used.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • What type of eloqua email send should I use to send an email more than once to the same beneficiary?

    What type of eloqua email send should I use to send an email more than once to the same beneficiary?

    In the canvas on the box email, there is a parameter that must be checked in order to send the same e-mail several times for the same contact. Enable 'Allow emails to be retransmitted to previous winners' and you're ready.

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    Hello.. I'm from the programming, but new to actionscript. I would like to ask if there was a library where all built in functions, methods, and events can be searched. As for VB, MSDN (of Microsoft Developer Network) used to be there. More than once it happens that I write a few lines of code, but a built-in function already exists for the same thing. Is there a way to check it out ahead of time?

    An online resource are QAnywhere® to Adobe ActionScript 3 (AS3)

  • Satellite L505-10J - cannot play more than 30-60 min


    I just bought the Toshiba L505-10 days last week and I'm really satisfied with my choice, but when I run a game like Counter Strike Source or Risen I have some strange problems. The first 30 to 60 Minutes are Ok, but then the sound starts cracking and my mouse stops (Razer Lachesis) shifts when I hold a key on the keyboard (for example, W to go forward). When I go to my office while playing this problem disappeared (I opened Notepad down W and moved the mouse. No problem at all). When I switch back is there once again. The only solution to this problem is to restart my computer. Then I can play the next 30-60 minutes before it starts all over.

    I have already reinstalled Windows 7, but the problem is still there.
    When I use my Touchpad instead of my mouse is the same thing. Cannot play more than 30-60 min...

    This is not acceptable, because I want to play games on my cell phone at any time.

    Hope someone can help me and sorry for my bad English, I'm from the Germany.


    As I understand it, this problem occurs only playing games.
    There is no problem to use the laptop with another application.
    Is this good?

    Hmm how about graphic card driver update and BIOS update?
    If more recent versions are available then it would be desirable to update!

    Check it!

  • Cannot open more than 1 folder in Windows 7

    Hello! Running win 7 ultimate.

    I'm unable to open other windows of records once 1 is open. I cannot use that explore and must use the navigation pane to open the other files. Its very annoying that I can't open multiple folders! The funny thing is it works for a short period of time, just after I reboot, but the stops working there after. Someone has an idea, what happens? So frustrating!



    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    As described, cannot open more than one folder.

    Run the Fixit and check if it helps.

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Hope this information helps.

    Answer to us if you are having problems with opening files or any other issue of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

  • Multiple press: How can I make a button to perform an action more than once?

    I am currently creating an interactive document.

    I have a map with circular buttons to points of interest. I need information to fly from the right side of the page that gives information about the area of the map that is identified by each button.

    Currently, I have all my buttons and put activities in place to work, however, each button lights up only its animation assigned only once.

    If I click on "zone 1", it evokes conscientiously information of zone 1. I've also built in a button 'Close tab' that puts information to leave the screen to reveal a clear view map. I can click on the 'X' to remove the information. When I click on the button 'zone 1' once again, nothing happens.

    Here is what I tried:

    • using fly in and fly animations to control expected to come from off the screen.
    • using trajectories to control objects want to enter from off-screen.

    In both cases, the buttons and animations have interpreted as you wish, but I can't get them to repeat!

    Help, please!

    Thank you!

    If you decide to use the swf instead of pdf, here's a way to do this.

    'Information 1' comes up on the screen. Instead of having a close box to remove, do 'Information 1' button. Define the action of this newly created button: event [click] Animation of Action [Animation] [the name of the button] Options [back]. This will allow users to perform a 'information 1' go off the screen and should be able to activate the original animation more than once. If you need a sample file to see what I mean, I can send you a.

  • repeating subforms can you script to stop the same value being selected more than once

    I have a LiveCycle form with a subform that is repeated when the first field (text field 2 characters) requires the entry of a code between 01 and 99. You can script so that you cannot enter the same value of code more than once?

    Here's a code in Formcalc that works for you. Put it in the output of the textfield event.

    In this example, the page is called myPage and textField is called TextField1. Rename them as you need.

    indexCount var = 0

    var thisIndex = $. parent.index

    While (indexCount< thisindex)="">

    If (myPage [indexCount]. TextField1 is myPage [thisIndex]. TextField1) then ("you already used this number")

    $ = ""


    indexCount = indexCount + 1


  • SegmentedControl: WARNING: cannot display more than 4 segments allowed on the screen.

    I "ve defined a custom control:"

    import bb.cascades 1.0
    Container {
        property alias text: label.text
        background: Color.create ("#262626")
        bottomMargin: 30
        layout: StackLayout {
            layoutDirection: LayoutDirection.TopToBottom
        Label {
            id: label
            text: "..."
            textStyle {
                base: SystemDefaults.TextStyles.TitleText
        SegmentedControl {
            Option {
                id: option1
                text: "A"
                value: 5
                selected: false
            Option {
                id: option2
                text: "B"
                value: 4
                selected: false
            Option {
                id: option3
                text: "C"
                value: 3
                selected: false
            Option {
                id: option4
                text: "D"
                value: 2
                selected: false
            Option {
                id: option5
                text: "E"
                value: 1
                selected: false

    And have used it as such:

    import bb.cascades 1.0
    Container {
        background: Color.create ("#262626")
        layout: StackLayout {
            layoutDirection: LayoutDirection.TopToBottom
            leftPadding: 20
            topPadding: 20
        RatingControl {
            text: "Eli"
        RatingControl {
            text: "Hazel"

    But when I load the app, I get this error:

    SegmentedControl: WARNING: cannot display more than 4 segments allowed on the screen.

    Ah, some so I missed the fact that only 4 of my 5 segments were displayed in the preview of the user interface, which should have been a hint.  So, this is just a warning.

    Something else that threw me off was that my UI was not poster when I actually loaded it in the Simulator, but I think it's because I need to have a Page at the top of main.qml, not a simple container.

  • How to add a container in another more than once in qml.

    Hi all

    I want to add a container to another container more than once, and many times will change according to the requirement. I try to add the container using JavaScript, but it does not work. I want to do this in qml not in the PRC.

    Please provide suggestion for this.

    Thanks in advance.

    You can use ComponentDefinition to declare the element you want to clone:

    Then create using .createObject and .add to the first container several times in a loop for.

    Another way is to create a ListView and manipulate it is dataModel to create a required number of points.

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